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Injustice Gods Among Us FAQ/Walkthrough by Jason Leong

Howdy folks! Here's a bit of a guide/walkthrough to Injustice Gods Among
Us for the Iphone/Ipad/Mobile, hope you like it.
The format of the guide may be a bit unorthodox, but it WILL tell you how
to complete the game and the bi-weekly tasks.

Update for 1.05 -> Added another method to do semi-auto credit farming
Update 1.06 -> Darkseid completely changes early game economy!
Update 1.07 -> Added GEARs section, and some minor edits.

1) Credits

Ok, firstly, this game is all about CREDITS. Not those things that show
 the names of people involved in game production, but the in-game currency!
Basically, if you can farm lots and lots of credits, you can complete the
 game. If you don't have enough credits, it doesn't matter how skilled you
 are at fighting, you can't complete the game. Pure and simple.


1)A) Farming credits.
There are 3 main ways to farm credits (without altering game data):

1)A)i) Playing normally.
You will be doing a fair bit of this. Recommended to do this as far as you
 can, progressing normally through the game, until you hit a "brick wall"
 in terms of enemies
 which are too strong for your current line up. Many battles give a hefty
 bonus (either a free character or lots of bonus credits) for you FIRST
 TIME completing a

1)A)ii) Replaying battles that give a lot of credits per energy spent.
You will do a fair bit of this in the beginning, since you have very few
 characters, and hence very little total energy. For instance, if you only
 have 6 bronze
 characters, you can only do 20 fights that cost 1 energy each, or 10 fights
 that cost 2 energy each. If you have 13 gold, 15 silver and 12 bronze
 (like me), you can
 do a LOT of fights, so I don't even bother with the 1 energy fights since
 I have almost more TOTAL energy than I can spend.

Early game, Battle 5 gives the most credits per energy spent.
Later on, once you have more energy, you might want to play the bonus battle
 on page 1 (bonus 1).
The top credits per energy spent battles seem to be:

Battle   - Credits per energy spent 
Battle 5 - 380
Bonus 1  - 333
Battle 18- 424
Bonus 3  - 455
Battle 25- 544
Bonus 4  - 528
Battle 32- 660
Bonus 6  - 1390

Which battles you do will depend on your skill level, your team line-up
 (in terms of TOTAL number of characters, STRONGEST characters, and 
number of strong characters),
 how much time you are willing to spend on the game, etc.

2)A)iii) Replaying battles that give a lot of credits per TIME and EFFORT
Once you have a fairly strong line-up, you will be doing this a lot.
I can't give you exact numbers because how long you take to do the battles
 will depend on which characters you have, but I can give you some rough

Very early game, battle 5 is the most credits per time, effort and energy
Slightly later in the early game, bonus 1 is much faster, for a bit about
 15% less credits per energy.
Once you are strong enough Battle 33, the first 3 battles, gives over 500
 credits per energy spent, and the first 3 fights are MUCH easier than the
 other fights.
Once you have a lot of strong characters, battle 36 gives about 400 credits
 per energy, and the fights are quick and easy.

2)A)iii)a) Semi-Automatic Farming

2)A)iii)a)I) Constant swiping method.

Once you have a LOT of characters (like me) and you want to farm credits
WHILE DOING SOMETHING ELSE, bonus 1 is your best pick. It gives a decent
333 credits per
energy, and it is DEAD EASY once you have some moderately strong characters.
You need to have 1 free hand and not be doing anything requiring a lot of
concentration to do this.
Just put a strong character as the starting fighter, and put your Ipad
next to you while you do something else. Start the fight. Put your finger
slightly to the left of your opponent. Swipe your finger left and right
non-stop while doing something else (eating, reading, watching movies).
Once you hear the ko sound, start the next fight. Rinse and repeat.

2)A)iii)a) II) Only touch the screen 5 times method.

Do their first bonus fight, with a gold card with a slow multi hit 2nd
special, like batman normal, or Red Son Superman. Or a strong enough
silver, like level 40 cat woman.
Start the match, then go have a drink. When you come back 30 seconds
later, you will have your level 2 ready. Use it, and you will beat all 3
Done! Really saves your fingers from blisters compared to first method!

1)B) Selling stuff.
With the update to the game, you can now sell stuff that you don't want/need.
 You may or may not want to sell the gray "moves" for characters you don't
 have yet, since you can use them for those characters later on.
Feel free to automatically hit the sell button for any support cards. The
 game AUTOMATICALLY will only display "spare" copies of any support cards
 you have in your
 inventory. The game will *NOT* allow you to sell your only copy of a support
 card like Space Dolphins or Darkseid.
It's up to you whether to sell character cards that you don't find useful,
 but for me I feel you don't get that much credits from selling them so I'd
 rather promote
 all my characters to Elite VII before selling their cards. BTW, go ahead and
 sell any spare copies of character cards once they reach Elite VII status.

1)C) How to spend your credits.
A huge portion of this game is deciding what to spend your credits on, once
 you have them.

1)C) i) It's different with Darkseid.
Having Darkseid on your roster makes a HUGE change to credit spending
strategy for those in the EARLY GAME, so much that he gets a section all
to himself.
Currently, the most efficient way to buy stuff is to get
2 Elite V bronze cards, IF you did the Darkseid challenge. The reason:
Darkseid+Bronze Elite V= Cheap power for early game, and most importantly
you can farm Bonus 6 mirror match with a team that costs just 132,000
(elite V Deathstroke) + elite V lex luthor  + free Darkseid,
in under 1 minute, easily.
In terms of EARLY GAME fighting power to credit cost ratio, nothing beats
free Darkseid + 2 Elite V Bronze cards, since the total cost not including
moves and support cards is 72000 or less for each bronze V. Each Bronze V
+ Darkseid has been estimated to be as strong as a Gold Elite II card,
which would cost over 400k easily.
Using a team of 2 Elite V bronze + Darkseid will get you all the way to
battle 38 without much problems. Do take note that this team will have
severe problems beating battle 42. It's not impossible, just difficult.
In terms of which stages to farm, one possibility is to do Bonus 3,
using Darkseid + 2 bronze, and using your entire roster of non-Elite
Bronze characters, and using energy recharge to recharge Darkseid.
This saves your gold cards energy to be used for the harder fights.
Once your team bronze team has reached a certain point though,
you will not be able to progress any further. This is the time
when you should buy Red Son packs, exclusively, until your RS team
is all Elite V, which will cost 2,400,000 (for those without 300,000
discounted Red Son pack) and is enough to easily beat everything in
the main campaign.

 With the introduction of Challenge Mode, this is a
 significant changes to spending strategy for starting players.
This is fairly important, since some characters are MANDATORY for challenges.
 BTW, when they say "lex luthor" needed, or "catwoman" needed, you can use
 ANY version of that character, AFAIK. And they don't need to survive the
 fight, you can bring in a level 1 normal bronze lex luthor along with your
level 40 V Elite Batman.

1)C)iii) You now need a roster of strong bronze and silver characters,
not just a few strong golds. Challenge mode has certain challenges that ONLY
allow all bronze characters, or bronze and silver characters (obviously I
use all silver for those!). Therefore, the old strategy of saving your
credits ONLY for 75k gold packs is no longer ideal, you would want at least
a few strong bronze and silver characters to do the challenges.

1)C)iv) My suggestions on how to build your deck, from fresh start all the
 way to completing bonus 6.

OK, When you first start the game, you have very few characters, I can't
 remember how many. 3 or 6 bronze is it?
Anyhow, With so few characters, you have very little energy, so you can't
 farm much!
 So, the first thing to do is to buy 3 bronze booster packs. This only 
gives you 3 bronze characters, but you will also get 6 support/move cards,
 which you will probably want to sell for the early game cash. You'll
 probably end up poorer by 18k in exchange for 3 bronze characters.

Keep playing the game as far as you can. If you lose a fight, strongly
 consider moving to the farming portion of the game, as described in 1)A)

Your next goal is to farm 50k credits and buy the starter pack
(assuming your version of the game sells it for credits not real cash).
The description is wrong, you can buy it more than once, I'm not sure
whether it's a bug or not,  but you can buy a starter pack every time
you quit and restart the game or something.
3 silver characters for 50k is GREAT. It will help your normal gameplay,
AND make farming go a lot easier and faster.

Your next step is to buy 1 more starter pack and some bronze packs in
 order to increase your total roster, and hence your total energy, hence
 your total farming ability.
Why not go straight for gold? Because, early game, 1 gold + 2 bronze
 allows you to do 5x 2 energy fights. 3 silver + 6 bronze lets you do 15x
 2 energy fights. Hence, 3x the farming capability.

Also, once you have more than 8 bronze characters, stop buying bronze
 packs, since your chance of getting duplicates is too high. Buy the
 missing bronze characters directly instead.

Your 2nd starter pack will leave you with fewer than 6 silver characters,
 since Harley Quin is a guaranteed duplicate. If you have 4 silver
 characters, buy a 3rd starter pack. If you have 5 silver characters,
 BUY Wonder Woman (silver)! Her passive, Olmpian Strength, is RIDICULOUSLY
 good. Basically, block 3 hits (multi-hit attacks count as multiple
 blocks), your next special move does 250% damage!!! Basically,
 that's as good as saying her special moves always do 250% damage, since
 it's so easy to block 3 hits. 

Once you have 6 silver and 12 bronze, it's time to start saving. You'll
 probably be strong enough to play quite a lot of the game without any
 more farming, so just play normally, saving up credits.

Depending on your skill level and LUCK with characters, your next step
 will depend on when you reach your next "brick wall". Is your next
 obstacle a "huge" obstacle or a "minor" obstacle, ie is the fight
 "impossible" for your current roster or merely "just a bit too 
strong for you". If you just need a "slight" increase in power,
 and you have around 50k saved up, you can consider buying a gold pack.
 Your first gold character is a HUGE jump in your team's total power.
If you are willing to wait though (depending on your savings and
 farming ability), you should save up 300k and buy the red son pack.
 It's a guaranteed 3 gold characters for 300k, which frankly is the
 best balance between "starting cost" and "promoting to elite V cost"
Assuming that your version sells the RS pack for 300k, not 400k. 

1)c)iv)b) Yes, there are 2 separate, important types of cost to note!

1)c)iv)b)x) Starting cost.
This is the cost to get a new character into your roster. If you want
 a certain gold character badly enough to buy him directly, this is
 going to be from 135k to 220k per character. If you are willing to
 get ANY gold character, this costs 75k. If you are getting the red son
 pack, this is 300k, or 100k per character.

1)c)iv)b)y) Promoting from normal to Elite V cost.
To complete the game, you will absolutely need a minimum of 1 Elite IV
 gold character (and a huge amount of luck and skill). More realistically,
 you would want a team of 3 Elite V gold characters. Hence, the importance
 of this category.If you are trying to promote MOST certain specific
 characters, this would cost between 2.5million - 3 million if you are
 buying your cards directly. Don't even try getting a team of 3 gold
 Elite V characters through gold booster packs.
If you are using the Red Son team, this will cost you 1.5 million to
 get the whole team from normal to Elite V.

Hence! The Red Son team is the cheapest way to get a "complete the game"
 team.Not only that, but they are the strongest team in the game.
 Leading to my next section.

1)C)iv)c) Strongest characters.
With limitted credits, of course you want the best bang for your buck.
 You also want the strongest characters as your main team, so you can
 beat the game, right?

The strongest team in the game is to use Red Son Superman, Red Son
 Wonderwoman, and Red Son Solomon Grundy. Hands down.
BUT!!! Only if you use all 3 characters in the same team. If you 
separate them out, then other gold characters are better than them.
 Strongest "solo" character in the game is probably Wonder Woman Regime.

Why are they the strongest team? Simple: Their passives synergise with
 each other, to a RIDICULOUS extent.
Red Son Superman: Whole team gets +25% damage to basic attacks per
 Red Son character on team
Red Son WW: Whole team gets +15% power generation (while tagged out
 only?) per Red Son character on team
Red Son Grundy: Whole team gets +15% health per Red Son character on team

So, with a team of all 3 red son characters, you get +75% basic
 attack damage, +45% power generation, and +45% health, to the whole team.
That's... pretty ridiculously strong.

For solo characters, the strong characters according to metal color, in
 descending order of strength, are:

1)C)iv)c)x) Gold:

Batman Arkham Origins. Huge stats, and great passive that is almost
"1 enemy dies at before combat begins". Too bad his price matches him!

Batgirl. Whole team starts with 1 bar of power. This is actually more
powerful than most people realize. That's a total of 3 power bars. If
you could have a team with 3x Batgirl, that'd be full super for your
entire team. Still, 1 batgirl is 1/3 as good.

Aquaman. That passive is incredibly useful, if you use it right. FULL
power drain for ENTIRE enemy team, which is unblockable, AND does
the damage of a normal super move? (special moves that drain power do
much lower damage than specials without effects)

Killing Joke Joker. A glass cannon, but with his passive, that's the
best way for his stats to be! Make sure to use your other character's
power bars before he dies. Unfortunatly, he costs Alliance Credits
instead of normal credits. You should buy just ONE card for him, then
buy all the other AC support cards, since his utility doesn't increase
so much by making him stronger.

Wonder Woman Regime. Gains tons of power really fast and easy, especially
 against multi-hit enemies.
Turned useless in current version, she only gains 1.5% meter per hit.

Zod. His in-game description is WRONG. When his teammate dies, he gains
20% damage, which is correct. However, for his health, when a teammate
dies, he HEALS 20% of his life. His maximum health does not increase.
Still good though.
Completely buggy in current version.

Batman. His +25% damage for entire team rocks.

Superman Regime. His level 2 is unblockable, and his passive is
 mighty... +50% damage for 6 seconds? Just use his level 2 when his
 passive activates, and do a bunch of damage, quick and easy.

Doomsday. You will ko up to 2 characters during each battle (ko-ing
 the 3rd enemy ends the battle, so healing 50% makes no difference
 at this point). So, this is potentially like Doomsday having twice as
 much life? (100% starting +50% heal +50% heal)

Darkseid. He is the ultimate ECONOMY hero, due to his passive. For
players who don't have much credits, you just can't beat the low low
cost of getting 2 Bronze Elite V cards, who have the power of a Gold
Elite II or a Silver Elite V.

Harley Quinn Arkham. +25% to team health is nice.

Animated Harley. +20% damage and special? And it's 40% for Joker???

Wonder Woman 600. +30% damage and special for females is GREAT.

1)C)iv)c)y) Silver
Wonder Woman. By FAR the strongest Silver Character cause of her
 passive (the best in the game). Her level 2 does rather ridiculous
 damage after blocking 3 hits, AND it does multiple hits, so she can ko
 multiple characters/ ko Grundy with it.
Nightwing. Super good. Takes only 50% damage from basic attacks? WOW.
 His level 1 special drains 1.5 power bars, 0.75 if blocked? WOW!
 His heavy attack does 4 hits, and executes really really fast,
 which makes him do huge DPS, making him deadly in fights,
 and really FAST at FARMING? Niiiice!
Lex Luthor Insurgency. +25% team health, and also drains 1.5 power bars
 with his level 1? Great!
Green Lantern Regime. +25% faster power generation is always nice.
 Make sure your enemy either has full power bar OR is ko-ed by his level
 2 before you use it, because it will fill up almost 2 power bars if your
 enemy doesn't block it!
Solomon Grundy. Resurrects with 50% health? GREAT!
But there is also no "overflow" damage from 1-hit moves, which means that if
 10,000 max health Grundy has 500 life and gets hit with 15,000 damage
 heat vision, he comes back with 5000 life. Note that for multi-hit attacks,
 like "man of steel", any subsequent hits after he resurrects still hit.
 So, the above Grundy, being hit by 5000+5000+5000 man of steel attack,
 would go from 500 life, to 5000 life, to dead. Or, if blocking, from
 500 life, to 5000 life (resurrect) to 2500 life (2nd hit), to dead (3rd hit)
Harley Quinn Insurgency. +10% team damage is nice.

1)C)iv)c)z) Bronze
Nightwing. -25% from basic damage, power drain, and good heavy attack make
 him the top bronze.
Lex Luthor. +15% damage is nice, and makes him useful to bring along even
 for fights between gold vs gold characters.
Deathstroke. Superb stats, and he's got a good passive, just makes sure he
land each KO.
Flash (normal). Strongest attack power in the game, very fast basic attacks,
his 2nd move does a lot of damage and hits multiple times.
Sinestro. Has good stats, and your opponents love to tag out when they're
at low health.

1)C)iv)d)Worst characters are:

1)C)iv)c)d) Gold:
Bane. Lousy passive, and poor attack animations.
The Joker Insurgency. Absolutely useless passive, level 2 does low damage.
 But his heavy attack hits 4 times, and is quite fast. Good for farming,
 poor fighter.Superman. Lousy passive, his level 2 does low damage in 
exchange for freezing.Batman Insurgency. Weak level 1, weak passive, 

1)C)iv)d)y) Silver:

Regime Doomsday. Poor passive, since there are ways to hit with
 unblocked specials if you know how. Besides, usually you kill using
 super meter, so after he kills someone, he doesn't have any power
 meter. Also, level 3s are all unblockable anyway. Also, his heavy attack
 is only 2 hits!
The Joker. Weak passive, weak level 2. Farmer, not a fighter.
Bane Regime. Poor passive, poor attack animations.
Deathstroke. Not a very good passive. His level 1 hits so many times
 that your enemy will get a LOT of super meter from it if he doesn't block
 and survives. His level 2 does poor damage in exchange for bleeding.

1)C)iv)d)z) Bronze:

Harley Quinn. Passive does nothing unless Joker is with her, her level 2
is useless, and her heavy attack is worse than useless.
Solomon Grundy Regime. His semi-decent passive is not worth his horribly
lagged heavy attack, and poor stats.

2) Fighting.
There are various ways to play, but first, here's an overview of game
 advanced mechanics.

2)A) Stuff the game doesn't tell you. (or lies about)

i) The listed damages are often wrong. For instance, Lobo's super does
 a lot more than listed, and Zod's level 2 does a lot less than listed.
ii) Blocking a basic attack receives 1/4 damage. Blocking a special
 receives 1/2 damage.

iii) Super Meter. This deserves a section all to itself.
When you hit your enemy, whether blocked or not, you gain 3% (estimated)
 meter per hit.When you are hit and do not block, you gain 5% meter per hit.
When you are hit and block you gain 0 meter, unless you are wonder
 woman regime, in which case you gain 5%.
These rules apply to both you and the computer.

iv) You are invulnerable while performing a special. Usually. Black
 Adam's shield sometimes messes this up.
v) If you "interrupt" the computer with a special during it's 
basic attack combo, it will keep doing the combo and cannot block.
vi) The RED colored enemies are customized enemies. Their life and
 attack points do not follow normal character stats, and they can use
 special moves from their other versions, for different power meter
 costs. (RED Black Adam Regime in Bonus 6 actually has LOWER life
 than his level 40 Gold Elite V version)vii) The computer's bronze
 and gold cards will be slightly stronger than yours. For instance,
 in mirror match (bonus 6 first battle), my level 34 elite V Sinestro
 has 2860/3040 stats. Computer level 40 Elite V Sinestro is 3016/3520.
 Almost the same. Might even be exactly the same, I have no level 40
 bronze characters so I don't know. Red Son Superman though, my level
 40 Elite V has 23320/42592 stat. Computer is 27840/50820.
viii) The computer's SILVER cards will be ridiculously stronger than
 yours. For instance, my level 40 Elite V Wonder Woman is 7346/13358,
 computer is 8770/24288. Almost double my life??? Ridiculous!
ix) There is a multiplier for EACH HIT of basic attack damage. Each
 hit (not each attack but each HIT, making multi-hit basic attacks 
quite strong) does 1x damage. The swipe finisher at the end of a
 light attack does 1.5x damage. Each hit of heavy attack does 2x damage.
x) The computer only does special attacks, never level 3 super moves.

2)B) Tactics.

i) Light attacks often do more harm than good. Basically, if the
 computer doesn't block, you are building it's meter faster than yours.
 And MOST of the damage in this game comes from super meter. So... I
 avoid light attacks whenever possible. They just do not do enough
 damage to justify that I am only getting 6 power of every 10 I give
 the computer.
ii) Blocking often does more harm than good. Basic attack damage
 is a bit low compared to special attacks. If you block a 3 hit
 combo, you avoid 75% of the damage from those basic attacks...
 but you lost out on a gain of 15% power meter! (This is why when
 facing New 52 Green Lantern and he does his gatling gun, I make sure
 not to block... I take low damage, but I gain more than 1 bar of
 super meter.
iii) Special attacks which do Damage over time (poison/bleeding)
 do low low damage to make up for the extra DOT damage. Unfortunatly,
 enemies suffering DOT will switch out to avoid it.
iv) Attacks which stun are near useless, since they do much
 lower damage than normal special moves, and if you could hit an enemy
 with a stun without them blocking, why can't you hit them
 with something else while they're not blocking? Also, these
specials have a CHANCE to stun... they often don't.
v) FREEZE is abusable, since it currently last FOREVER if you don't
attack to break it. Evenif you don't abuse it, freeze makes the next
 1 hit (not an entire attack, just the first hit) do double damage.
 This is great, since that 1 hit canbe a normal attack (waste),
 the 1st hit of a special move... Or even a Super Move!

All in all, this means that one strategy to win the game is to let
 your enemy hit you with basic attacks, and only block the special moves
 that do a lot of damage per hit.
Another thing I do is I do a lot of basic attacks that I know will
 be blocked... I don't care about the damage, I am very happy to gain
 3% power per hit while the computer gets nothing.

If your opponent is about to do a multi-hit special that has an
 attached effect (stun/bleed) like Green Lantern's gatling gun or
 Catwoman's level 1, just let it hit you... you'll gain huge meter in
 exchange for relatively low damage.


OK, this is going to be about the gears in injustice mobile:
1. How to get them
Buy random packs from store for 25k, or I hear you can get some from
2. What are they?
They are EQUIPMENT, just like RPGs, you can equip or remove them as
 you like, unlimitted use.
They give various bonuses to the hero that is wearing them.
3. What do I do with multiple copies?
SHATTER them. Multiple copies can't be equipped by 2 characters at
once. Having 100 copies is no different from having 1 copy.
Also, you get SHARDS from shattering them.
Don't shatter your last remaining copy! But don't worry the game will
warn you about that.
4. What types are there?
GEAR are ranked from 1 to 4 stars.
Gears have a "natural" rank of 1 to 3, and when you EVOLVE them,
they go up 1 rank, and change to the superior version.
You can only evolve each gear once.
Most of the level 3 ones give bonuses for specific characters.
5. Which gears should I upgrade?
That depends on your playstyle!
But, for me, I notice that the gains from upgrading are a bit
low, but the gains from EVOLVING are sometimes very VERY good,
so I recommend you EVOLVE those ones. For instance, the ones
that heal you when you use a special!
6. Are they worth the credits?
Some gears are VERY strong... pretty much game breaking. Best
of all, you can equip and remove gears as much as you like,
allowing you to use your best gear on your bronze team, silver team,
grinding team, etc.
7. Should I MAX out a gear?
I suggest NO... the later levels of gear cost a LOT to upgrade,
and give very little benefit per upgrade.

8. Gear Pack drop chances
Those 25k Gear Packs in the store seem to have these drop chances.
15% 3 star
30% 2 star
55% 1 star

4. How XP works

Each Battle will give a certain amount of XP. This seems to have NO
connection with the enemies you fight, purely based on what the
programmers decided was appropriate. Which is why Bonus 6 gives
more XP than anything on the 7th page of battles.

There are certain multipliers though:

1)a)Winning a fight gives 100% XP.
1)b)Losing a fight gives 10% XP.
1)c)Quitting a fight gives nothing.

2) For EACH member of your team, compare his/her level with the enemy
average level.

a) If your hero is not more than 3 levels higher, you get full XP.
(for instance, enemy average level 40, your hero level 43 or lower)

b) If your hero is 4 or more levels higher, you get reduced XP gain.
This reduction increases quite rapidly, as follows!
LHTE= Levels Higher than Enemy

LHTE - XP Multiplier
4         60%                      
5         30%
6         10%

So, that's the guide/walktrough, and I hope you enjoy finishing the game!

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