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Lost Dimension Walkthrough
Author: MarianPlum
*This guide is for GameFAQs only

Introduction                    [INT]
Character                       [CHA]
   - Sho Kasugai
   - Himeno Akatsuki
   - Toya Orbert
   - Mana Kawai
   - Nagi Shishiouka
   - Sojiro Sagara
   - Zenji Maeda
   - Marco Barbato
   - Yoko Tachibana
   - Agito Yuuki
   - George Jackman
Gameplay                        [GAM]
   - Lobby
   - Finding out the traitors
   - Manipulating the votes
   - Quest
   - Battle
   - Making Friends
   - Fate Materia
   - Ending
   - New game plus
Tips & Tricks                   [TIP]
Walktrough                      [WAL]
   - First floor     [FIR]
   - Second floor    [SEC]
   - Third floor     [THI]
   - Fourth floor    [FOU]
   - Fifth floor     [FIF]
Character Quests                [CHQ]
Credit                          [CRE]
Contact                         [CON]

Introduction                    [INT]

Lost dimension is an RPG with a unique style of gameplay and story. The
mysterious man called "The End" is trying to destroy the world. You play as Sho
Kasugai, a member of unit called S.E.A.L.E.D which is a special gifted group 
formed to investigate the pillar where The End resides.With the team members
you've just met, you must form bonds with them, progress until you reach the
top and find out the traitors in your group along the way. Because if you
don't, they'll turn on you in the end. Thus the journey to save the world
alongside the back-stabbers begins.

This is the second guide that I make.I'm not that of a pro and English is not
my native language. I appologize in advance if there are any mistakes. Please
feel free to email me if you see anything wrong or want to give me some
information or tips. I'd really appreciate it and I won't forget to give you

The strategy in this guide is based on my opinion alone. I know that I'm not
the best. You might think of something better than me. This guide is made to
help newbies or those who have troubles clearing the game. I appologize in
advance if you find some of my strategy are not so good. LOL

Character                       [CHA]

As I say before, the following is based on my opinion. I won't mention what
materia to give to who because it'll be different on each playthrough.

Sho Kasugai
The main character of this game, he's pretty good all around. He has fine
str, vit, mov and range. His gifts are also very good. Premonition group lets
him increase critical rate for him and surrounding characters and also allows
him to cancel the enemy's turn when being attacked by attacking it first. For
attack skill, I recommend Mystic Shot and Rubble strike. Daydream will make
your life easier, especially during the final battle. It takes a lot of effort
to obtain, so plan well.

Himeno Akatsuki
She has high psy, but her mov and range are pretty bad. Her Pyrokinesis and
Combustion group focus on damage, while Deep Freeze group has less damage, but
also debuff the enemies. How you want to develop her depends on your

Toya Orbert
His normal attack can be chosen to attack single enemy or group of them. It's
quite useful at the beginning when you still don't have many area skill. He's
overall a balance character. Coil Shot allows him to attack far enemy. It's
quite handy in some situation. Thunderbolt is a good skills with high damage
and bind status. For area attack, I recommend tempest, since it doesn't hit
your allies. Gamma Flare has higher damage though. Static Charge is a nice
skill to use when he's got nothing better to do. It doesn't cost anything, free
extra damage the next time he attack.

Mana Kawai
She's one hard hitter. Her range and mov are low, but her skill compensate for
it. She's strong against melee attack. Barrage and Earthcrash are good skills,
damage-wised. Most of her passive skills are also good.

Nagi Shishiouka
She has the highest mov and agi. I usually use her to go after faraway chest or
switch. She's quite flexible and hard to get hit. Assassin's Blade allows her
to attack distant foe. You should try to master Zero Gravity and G-Force group
for extra mov and damage.

Sojiro Sagara
He's your only healer in this game. Mass Renewal is also your only mean of
healing multiple allies in one go. Revive is also a good skill to have, since
the Life Pack is so expensive and Toya's Electrode Shock will usually fail. His
attack skills aren't so good, obviously. You can give him some nice materias
later on. Mastering Side-Effects which allows him to randomly inflict status
ailments is not bad idea either.

Zenji Maeda
I'm not a big fan of his linking stuff, since I have to waste a turn doing
that. Full helix is a nice support skill. Brutality skill is also quite
helpful. When Zenji has any ailments on him, he'll also inflict it to every
enemy he targets.1

Marco Barbato
An overall good character, his psychic attacks deal good damage. His passive
skills are also very nice. Since he has the same weapon type as sho, his range
are also quite good.

Yoko Tachibana
She's the best character in my opinion. With the highest psy, her psychic
attacks deal a very high damage. Plus, Noise Blaster ignore allies in range.
It will also become more powerful when you spam it the second time when some
of the enemies are already confused. Her debuff, Demotivation, is also awesome
when used on boss or tough enemies. Inspiration is a nice buff when you've got
nothing better to do.

Agito Yuuki
Another character with high mov, he can also go pass allies, enemies, doors and
up to a different plain. He can't go pass the wall though. He attacks twice
during his normal attack so that means twice damage. He has Summon Allies the
best strategic-wised skill in this game. Warp behind the boss, Summon Allies,
then you can end the quest in one turn. It's also useful when your party split
up, finish their tasks, but are so faraway from the remaining enemies. I
suggest that you aim to get this skill first. He's very vulnerable to attack
though, try not to put him near a group of enemies. His passive skills are also

George Jackman
He has highest str, so obviously, his main purpose is to attack. Using Mind's
Eye to stack analysis point will improve the skill itself and his other skills
as well. His passive skills are quite good.

Gameplay                        [GAM]

Talk - You can build more trust with the first two persons you talk to after
each battle. It'll have blue mark behind their names. 
     - After you talk to two persons it'll change into white mark. It means
normal conversation with no change to trust level. 
     - The golden mark means talking with them can increase their trust to the
next level. This doesn't count toward the first two. I don't really know if the
choices you make affect anything. You'll get enough battles to max seven
members anyway, so I don't really care. Sometimes, if you choose the wrong
option, the conversation'll end, yet you can talk to them and choose again.

Set up - You can change equipment and upgrade your gifts here. You can also
view the items you have and the status of each member in the party.
       - You get Gift EXP every odd level and from some main quest when you
clear it for the first time.

Generator - It allows you to buy (Generate) or (Sell) your items and equipments
here. It's usually updated once you get to the new floor.

Vision - You'll get this option once you reach 2nd floor on the 1st
       - You can view each member's trust toward you and toward each other.
       - Battle Rankings show how each member fair in the battles. Killing and
assissting will increase the rank, while dying will lower it. The person with
low ranking will tend to be defaultly voted for erasure.
       - Vote Forecast shows the current trend of votes. You can change it by
take the characters you want to save to battles and ditch the characters you
want to erase to lower thier ranks. Sometimes, at the end of a battle, you'll
be asked by your teammates about whom do you suspect. It'll help you change the
trend. Also, if you say that you suspect the person him/herself, he/she will
vote for you.
       - Vision History allows you to see how many voices you get on each
quest. There will always be three voices each floor. But only one of them is
the real traitor (two of them on the 4th floor though). You can find out three
persons who have the voices by intersecting them. Once you've got three suspect
use vision point on them until you find the traitor. Usually, only 2 vision
points are required. Because if the first two you use vision point on are
innocent the third one will definitely be the traitor. By selecting their
portraits, you can choose to color them or using your vision point on them.

Gate - You can go on a quest this way.Every quest except character quests can
be repeated as many times as you want for S-ranking, items, EXP and money. You
can also go back to previous floors' quests. It's possible to S-rank every
mission the first time you get it. Though if you find it too hard, you can just
clear it and come back for S-rank when you're stronger.

Judgement - This allows you to begin the judgement and progress to the next
floor. Be careful, once you go in, the game will overwrite the save itself.
There'll be no going back. So make sure that the right person get the highest
votes before going in.

Finding out the traitors
It's pretty easy if you plan well. The game gives you more than enough battles
to figure this out. The method depends on how many teammates you have left and
which floor you're in. The traitors for each floor are different on each

Take your first set of team to a mission.

If you get 3, then the voices are definitely in this group. For the next
battles, create a group of innocent people, then insert one or two of the
suspects from the first group in. See how many voices you get from the new
group, if none, it means the rest of your first group are the voice owners.

If you get 0, then it's easy. Those who aren't in your first group are probably
the suspects. There won't be many of them left for you to rule out.

If you get 2, that means there is one in another group. This is a bit hard.
You'll need to randomly form the second group and evaluate again.

If you get 1, that means there are two in another group. In the later level,
this'll be easy because there'll be very few persons in the later group. But
for the first level, you'll have to form another random group to see if you're

Your best bet is to find out who's definitely innocent or definitely the voice
owner. Then intersect them with each person you suspect. Like this, if there
are more voices you expect it to be, then the person that is added to the group
will definitely be one of the suspect.

Once you find 3 voice owners, use deep vision on them to find out who's the
real traitor.

Vision point is carried over to the next floor. So it's best not to waste too

If you're in trouble, you can email me your situation, since it'll be different
for each playthrough. If I have time, I'll solve it for you. And put in here as
an example.

Here's some example. Let's say we're in the first floor of the 2nd playthrough.
I think this is the hardest since we have so many people around.

1st mission: Nagi Zenji Sojiro Marco George = 2 voices
   This also means among Himeno, Toya, Mana, Yoko and Agito has 1 voice.

2nd mission: Zenji Marco Yoko Agito George = 1 voice
   This also means among Himeno, Toya, Mana, Nagi and Sojiro has 2 voices.

If you intersect these four groups, you can devide them into groups.
Yoko + Agito = 0 voice
Himeno + Toya + Mana = 1 voice
Nagi + Sojiro = 1 voice
Zenji + Marco + George = 1 voice

Try to put it into a diagram if you can't follow.

3rd mission: Himeno Toya Mana Nagi Agito = 2 voices
   This party is created to see whether it's Nagi or Sojiro. The answer is Nagi
because one voice belong to Himeno/Toya/Mana group. Agito is inncocent so the
additional voice is definitely Nagi. And of corse, it's also mean that Sojiro
is safe.
   You can try using your vision point on Nagi here. If you're lucky the
process ends. But, let's say it's not.

4th mission: Himeno Toya Sojiro Marco George = 2
   This party is created to see if Mana and Zenji are innocent, and they are.
Well, Sojiro is inncocent. So that means:
Himeno + Toya + Marco + George = 2 voices
Himeno + Toya = 1 voice
Marco + George = 1 voice
Mana + Zenji = 0 voice

5th mission: Himeno Sojiro Yoko Agito George = 0 voice
   This party is created to narrow down the suspect between those two persons
group. Thus, this means that Toya and Marco are definitely the suspects.

Now use one deep vision on either Toya or Marco, you'll know the real traitor.

On the other hand, if we luckily put on the 5th mission party first, it'll be
a lot easier. Since we'll know for sure that the 3 voices belong to Toya/Mana/
Nagi/Zenji/Marco group.

Manipulating the votes
Once you find out the suspects, try not to add them to the party when you go on
a quest to lower their ranks and trusts, unless it's necessary to use them to
find more voices. 

Take the innocent persons with the highest vote to the quest as much as you can
to save them.

At the end of the quest, answer about the suspect properly. You should focus on
the person that you know the he/she is definitely one of the voice owners until
you find the real traitors with deep vision.

If you know the traitor, ditch that person completely, and tell everyone to
vote for him/her.

Six characters for each quest, no more, no less.

Star - It tells you the difficulty level of the quest. But, really, I don't
think it's accurate.

Objective - It'be either defeat all enemies or defeat the bosses. The trick is
when it tells you to defeat all enemies, it only means the default enemies.
The enemies that are summoned by other enemies won't be count for this. So
don't waste your time trying to defeat all of them.

Failure - Well, obviously, if your team are all dead, it's over. But on some
mission a certain key person is needed to be kept alive.

Rewards - You get a fixed EN and EXP for each quest.
        - You'll only get Gift EXP and vision point on the first time you clear
some certain quests though. You won't get it again if you repeat the quest.
        - Ranking depends solely on how many turns you used to clear the quest.
        - Item you'll get depends on your rank. With S-rank you get all the
item rewards.


Move - You can move around with analog stick. You can cancel your move anytime
as long as you don't perform any action, like climbing ladder or open the

Attack - The enemies that are in your attack range will turn into blue color.
       - Attacking from behind deals a lot more damage and is harder to miss.

Skill - Some skills have more range than your normal attack.
      - It may costs some of your SAN or GP
      - If it costs you more than your current SAN the number of SAN cost will
        turn red, and you'll become berserk after using it. Be careful.

SAN - For you and your teammate, if it goes below zero you'll become berserk.
    - For your enemies, if it goes below zero, it'll become daze, making it
      more vulnerable to attacks and unable to act for one turn.
    - Aside from using skill, it's also depleted when being attacked. So make
      sure you have enough SAN left to withstand attack, if you don't want your
      character to go berserk. When a unit goes berserk, the rest of your group
      will be inflicted with fear.

Items - This option explains itself, really. Don't forget that after using an
item, that character can still assist. So place them well. I suggest that if
you plan to use an item on that turn, move the character that'll be using the
item behind the enemies and use it at the beginning of turn. So he/she can
assist with back attack and deals a lot of extra damage.

Defers - 
This command lets you transfer your turn to a nearby ally who has
already acted on that turn. It's very handy since you can still use it after
you moved. It's a good idea to always use it after you've moved but the enemies
are still out of your range. So your friend can get an extra turn to move or
act for free. You can't defer to the character who still hasn't acted on that
turn. Also the character that recieves deferred turn cannot continue deferring,
or else it'll be an endless loop of defer and this game will be so very easy.
It's also not a bad idea to defer to characters with area skill so they can
repeatly spam it and wipe out group of enemies quickly.

Assists - Assist only works when targeting single enemy. The allies who have
that enemy in their attack range will join your attack. Also, if your allies
are behind your enemy, they'll deal back attack damage. You'll be relying on
this a lot.

Status Ailments - Daze: Stats are greatly reduced and unable to act for 1 turn.
                - Berserk: Fully restore HP and GP, become uncontrollable,
                  attack nearest allies or enemies, but usually allies LOL,
                  STR and PSY increase, VIT and DEX decrease, then become Daze
                  at the third turn.
                - Fear: SAN costs increase, last for 3 turns.
                - Poison: Take damage at the end of action, and it's not
                  little. If the damage is more than your current HP, then it
                  can kill you. The same goes for the enemies. Cure after 3
                - Bind: Cannot move, last for 3 turns.
                - Confusion: Attack nearest allies or enemies.
                - Seal: Cannot use Gift or special attacks.
                - Stun: Unable to move or act for one turn.

Making Friends
You can become best friend with only 7 characters per playthrough. Because it
can only be completed after you've reach the 4th floor where there're only 8
persons left, including yourself. 

To complete a character's story, you need to talk to him/her until the trust
level between two of you become close. Then when you reach the 4th floor,
his/her character quest will become available. Complete it, then talk to that
person again. The game will say that you strengthened your bonds with him/her,
then a golden complete icon will appear on his/her picture in the status menu.

For Mana, eventhough her character quest become available on the 3rd floor, the
conversation that leads to completion will not appear until you reach the 4th

Fate Materia
You get these materias from the character you erased. You only get the materia,
if the character has learnt at least one skill from that branch.

The character that equips the materia will gain previous owner's skill from
that branch, only the learnt skill though. It can't be upgraded any further
after the true owner has died. It'll also unlock the skill that requires that
materia. You still need to upgrade other skills to reach that special skill
though. And these special skills are limited to its owner. It won't be passed
on to the materia equipper. These skills are usually quite powerful.

There are many endings in this game. Here's the list of how to obtain each one.
Note that asides from the bad ending, if you have traitors left in your team,
they'll turn on you during the final battle.

1. Guess it all wrong and end up with all the traitors in your group for the
final boss. Despite being bad ending, this is very hard to get. Since
sometimes, the game choose the same traitor on the fourth floor. So you still
end up with some innocent people in the end. You need five traitors to get

2. Normal ending: Finish the game normally. You'll probably get this on your
first playthrough.

3. True ending: Finish the game with all of characters' stories completed. Can
be done from the 2nd playthrough on. If you manage to get rid of all the
traitors too, then you'll fight an upgraded version of final boss. But the
story is pretty much the same.

New game plus
Make sure you choose to load your clear save file, not selecting new game at
the title screen.

The things that get carry over
- Completed character story (only complete icon, not their trust level)
- A small portion of your current EN
- Your ranking for each quest
You also get
- Gift points at the start of your game proportion to your level when you clear
the game, Gift development will also be reseted.
- A certain person will no longer be the default traitor on the 1st floor. So
you can keep him and form bond with him from now on.
- Easy mode
- New quests

The things that are not carried over
- Your level
- All of your equipment and item
- Trust level

Tips & Tricks                   [TIP]
I know some of them are pretty obvious.

1. I suggest doing a traitor-free normal ending on your first playthrough.

2. Defer a lot. It's better not to waste your turn doing nothing. At least, let
someone do it for you. This is the key to S-rank in most of the quests.

3. Try back attack as much as you can.

4. Place your position well. So you can assist a lot, especially assisting with
back attack.

5. When you face a strong foe, try debuff them with Yoko's demotivation first.
It helps somehow. If your damage become zero, don't fret. Continue ganging up/
assisting abuse on it until it becomes daze. Then you can finish it off easily.

6. On a quest that your objective is to kill a boss, just focus on killing it.
You won't get anything extra from killing other enemies too. When you have
Agito's Summon Allies, this'll be super easy.

7. Using area skill from behind can wipe out group of enemies quickly.

8. Like I say before, if you plan to use item, place that character behind the
enemies before using it. So he/she can assist with back attack for the rest of
your turn. The same goes for buffing, debuffing and healing.

9. Don't be stingy on your SAN or GP. Since your goal is to keep the quest as
short as possible for S-rank.

10. Usually, I don't recommend going berserk. But it's still useful in some
situation. Plan well before you do so. Make sure there are no allies in that
person's range.

11. Sho's daydream is game-breaking skill, but it requires a lot of SAN and GP.
I don't really use it except for the final battle when you've got nothing else
to loose.

12. Zenji's Full Helix is quite good support skill, that is, when you've got
nothing better to do. I only use it when he can't attack or defer, and be sure
to use it at the start of the turn.

13. I need to say this again. Agito's Summon Allies is a very awesome skill if
use properly. You can bring your scatter allies together if you find it hard
for each member to go solo. In some quests, it's better to go as one big group
than two small groups.

14. When you examine a chest or climb a ladder, you'll be able to switch
character without ending the turn or act yet. That means if there're an enemy
near the ladder, you can move many characters there before you start attacking.
So they can assist you.

15. If your objevtive to kill all enemies, and there is a strong enemies
standing among smaller enemies. You should use area attacks to defeat all those
smaller enemies first. You wouldn't want them to gang up on you.

Walktrough                      [WAL]

After the opening cutscene, you'll be thrown in a battle right away. The game's
basic will be gradually explained to you in the game. The fist battle is
simple. Simply follow the tutorial. There is no ranking in this battle, so take
your time to get the grip of the game. Your objective is to defeat all enemies.

After the battle, you'll be inside the lobby. Right now, you can only talk to
your friends. You'll earn more trust from the first two persons you talk to
after each battle. Don't worry about this too much. You'll have enough battles
to master seven of them near the end of the game. Just avoid the suspects or
the traitors once you know who they are.

You can save or load your game through start button, though you can have only
one save file per one playthrough. Start button will also allow access to
config menu, tips (contain information and tutorials) and sound test.

After you talk to everyone, you'll get more option. Set up will allow you to
change each character's equipment and manage his/her gifts. Generator is a
shop that sells equiment, accessory and item.

I recommend buying each of the best one at the beginning of each floor. Some
characters share the same type of weapon, so you can swap them. The same goes
for armor and accessory. You need only 6 good sets of them.

When you're ready, choose the Gate. This will allow you to take on quests. Only
main quests are required to progress through the story. But I recommend that
you clear all of them. Sub quests will give you extra EN, EXP, items and also,
more chances to find the traitors.

Once you've clear all main quests on this floor, you can go to Judgement room
to progress the story and move on to next floor.

If you have problems clearing or S-ranking a quest, please read tips & tricks
section. I won't go into details on every quest, since some of them are pretty
easy and straightforward.

Also, my strategy is based on normal difficulty and the first time that quest
become available.

For S-Ranking the quest, I just insert the number of turn I used when I get the
S-rank. I'm too lazy to prove it by spending more turns and repeat the battles
over and over just to see the cut point. So it might not be accurate.

First floor     [FIR]
In the first playthrough, the traitor of this floor will always be that certain
person. It's random on second playthrough onwards.

Main Quest

Objective: Defeat all enemies.
Rewards: EN 1000, EXP 3000
         Health Capsule, Gift Capsule, STR Vial, Life Pack
S-Rank: 2 turns
It's the battle at the beginning of your game. You can repeat it again for
items. It's quite straightforward, defer and assist. You can end this in two

Objective: Defeat all enemies.
Rewards: EN 4800, EXP 4800
         Health Capsule, Gift Capsule, VIT vial, Life Pack
S-Rank: 2 turns
Another straightforward map, usual strategy

Deadly Threat
Objective: Defeat Arbaris
Rewards: EN 2000, EXP 6000, Gift EXP 2 (first time only)
         Health Capsule, Life Pack, PSY Vial, Mind Capsule+
S-Rank: 3 turns
Your target is at the middle of the map. Place your high mobility unit at
position 3 if you want to go for the chest. It's a Life Pack. Then continue
to make your way to the target from both sides, then gang up on it. Try to
kill some enemies along the way will help reduce the damage taken.

Sub Quest

Securing a Perimeter
Objective: Defeat all enemies.
Rewards: EN 500, EXP 2000
         Health Capsule, Anti-Poison, Health Capsule+
S-Rank: 3 turns
Focus on the bottom side first then use high mobility unit to grab the chests
if you want. The left chest is Health Capsule. The right one is Gift Capsule.

Unknown Mechanism
Objective: Defeat all enemies.
Rewards: EN 1000, EXP 3000
         Health Capsule, Anti-Bind, Gift Capsule
S-Rank: 2 turns
The left chest is life pack. The right one is Health Capsule. Have unit at 2
and 4 position run for the chests if you want them. The rest run to the middle.
Try to press the switch in your second turn so you can get the left chest
before you accidentally wipe out all of the enemies. If you don't have area
skill, using Toya's normal sweep attack can wipe them out in two or three
times. Just use defer on him. Be careful not to rush in between the enemies
on the first turn. They'll gang up on you.

Objective: Defeat all enemies.
Rewards: EN 1200, EXP 40000
         Health Capsule, Anti-Sleep, Mind Capsule
S-Rank: 4 turns
This map is simple. Use the usual strategy. Prioritize touching the switch to
open the next door.

Memory: Difference (not available on 1st playthrough)
Objective: Defeat all enemies.
Rewards: EN 1500, EXP 5000
         Health Capsule+, Life Pack+
S-Rank: 4 turns
This might be pretty hard if you did it early in your second playthrough. Take
on one of them at a time. Use all party gang up and back attack assist until it
goes daze. Then you should be able to finish it off easily. Heal while moving
to another target.

Second floor    [SEC]
If this is your first playthrough, Vision will become accessible at the Lobby.
It lets you keep track of your trust level, Battle Rankings, Vote Forecast and
Vision History.

From now on your objective is to identify the traitor while progressing with
the story.

Main Quest

Merciless Tower
Objective: Defeat all enemies.
Rewards: EN 2500, EXP 7500
         Health Capsule+, Gift Capsule, DEX Vial, Panacea Pack
S-Rank: 3 turns
Place Agito or Nagi at position 2 then use him/her to grab the chest if you
want. Then devide your team into two groups and clear out the enemies on the
left and right side. The chest contains Heal Capsule.

Temporary Bonds
Objective: Defeat all enemies.
Rewards: EN 3500, EXP 10000
         Health Capsule+, Gift Capsule, AGI Vial, Panacea Pack
S-Rank: 4 turns
The usual strategy should do fine.

Brutal Clash
Objective: Defeat Dhorme.
Rewars: EN 5000, EXP 13000 Gift EXP 2 (first time only)
        Health Capsule+, Life Pack, MOV Vial, Mind Capsule+
S-Rank: 2 turns
You can gang up on the boss to finish this quickly. But if you can't defeat
it in the first turn, you'll be ganged up by the enemies instead. If you're
not strong enough to defeat it quickly, try to stay out of the boss' range,
and defeat some of surrounding enemies first.

Sub Quest

Lost Civilization
Objective: Defeat all enemies.
Rewards: EN 2000, EXP 8000
         Health Capsule+, Anti-Confusion, Health Capsule++
S-Rank: 3 turns
Another simple map, use your usual strategy. Grab the chest if you want. It
contains Gift Capsule+.

Defensive Line
Objective: Defeat all enemies.
Rewards: EN 3000, EXP 9000
         Health Capsule+, Anti-Seal, Gift Capsule+
S-Rank: 3 turns
You can just go as one group, or split a unit up the upper part if you want.
Use a lot of area skills to wipe out groups of enemies faster.

Forest Palace
Objective: Defeat all enemies.
Rewards: EN 4500, EXP 10000
         Health Capsule+, Anti-Charm, Mind Capsule+
S-Rank: 4 turns
I recommend using Agito to get pass the door to the right and press the switch
so you can ambush Arbaris on another side of the door first. Then defeat all
enemies on the right room before making for the upper room. Use your high
mobility unit to grab the chest before defeating all enemies, if you want.
Be careful not to let those four in the north room gang up on you.

Memory: Doubts (Not available on first playthrough)
Objective: Defeat all enemies.
Rewards: EN 5000, EXP 11000
         Health Capsule+, Life Pack+
S-Rank: 4 turns
This will be quite hard if you want S-rank at low level. Summon Allies is the
key to achieve this. Have Agito run to either left or right group of those
three Gravis D., use Summon Allies. Then use area skill to clear them all out
in the first turn. On second turn, move Agito to the upper platform the use
Summon Allies again. You should be able to defeat all enemies on the platform
in two turns even at low level. If you have some move left on any turn, use it
to restore Agito's SAN so that he can use Summon Allies 3 times in total
without going berserk. On the forth turn, move Agito behind or near the last
group of enemies, then use Summon Allies again. Go all out with area skills so
you can wipe out the last group of enemies before the forth turn ends. Defer to
the person with area skill if it's necessary.

Third floor     [THI]
Mana's character quest will become available if you're on good term with her.
Though her story can't be completed until you reach the 4th floor. See Character
Quest section for the quest's detail.

Character quest can also be used to find the suspect.

Main Quest

...And into the Fire
Objective: Defeat all enemies.
Rewards: EN 6000, EXP 16000
         Health Capsule+, Gift Capsule+, STR Vial, Recovery Pack
S-Rank: 4 turns
Split into small groups of 1-3 persons to take out enemies on each sides.
The chest contains Health Capsule. Use either Nagi or Agito to obtain it.

Break Through
Objective: Defeat all enemies.
Rewards: EN 8000, EXP 23000
         Health Capsule+, Gift Capsule+, VIT Vial, Recovery Pack
S-Rank: 4 turns
Split into  two groups, one for left and one for right. There should be no

Cage of Despair
Objective: Defeat two Telum.
Rewards: EN 12000, EXP 30000, Gift EXP 2 (First time only)
         Health Capsule+, Life Pack+, PSY Vial, Mind Capsule++
S-Rank: 2 turns
Just focus on Telum, one at a time. You should be able to kill one per turn if 
you gang up on it. The chest contains Life Pack+.

Sub Quest

Through the Machinery
Objective: Defeat all enemies.
Rewards: EN 5000, EXP 15000
         Health Capsule+, STR Vial, Health Capsule++
S-Rank: 4 turns
Take care of the two enemies downstairs first. Then charge up the ladder.
Clearing them out little by little. Be careful not to end the turn with your
unit standing among the group of enemies.

Objective: Defeat all enemies.
Rewards: En 7000, EXP 20000
         Health Capsule+, VIT Vial, Gift Capsule+
S-Rank: 3 turns
Use Nagi or Agito to press switch in the middle of the map, then goes for the
chest if you want it. It's a Life Pack. The rest of the party split up and
destroy the enemies. Note that only the initial enemies are counted toward the
objective. There is no need to kill any Ilex D. that is summoned by Radar.

Powers Devided
Objective: Defeat all enemies.
Rewards: EN 10000, EXP 27000
         Health Capsule++, PSY Vial, Mind Capsule+
S-Rank: 5 turns
Try going in pairs. Defeat weaker enemies first. I recommend that you don't
charge the middle group alone. For me, I pair 1-4, 2-3 and 5-6.

Memories: A New Trap
Objective: Defeat three Dhorme.
Rewards: EN 11000, EXP 30000
         Health Capsule++, Life Pack+
S-Rank: 4 turns
The chest contains Panacea Pack. Use Nagi to take it if you want. The rest of
the party should go after the west Dhorme first. You should be able to kill it
in two turns despite being underlevel. On the third turn, move Agito behind
the right Dhorme to use Summon Allies. You may need to defer to hime once
so he can go that far. Gang up on the second Dhorme. With your whole party
behind it, it should go down in one turn. On the forth turn, move Agito behind
the last Dhorme, Summon Allies again. Like last time, you'll head to defer to
him to let him move that far. Finish the last Dhorme off, then it's done.

Fourth floor    [FOU]
The rest of character quests are available now. Once you finish their
character quests and talk to them again. You'll complete their stories and
golden complete marks will appear on their status screens. You need to
complete all characters' stories to get the true ending, including those who
have already been sacrificed. So that means you need at least two playtrough
to accomplish that.

See Character Quest section for the detail of the quests.

For Mana, if you've finished her character quest since the 3rd floor, 
talk to her to complete her story.

There are two traitors on this floor.

This also means you need to manipulate who gets the second most votes too.

I also recommend that you buy the best weapons and armors on this floor.
They're good enough to finish the final boss. Next floor's best equipment will
be too expensive to afford the whole set without money grinding. Eventhough,
it's still up to you.

Main Quest

Living Ruins
Objective: Defeat all enemies.
Rewards: EN 14000, EXP 35000
         Health Capsule++, Gift Capsule++, DEX Vial, Life Pack+
S-Rank: 3 turns
You need to press the switch at the middle of the map in order to open two
doors that leads to two enemies in the north room. Other than that, it's just
a simple map. Use your usual strategy.

Encroaching Walls
Objective: Defeat two Impetus.
Rewards: EN 17000, EXP 45000
         Health Capsule++, Gift Capsule++, AGI Vial, Life Pack+
S-Rank: 4 turns
Just aim for one at a time. It's better to go as one group rather than split
your party into two. The chest contains Recovery Pack. Also, pressing one
switch will open every door on the map. So it's better just using Agito to
open the chest, then you can avoid facing Volbamud.

Hall of the End
Objective: Defeat Grande.
Rewards: EN 25000, EXP 60000, Gift EXP 2
         Health Capsule++, LIfe Pack+, MOV Vial, Mind Capsule++
S-Rank: 3 turns
The south swith will open the north door and vise versa. But using Agito to
warp pass the door, go behind the boss, and use Summon Allies is much more
easier. The boss hit hard, but with your whole party at it, it should go down

Sub Quest

Tral of the Megalith
Objective: Defeat all enemies.
Rewards: EN 12000, EXP 30000
         Health Capsule++, DEX Vial, Life Pack
S-Rank: 4 turns
Another simple map, use your usual strategy. The chest contains Life Pack.

Ruin Guadrdians
Objective: Defeat all enemies.
Rewards: EN 15000, EXP 35000
         Health Capsule++, AGI Vial, Life Pack
S-Rank: 4 turns
Go one side at a time. I think it's easier to go as one group. The enemies
run to you anyway. You'll probably have Agito's Summon Allies by now. Make
use of it.

Retaking the Base
Objective: Defeat all enemies.
Rewards: EN 20000, EXP 45000
         Health Capsule++, MOV Vial, Life Pack
S-Rank: 3 turns
Kill the nearest enemies. Go in pairs if necessary.

Memories: Certainty
Objective: Defeat all enemies.
Rewards: EN 23000, EXP 50000
         Health Capsule++, Life Pack+
S-Rank: 4 turns
If you're at low level, it might be better to use Summon Allies to start from
one side. Volbamuds ganging up on you hurt badly. You need to wipe them out
fast. But before using the first Summon Allies, press the switch of the other
side first. So the enemies will run to you, shorten the distance.

Fifth floor     [FIF]
This is the final floor, no more traitor hunting.

Main Quest

Objective: Defeat all enemies.
Rewards: EN 35000, EXP 80000, Gift EXP 1
         Health Capsule++, Mind Capsule, STR Vial, Life Pack+
S-Rank: 4 turns
I recommend that your whole group go south first so you can get the chest. All
enemies will run to you so finish them one by one. It's still better to go as
one group.

Sub Quest

Last Line of Defense
Objective: Defeat all enemies.
Rewards: EN 25000, EXP 50000
         Health Capsule++, Health Capsule++, Life Pack+
S-Rank: 4 turns
Press the switch in the middle of the map. Take care of all enemies on the
starting side, then eliminate Abaris F. one by one. Make use of Summon Allies
to gang up on Abaris F.

Spiral of Fate
Objective: Defeat Pergrande.
Rewards: EN 30000, EXP 60000
         Health Capsule++, Gift Capsul+, Life Pack+
S-Rank: 1 turn
Very easy, place Agito at 4 position. Move him through the door, then behind
the boss. Use summon Allies, gang up on the boss, and it'll end in one turn.

Reality's Phantasm
Objective: Defeat all enemies.
Rewards: EN 35000, EXP 70000
S-Rank: 5 turns
Another simple map, press the switch to open the next door, and defeat enemies
along the way. If it takes too much effort to reach the switch, just move
Agito behind the door and use Summon Allies, especially at the last door.

Memories: Renewed
Objective: Defeat all enemies.
Rewards: EN 40000, EXP 80000
         Health Capsule++, Life Pack+
S-Rank: 3 turns
Use a lot of area skills to wipe out frontline enemies quickly. Spreading your
team out isn't a bad idea so you can avoid enemies' area attacks.

Ending Quest
The quest you received depends on your condition. There are three possible

1. You'll get this if there's no traitor left in your group, and you haven't
completed all character's stories yet.

Absolution and Void
Objective: Defeat The End.
Rewards: Health Capsule++, Mind Capsule, DEX Vial, Life Pack+
S-Rank: 1 turn (due to Daydream)
Rush Agito toward The End, use Summon Allies. Then the rest of the team start
going behind the boss, attack and assist until he goes down. Let Sho use
Daydream at the end of every turn, and make sure he has GP and SAN left to do
so in order to skip The End's turn. Heal if necessary since he hits very hard.
The uncounterable skills also help.

2. You'll get this if there're some traitors left in your group.

Lost Dimension
Objective: Defeat The End.
Rewards: Health Capsule++, Mind Capsule, VIT Vial, Life Pack+
S-Rank: 1 turn (due to Daydream)
This battle will be devided into two parts. The first part you'll fight the
traitors. The second part is the fight with The End. Your status will be
carried over from the first to the second part. The difficulty depends on how
many traitors you have left.

3. You'll get this if there's no traitor left in your group, and you've
completed all character's stories.

Howl Against Fate
Objective: Defeat The End.
Rewards: Health Capsule++, Mind Capsule, VIT Vial, Life Pack+
S-Rank: 1 turn (due to Daydream)
You'll fight an upgraded version of The End, but the same strategy should do
fine. Though it'll be a longer battle and require a lot more recovery items.
Just be patient.

Congratulation!! You've beatened the game.

If this is your first playthrough, you might wonder what the hell is this
ending. It doesn't explain anything. Well, you'll get your answer in the true
ending. So good luck doing your second playthrough.

Character Quests                [CHQ]

They're availble once you reach the 4th floor (3rd for Mana). It's necessary
that you clear them in order to complete each character's story. 

In these quests, if you let that character or Sho dies, you'll fail.

1st Floor

Mana Kawai
A Place to Shine
Objective: Defeat all enemies.
Rewards: EN 3000, EXP 10000, Gift EXP 1
S-Rank: 4 turns
Take care of enemies outside before pressing the switch. Try going in one or
two groups.

Yoko Tachibana
Objective: Defeat all enemies.
Rewards: EN 3000, EXP 10000, Gift EXP 1
S-Rank: 4 turns
A very simple map, your usual strategy should do. Also, only initial enemies
matter. There's no need to kill Ilex D. that is summoned by Radar.

George Jackman
Zen of Justice
Objective: Defeat all enemies.
Rewards: EN 3000, EXP 10000, Gift EXP 1
S-Rank: 3 turns
Another simple map, go as two groups as you are.

2nd Floor

Toya Orbert
Side by Side
Objective: Defeat all enemies.
Rewards: EN 3000, EXP 10000, Gift EXP 1
S-Rank: 4 turns
Toya will be alone in a separate room. He should be able to take care of
himself and all enemies in that room. The other groups should also have no
problem. Just don't put your weak character near the platform that leads to
Toya. The enemy on the platform can shoot you with assist from Arbaris.

Nagi Shishiouka
Your Own Self
Objective: Defeat all enemies.
Rewards: EN 3000, EXP 10000, Gift EXP 1
S-Rank: 2 turns
Simply defeat enemies on both side, then gang up on Dhorme in the middle.

Sojiro Sagara
Creed and Sin
Objective: Defeat all enemies.
Rewards: EN 3000, EXP 10000, Gift EXP 1
S-Rank: 4 turns
Defeat those two near enemies, the go to south by the ladder to the right.
Finish the rest.

Agito Yuuki
Go with the Flow
Objective: Defeat all enemies.
Rewards: EN 3000, EXP 10000, Gift EXP 1
S-Rank: 4 turns
Go in pairs. Just go after the nearest enemy, one by one.

3rd Floor

Himeno Akatsuki
Objective: Defeat all enemies.
Rewards: EN 3000, EXP 10000, Gift EXP 1
S-Rank: 2 turns
Himeno will be the middle of enemies so make use of her area skill. She should
go forward to kill faraway enemies while the rest of party take care of those
behind her. She'll probably go berserk though. Grab the chest if you want.
It contains Mind Capsule.

Zenji Maeda
Liquid Soul
Objective: Defeat all enemies.
Rewards: EN 3000, EXP 10000, Gift EXP 1
S-Rank: 3 turns
Usual strategy should do fine.

Marco Barbato
Objective: Defeat all enemies.
Rewards: EN 3000, EXP 10000, Gift EXP 1
S-Rank: 3 turns
Marco will be alone in a separate room. Let him kill the weaker enemy in that
room first. You can let him go berserk if you want. Use your team to clear all
enemies outside, then make your way to him.

Credit                          [CRE]

This guide is written by me, MarianPlum.
Everything written in here is proven by me.

Thank you, FuRyu, for developing this game, and Atlus, for localizing it.

Thank you, GameFAQS, for posting my guide.

And Thank you, all of you, for reading my guide and supporting me. <3

Contact                         [CON]

[email protected]

Please f
eel free to contact me.

Any corrections/information/questions/comments would be appreciated.

Have a good time!

Copyright 2015 Passorn Rataphruthakul

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