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Croc 2
Dan Pottorff
[email protected]

Introduction: This is not a walkthrough. It is informative. Here is the story of this 
game: Croc finds a message in a bottle with his paw print on it. He is 
launched to an island of other Gobbos to find who sent the message. You 
have to release the Gobbos.

Direction Pad: This moves Croc in whatever direction.
X: Jump
XX: Jump high and slam down.
Space bar: Attack or throw.
Enter: Use an item.
Z: 180.
A: Sidestep left.
S: Sidestep right.
Escape: Pause game.

Special Moves:
Push Boxes: To push boxes just run into them. If he doesn’t start pushing it 
then it can’t be pushed.
Pick up and throw: Walk into something to pick it up. Press space to throw it.
Triple Jump: Press X 3 times and hold it.
Flip Jump: When you’re running press A and S at the same time.
Gummi Savers: Jump on a gummi saver to get to high places.
Vines: If you see a swinging vine jump out and land on it and you’ll swing on it. 
Press space to jump off. This can get you across big jumps.
Monkey Bars: Jump up to the monkey bars to use them. Then use the 
dirrection keys to move.

Using Vehicles:
Mine Cart: Jump on it. Use left and right to move it. Press X to jump.
Boat: Use left and right to steer. Press X to speed up.
Snowball: Use left and right to steer. Press X to jump.
Hot Air Balloon: Use the arrow keys to steer. Press X to go to lower altitudes. 
Press space to drop ice.
Kart: Use the arrow keys to steer. Press X to go faster.
Hang Glider: Use the arrow keys to steer.
Plane: Use the arrow keys to steer. Press X to shoot machine guns.
Balloons: Jump and grab the string. The balloon will keep taking you up until it 
Clockwork Gobbos: Use the arrow keys to control them.

1.)Talk to Gobbos as much as you can. They might give you stuff.
2.) Get as many crystals as you can. It’s always good to have a lot of those.
3.) If there’s a big jump always check to see if there’s a swinging vine.
4.) If there’s a dead end and it’s  the only way to go then look for a gummi 
saver. There’ll probably be another place higher up that you can’t see.
5.)Always kill the monsters just to get them out of your way. They might follow 

Outro: Well now you’ve read my Guide. I hope you liked it. Good luck on the 

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