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Title : Harvest Moon : Save the Homelands 

Publisher : Natsume

Title : Victor Interactive Software

System : Sony Playstation 2

HM STH faq (c) 2001 arcaneja
v 0.1 Friday, November 23rd, 2001


1)  Table of Contents :

1) Table of Contents
2) Places
3) People
4) Animals, and how to get them
5) Housing extensions
6) Growing and selling crops
7) Harvesting wild produce
8) Recipes
9) Nine ways to beat the game - Walkthroughs
10) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
11) The big THANKS! + Contact Info
12) Copyright Info


2) Places :

Farm : A barn for cows and a horse. A chicken coop. A pasture land with grass. 
A place to grow crops.

Ronald's Supermarket : One screen north of Farm. Open 8 am - 6 pm, closed 
on Sundays. Buys Potatoes, Tomatoes, Corn, Breadfruit, Very Berries, 
Cranberries, Blueberries, Cheese, and Yogurt.

Louis' Tool Shop : One screen north of Ronald's Supermarket : 10 am to 6 pm, 
closed on Wednesday and Saturday. Buys Moonlight Ore, Rare Metal, Copper Ore, 
Medicinal Herbs, and Milk.

Lyla's Flower Shop : One screen north of Ronald's Supermarket : 9 am to 5 
pm, closed on Sunday. Buys Potatoes, Tomatoes, Corn, Moondrop Flowers, Pink 
Cat-Mint Flowers, Herbs, and Limestone.

Brownie Farmer's Store : One screen north of Louis/Lyla : 9 am to 5 pm, closed 
on Thursday : Buys : Cows, Chickens.

Clove's Villa : One screen east of Brownie : 8 am to 6pm, closed on Sundays 
(and if there is no one in the Kitchen). Buys Potatoes, Tomatoes, Corn, 
Breadfruit, Eggs, Milk, Herbs, Cheese, and Yogurt.

Carpenter's Shop : One screen south - east from Ronald's Supermarket. Opens 
Early. Closed on Tuesday and Thursday. Buys Blue Rocks, Rare Metal, Copper 
Ore, Iron Ore, and Limestone.

Cafe/Bar : One screen south of Carpenter's Shop. Cafe 12 noon to 5 pm. Closed 
Mondays. Buys Herbs, Breadfruit, Eggs, Milk, Cheese, Yogurt, Very Berries, 
Cranberries, Blueberries, and Jams. 

Bar open 6pm to 12 Midnight. Buys Very Berries, Cranberries, Blueberries, 
Walnuts, Mushrooms, Fish, Cheese, Potatoes, Tomatoes, and Corn.


3) People :

Farmer. Birthday : Spring 1st. This is the character you control.

Nic, Nack, and Flack. Birthday : Unknown. These Sprites help you and the 
Harvest Goddess to Save the Homeland.
Favorite Food : Mushrooms

Harvest Goddess. Birthday : Unknown. She grants wishes for you.
Favorite Food : All

Ronald. Birthday : Spring 11th. He runs the Supermarket north of your farm. 
Favorite Food : Cake

Wallace. Birthday : Summer 1st. He owns the Cafe and Bar next to Harvest 
Goddess Lake.
Favorite Food : Fish, Herbs

Katie. Birthday : Fall 29th. She is Wallace's granddaughter. She works at 
the Cafe/Bar.
Favorite Food : Cookie, Cheese

Louis. Birthday : Fall 2nd. He owns the Tool Shop. He is also an inventor 
and a musician.
Favorite Food : Eggs, Herbs.

Lyla. Birthday : Spring 27th. She owns the Flower Shop. She likes dogs and 
Pink Cat-Mint Flowers.
Favorite Food : Blueberries

Parsley. Birthday : Spring 16. He is a botanist who travels the world in search 
of rare plants.
Favorite Food : Herbs

Bob. Birthday : Summer 1st. He runs the Farmer's Shop. Likes sweets and 
Favorite Food : Cake, Egg

Tim. Birthday : Fall 12th. He is Bob's little brother. He wants to be a 
treasure hunter.
Favorite Food : Egg, Cake

Gwen. Birthday : Summer 8th. She helps her grandpa Woody run the Carpenter's 
Shop. Don't give her flowers. She likes animals.
Favorite Food : Cranberries, Blueberries, Very Berries, other foods

Martha. Birthday : Winter 25th. She's an old maid who cares for Dia.
Favorite Food : Special Cheese, Egg, Yellow Flower

Gina. Birthday : Fall 20th. She is also Dia's maid.
Favorite Food : Fish, Egg

Dia. Birthday : Winter 9th. She's a rich girl who studies a lot. She is very 
Favorite Food : Blueberries

Woody. Birthday : Winter 2nd. He runs the Carpenter's Shop.
Favorite Food : Any

Joe. Birthday : Summer 10th. He's a Carpenter's Apprentice. This one loves 
to fish and would like a job as a fishing guide.
Favorite Food : Fish, Produce

Kurt. Birthday : Winter 10th. He's a Carpenter's Apprentice. This one is 
interested in Nature and gardening.
Favorite Food : Tomatoes


4) Animals, and how to get them :

Note : The Status screen in your house is your best friend for all animals. 
It will tell you the development and health of every animal you have. Just 
hit X facing your Journal, then select "Status".

Chicken - Either buy one (500 g) from Bob at the Brownie Farm or buy a fresh 
egg (50 g) from Ronald at the Supermarket and place it in the incubator in 
the Hen House.

To care for Chicken -
Sunny Day - Leave it outside all day (at the very least from dawn until dusk). 
Pick it up and talk to it with SELECT button to find out how it is doing. 
From adult chickens you will get an Egg. From really healthy chickens that 
are outside on sunny days there is a chance that you will get a Gold Egg.

Rainy Day - Put it inside the night before it is going to rain. Feed it with 
Chicken Feed bought from the Brownie Farm. Make sure you put the food in the 
correct box for your chicken. Use the X button to see if the chicken's name 
is on the feed box, then using Square fill the food box up. Do this for every 
chicken you have. Pick it up and talk to it with SELECT button to find out 
how it is doing. From adult chickens you will get an egg.

Cow - Buy it at Brownie Farm (2500 g) or get a baby from Cow Miracle Potion 
(2000 g, Brownie Farm).

To care for Cow -
Sunny Day - Leave it outside all day. Talk to it with the X button and brush 
it. You can milk adult cows. The size of the milk depends on how well you 
care for your cow. If your cow is really happy there is a chance that it will 
give either Gold or Large Milk. You can not milk Baby or Pregnant cows.

Rainy Day - Push it inside the night before it is going to rain. Talk to it 
with the X button and brush it. Make sure to give Fodder to each cow. Use 
the X button to see if the cow's name is on the feed box, and then put the 
Fodder in. You get 1 fodder for cutting 3 pieces of grass in the pasture. 
You can milk your happy adult cows. The size of the milk  depends on how well 
you care for your cow. You can not milk Baby or Pregnant cows.

Horse - Get it from Bob at the Browine Farm. You must work Part-Time Job on 
Sunny Days before 3pm. Make sure to talk to and brush all 5 horses, talk to, 
brush, and milk the Cow. Also go inside the barn and put fodder in all the 
food boxes. When all the animals start to trust you, Bob will show up at your 
house the next morning and give you a horse.

To care for Horse -
Sunny Day - Leave it outside all day. Talk to it while you are near the head, 
and brush it. When you can ride it, be sure to whistle every day and take 
him for a ride.

Rainy Day - Make sure to ride/push it into cow barn the night before it is 
going to rain. Talk to it with the X button while near the head, and brush 
it. Make sure to put Fodder in his food box. You can whistle for him and ride 
him indoors for exercise.

Dog - Put any food (Very Berry is good) into the dog dish every day. When 
you see a dog on your farm, approach it slowly. If it runs away fast, you 
can't pick it up yet. It should take all of Spring and probably some of Summer 
before the  dog will let you pick it up. When you do pick him up, you can 
name him. There are two different dogs, a big wolf-dog with a blue bandana, 
and a small bloodhound dog with a red bandana. You can choose which one you 

To care for Dog -
Sunny Day - Leave it outside all day. Pick it up and talk to it with the SELECT 
button. Make sure to put food in the dish. When you can whistle for it, make 
sure you do that every day. Also if you get a flute from Louis it can be taught 

Rainy Day - If you don't have a dog house, bring it inside your house the 
night before it rains. Leave it in your house all day, but remember to still 
put food in the dish. If you have a dog house, don't worry about it. Just 
put food in the dish.

Tricks - The dog has a varitey of tricks, depending on how many hearts it 
has. Equip the Magic Flute and press Square. Hold X and press the directional 
button to play the flute.

Sit - Up, Left, Down
Lay - Up, Down, Down
Heel - Left, Right, Right
Run - Right, Left, Right
Jump - Left, Up, Right
Up (Sit Pretty or Sit Up) - Down, Up, Up

5) Housing Extensions :

If you have enough money you can buy a house extension. Go to the Carpenter's 
in Maple Forest early. It is closed on Tuesday and Thursday. Select BUY from 
the options on the table/counter. You have two choices.

Kitchen 10,000 g. This comes with a bathroom, toilet room, and kitchen. The 
kitchen part comes with an Oven, Pot, and Frying Pan.

Dog House 5,000 g. This is a small house for your dog. If you have this 
you can leave him outside in the rain.


6) Growing and selling crops

To grow crops, first you need to till the soil near your house with the Hoe. 

Buy seeds from the Florists. There are four kinds : Potato, Tomato, Corn, 
and Breadfruit. Tomato, Corn, and Breadfruit are best because they have 
multiple harvests per each seed. Potato only has one harvest and then you 
have to replant it if you want more.

Plant the seed in the tilled soil only on a Sunny Day. It will help if you 
make sure the next day is Sunny as well by watching the TV in your house. 
It will help the crop even more if you check the calendar in your house and 
make sure the weather is either Yellow (mild) or Red (hot) for the rest of 
the week. If you plant it on a Rainy Day, the seeds will wash away.

Water the seeds with the watering can. Make sure to water every single crop 
you plant every Sunny Day. You do not have to water on a Rainy Day.

When the crop grows, harvest it. Place it in your rucksack with the L1 button. 
Make sure to water renewable crops.

To sell it you must take it into town. Check the Places list to see which 
places buy which produce.


7) Harvesting wild produce

There are many kinds of wild produce that grow around the town. The two best 
places to look for wild produce are Walnut Forest and next to Clove (Dia's) 

Spring -
Very Berries
Red Herb
Moondrop Flowers (Yellow)

Summer - 
Very Berries
Red Herb
Moondrop Flowers (Yellow)
Pink-Cat-Mint Flowers (Pink)

Fall -

Winter -

To sell them, follow the same instructions as for Crops


8) Recipes


Utensil - Ingredient 1+- Ingredient 2 + Ingredient 3 = What does it make?

Oven - Egg + Small Milk + Breadfruit = Simple Cake
Pot - Milk + Mushrooms = Simple Mushroom Soup
Frying Pan - Egg + Milk = Simple Omelette
Pot - Milk + Tomato = Cream of Tomato Soup
Oven - L Milk + Gold Egg + Breadfruit = Cake
Frying Pan  - Gold Egg = Sunny Side Up
Pot - Blueberry + Blueberry + Blueberry = Blueberry Jam
Pot - Very Berry + Very Berry + Very Berry = Very Berry Jam
Pot - Blueberry + Very Berry = Mixed Berry Jam or
Pot - Blueberry + Cranberry = Mixed Berry Jam or
Pot - Cranberry + Very Berry = Mixed Berry Jam
Pot - Small Milk = Hot Milk
Pot - Medium Milk = Yogurt
Pot - Large Milk = Cheese
Pot - Gold Milk = Special Cheese
Oven - Gold Milk + Gold Egg + Breadfruit = Cheesecake
Frying Pan - Cheese + Milk + Egg = Cheese Omelette (redplum123)
Pot - Very Berry + Egg + Milk = Flan (Heatmiser)
Frying Pan - Egg + Egg + Very Berry = Mixed Omelette (Heatmiser)
Oven - Egg + Milk = Flan (Chimpokomon Master)


9) Nine ways to beat the game - Walkthroughs

1) The Treasure Hunt I
Description : Shiver me timbers! Tim found a treasure map! He's always wanted 
to be a treasure hunter, but who would have thought that a stash of treasure 
was buried in this tiny burg? Maybe this farming gig is the wrong career 

Make friends with : Tim, Bob

Events :
1) Tim will show up at your house one morning with a treasure map. He asks 
you to help. Choose "Okay" to dig up an old treasure chest.

More later on this!

2) The Treasure Hunt II
Description : Did you know that your pet is a real treasure hunting dog? Yep, 
good ol' what's-his-name can sniff with the best of the bullion bloodhounds, 
provided that you always treat him (or was it a her?) extremely well.

Make friends with : Your dog, Tim, Bob, Dia

Events :

More later on this!

3) The Cake Contest
Description : Hey good lookin' whatcha got cookin? Folks in these parts take 
their country cuisine seriously. Why, Grandma used to make the best cake in 
four counties! That probably explains why Katie wants those recipes...

Make friends with : Katie, Wallace, Gwen, Louis, Dia

Events :
1) The Cafe' - Katie will explain why she wants the recipe. Go outside, and 
Gwen will tell you what she thinks the real reason is.
2) Find the Recipe - It's in your house... somewhere
3) Give the Recipe to Katie - The Cafe'
4) Get Golden Milk and Golden Eggs from your Cows and Chickens
5) Go to the Cafe' to test the cake (You can do this at various stages of 
this path)
6) Get the book about Moon Drop Dew from Dia (Clove's Villa)
7) Give the book to Katie
8) Either make (Goddess Lake) or wait for Louis (Cafe') to make the Moon Drop 
9) One Final Cake Test - Katie Leaves for the Big City
10) One week later, go outside your door for the ending!

4) A Fishy Story
Description : If you've been down to the lake recently, you probably know 
that Joe the apprentice is completely hooked on fishing. Get to know him 
better and he'll tell you about the rare fish roaming the depths of the lake.

Make friends with : Joe

Events :
1) Catch 3 fish
2) Joe tells you about the Silver Fish

More later on this!

5) The Blubird
Description : In the evenings Louis likes to play his flute and feed the birds 
at the lake. Once he saw a rare bluebird, a species Woody says is extinct. 
If bluebirds exist, the developers could never build here!

Make friends with : Louis, Lyla, Woody

Events :

1) Watch Louis play for the birds - Near Walnut Lake
2) Help him feed the birds - Near Walnut Lake
3) Eavesdrop with Lyla to him playing the flute
4) Help him play the flute to summon the Bluebird

I'm not sure if I have these in the right order. Also you get the Magic Flute 
if you follow this path, and I'm not sure of the correct path to take if you 
are working from a completed save file where you already have the flute.

More later on this!

6) The Azure Swallowtail
Description : Kurt and Lyla know about an endangered butterfly that used to 
inhabit these parts. If you found the rare blue flower that attracts the 
butterfly, this endangered species would save the village from development.

Make friends with : Kurt, Lyla, Parsley, Louis

Events : 
1) Kurt will ask you about the rare butterfly
2) Talk to everyone about it, especially Lyla
3) Keep making friends with Lyla and Parsley and one day they will come to 
your door with more info
4) Go to Louis' shop and see the camera he is making
5) Keep making friends with Lyla and Parsley and they will bring the Blue 
Mist seed
6) Plant the Blue Mist near the Goddess Lake, and water it every day until 
it blooms
7) Visit it often after it blooms, one day the Butterfly will come
8) Visit it after the Butterfly comes (about 1 week after) and enjoy the 

7) The Goddess Dress
Description : While one glance in Dia's cluttered closet at Clove's Villa 
might leave you with the impression that she already has enough to wear, Gina 
wants to suprise her with a one-of-a-kind outfit for the upcoming Flower 

Make friends with : Gina, Martha, Dia, Katie, The Goddess

Events :
1) Gina shows up on your farm asking about the dress
2) Talk to the Goddess about it
3) Katie shows up to make a drawing of it
4) Ask around for the Silk Thread and buy it from Louis
5) Give the Silk Thread to the Goddess
6) Katie and Gina at Clove's Villa
7) Goddess delivers the fabric to you
8) Give the fabric to Gina
9) Katie, Martha, Gina, and Dia have a big scene, Dia becomes the model for 
the dress

More later on this!

8) The Endangered Weasel
Description : Something big and white is terrorizing the Harvest Sprites! 
Truthfully, everything seems rather big and scary when you're no bigger than 
a plump tomato. Luckily for you, Gwen is around to explain what's really going 

Make friends with : The Sprites (Nic, Nack, and Flack), Gwen, Woody

Events :

More later on this!

9) The Horse Race
Description : Do Gwen and Bob really have the fastest horses in the entire 
countryside? If you think you can do better, perhaps you should take them 
on at the Brownie Farm Stable and horse track. Of course, you'll need a horse 

Make friends with : Your horse, Gwen, Bob

Events : 
1) Get a horse from the Brownie Farm (see Getting Animals, above)
2) Gwen and Bob show up when you can ride
3) Gwen and Bob show up when horse can run
4) Beat Gwen's time at the Brownie Farm Racing Track (Talk to Bob and under 
"Part-Time Job" there is a new option "Time Trial")

More later on this!


10) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Is there Marriage in this game?
A. No.

Q. How many animals are in this game?
A. You can have One Dog, One Horse, Six Chickens, and Five Cows.

Q. How many crops are there in this game?
A. Four. Potato, Tomato, Corn, and Breadfruit

More later...


11) The Big THANKS! + contact info

Thanks to the people who have contributed to the recipes - 
Chimpokomon Master

And everyone on our Harvest Moon : Save the Homeland message board.

Thanks to Natsume + Victor Interactive Software for making and publishing 
this game.
Some of the Info in this FAQ is from the guidebook included in the game case.

CJayC for creating GameFAQs
Moderators for helping keep our message boards clean.

arcaneja can be reached : [email protected]
Or visit the Harvest Moon Save the Homeland message board at GameFAQs


Copyright Information

Harvest Moon and Natsume are registered trademarks of Natsume Inc.
Harvest Moon Save the Homeland (c) 2001 Natsume Inc. (c) 2001 Victor 
Interactive Software
Playstation is a registered trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment 

HM STH faq (c) 2001 by arcaneja
v. 0.1 created on Nov. 23rd, 2001

This faq never to be used for profit. This faq never to be altered except 
by the original author.

This faq for publication on the following webistes : - GameFAQs (Check here for updates!)

Feel free to print this faq out or save it onto your hard drive for your 
personal use

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