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Onimusha: Warlords
Platform: Playstation 2
Rated M for Mature


1. Introduction
2. Legal Stuff
3. Contact me
4. Characters
5. Weapons
6. Files
7. Hints
8. Extra Self-Advertising 

1. Introduction

Onimusha: Warlords was the first ever Playstation 2 game of the year, the first year 
the Playstation 2 was released! Well, I have decided to write a basic guide 
describing all of the items, weapons, files, puzzles, and characters for this great 
game! Enjoy!!

2. Legal Stuff

I have put a lot of work into making this guide. This guide may not be copied in 
part or whole, and you must ask me ([email protected]) if you want to post this 
on your site.  

3. Contact me

You can e-mail me at [email protected] 

DO: Send me an e-mail if you have a question that hasn’t been answered in this guide 
already and suggestions.

DON’T: Send me an e-mail if you want me to send you this guide. DON’T send me hate-
mail. DON’T e-mail me questions that have already have been answered in this guide. 

4. Characters

There are only two playable characters that you can play as, and those two are 
Samanoske and Keade. You will switch characters a few times during the game.

5.     Weapons

Normal Sword- This is a common sword that a warrior uses.
Bishamon Sword- This powerful sword has been sealed by the demons.
Raizan- This will enable you to use the sword with the power of thunder.
Enryuu- This will enable you to use the sword with the power of fire.
Shippuu- This will enable you to use the sword with the power of wind.
Bow- This small Bow is about 6 feet long.
Matchlock- This 18.4mm gun is constructed in Sakai.

6. Files

Below is the list of files and their contents. 
NOTE: I have not inlcudeed the Seiryu, Suzuku, Byakko, and the Genbu Volumes 1-4.

 Yuki’s Letter

Dear Samanoske, 

I am writing this letter in the hopes you will read this in time to help. 

Something is wrong within the Inabayama Castle.

Some of the maids and servants
have gone missing and I fear that
it might be the work of monsters…

I am so scared Samanoske, 

People tell me that monsters eat 
The maids and servants then take
the remains to someplace deep underground.
When I told my brother Yoshitatsu about 
This, he did not seem interested.
He is too busy preparing for his upcoming
Battle with Nobunaga.

Samanoske, although it has been a few
Years since we were forced to take
Separate paths due to the battle between
My father Dosan and my brother Yoshitatsu,
You are still the only one that I can
Rely upon.

I can only hope that you receive this
Letter and that you will find it in your
Heart to come and save me before it is
too late.

Yours faithfully,


 Instructions

Absorbing Souls

Hold the circle button to absorb the souls 
that emerges after defeating the demons.

Soul Types

RED: Enhance the power of your orbs and items
           And items.
BLUE: Recover your magic power
YELLOW: Recover your vitality.

Magic Attack
Press the triangle button to attack with 
A magic spell while you have an orb 
Equipped to your gauntlet.

Every time you use the Magic Spell,
Some of your magic will be consumed.


Enhance your Orbs and items by 
the red souls you have absorbed.

How To Enhance

Look into a Magic Mirror and choose
“ENHANCE” to enter the Enhancement Screen.

Hold the X button and your sword and 
Magic Spell will get injected with souls and be enhanced.
One item will be enhanced every time you press the X button.

 Sougen’s Note

To the brave one who finds and is reading 
This document:
I ask you to put all other thought aside 
And heed my warnings that are written 
Here within…

There is an ogre’s gauntlet that draws its 
Power from the souls of those who are 
killed by the demons.
Master its secrets, and great powers
Will be yours.

Without the power of the ogre’s
You are no match for the demons.


 Journal #1

Master Sougen and I followed the monster
That has been kidnapping people around
Town, and have been lead to this cave.

The cave seems to be a nest for the demons: 
Every kind of monster imaginable,
And even ones I never would have 
Believed to exist are here…

They call themselves “Demons.”
They hate sunlight and seem to have
Lived underground since before
The human race began.

My master has already made up his mind
to go into this cave.

I am confident that my master has the
Power to dispel the demons.

I have a little talent for drawing, and I 
also have faith and courage 
so that I will not be afraid of any monsters.

Therefore I am going to record everything
I see.

This is going to be the most bizarre
Book in history.


 Journal #2

I am a sad, pathetic coward… Weak, and
Unworthy of the priesthood…

My mother was seriously injured during 
the battle against the demons.

I could not do anything… I could not
Save my master…

He asked to bring this wounded body
to the entrance of the cave. Then he
Began to perform his final ceremonial
rites.  He made up his mind to offer
His life and die there as a human

With his remaining powers, he is trying 
to sacrifice himself and set up barriers
at the entrance of the cave so that 
the demons cannot get out.

My master gave me a document and 
A jewel, and then ordered me to leave
the cave. That was the most
Embarrassing moment in my life.

I felt relieved to know that I could 
Come out of the cave. I was too happy
to be leaving to be worried about
my master… I could only think of 

Afterwards, I hid the document and 
the jewel, and I come back to 
my master’s place of sacrifice.

I will never have willpower like that of
my master.
All I can do is learn as much as 
Testament if my findings.


 Journal #3

I am starving… I wonder how many days have
Passed since I entered this cave…
My only source of sustenance has been
Some water leaking out of the wall.

I followed the smell of blood and came 
Here… Normally I would not have been 
Able to smell it, but hunger seems to 
Have sharpened my senses…
That is why I am now watching something I 
Could not have imagined even in my worst 

Ah, What a sight… Demons are eating
human prisoners alive.

They pay attention to their victims’
Screams, they just crunch the bones
And chew up the flesh.

I am standing still, just watching the scene…
So as not to be spotted by the demons…
No… That is not exactly what I have
In mind…

I am watching a person’s finger lying on 
The ground…
When a person dies, its body becomes only

Ah, I’m afraid of what I am thinking about. 
I am like a wild scavenger that waits
Expectantly for the scraps of food that a
Tiger leaves behind.

What an evil desire I am having…


 Journal #4

Ah. What a wonderful scene…
I am very happy to be here.
I am so moved that my hands won’t stop

I am witnessing the birth of a demon
Baby… as it pulled out of the bottle.

Human blood and evil essence are mixed
In the bottle, and then a demon is born.

What a supernatural sight… No other
Creature in the world is born in this way. 

Were there any artists that encountered
The scene that I have just watched, 
I wonder…

I have never felt so much regret for
My poor painting skills…
Stop trembling, my dear hand…
I am aware that all of the truth that
I must record completely depends on
My hands… But I can’t help trembling…


 Journal #5

At last I saw the world of gods.
I caught a glimpse of the demon world
In the evil gate…

The color’s are truly astounding…
No multitude of pigments could enable me
To accurately paint what I saw…

But I do not understand one thing.
The gate is firmly shut now.
Is the world of gods refusing me…?

With this fatally wounded body, I cannot
Open the gate or come out of this cave alive…

But I want to look at it.
I want to look into the gate just one
More time…


 Journal #6

This will be my final journal, I guess.

As the bleeding from the wound does
Not seem to stop, I am barely managing
to write this.

For the one who makes it here someday,
I offer you this:
I have drawn a picture of how to open
the gate to the demon world.

If you can acquire these tools, then 
You must go beyond the gate.
Remember everything you see in the 
supernatural world, and let people know
that such a world does exist.


 Blue Book

… What an incredible animal this 
Nobunaga is!
Normal animals would have already been 
Dead for sure from such a large
Transfusion of demon blood…

I do not understand how the holy blood
Of the demons could be compatible with
The body of a pathetic animal…
It’s very annoying…

Moreover, this Nobunaga is a highly
intelligent and ambitious.

He wasn’t the slightest bit surprised
When we resurrected hid body, he
Pledged loyalty to Master Fortinbras
Without showing any fear, and he just
Made a contract to sacrifice his own
Species… He is an animal that should 
Not be underestimated…

Anyway. If Nobunaga keeps offering 
Sacrifices, we will not run out of 
Guinea pigs for our experiments.

 Red Book

I remembered that there were other animals
That chose a similar fate to Nobunaga.

When I remember something, I should 
Write it down… because my brain has
Too many things to think about, it
Shouldn’t be wasted on such trivial
Matters. My number one priority must 
be producing things for our demon 
species, not remembering things.

I will write it down here, and forget
About the information.

The animal is called, Genghis… Alexand…
Ah, never mind. The names of animals
Do not have any meaning for us.

These animals fought extensive batttles
And managed to continue fighting to 
expand their terrorories. They are
considered extremely heroic and 
exceptional warriors…

But in truth they offered large numbers 
Of sacrifices to us to obtain our technology and weapons.

Wise animals can be destined to conquer
The world by making a contract with the 
Demons, while the stupid ones simply
Get sacrificed.

I should say
“Demona flourish in the zoo.”

 Green Book

Is it impossible to obtain the blood of
A sacrifice…?

A Dark Ceremony is the holiest and
Darkest ritual that can be carried out
Between the demons and the pitiful

In the Dark Ceremony, the blood is
Taken from a chosen sacrifice. Then 
the Demon king bestows his evil blessing
upon it. Once the animal drinks 
the blood from a grail made from a 
human skull, the evil powers will be
given to him.

But nobody has solved the mystery of
Why the evil power is given to the 
Animal through the ceremony.

Ahhhh… I want to know the answer.
Why does no one understand my

Once the mystery of the Ceremony has
Been solved, the knowledge will make
The demon species evolve so much…

I believe I am the only one who can
Solve this mystery. And yet, I am 
Forced to waste my time doing things
Which won’t bring me the truth…

I just need one drop of blood. I wish
Nobunaga would leave some blood after
He has drunk it in the Ceremony…

 Orange Book

To carry out the contract with Nobunaga, 
We have unleashed a large amount of evil
Energy from Inabayama Castle for several
Says now. But It seems the amount
Was insufficient.

I found out we need to tighten the seal
Around the surrounding district of
Inabayama Castle, and fill the district
With the evil energy.

We have to sacrifice a girl who is born
Of that land and who has a pure heart.

A girl has already been chosen.
… Princess Yuki.
She is a fair-complexioned person with 
Long hair.

She has beautiful internal organs…
Especially the heart…

I can’t help thinking about her organs.
They are the best of the best.

However, if I take advantage of her, she
Will be worthless as a sacrifice for the 
Dark Ceremony. And if that happens, I 
will be eaten alive by the King. I have
to give her up.

Once the Dark Ceremony is over, every
Life including those in the surrounding
Area will be lost.

In short, we will not have to worry about 
The materials for my experiment for a 

 White Book

I have categerized the demons as follows:

Low Class Demon:
Their intelligence is very basic and
Immature, They do not use language.
They wander about for a victim under
The cover of nigh, and somethimes eat
Pitiful animals.

They abide by the rules of the Dark 
Realm, and they obey orders from the higher
Demons. They serve the higher class for life.
They are very loyal, but their behavior
is very similar to insects.

Middle Class Demon:
Larger than the low class demons,
They have enough intelligence to speak
A sort of babbling language.

Based on my research, their behavior is
Wild and ferocious. Very similar to
The basic instincts of the animals…

High Class Demon:
Like Fortinbras and I, this type of 
Demon is extremely instelligent and is
Responsible for building the high level 

Based on my calculations, the birth rate
Of the high class demon us only 1 in
100,000. That means we are the true
chosen ones.

We are supposed to conduct the research
On the high class demons through
Surgical dissection, but it is almost
Impossible to obtain a sample, as they 
are very rare.

Someday I will find out with my own

 Apocalypse #1

The Dark Ceremony is a traditional holy
Ritual in the Dark Realm.

Through this ceremony, demons make a
Contract with a human.

Obtaining sacrifices by making a 
Contract is indispensable for the Dark 

To carry out the Dark Ceremony,
A woman who is born of that land and 
Noble in heart must be proffered as a

Our King sanctifies her blood with an 
evil blessing, then, using her skull as
a grail, a person drinks the blood, 
and the contract is complete.

 Apocalypse #2

Our demon king was born in the confusion
When the Earth was created,
And has lived in the deepest and darkest
Places underground. All demons are 
Created by the demon king.

The demon king shows his holy snake-like
Body only when and where the ceremony 
takes place.

No one knows what he usually does.

Demons, remember:
No one can disobey the demon king.
The holiest spirit of the demon king is
The one you have to learn from.

7. Hints

Unlock the Oni-Spirits Mini-Game- To unlcok this mini-game you must collect all 
twenty flourites with one game, and then save the game.

Unlock Easy Mode- To unlock easy mode all you have to do is die 5 times and then a 
window should open and say that easy mode has been unlocked.
NOTE: This code must be re-entered each time you turn off your console.

8. Extra’s and Self-Advertising

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