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SaGa Frontier 2: Battle of South Moundtop guide 
By Sac 
E-mail: [email protected]
Web site:
Version 1.2

11/10/2000 v1.0 - First started my guide, unreleased.

12/10/2000 v1.1 - Went through the whole document searching for spelling 
                  errors and grammatical mistakes. Added the contents.

20/10/2000 v1.2 - Fixed a bunch of spelling errors I missed during my last 
                  update, (Noticed by my parents, whom I've added to the 
                  credits section.) I've also revised the sections for 
                  turns 2, 3 and 4, as well as the rumour section.

14/05.2001 v1.2 - No changes this time, besides a few spelling error 
                  corrections. The main point of this update is to update my
                  infomortaion, as I've changed e-maila ddresses and web 
                  sites. SO, if you've sent me an e-mail regarding this FAQ,
                  and I haven't responded, that's why. 
Feel free to download this FAQ onto your hardrive, but you may not post this 
on your web site(Unless you ask me first), or sell it. Also, this FAQ may not
be used in any form of magazine walkthru (And that includes fanzines and 
online gaming mags!)

This document is copyright (C)2000 by Sac

SaGa Frontier 2 and its characters are Copyright 2000 Squaresoft.

1. Intro

2. Story

3. Victory Conditions

4. Defeat Conditions

5. Beating South Moundtop
    5a- Turn 1
    5b- Turn 2
    5c- Turn 3
    5d- Turn 4
    5e- Turns 5-8

6. Battle notes and tips

7. Rumours

8. Chronical Entry

9. Credits

1: Intro
The battle of South Moundtop is considered by most to be the hardest part of 
SaGa Frontier 2. And it is. But this isn't because the scenario is hard, but
because the programmers at Square cheated. The enemy troops will almost 
always attack first, they have spells that can attack more than one of your 
troops at a time and Gustave and his two steel troopers are basically 

When you first play this scenario, it's easy to be discouraged, because your 
troops are just destroyed so easily, then Gustave and his steel troops start 
heading towards your headquarters, and no matter how many times you attack 
them you just can't see do do anything to stop them.

But all is not lost, because if you follow my guide, you should 
find that beating this annoying scenario isn't as hard as it first seems.

2: Story
Troops begin to gather under Gustave after his defeat of Count Charles of 
Jade. Meanwhile, the various lord sign a provisional treaty, and form an 
allied army, with the new Count of Jade, David, as the central figure. They 
approach Hahn Nova from the north, south, and west. Gustave's army confronts 
the western army, the primary force, while the troops under Bolse's command 
intercept the relatively weaker northern army. Bolse's army skilfully 
destroys the northen army. Gustave's strategy goes as planned up to this 
point. However, Bolse's army risks pursuit, despite order. Their return to 
Hahn Nova is delayed. Upon Bolse's return, Gustave makes a plan to use his 
entire army to strike at the center of the alliance, the western army under 
the command of David. But Bolse's army does not return from the pursuit, and 
the southern army draws close to Hahn Nova first. At this point Gustave 
decides to commit his current forces. In summer 1305, the most renowned 
historical event, the battle of South Moundtop, begins.

3: Victory Conditions
*Defeat Gustave 

*Survive until the Duke of Laubholz's army arrives (end of turn 8)

4: Defeat Conditions
*David is dead

*Headquarters is infiltrated. 

5. Beating South Moundtop
5a: Turn 1
Before you begin, notice the flashing red building on your map? That's YOUR 
headquarters.  If an enemy unit moves into that flashing area, you've lost, 
so be careful. Now, you'll notice that you have eight armies (five regular 
infantry, David's army(This is just a regular army, but it uses David's 
sprite on the map. This is too show that he is commanding this particular unit) 
and two archers.) 

Also, don't let Sargon and Gustave intimidate you too much, as they are not 
personally taking part in the battle, but are commanding the troops of their

Now it's time to arrange your troops. First, we're going to spilt your army 
into two, with 3 infantry and an archer on each side of the screen. The 
infantry should move no further than one space forward, with the archer 
standing directly behind the center infantry unit. (NOTE: David will have to 
stand beside the archer on this turn, because he can't reach the other two 
infantry units. Your troops should be lined up like this:

I= Infantry
A= Archer
D= David

I I     I I I
  A D     A

Now end your turn. You'll notice that Sargon moves down to stand in front
of you're the left most infantry unit, while the enemies only archer(A MUCH 
weaker unit than the rest you face) will move down to stand next to your 
right most infantry unit.

5b: Turn 2
Now we're going to use what I like to call the "Archer decoy mauver". The 
archers are useless when it comes to combat, but their real strength is in 
their ability to shoot arrows at the enemies attacking your infantry (As 
long as the archer is within one space of your infantry, they will fire a 
volley of arrows at the troops attacking your infantry, causing them all 
30 damage) But the really good thing about this ability is that it still 
works even if your archer unit consist of only one troop. 

Start your attack by sending your archer to attack the unit you want weaken 
(Or even wipe out, if your lucky). Tell your archers to defend. After the 
combat is over, your archers will retreat (Unfortunetley, out of support 
range), or the enemy will. (NOTE: When attacking or defending, if all of 
your units survive, the enemy will have to retreat, not you.) Either way,
you probably won't have archer support for your troops this round. Now send
your infantry into attack. This causes the enemy to suffer a "consecutive 
battle". This wipes out some of the enemy troops HPs (I'm not sure of the 
EXACT amount). This means that even if your troops attack does less than 
100 damage, they'll still kill the enemy they're attacking. Order your 
troops to attack using Flame Spear. Back up your first attack with your 
second infantry unit. (And your third for the right die. On the left side
of the screen, David probably won't be in range to attack. Be careful with
his troops though. Lose them, and it's game over)

By the end of your turn, you might be able to wipe out 1 or 2 of the enemy's 
units. I say might becuase alot of the combat in this scenario relies on luck.
Sometimes you'll luck out and only 1 or 2(or even none if your really lucky) 
of your troops will be wiped out by the enemies attacks. Other times, your 
unit can be wiped out in one attack by two well placed spells. 
(That actually happened to me once. First attack of turn 2, and Sargon's 
troops wiped out mine with just two Flame Nagas. Very annoying)

5c: Turn 3
Using the above strategy, you should be able to deal with the rest of the 
enemy troops (But remember, this scenario relies on alot of chance. 
Sometimes things just won't go your way, forcing you to reset.), while
moving your own troops forward.

Now it's time to deal with Gustave and his three steel army units. The 
problem, is their much too strong to attack, and your troops don't have a 
hope of wiping them out. What you have to do is delay Gustave getting to 
your HQ long enough so that you can survive until the end of turn 8 
(Gustave's turn 8, not yours) What you want to be aiming for is having at 
least one troop able to stand in front of Gustave and his two steel troops 
at the start of turn 4. (That is, position them during turn three, them move 
the in front of Gustave and his steel troops during turn 4). By now, you 
should be able to destroy the second enemy units on the left hand side of the 
screen, while having only one enemy on the right. 
Leave at least two space between your troops Gustave's steel troops. If you 
get any closer, he'll attack earlier attack right away, and this is bad.

5d: Turn 4
Now move the units you positioned last turn to stand directly in front of 
Gustave and his two steel troops. Do -NOT- attack them, however. Once this is 
done, you've basically won. Move all remaining units up to make sure any 
remaining normal enemy units don't kill or force the troops blocking Gustave 
and his steel troops to retreat. When Gustave and his steel troops attack 
your troops, just defend.

5e: Turns 5-8
Now all you have to do is move your units back up to block Gustave and his 
steel troops after they have retreated, or just leave them alone if you got
lucky and Gustave or one of his steel troops retreated instead.
After the enemies turn 8 has finished, you'll hear a roar and the Duke of 
Laubholz's army will arrive. The Battle of South Moundtop is far from over, 
but your part in the battle is done. Congratulations, you've done it!! Now 
go power up Ginny and her buddies and smash that evil egg!
6: Battle notes and tips
These are just a few things that I've observed during the actual battles in 
this scenario. 

- If the enemy ever uses a combo, delivers an attack that fails to kill your 
troops or misses, Rejoice for your foes have wasted their attack. Any time 
the enemy fails to kill one of your troops is bad news for them because their
speed advantage is only an advantage when they kill one of your men with one

- There is nothing you can do to avoid spells, so don't even worry about them. 
I've seen the enemy use Flame Naga and Bushfire so far. While Flame Naga is 
usually deadly, and can take out up to two troops (Depedning on how their 
positioned), Bushfire will only do around 30-40 damage, and can affect all
your characters if properly aimed.

- When the enemy uses Lawnmower, it becomes an instant death like attack, 
because of it's ability to stun. If one of your troops gets stunned, he may 
as well be dead, because he won't attack. 

7: Rumours
There's only one rumour about concerning the Battle of South Moundtop, and it 
involves Gustaf. If you play the Knights scenario, then you'll come across a 
battle of South Moundtop scenario that is a cinema scene. In it, The 
characters of Ginny's party stand on a cliff overlooking the battle of South 
Moundtop and discuss the battle. Gustaf states that's going to help David.
Ventarbre then gives Gustaf "Gustave's Sword" (The real Gustave's sword). 
Gustaf comments on how good the blade will be for trashing steel troops, 
then departs. 

This scene lead many people to believe that it was possible to get Gustaf as
a special unit, if you watched this scene first, then played David's battle 
of South Moundtop.  

I've tested this, and it doesn not work. But there are still a few things 
that I have not tired, such as co,pleted the "final battle" scanerio that a 
game clear save data opens open, then playing South Moundtop. Or finsihing 
the knights scenario before the Eugene(i.e. Gustave's) scenario.

If anybody  has managed to get Gustaf to appear as a playable unit during 
this scenario (or if you've heard of rumour concerning this scenario) then 
e-mail me at: [email protected]

8: Chronical Entry
David, Count of Jade, commands the united armies of the feudal lords and 
defeats fake Gustave.

9: Credits
To myself, for writing this up.

To the people on the GameFAQS SaGa Frontier 2 messageboard, for asking this 
question allot (Well...they used to).

To Square, for making this brilliant game.

To my parents, for pointing out some spelling errors I missed.

I hope this guide helped you. If you have any questions regarding SaGa 
Frontier 2, Or have your own strategies for this scenario, then either e-mail 
me([email protected]), or make a post on the GameFAQs SaGa Frontier 2 message 

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