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                     ________________     ______________
                    /___   ____/  /  |   /    /  ______/
                       /  /   /  /   |  /    /  /____
                      /  /   /  /   .| /.   /  _____/
                     /  /   /  /   /||///  /  /______
      /     _________/   __   /    /   __   /    /    ___     / ®
     /     /        /   /_/  /    /   / /__/    /    /  /____/
    /     /        /   __  <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>

6. Walkthrough


As you can imagine, making a walkthrough for this game will be awkward and
difficult, so it might take a while. Stay tuned.


7. Mini-Games


I will have strategies for getting good scores here and other things.

 -=- Agent Trainer

 -=- Quick & Crash

 -=- Shoot Away II


8. Crisis Missions


I will explain each mission here and strategies for each as I complete them.
submissions of strategies is more than welcome (credit will be given where it's


9. Secrets


These secrets came from and credit goes to OKong

-=- The following secrets can be found in Arcade mode.

 -Receive More Credits

     Every time you get a Game Over, your Credits are increased by 1. Once it
goes past 9 Credits      or complete Story mode, you'll have Free Play.

 -Receive 9 Lives (Cat Mode ^_^ HA HA!!!!! HOO HOOOO!!! oh... hehehe)

     Recieve Free Play to change the lives up to 9 in ''Options''.

 -Unlock Automatic Ammo

     Complete Story mode twice.

 -Unlock Infinite Ammo

     Complete Story mode using Automatic Ammo.

 -Unlock Wide Ammo

     Complete Story mode using Infinite Ammo.

 -Unlock Mirror Mode

     Complete Story mode without continuing.

 -Unlock One Stage Trial Stage 2

     Complete Stage 1 in Story mode.

 -Unlock One Stage Trial Stage 3

     Complete Stage 2 in Story mode.

 -Unlock Crisis Mission Mode

     Complete Story mode once.

-=- The following secrets can be found in Crisis Mission mode. -=-

 -Unlock Music Player

     Complete the Final Mission in Crisis Mission mode.

 -Unlock Final Mission 2

     Complete all of the missions in Crisis Mission mode.

 -=- The following secrets can be found in Extra Games mode. -=-

 -Unlock Additonal Mini-Games in Quick & Crash

     Earn one of the top 5 rankings in Quick & Crash mini-game.

 -Unlock Extra Mode in Shoot Away 2

     Earn a high score in Retro mode of Shoot Away 2.


10. FAQ


I will put questions that I am asked and the their answers (if I know them)


11. Special Thanks


 -=- Me, cause, frankly, I love myself.

 -=- Namco, for revolutionizing the lightgun shooter with "The Pedal". I'll
never forget the first time I played Time Crisis 1 (I sucked, I was like eleven
or something, but boy did I have fun!) All that's left to do is wait for Time
Crisis III, with _three_ player action and the ability to jump!

 -=- My mom, cause she lent me $10 to get the game WITH a GunCon2. (I don't
care if its orange, playing with the dual shock sucks.)

 -=- My friend Harry and his "machine gun finger", for introducing me to this
fockin' rockin' game 3 or so years ago and becoming my "Time Crisis II buddy".
Seriously, every time we were together at a mall or something and we saw this
game, we'ed push over old ladies to get to it. He was _always_ player 1 and I
was _always_ player 2. We could get through the game without getting shot. It
was crazy. But, alas, he moved to the city and those are things of the past.
Ah, memories.

 -=- My other friends: Franco, Kenny, Stephen, etc. for being there and being
my, um, "quarter caddies".

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