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Guide of First Few Days (In which you beat the game)
By William
Last Updated January 17, 2004
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I. Table of Contents

Ch. 1: Introduction
Ch. 2: Heeeeeeere’s Pikachu!
Ch. 3: Oh, you want more channels for the second day?
Ch. 4: Shop ‘n Squirtle Essential Items
Ch. 5: Pichu Brothers Part 5 is Missing!!!!!
Ch. 6: The Last Gift
Ch. 7: Smeargle Paint
Ch. 8: Silly Pikachu
Ch. 9: Conclusion
Ch. 10: Copyright Info


Ch 1: Introduction

	So, you wanted some help with Pokemon Channel, eh? You’ve clicked on the 
right walkthrough! Pokemon Channel is, for the most part, like Hey You, Pikachu! 
only that there the VRU (Voice Recognition Unit(Microphone)) is replaced by a 
virtual TV set. I don’t want to give away too much in the intro, so I’m ending it 
riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight here.

Ch. 2: Heeeeeeere’s Pikachu!
	When you begin the game, you see four Magnemite hauling a TV over to a 
town. They stop at your house and drop the TV on your porch. You open the door, 
somehow haul it inside, put it beside your bed, and you turn it on. This is all 
done automatically, by the way. Professor Oak comes up on the screen and explains 
why you got a free TV (I’d like it if it was real life.) Then he asks you your name 
and blah blah all the normal stuff a game asks you. Then, as happens so much during 
the game, he is interrupted mid-sentence and says “Hm?” Then you turn and see a 
Pikachu and some of his Pokemon friends standing at the porch door. You open the 
door. Pikachu comes in. Prof. Oak goes on and on about how rare it is for a wild 
Pikachu to do this sort of thing and all that. After he explains the controls and 
finishes his speech you take over. He tells you to watch Anime Part 1 at some point 
during all this. You will probably watch the TV for a while (and so will Pikachu) 
and you will not be allowed to go outside because Pikachu wants to watch TV some 
more. After the first day you can go outside. At some point Pikachu will ask if he 
can chew and/or zap the TV. Chewing it doesn’t do anything but zapping does so 
don’t allow zapping (This will happen at the end of the day no matter what, will 
explain later.) 

Ch. 3: Oh, you want more channels for the second day?
This is easy. Turn on the TV, turn to the Report Channel, and send a report. 
Professor Oak will come back up and say that he was glad Pikachu didn’t do anything 
disastrous and, “Hm?” Oh, no! Pikachu broke the TV by zapping it! Well, this is 
just great. You can still communicate with Oak and he tells you that Magnemite are 
coming by to give you another TV and that it’s really old. It’s so old that it only 
shows shows in black and white! This will remain until you get the ordinary TV back 
tomorrow at 5 a.m. The new channels you get also start at that time They are: Pichu 
Brothers Part 2, Slowpoke’s Weather, and Smeargle’s Art Study. This ends the first 
day. You keep acquiring new channels until the last day. I won’t give them away. 
There still has to be some mystery to the game, right?

Ch. 4: Shop ‘n Squirtle Essential Items
	There are a few items in Shop ‘n Squirtle that you must get in order to go 
to new places, watch TV differently, get certain gifts, and, eventually, beat the 
game. Pikachu will order some items by himself but many of these you only see once 
so you have to get them while they’re hot.  The items are:

All the different TV’s
Viridian Bus Pass
Cobalt Bus Pass
Mt. Snowfall Bus Pass (needed to BEAT THE GAME)

Ch. 5: Pichu Brothers Part 5 is Missing!!!!!
	All will go well and peaceful until…oh no…The last episode of Pichu 
Brothers Part 5 disc goes missing! You will find this out because, on the first 
time you load the game on the last day, Pikachu will be watching PNF and there will 
be breaking news. Then the TV gets turned off and back on to the Report Channel and 
Prof. Oak will come on and BEG you to go find it. He says it is somewhere on Mt. 
Snowfall (which is why you need to have the Mt. Snowfall Bus Pass.) When you 
arrive, don’t bother looking in the igloos and stumps there. It’s not in there. 
Instead go all the way right until you see a sign. Go there. It takes you to the 
Ruins of Truth, and, uh-oh, Gengar is blocking the way in! Click on him and it says 
you need to get the Duskull Lamp. Go back to your house, go inside, go out the back 
door, go to Springleaf field, talk to Duskull. It’ll tell you he wants a ball. Tell 
Pikachu to look in the strange hole. Voila! A ball pops out! Click on the BALL, not 
Duskull, and say to deliver it. Pikachu will give it to him and you get the Duskull 
Lamp in return (duh!) Go back to Mt. Snowfall. Automatically, Pikachu holds up the 
lamp and scares away Gengar. Click on the door and enter. You will find yourself in 
a big chamber. Pikachu will say he is very scared. You turn left, automatically, 
and you see two plants. Choose one of them (it doesn’t matter which) and Pikachu 
will shock it and a little light will come on. Do the same for the other plant and 
a sign pops up. Click on it and you will move forward. You will see this…uh…I don’t 
know how to describe it, but you see it, and on it is written a riddle. Answer the 
riddle correctly. I’m not giving the answer. If you answer incorrectly you have to 
do the entire ruins of truth again. If you answer correctly, a statue of a Golbat 
will come up. Tell Pikachu to look in the mouth. OH NO!!!!! Pikachu is stuck! 
Wiggle the control stick to free him and, YESSSS! The program disc comes out with 
Pikachu! You leave and Pikachu gives it to Magnemite who in turn gives it to 
Pokemon Channel and starts the show. When you go back, Prof. Oak tells you that you 
saved the network yadda yadda yadda and tells you that he will give you a special 
gift tomorrow.

Ch. 6: The Last Gift
	The next day, you can see your gift. When you load the game, you will see 
the Report channel and Prof. Oak goes on and on about your gift, which is a 
projectior that you use against the night sky, and then, “Hm?” A 
Pokemon comes in and circles around the room for a minute (I’m not telling who) and 
then you go to Camp Starlight in Viridian Forest to use it. It is automatically 
night. Click the gift and then you 
will turn to the sky, and watch the entire Pichu Bros. show, no commercials, no 
selecting different parts, nothing.

Ch. 7: Smeargle Paint
        Smeargle Paint is a doll-like thing that you get the first time you send a 
report. When you first get it, Prof. Oak explains what it is used for and its 
limitations. Later in the game it is upgraded so the limitations no longer apply. 
These are some secrets that they assume aren't secrets about the Smeargle Paint:

In order to get a different color or pattern set, while pressing X to change 
colors, tap the control stick up. 
The limitation that Smeargle Paint can only be used on the Anime shows is later 

Ch. 8: Silly Pikachu!
        Pikachu sometimes behaves very strangely. Here's a list of all the 
unexpected things he does.

He orders things off Shop 'n Squirtle by himself without asking
Eventually in the game he sleeps in your cupboard
He wants to learn how to use the TV.
He (sometimes annoyingly) asks if he can look in things when you have told him to.
Sometimes he won't listen to what you say
He wants to be independent, he wants what he wants and nothing else.
He's loud
He likes to sing

Ch. 9: Conclusion
        Folks, this game is not for people who don't like endless games. This game 
has no end. Even after you beat the game and get all the channels there are, you 
can still play. After you beat the game, it is your decision wether or not to start 
over. It is no fun to cheat the game and time-travel. Since the game runs on real 
time this is easy, but it takes the anticipation and suspense out of the game. That 
and it's considered cheating. 

Ch. 10: Other
         After a while, you will get to name Pikachu if you want. When you make 
something with Smeargle Paint, it will give you the option to sell the painting you 
currently have on display. If you like the painting you have, you have to throw the 
new one away to keep the other one. If you want to get rid of the old one, Prof. 
Oak will auction it for you for a very small profit (always less than 100 pika 

Ch. 11: Copyright Info
         This site copyright January 16, 2004 by William. is allowed 
to use this for free as long as they do not submit any of it to anyone except users 
of this site.

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