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 Okay, Alot of people really don't know the meaning of the guns in this game. 
people have E-mailed me asking stuff for it. so, has very 
generously given me a chance to clear the smoke. 
  First things first, controls:
      A: - Take cover behind wall/funiture/doorway
         - Dodge roll (either from cover or running)
         - Rodierun (hold)

      B: - Melee
         - (lancer equiped) Chain saw

      X: - Any Action (I.E. C.O.G. tags/weopen, ammo/ bash door/push button

      Y: - look point of interest/find teamate(s)

      Right Trigger - Shoot/lob grenade/blind fire(behind cover)

      Left trigger - Aim from shoulder

      Right bumper - Reload (time right twice for active reload)

      Left bumper - View objectives/squadmates status

      Right joystick - look around/aim (left trigger held down)
      Left joystick - Move
      D-pad - Switch primary/secondary/sidearm/grenade

      start - Pause

      Back (select) - Multiplayer scoreboard

Thats the basics. some of the controls for splitscreen or X-box live are 
different. Believe it or not, the game itself isn't hard. once you ge the 
controls down, it's a breese (well until u get to insane lol)
   Now, instead of jumping right into the guns, here are the enemies and the 
gun they carry.

     Name: Name of the locust
     Position: were they stand in the locust system
     Armerment: Gun they carry
     Scale: a scale on how hard (each difficulty)
     Tactic: simple and easy tactic on how to bring it down.

follow along

     Name: Drone
     Position: low, medium, High, very high
     Armerment: Hammerburst, lancer
     Scale: Casual - 1-5/10
            Hardcore - 4-7/10
            Insane - 6-10/10
     Tactic: Aim for the head or chest and shoot. hammerburst or lancer best 

     Name: Grenadier
     Position: Medium, high
     Armerment: Gnasher shotgun, Grenades
     Scale: 4-10/10 all difficulties
     tactic: same as drones, except, you may want range for this one.

     Name: Wretch
     position: UNKNOWN (i'm guessing sacrificial)
     Armerment: claws and teeth
     Scale: 10/10 All difficulties
     Tactic: Melee or the Boltok pistol 
     Name: lambent (glowing/explosive) Wretch
     Position: See wretch
     Armerment: see wretch
     Scale: 11/10 all difficulties
     Tactic: These guys are a pain in the nether regions. luckily u can escape 
them before they tear you apart. 1 shot from a boltok pistol, gnasher shot gun 
shoould do the trick (DON'T MELEE!! you will die)


     Name: Boomer
     Position: Medium, high, very high
     Armerment: Boomshot
     Scale: 6/10 all difficulties
     Tactic: a couple of head shots can bring it down fast. the torso is also 
pretty weak but i still recommend the head. if all else fails, grenade tag 

     Name: Theron Guard
     Position: Very high
     Armerment: Torque bow, lancer, gnasher shotgun 
     Scale: 7/10 Casual and hardcore
            10/10 Insane
     Tactic: Sniping is gonna be your friend when u first met them. torqe bows 
work to so.

 Thats the lower spicies. Most hit you within the first to acts. otheres will 
get you later. Bosses in this game are INSANE. there 1 that you can be blind to 
beat. the others. good luck. and here they are.


          Name: of boss
          difficulty: of the boss
          explaination: of the fight/ not a walkthrough so i'll onlly give you 
an explain ation and whereabouts

         Name: Berserker #1
         Difficulty: 4-10/10 
         explaination: SHE is a beast. you meet her at the end of act 1. You're 
in a catacomb of libraric hallways so, have fun. be careful, though. all of the 
berserkers can kill you in 1 hit. 

         Name: Berserker #2
         Difficulty: 5-25/10
         Explaination: Beastly, omG. You meet this one out of nowhere in act 
three. You're in a gren house type thing.
         Name: Corpser
         difficulty: -10-3/10
         explaination: epic, kill yourself. this is the easiest boss fight in 
the history of the earth. you're in some immulsion ave thing under ground/

         Name: Berserker #3
         Difficulty: 1-5/10
         explaination: again, shoot yourself, epic. they give you not 1, not 2, 
but 3 ways to tear this ugly beast apart. you see her on a train in the 
begining of act 5. you're on a train

         Name: General RAAM
         Difficulty: 10/10
         Explaination: This fight is hard, and its the last one. he is on the 
last train car in act 5. Have fun

    Thats the bosses. now for what your reading for; the guns. YAY!!! lol
there are some good and some bad.

        Gun: s name
        ammo: count
        best: what it is good against
        explaination: of the gun

     Gun: pistol
     Ammo: 72 rounds
     best: When you need to have some fun.
     eplaination: can act as a SMG. good for head shots

     Gun: Boltok pistol (38 caliber)
     Ammo: 30 slugs
     Best: Downing/downed ememies. wretchs and explosive cousins
     explaination: slower then the pistol, but stronger. head shot and knee 
shot are good. 

     Gun: Lancer assault rifel
     Ammo: 660 rounds
     Best: everything will fall to this gun.
     Explaination: It's the only fulauto gun in the game, but has a lower ammo 
count than its 6-shot-burst cousin. the chinsaw can be activated Via holding B 
and running into an enemy. 

   Gun: hammerburst
   Ammo: 780 rounds
   Best: all heads in the game
   Explaination: Fires a burst of 6 bullets at a time. it may not have a 
chainsaw, but it's just as good as the lancer. Maybe better...

   Gun: Gnasher shotgun
   ammo: 39 shells
   Best: anything thats close
   explaination: instant obliteration on anything in range. this gun is a 

   Gun: longshot sniper
   Ammo: 24 high volocity rounds
   Best: heads. cant go wrong with heads
   Explaination: From a far, this gun will monter anything. up close, well, 
you're an idiot if you get up close with this gun.

   Gun: Boomshot (boomgun)
   Ammo: 12 rocket grenades
   Best: its the only gun i don't know what it is good against
   explaination: i couldn't begin to tell you how much i hate this gun. use at 
own risk

   Gun: Torque bow
   Ammo: 12 explosive arrows
   Best: everything dies
   explaination: Love and hate. you have to charge to ake the arrow stick to an 
enemy. and the theres a 5-8 second hold time that, after that amount of time, 
the gun shoots by it self. but anything hit or near and arrow when it blows is 

   Thats it other than the grenades, so i hope i cleared the air for some of 
you. if you have any questions write me at ([email protected]) just like that 
thank you for you time

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