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Before we begin, please note the following:
In treasure hunting stages, the emerald shards/keys/chaos emeralds are ALWAYS in
the same locations on hard mode. This makes an "A" rank a little easier to get,
assuming the items you’re looking for aren’t too hard to reach in a decent time.
Also know that this FAQ, as all of mine will be, is completely “certified” by
me. All that I mean by that is that I have actually done all of the things that
I tell you to do. Everything is hands-on, and I guarantee it because I’ve
actually done it and seen it. 


1. Dry Lagoon
2. Egg Quarters
3. Security Hall
4. Mad Space

1. Wild Canyon
2. Pumpkin Hill
3. Aquatic Mine
4. Death Chamber
5. Meteor Herd

-Dry Lagoon-
You will need:  Treasure Scope

This stage, being Rouge’s first, isn’t that difficult. The first shard is easy.
From your starting point, go forward until you fall off your little ledge. Then
immediately, go right. Climb up the wall, and your radar should start blinking.
Keep going, until you reach the ledge with five containers: four black
unbreakable ones and one wooden box in the middle. You must drill drive into the
center of the outer four boxes (straight through the wooden one) and you will
land on a spring that shoots you straight up, giving you the first shard. If you
miss, just keep drill driving; you’ll get it. Next, look out towards the center
of the oasis. You will see a circle of floating rings. Glide out to them. Now,
you should see the shard just out of your floating reach. That’s when you know
it’s drill drive time again. You won’t be able to drill drive right away because
you’re floating. However, keep pressing the jump button until it “catches”
(Rouge spreads her wings) and then drill drive directly in the center. This
could take a couple of tries, but no worries; you’ll get it quickly. The third
is in the second part of the oasis. Head to ground level and free that turtle!
Then ride it to the second half of the stage. Now, this part had me frustrated
for so long, but it’s quite simple. Go forward to land on dry ground. Once
there, turn on your treasure scope. Then, dive into the water. Please keep in
mind that you cannot push the jump button or your treasure scope will disengage.
Dive beneath the ground that you were just on, and look up. You will see a
spring that points directly down. Hit it, and it will shoot you into the rushing
torrent, also gaining you the third shard. You did it! Pat yourself on the back. 

-Egg Quarters-
You will need: Treasure Scope

In this stage, the “key” (ha ha ha) to finding the keys is bombs. With that in
mind, also note that that means that you are under NO CIRCUMSTANCES TO DESTROY
THE MONKEYS! You need them in order to get the bombs to get the keys. I’ll start
off by saying you can pick up the bombs they throw (except the big ones) and
when you do so they stop counting down to detonation. However, the minute you
put it down it will explode in your face. Sorry, but it does. OK, so for the
first one the quickest way there is to go straight from your starting point.
Watch out for the Beetle! It’s not instant death but since you don’t have rings
right away it could be hazardous. Just keep running straight until you get into
the hallway with the gigantic bomb-flinging monkey and a cage with a key inside.
Stand near the cage and wait. Pretty soon, the monkey will throw a bomb at you.
Move out of the way, and let it explode. If you were standing in the right spot,
the cage will open and you can grab the key. Also know that if the monkey does
not throw the bomb, it will explode. If this happens, then you will have to go
get a bomb from a different monkey. Next, head for the main chamber (you know
the one with the altar and the Mystic Melodies shrine) and find the cages
stacked on top of each other. See that wall painting behind them? The key is
buried there. In order to reach it you’ll have to stand beneath a pillar with a
monkey on top and wait for it to throw you a bomb. Be careful not to kick the
bomb! Pick up the bomb and jump up by the cages. Put the bomb down, and run
away! Now, dig into the painting and you’ll find that key. The final key takes a
bit longer. Head back into the red room. Use your treasure scope from the
starting point. You should see a spring appear. From your current position head
right and go into the hallway you find. There are monkeys up by the ceiling. If
you stand still long enough they’ll throw bombs at you. Once again, pick up a
bomb and head back into the red room. DO NOT JUMP. You will disengage your
treasure scope, and you MUST have it on before you pick up the bomb. Now, walk
into the spring that appeared. This will take you to more cages with the last
key inside. Blow them up and claim your prize. That’s another hard mode cleared!  

-Security Hall-
You will need: Nail Pick

This one is maddening if you don’t know how to find them. From your start point,
go forward. Destroy the spiked robot in your way. Make a right, being careful to
jump over the lasers. Your radar should start blinking. You will see a platform
with a shielded robot. You can destroy it for bonus points if you like. Turn
right again, kicking yet another robot into oblivion. Your radar should be
freaking out by now. Look to your right. You see those fans blowing money into
the air? Well, that’s where your first emerald is. This one is a little tricky,
because if you aren’t careful you could die. What you need to do is drill drive
INTO the abyss. Trust me, it works. MAKE SURE YOU CAN SEE THE EMERALD FIRST!
This is very important, or like I said, you could miss and fall and die and why
would you want to kill poor Rouge that way? Next, head upstairs to the second
floor. Climb up to the yellow section and look above the tangle of lasers. Do
you see it there, floating just out of your reach? Well, this one is probably
going to cost you your rings. Navigate through the mass of lasers and death to
get to the other side. I would save that ring box right there for the aftermath.
Now, climb up the back wall until you are high above the lasers (you can use the
moving one as a guide) and glide out to try and grab that emerald. If you miss,
I would advise you to just keep gliding, and to NOT drop into the death trap.
The final emerald is the most frustrating one, I think (unless you read FAQ’s
and know exactly what you’re doing). While on the second floor, open all the
safes on the “B” block (that’s the red ones). Now, pay attention, because this
is hard to describe. Assuming you followed my instructions, you should be on
ground level of the second floor. Very good. Now, use the pulley to drop down to
that platform. You’ll know what I mean. Next, jump on the wall and climb up
until you can’t anymore. Look around until you see a floating platform with two
wooden boxes. Glide over there. Stand on top of the boxes and look around until
you see a switch on the ceiling. This may take a few tries, or it may not. What
you need to do is jump as high as you can and try to glide into the switch.
After that, get to ground level and head over to the giant weight trap on the
“B” block. It will be disabled if you correctly triggered the switch. Dig into
the center of the safe directly beneath the trap, and enter. Woo-Hoo for you!
You cleared hard mode! 

-Mad Space-
You will need: Iron Boosts 

First off, I would like to acknowledge that I absolutely hate this stage. But
anyway, I will do my best to describe it. Also, just so we’re clear, the green
planet is the Capsule Planet, the blue/grey one is the Holy Planet, and the
green/brown one is the Spherical Planet. The first shard is directly under the
Holy Planet. For me, the easiest way to get to any planet is by rocket. From
your starting point, go forward, careful to avoid the spinning chaos robot in
your path. Flip the switch and climb to the platform above, taking the rocket.
Go right and land on the Holy Planet. Note that this planet does not suck you
into its gravitational pull, so it’s pretty easy to get off. Grab a hold of the
side of the planet and climb all the way down to the bottom. Your radar will be
yellow or red, depending on where you are. You’ll have to jump off and glide,
because it is directly beneath the planet. Once you have it, glide over to the
Spherical Planet. This one takes some practice. Use any spring and glide, making
your way to the bottom of the planet. The farther down you get, the strangers
the controls become. Up is no longer up, if you know what I mean. Anyway, glide
all the way to the bottom and land on top of the platform there. Now you’ll have
found the second shard. The third one is harder to describe, as I keep finding.
Head back to your starting point, and take the same rocket you did earlier.
Immediately after letting go, glide to your right, landing on the big floating
platform (it’s the only one of its kind in this stage). There, you will find
another rocket. Take it, and let yourself land on the small floating platform.
There, you have another rocket to take. Now your radar should start blinking.
Let yourself land on the next platform. Now, look forward. Climb up the wall in
front of you and look to your right once you reach the top. You should see a
platform with an explosive meteor on it. Glide over there, but be careful. There
will be two rotating spikes. See that little star pad? Stand in the middle of it
and screw kick. This part is really annoying, so just be careful not to die. If
you miss, then you’ll have to screw kick again (but you knew that). And now
you’ve cleared hard mode in Mad Space! Congratulations on this achievement! 


-Wild Canyon-
You will need: Sunglasses, Shovel Claw

WARNING: immediately after you start the level, there’s a spiky robot in front
of you. O.K, now that that’s over with, onto the first shard. After you destroy
that robot I mentioned earlier, go forward into the updraft and let it carry you
up. Glide all the way to the left until you reach the platform with the four
beams attaching it to the walls. By now, your radar will already be blinking and
you can probably see the shard, too. It is underneath the platform. Land on any
nearby wall and glide into the shard. It could take a few tries, so be patient.
The next one is “fun”. From your current position, glide back towards the center
point where the updraft is located. Now, listen carefully. On either side of
this area there are two platforms attached to the walls with pillars to support
them. Head underneath the one on the right. There you will find a wall painting.
Dig into the center, and it will take you to a room with nine wall paintings.
Look to your right. Dig into the center of the second painting to the left on
the right side. Your radar will blink, and if you look around (it’s a small
room) you will see the shard. Grab it, and head back out through the painting
(it will take you back into the underground chamber). From your current
position, glide to the right onto the pillar with the life box on top (assuming
you didn’t grab that earlier). Now, jump onto the next pillar to your right
(there are rings on top of it) and use your sunglasses. A spring will appear.
Use it and you will automatically be guided to the last shard. That’s all there
is to it. Now you know what you should do? Happy Dance! You finished!   

-Pumpkin Hill-
You will need: Sunglasses, Shovel Claw

This stage is rather hard to describe, but I’ll do my best. From the starting
point, glide forward (avoiding the flying robot in your way) and land on the
platform where you earned the shovel claw. Now, go to your right, making sure to
collect some rings. There is a ghost that will appear on the next platform, so
watch out. Take the rocket and grab onto the mountain. Climb all the way down.
Your radar should be yellow by now, and you should see some rotating spikes.
This means you’re on the right track. The shard is floating beneath the
mountain. You will need to jump off and glide to grab it. This may take a few
tries, so don’t give up. The next shard you should collect is on top of Church
Mountain. The fastest way there is by rocket, so head back the way you came and
take the other rocket up to Church Mountain. Please note that this is NOT the
next shard in the proper order, so your radar won’t go off. But, since this is
faster, I put it in this order. Once on top of Church Mountain, take out that
flying robot, and climb to the very top of the steeple. And I do mean the very
top. Stand on the spire, making sure that you’re facing Pumpkin Mountain, and
use your sunglasses. Before you can quite realize what’s going a spring has
appeared beneath your feet, launching you straight up into the air. Glide
straight out and you will find the shard. This next one is harder to describe.
Head over to Pumpkin Mountain. Grab onto the side and climb to the bottom. It’s
not an exact science: just climb around until you find the platform with two,
and ONLY two, flaming skulls on it, both facing the wall. Wait for them to stop,
and dig right where their flames were blowing. That’s another one down!

-Aquatic Mine-
You will need: Sunglasses, Mystic Melodies, Air Necklace (optional, but makes it
so much easier)

From the start point, look to your right. Glide over to the giant broken wheel
sticking out of the wall and stand on top. Make sure that you’re standing on the
left beam. Use your sunglasses, and a spring will appear. Use it, and it will
shoot you through two iron gates where the shard is located. This is not the
first in the series, so your radar will not go off. Now, head over to the center
of the room. Take that pulley up to the third floor, and find the Mystic
Melodies shrine (it’s not hard). Make sure that you DO NOT FLIP THE LEVEL THREE
SWITCH. After you play Mystic Melodies, go through the tunnel that opens up.
Dive into the water and look around for the line of rings going upwards. Follow
their trail and your radar should start blinking. Follow the path (it’s the only
way you can go) and you’ll find the shard behind the spike ball. Head back out
the way you came and go back to your starting point. From there, dive under
water and head for the passageway on the level two strip of land. Note: the
water level stays at level one the whole time. Once you find the passageway
(it’s right by a sign that says “level 2”) head in. This is pretty direct, so
just follow the tunnel going straight until you have nowhere to go but down.
Then, go down, and your radar will start blinking once you reach the bottom.
Follow the only path you can take going forward and you will see Omochao (he’s a
good landmark!). Keep going, and dive to the bottom of the “bottomless shaft”. 
There you’ll find the last shard. Yippee. 

-Death Chamber-
You will need:  Mystic Melodies, Air Necklace	

From the start point, go forward and hit the hourglass. Then, make a mad dash
for the door on your left, being careful to watch out for the ghost in your way.
Head along the hallway, continuing to go forward. Stop only when you reach the
room with a spherical fire enemy, a map on the wall, and two hint screens. Look
to your right. See that painting up on the wall? You’re pretty smart, so you’ve
most likely seen these before. So next, you guessed it, dig into the center of
the wall painting. This will take you to a room with two grabber ghosts, two
E-102 robots and an hourglass. I would advise you to get those robots out of
your way first. Now, look in the center of the room. There will be a timed door
that requires an hourglass to open. That first hourglass is not the one. Look
around you. See all those metal boxes that you can’t break? Well, hit the
hourglass and timed platforms will appear beneath them. Head for the one on
either the left or right side and break the boxes. Well, lookie there! You found
your hourglass! Flip it and run back to the center of the room, digging into the
ground. First key is yours! Now, head out through the wall painting. The next
two keys are located in the same room, but that room is pretty far from your
current location. Head out to the central chamber (you know, the one with the
Mystic Melodies shrine and all the big statues?) and locate the Mystic Melodies
shrine. You will see a door in the floor in front of it. Use Mystic Melodies and
fall through the door. This will send you into an underwater chasm. Look around
you and assess the situation: rotating spike balls, and water everywhere. Now,
move forward and down until you find an hourglass with a grabber ghost nearby.
Once you hit the hourglass, a door on the side you just came from will open up.
Head over there and swim through the door. Also, keep this applicable geometric
principle in mind: two points determine a straight line. In English, that means
the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. When you’re in a
hurry, go straight through rather than around. Anyway, once you get through the
door, you have another hourglass waiting for you, and another E-102 robot. Since
you’re underwater, you can’t destroy that obnoxious bot. So just flip the
hourglass and remember our geometric principle when trying to reach the door on
the far end. Now just head straight for the other end of this next room,
avoiding all the ghosts. Keep swimming, going around that robot to the very back
of the room. Your radar will be blinking like crazy. Be careful though, because
there’s a spiked spherical enemy behind there. But, so is the key. Now, swim
back the way you came and look up (don’t leave the room). Do you see the trap
switch? Go hit it. I betcha’ don’t think it did anything, huh? Well, neither did
I. Go to the very “bottom” of the room and swim straight up. You’ll find
yourself finally out of the water, and if you look up you’ll see the trap that
you raised. Now, jump out of the water and look around. If you jump up to that
ledge in front of you (it has an hourglass on it) then you can use that
hourglass. Once you do, hurry (and I mean like your life depends on it) back
into the water. Now, if you’re the observant type, you may have noticed
something odd about this room: it’s an exact copy of the above water room you
were just in. There’s a catch though: everything is upside down. With that in
mind, swim forward onto the ledge where you hit the hourglass in the room above,
and you may see the key. You have to be really quick, but dive in there and grab
it. Now for the fourth key. Hee hee I’m just messing with you. Good job on
clearing hard mode in Death Chamber!

-Meteor Herd-
You will need: Sunglasses

For this one, once again, you’ll have to go out of order. It’s just faster that
way. First off, head straight for the central tower. Climb up to the first level
and look for the spring. Take it, and land on the next platform with another
spring. This is very tricky to describe, so you might have to think hard about
this one. The platform that you are on now is where you need to stay. Look to
your right. See the star pad? Go stand on it. See that life box? Very carefully,
walk over to it, careful not to fall off. After you get the life, use your
sunglasses. A spring will appear. Walk into it, and you will see a suspended
spring. Land on it, and glide. You should see the shard. Now, go back to the
platform you were just on. From there, take the spring (the one that you don’t
need sunglasses to see). Next land on the platform with the three cylinder
containers (the suspended ones). Look out, facing away from the containers. You
will see another platform a good distance away. Glide over to it, and take the
rocket. Land on the wall and climb down, landing on any balcony. Now, glide from
balcony to balcony until you reach the one with a red G.U.N robot and a moon
pad. Destroy the robot and then turn on your sunglasses. A spring will appear.
Use it and you should see the emerald. You might have to try a few times. Now,
Drill Claw all the way to ground level again. It’s time to collect the “first”
shard. Do you see the “0-5” platform with a blue box and a meteor on it? Good.
Go there. Now, look out at the central tower. Glide over to it. Your radar will
start blinking. See those two doors? You remember this from the time you got
your sunglasses. You’re about to see why we did this one last. See the meteor to
your left? You have to punch it into the door on the left (you’ll know which one
because your radar will be freaking out). After you do that, collect your shard
and give yourself a pat on the back!


Sonic and all related characters © Sega 
Use this FAQ where you wish, but do me a favor and give me credit. 	

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