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Hardware FAQ
Version 1.11
[email protected]

Table of Contents:
 1.	Introduction to the Nintendo DS, and this FAQ (C1T1)
 2.	Technical Specifications (C2T1)
 1.	Initally Setting Up Your DS (C2T2)
 2.     Changing Your DS's Settings (C7T1)
 3.	Inserting, and Playing Games (C3T1)
 4.	Pictochat Information, And Use (C3T2)
 5.	One Card Download Play (Multiplayer) (C3T3)
 6.     Frequently Asked Questions (C4T2)
 1.	Recommended Games (C4T3)
 1.     Nintendo Replacment Parts(C4T4)
 2.     Online Play (C4T1) 

Introduction to the Nintendo DS, and this FAQ (C1T1)
The DS is Nintendo's newest handheld gaming system.  DS stands for dual 
screen. The top screen shows the game play, and the bottom screen is a 
touch screen that is often used as a map. It has a backlight screen 
versus the SP's front lit screen, which makes the graphics look 
sharper.  The touch screen has an extra layer of protection, and is 
nearly undestructable.(Ive tested)

When you open your new system, you should receive 1 DS unit, 1 battery 
charger, 1 wrist strap, 1 copy of Metroid Prime: First Hunt, 1 copy of 
the instructions, and 2 stylus's.  Many people have clamied they only received
one stylus.  The response to this is quite simple, one stylus is in the bag
with the instructions, and the other stylus is in the stylus slot in the back
of the DS unit.

The reason I made this FAQ was so I could help current DS owners with 
questions they may have, and tell non-ds owners about this great system.
If you have a question that is not anwered, or have a suggestion, please
email me at [email protected]

Navigating your way through this guide can be quite simple.  Just press
ctrl and f, and a window will pop up.  Type the code behind the category
you are looking for, press enter, and you will automatically be brought to
the right place.  Please note that this will only work with Internet Explorer.
(and yes, AOL incorporates Internet Explorer, so it will work there as well)

Technical Specifications (C2T1)
In this section, I will list the technical facts about the Nintendo DS.

Size-5.9 Inches wide, 3.4 Inches long, and 1.1 Inches tall.
Upper Screen- 3 Inches TFT LCD screen.
Lower Screen- same as upper screen plus analog touch screen abilities.
Wireless- Uses 802.11 standard.  Range is 30-100 feet
Controls- touch screen, microphone, a/b/x/y buttons, shoulder buttons, 
start, select, and power buttons, and d-pad.
Input- ports for DS games, and GBA games only.
Output- 2 headset ports
CPUs- one ARM9, and one ARM7
Sound-stereo speakers
Battery- lithium ion battery.  Up to ten hours of gameplay.
Charger- quick charger.  Charges in 4 hours.+

Summary In Laymans Terms:
The Nintendo DS has graphics that are somewhat better than that of Nintendo 64,
both screens are backlit, there are 4 face buttons, 2 shoulder buttons, start
select, and power buttons.  The bottom screen is the touch screen, with 5 extra
layers of protection, so you shoudln't need any screen protectors. Battery hold
ten hours of charge, and charges in 4 hours.  Sound is exactly the same as the
sound produced by your Xbox/Ps2/Gamecube.  Games are on Cards instead of CD's
to ememinate loading times, and reduce cost.  You can have 2 headset connected,
you can only control the volume of one. Has a bulit in microphone for voice
commanding in some games, and futer online abilities.

Initally Setting up your DS (C2T2)
When you turn on your DS for the first time, you will be prompted with 
the set up menu.  First the menu asks for your name.  Type it using the 
touch screen keyboard.  Then it will ask you for your birthday.  Again, 
type it using the on screen keyboard.  Next, it asks for birthday.  
Enter month and day using touch screen, or d-pad.  Finally, it asks for 
the time.  Enter the time in military time using the touch screen.  The 
system then restarts, and confirms that you want the default language 
to be English.  You're ready to play!

If you ever need to change settings, just touch the icon located at the bottom
of the touch screen, when at the main menu.  You will then have the option to
change all the settings you put in upon inital set up.

**I will be re-doing this section with the next update**

Changing your DS's Settings.
Once you have initally set your settings, this is how you, step, by step,
change them:

1: Start The DS Unit (press the button marked "power")
2. Touch the touch screen to pass through the warning message
3. On the main menu, touch the icon that is on the bottom-center of the touch
screen.  It is a picture of a little DS.
4. Now, you are at the change settings menu.  Here's a list of what each of the
icons does:
*Wrench- Lefmost icon: Allows you to select the screen you would like to use
when starting GBA mode, and allows you to set the default language.
*Calander and Clock- Center-left icon: Allows you to change date, time, and
alarm settings.
*Person- Center-Right Icon: Allows you to enter user information
*Crossbuck- Rightmost icon: Allows you to calibrate the touch screen.  To do
this, you must tap the center of the boxes with your stylus.
5. Touch the icon representing whichever setting you need to change.
6. When you are done chaning all the settings you need to change, hit the quit
button on the change settings main menu to leave.
7. You will be prompted to shut down the system.
8. Press "Yes," or "No."
9. If you press "No," you will be returned to the change settings main menu,
the only way to get back to the Startup Menu is to power off the system, and
turn it back on.

Inserting, and Playing games (C3TI)
This section provides step, by step instructions for functions involving games.
All game playing instructions are given for when the DS is in manual startup
mode, if you have your DS in automatic startup mode, you will need to refer to 
the DS instruction manual, or email me for help.

**Inserting a Nintendo DS game card:**
1. Remove the card from the case.
2. Hold the card, label down.
3. Line up the card with the DS game hole in the back of the unit.
4. Start sliding the card into the hole
5. Keep pushing untill you hear a click.
6. Once you've heard the click, you can let go.
7. You can now go to the "Plating a Nintendo DS game" section.

**Inserting a Gameboy Advance game pack:**
1. Hold the pack label down.
2. Line up the pack with the Gabeboy Advance game hole in the front of the
3. Start siding the card into the hole.
4. When it is about 3/4 of the way in, it will no longer slide freely.
5. When this happens, give it a good hard push, and it will snap in to place.
6. You can now go to the "Playing a Gameboy Advance game" section.

**Removing a Nintendo DS game card**
1. Push in on the game card.
2. You will hear a click
3. Release
4. The card will pop half-way out.
5. Pull out the card.

**Removing a Gameboy Advance game pack**
1. Grab the little bit of game sticking out of the front of the unit
2. Pull hard
3. There may be a bit of resistance at first, but then it will come right out.

**Playing a Nintendo DS game**
1. After you've inserted your game, and you want to play, look at these 
2. Turn on the DS by holding the power button down for about 1 second.
3. Touch the touch screen to pass through the warning message.
4. Touch the icon labeled "Game Name Here."
5. Your game will start.
6. For gameplay instructions, consult your game manual, or email me.

**Playing a Gameboy Advance game pack**
1. After you've inserted your game, and you want to play, look at these
2. Turn on the DS by holding the power button down for about 1 second.
3. Touch the touch screen to pass through the warning message.
4. Touch the icon labeled GBA Game Pak.
5. Your game will start
6. For gameplay help, consut your game instructions, or email me.

Using Pictochat (C3T2)
Pictochat is a program built in to every DS that acts like an instant
messaging program.  You may chat with up to 16 people that are within 100 feet
of you.  Here are instructions on how to enter, use, and exit pictochat:

**Entering Pictochat:**
1. Turn on the unit by pressing, and holding the power button for about 1
2. Touch the touch screen to pass through the warning message.
3. Press the center-left icon titled Pictochat
4. You are now at the select a chat room menu, for further instructions see the
using Pictochat section.

**Using Pictochat:**
1. Choose a chat room to enter by touching it.
2. You are now in the chat room.  Messages will be displayed on the top screen,
you can type/write on the bottom screen.  Here's a brief list of funstions:
*The button below the enter button is the copy button, you can press it to copy
the last message displayed on the top screen (this is great for games of tic
tac toe, or hangman)
*You can drag letters onto the screen, or just press them, and have them appear
on the top-left of the first line.
3. When you are done typing your message, press the Enter button.
4. For help exiting Pictochat, please see the "Exiting Pictochat" section.

**Exiting Pictochat**
1. Press the small "X" located in the upper right corner of the touch screen
2. You will be brought to the select a room menu
3. Press the exit button on the bottom of the screen
4. The system will ask you to shut down.  If you press no, you will be brought
back to the select a room menu.  In order to leave Pictochat, you must shut the
system off
5. Touch "Yes" on the touch screen
6. The system is now off.

One card download play (AKA multiplayer) (C3T3)
Something really nice about the DS is that it allows you to play multiplayer
games, wirelessly, with only one game.  To do this, whoever has the game
inserts it, goes to the multiplayer mode of the game, and hosts a game.
Then other users start their DS(s), hit the icon in the mid-right that says
"Download Play," and choose the game you are going to play from the list of
available games.  It will take 30 seconds- 3 minutes to download the game,
depending on signal strength, how many people are downloading, and what game
you are playing.

**I will be re-doing this section with the next update**

Online Play (C4T1)
Online play is not currently possible.  Nintendo has announced no plans for 
online play.  They have said it could be possible, but they have never
confirmed it, nor worked on developing any programming to support it.

Frequently Asked Questions (C4T2)
Here is a list of questions I see a lot on the message boards, and get
emailed to me.  If you have a question that is not listed, please email me at 
[email protected]  To easily search the FAQ, press the CTRL and F
buttons on your keyboard.  You can then search using keywords of items you are
looking for. (EX: If you're looking for information on screen procetors, just
type protector into the search box).

Q: What colors does the DS come in?
A: The DS currently only comes in one color.  It is silver on the front, and
black on the back.

Q: Should I buy a router/what type of router should I buy
A: A router won't do you any good right now, but if you see a good deal on a 
router, you may as well pick it up.  The DS uses 802.11 (G or B, there will be
NO speed difference).  Then just make sure your router is WIFI enabled. 
(Most brands are, but my list of personally confirmed ones are: Microsoft, 
Linksys, Belkin, Motorola, and Netgear)  If your brand is not listed, you 
can email me,and I will let you know if it is WIFI enabled.

Q: When will online play work?
A: The most current answer to that is early 2005.  Please note that this is
not confirmed, and any changes to this date will be promptly posted in this

Q: Can I play my Gameboy color games on this thing?
A: No, you can only play DS games, and Gameboy advance games.  The reason
behind this is simple, in order to play Gameboy Color games, the DS would
need another processor, increaing size, production time, and cost.  If you
really have to play your older games, you can pick up a plain old GBA at
stores like Best Buy for 30-40 bucks.

Q: OMG, I only got one stylus, I got screwed, help me!?!?!?!?!?!?!
A: Calm down, you really did get 2 stylus's.  One is in the bag with
the instructions, and one is inserted into the stylus hole in the back of the

Q: AHHHHHH, I have a dead pixel
A: Its ok, most DS's have them.  Just call Nintendo, tell them about your
dead pixel problems, and they will send you a new one via UPS 2 day air.

Q: Whats a dead pixel?
A: Its a pixel that is essentially broken.  It always displays one color, no
matter where you are or what you are doing.  It could be gray, green, red,
blue, or white.

Q: Whats a pixel?
A: Look closely at the screen (with it turned on).  You should see tons of
tiny dots.  These dots are pixels.  There are thousands of them on the screen.
1000 pixels is also known as a megapixel.

Q: Can I play GBA games multiplayer?
A: No, you can only play the single player modes of GBA games.  If Nintendo
would have put in GBA multiplayer abilities, the DS would weigh more, be
bigger, cost more, and take longer to make.

Q: I can't find anywhere with the DS in stock, help me!?!?!?!?
A: I know, the DS is hotter than anybody expected.  If none of your local
stores have the DS in stock, the only option is eBay.

Q: How do I clean my screen?
A: A paper towel, and any cleaning agent or water.  The paper towel will NOT
scratch the screen, because its extremly durable.

Q: Do I need a screen protector?
A: No, Nintendo put lots of extra protection on the touch screen.  As I
mentioned above, its nearly impossible to damage the screen.  If you still feel
the need to have a screen protector, you can purchase any PDA screen protector
and cut it to size.

Q: My friend/mom/dad/cousin/dog told me that I can use a plastic 
bag, and some glue for a screen protector.  Will this work?
A: ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!  A friend/mom/dad/cousin/dog also told 
me this.  It is just a mean spirited person trying to ruin your DS.  If you use 
glue and a bag on your touch screen, it will cause severe damage, and 
will definitly affect the touch screens touching abilities. (ex: the touch screen 
may be less accurate, or not work at all).  No matter what anybody tells
you, never use a homeade screen procetor, go purchase one, they are fairly

Q: I have my DS set to automatic startup mode, how do I get to the main menu?
A: Quite a simple answer here, you can either start the DS with no games in it,
or you can keep holding the power button after you turn on the unit, untill it
brings you to that menu.

Q: I didn't get the Metroid demo in my U.S. DS!?!?!?!?!
A: Only the first 4 or 5 batches of DS's came with the Metroid Demo.  If you
didn't get one, and you want one, you will just have to go to eBay.

Q: The DS asks for time in military time.  I can't figure out how to do it!!!
A: If the regular time is in the AM's, just type the regular time into the DS,
if the regular time is in the PM's, you need to add the current time to 12:00
to get the time in military time.  Examples. 1:45 PM is 13:45 military time,
8:38 PM is 20:38 in military time.

Q: Whats the Difference Between a Backlit screen, and a frontlit screen?
A: With a front lit screen, the light is in front of the screen, so if you
hold it at an angle, you will be able to see the light.  In a backlit screen,
the light is behind the screen, and allows for more even lighting, and makes
the graphics look much sharper.

Q: My DS hardware has problems. (could be any hardware problem from broken
buttons to touch screen defects)
A: The DS comes with a 1 year warranty.  Call the number on the back of your
DS, tell the nice people (Nintendo actually has Americans operating their call
centers) about your problems.  They will send you a new DS via UPS 2 day air,
and a label to send the defective one back.  Your new unit comes with a new 1

Q: Will the DS be able to connect to a Gamecube through a link cable?
A: No, but it will be able to connect to their next system code-named the 
Nintendo revolution.

Q: You moron, you didn't answer my question!!!111!!!!
A: Sorry, email your question to me at [email protected], and I
will reply with the answer, and post it in this FAQ.

Nintendo Official Replacment Parts (C4T4)
If something is wrong with your DS, or a part of it, these are the things that
you need to make it better.  Everything, except the AC Adapter, and the
stylus's are only available through store.nintendo.com:

*Nintendo Replacment 3 pack stylus's
These are the great, official stylus's.  Three back for 4.95 at most stores.
They are exactly the same as the ones included with the unit.  If you ever
lose any stylus's, I recommend these over any 3rd party ones.

*Nintendo replacment battery
If you have used your original battery 500 times, and it starts to hold a
charge for a shorter time, you need this battery.  It costs 15.00, and is the
exact same one you originally got.  Third party batteries don't last as long,
and could damage the system.  Highly recommended if you need a new battery.

*Nintendo Replacment Wrist Strap.
This wrist/thumb strap is exactly the same as the one included with the system.
It is much better than any other 3rd party look alikes, because Nintendo 
guarantees it will not damage the touch screen under normal use, or they will
fix the damage. This part costs $3.95.

*Nintendo Replacment Battery Cover
This is a replacment cover that covers the battery.  It comes in black only.
It includes the cover, and a screw.  It is exactly the same as the one that
came originally with your DS. This part costs $1.00

*Nintendo Screen Cover
Please note that this is for the upper touch screen only.  If your current
screen becomes scratched, you can use the inclused tool to remove the old
screen cover, and replace it with this one.  It is exactly the same.  Please
note that this can only be done to the top screen, as the bottom screen's cover
requires special treatment to work properly with the touch screen.  This part
costs $3.95

*Nintendo Replacment AC Adapter
This is the exact same AC adapter that is included with your original DS.  It
is exactly the same as the one for the SP.  This part costs $15.00.

Recommended Games (C4T3)
If you are a DS owner, this is the list of "must own" games (in my opinion, of
course).  Games with a "M" behind them mean they are either rated "M" by the
ESRB, or are of a mature theme, and should not be played by people under 13
years of age. (again, in my opinion):

*Super Mario 64 DS
*Ridge Racer
*The Urbz: Sims in the City
*Spider Man 2: The Game
*Asphault Urban GT
*Feel The Magic XY/XX (M)

Upcoming Games (C1T5)

There are some great games coming soon to the Nintendo DS. Heres the list:

*Animal Crossing DS
*Mario Kart DS
*Advance Wars DS (tentative title)
*Harvest Moon DS
**Many more, but these are the most "hyped."

Copyright 2004

All products named are copyrighted to their respective manufacturers.
Some technical specifications noted in this FAQ are from Nintendo of USA's
official web site.This guide may only be posted on www.cheatcc.com
If information is incorrect, you have something to add, or you want to 
use my guide (or a portion of it) for another site, please contact me at 
[email protected]  If you want to use this guide on your site,
please email me.  If I find this FAQ on a site that didnt receive my 
permission, legal action will be taken.

The only sites allowed to post this guide (or any part of it) are:



Version 1.11
Added some more questions to FAQ section, re-did the wording on screen
protectors, redid the using pictochat section.

Version 1.1
This version basically re-did the whole FAQ.  I changed all instructions from
long paragraphs to step-by-step instructions.  I removed most game information,
and the hardware review, as this is a hardware FAQ, not a game FAQ, or a review
FAQ.  Only game information remaning is a tiny list of upcoming games, and a 
tiny list of recommended games.  I added the section about changing DS settings
and fixed numerous typos.  Re-did the order of the FAQ, leaving the least
important game sections at the bottom.  Changed the accessory review section to
a official replacment part section, and price list.  This was the first version
posted on the web.

Version 1.0
This version added more information in all sections, as well as fixed some
typos, and some other small errors.  Added sections: System Accessories, and
hardware review.  This version was also never posted on the web.

Version 0.9
This was the intital FAQ, never posted on the web.


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