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| | | |( (_| || |   | \_/ |(  ___/\__, \| |_    | | | |( (_) )( (_) )| ( ) |
(_) (_)`\__,_)(_)   `\___/'`\____)(____/`\__)   (_) (_)`\___/'`\___/'(_) (_)
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| (_) |(__ ,__)
`\___/'   (_)  

Created=Wednesday, June 26, 2002
Last updated=Wednesday, June 26, 2002
Hello,in this section I will tell you about some of my opinions in Harvest Moon 
64.First I think that the graphics in this game could be a bit better.The prices for 
house exctentions are too high!

 Now perconaly I think that popuri and Elli would be good choices for a wife 
because;Elli feeds your chickens,and puts the eggs in the box at the beginning of 
the game.And Popuri waters (some) of your crops and flowers,and feeds your chickens.

Please if you become offended by anything in this guide,I apolagize.

At the beginning of the game you will be at your grandfathers funearal,when you 
recieve a message that you have inhareted your poor grandfathers crummy farm.You 
diside to take the challange.With only 300 gold in your pocket you begain your hard 
but fun new life.

At the end of each day,a man will come and collect everything in your harvesting 
box.To put things in it you must have something in your hand,walk up to the shipping 
crate and bombs away!!!!
Its in the box.You also recieve money every time the man collects your items.

If you need help turn the channals in your tv.or email me at [email protected] or click on the black words

In Harvest moon 64 there are many different characters with many different 
attrabutes.So give them all gifts.Here are the characters in the game;

Jack:Jack is the main character in this role playing game.He is also the person that 
you will control.

Mr.Mayor:Mr.Mayor is the Mayor(duh)He comes to your house to tell you of events that 
are coming soon.He also gives you a tour of your farm and the town.

Mrs Mayor:Mrs.Mayor is Maria's mother.She is also the Mayor's wife.She runs the 
Library if you marry Maria.

Karens Dad:Karens Dad is well.... Karens dad.But he also owns the vineyard.

Karens Mom:Karens mom is always conserned about what she does.

Lillia:Lillia is popuri's mother and the owner of the flower shop.

Popuri's dad:He is only home in the spring.He searches the land for seed's.

Ann's Dad:Ann's dad is the owner of Green Ranch,and he also sells you your livestock.

Ann's Brother:Ann's Brother is...well that is to say.....HE HATES YOU!

Harris:Harris is the mailman,he deliverce your mail,he loves maria and will mary her 
if you don't.

Fisherman:The Fisherman doesn't actually have a name,because all he does is give you 
a fishingrod.

Rick:Rick is the owner of the tool shop,he is also an inventor.He is very lazy.

Priest:He prefore,es your marrage sarimoneys,and also runs the church.

Midwife:The midwife is the person you hire to deliver your baby boy.

Saibara:He owns the gift shop.

Baker:The baker owns the bakery(duh)

The buyer:He is the man that picks up the items in your shipping crate.

May:Buyers daughter.

Head carpender and carpenders:They build your house exctentions you also work for 
them and with them.

Bartender:Works at the bar.

Goddess:Will grant you 1 wish a day.


In this game it is one of your main goals to get married and have a baby.

Here is the LOVE METER.Check this by talking to them and at the end there will be a 
little heart in the bottom right hand side.

Pink=Deeply in LOVE(SCORE)

In order for them to marry you they will have to have a pink heart,do this by 
getting them gifts everyday.One day the girl you are after will sprain her ankle you 
will be givin a choice to ither pick her up and carry her home or leave her and go 
get help.
(duh) If you where a lady would you want to be left there injured.

Popuri is one of the girls with a catch what I am saying is sure she's pretty but 
she also has a bad temper.But the good thing about her is that she tells you when 
something is rong.When or if you marry her she will water some of your plants.She 
will also take your dog outside.

Popuri's favorite things are flowers,her and her mother run the flower store.Her 
favorite flowers are Pink Cat Mint and Moon drop flowers.

If you are wondering what popuri means or is supposed to mean it means Poppy.Her 
father named her.     (_)(_)
                                                            (_) (_)

Elli is a wonderful women she likes it when you buy cookies and cakes from her 
shop.Elli is also a good baker thats why she works at the bakery.IF or when you 
marry Elli she will feed your chickens and incubate your chicken eggs.

Maria is the daughter of the mayor.She works at the Public Library.She gives you 
books.If you marry her her mother will work at the library.At first Maria is afraid 
of your dog but after she gets to know you and him more she grows actually quit fond 
of him.

Karen is actually a tom-boy but no need to get offensive.Karens favorite gifts are 
wild fruit like very berries,grapes,walnuts.When or if you marry Karen she will feed 
your chickens,and ship your eggs.However she drops them mostly all the time.She also 
moves away if you don't have at least a yellow heart.

Ann is the cute animmal types she likes it when you bring her wool(in other words 
EXCPENSIVE!)But anyway she likes your dog and rumor has it that she really likes 

Her brother is Gray at the beginning he is like your rival.Ann marries cliff if you 
In this game your poor old grand pappy leaves you his old dog.Your dog doesn't realy 
do anything but the girls like him.You can name him at the beginning of the game.You 
can teach him tricks too.

To make him a happy little doggy you must put food in his dog dish he doesn't eat it 
so don't pet stuff like corn or patatoes in it.Just regular grass will do just fine

Also getting him a dog house is a good idea.It will make him happy.He can also be in 
the dog races.

Having livestock is a big recponcibility.You have to feed them groom them 
play/ride.Take them outside on nice days,take them in on rainy/typhony days.You also 
have to buy potions when they are sick.
There are 2 different ways to get a chicken the best way in my opinion is the 
hatching way.To make easy cash off of chicken is when they are chicks make them 
happy.On the exact day it is an adult take it to green ranch and sell it for 
1500.They eat chicken feed.
You have to buy your first cow for 7000$.They eat fodder,they come with a bell so 
you can call it to you.You can milk your cow this makes them very happy.

The sheep is the newest animmal it is 4000$.You can get wool from it by buying the 
shears from Ricks shop.The shears are 
1000$.You cannot breed sheep.
Your horse well...you get him from Ann.He eats fodder.You keep him in the stable 
that is outside.

In Harvest Moon you can also enter contests.In these contests there are different 
genres' of contests.They are Luck,and action.Here are some of the contests.

Cow Contest:The cow contest is to prove that you have the biggest and best cow.to 
win this you have to be very kind to your cow.If you win your, cow will produce 
golden milk(the best)

Dog/horse Races:Just like the cow contest.I heard that if you win the dog contest 
that the prize is a dog house.

Swimming race:Push the A button at a nice pace to win this.

The main goal in this game is to have a succesful farm.To do this you MUST grow 
crops.Make sure that you water them once a day so they grow.When or if they die you 
have to cut them down with your sickle so that you can plant new ones.There isn't 
much to tell you about crops but...you can buy them at the florists.
In Harvest Moon 64 there are many different items with different uses.Some of the 
items are listed below if I missed any please email me at [email protected] or click on this sentance

b)Animmal items
Bell:Use this to call your cows.
Brush;grooming animals.
Shears;shearing your sheep.
Milker;milking the cows
chicken feed;feeding chickens
sickle:cutting grass,and dead ore unwanted crops.
watering can:watering crops
axe:cutting down trees
lumber;building stuff
crops;grow them or buy them
seeds;buy them at the florists
Money:Use the money you make from your farm,to by things.

Q-Can you get a divorce?
A-No your wife will just leave until you come and apolagize

Q-Does your baby have to be a boy?

Q-how many chickens can you have at one time?

Q-How do you get the other people to get married?
A-Be friends with everyone and give them there favorite items each day.

Q-Can your animmals die?
A-Yes,this game is like life you can't live forever.

Q-Is there a seconed album?
A-Im sorry I haven't gotten it so I won't awnser that until more people tell me 
there is.

Q-Does Elli's grandmother die?
A-Yes eventually she does die.If you are friends with her she will live longer.
Have more questions that need awnsering click 


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