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-Table of contents-

2.Potenial Brides
6.Secret Tools
9.Sample Schedule
10.Easy money
11.Your Son's Careers 
13.Legal Stuff
14.Contact Me
                                                  New Thing:Your Son's Careers 

                                                  Coming Soon:Fixing Mistakes 


1.Takakura- Your Father's friend he ships items for you and he gives you tips 
on your farm animals, crops, and seasons.

Likes- S Milk, Home cooking

Buy a rooster and a hen before Spring10 or you will get the horse in Winter 
instead of summer or you will get the horse in winter.
To get Tartan the talking two headed plant befriend Takaura and ship any thing 
that day follow him until he goes in side.

2.Van- A fat Peddler who comes on every 3rd and 8th of every season and 
sometimes visits or will open a day earlier. 

Likes- Eggs, Artifacts

The more you are Van's friend the more likely he will lower his price on his 

3.Daryl- A mad Scientist who will sometimes wonders around your farm.

Loves- Fish, Coins, fossils
Likes- Eggs
Hates- Flowers

If your Daryl's friend he will give you a FREE seed maker. Go to his house 
when he is inside his lab.

4.Wally- A athletic man who runs around the Valley with his son.

Loves- Goat's milk
Likes- Milk, Eggs, fishing poles

If your Wally's friend he will give you the Clippers.

If your Wally's friend in chapter three he will give you a Gold Medal. Go 
inside his house when he is inside. 

5.Chris- The wife of Wally she is a re-tired anchor woman and she is also very 

Loves- Flowers
Likes- Milk, Eggs

6.Hugh- The son of Wally and Chris he is one of the few characters in the game 
who ages every chapter. 

Loves- coins, ores
Likes- Milk

NOTE: He will only take milk in chapter one.

7.Carter- A archeoligist who runs the Digsite

Loves- Home cooking
Likes- Fruits
Hates- Failed Cooking

If your Carter's friend in Chapter six and have found all the Tablets from the 
Digsite he will give you a Chihuahua.
8.Flora- Carters assistant who helps dig at the digsite.

Likes- Fish

If your her friend in Chapter three she will give you a necklace which you can 
give to your son to influence him to be a archeoligist. or give to your wife 
has a preasent. she must be inside the tent.  

9.Vesta- A friendly woman who loves to work on her farm and his the caretaker 
of Celia.

Loves- S Crops, flowers,
Likes- regular crops, and home cooking

If Vesta likes you she will give you a Weird hoe she must be in the storage 
building to do this.

And if you want a racoon befriend Vesta and Marlin and 
enter the storage building. Note:Not 100% sure. 

10.Marlin- A very un-friendly man at first but he will like you if you 
befriend him he is Vesta's brother.

Loves- S Crops
Likes- crops, and medicines

If you want the racoon befriend him. NOT 100% sure.
11.Grant- A buissness man who walks VERY fast. 

Loves- Sashimi, milk
Likes- Eggs

If you befriend hime visit his house at 5:00 am and he will give you a alarm 
clock you must be in the house at 5:00 am or this will not work. 

NOTE: Grant, Samantha, and Kate will only be in town chapter two and up.
12.Samantha- The wife of Grant she is very kind and nice.

Loves- Flowers
Likes- Milk

13.Kate- The Daughter of Grant and Samantha Celia's son and Muffy's son will 
fall in love with Kate in chapter 5. 

Loves- Flowers

14.Romana- The Valley's mother she loves to take walks in the valley when she 

Loves- Flowers
Likes- milk

If you want the watering canW go into her romm when she is in there.
15.Lumina- The grandaughter of Romana, in the PS2 version you can marry her 
but sadly not this one. Nami's son will fall in love with her.

Loves- Flowers

Note:She has a crush on you in chapter one
16.Sebastian- Butler of Romana and Lumina very kind man has a crush on Romana.

Loves-Coins, Milk

17.Patrick- One of the twins who make fireworks.

Loves-Ores, flowers, records

18.Kasey- the second twin who makes fireworks.

Loves-Ores, flowers, records

19.Ruby- The co-owner of the Inner Inn Tim's wife.

Loves- Potatoes, flowers
Hates- Dogs

Befriend her and visit the inn in the morning to obtain Ruby's Spice. Inns 
Note: You must show her the flowers twice or she wont accept them.

20.Tim-The owner of the Inner Inn and the caretaker of Nami.

Loves- Home cooking,milk
Likes- Coins,artifacts
Hates- Failed cooking

If your his friend enter the bedroom on the first floor of the inn at 8:00 am 
to obtain the Strange hoe.

21.Rock- The adopted son of Tim, and Ruby.

Loves- Coins
Likes- Fodder

22.Griffin- The owner of the Blue bar and the caretaker of Muffy.

Loves- Coins
Likes- Fish

23.Gustafa- A hippie song writer and a poet.

Loves- Flowers, artifacts

If you befriend him he will give you a Weird sickle at night.
And in Chapter three he will give you a drum.

24.Murrey- A caveman and a hobo who steals food from you sometimes.

Loves- Home cooking
Likes- Fodder

25.Nina- A elderly woman who is very kind befriend her in chapter one because 
she sadly dies the next chapter. 

Loves-Flowers, milk, crops

26.Galen- A elderly man who loves fishing but gets bored of the valley him and 
Nina are married.

Loves- Fish, apples
Likes- Mushrooms

If he is your friend in chapter two and up enter his house and talk to him and 
he will give you the Fishing poleG.

Note: Befriend him early on or he wont like to talk anymore.
27.Hardy- The valleys doctor who moves in at chapter two. he visits the valley 
to check on Romana.

Loves-Ores, fish

If he likes you in chapter 2 and on enter his home to get the Strange sickle.

28.Cody- A shy mammoth by heart he is an artist.


In chapter four if he likes you enter his trailer and he will give you a piece 
of art.

-Potenial Brides-
Celia- A pretty brunette who works at Vesta's farm she nice and pretty. COOL!
Loves- S crops
Likes- Ores, flowers, crops, home cooking, eggs
Hates- Skulls

Her diary is in the loft under the bed.

If you Marry her she will stay around your farm for the first two years. Your 
son will wear green clothing and will have gray eyes and light brown hair he 
will be very down to earth like his mom.

Bonus Love Points:Buy seeds from her.
Muffy- A blonde who loves to flirt if you want to marry a woman who dosent 
know a 
thing about farming shes your girl!

Loves- Amourus flowers(grows in winter), Big Huchep fish
Likes- Flowers, milk, home cooking 
Hates- fish, failed cooking

Note: You can only give her gifts before the bar opens or her days off or when 
the bar is not yet open.

Her diary is in the corner of the bar in the lamp.

She will mostly stay on the farm but she will leave once in awile. Your son 
will have blonde hair and wear blue clothing he will be VERY energetic. 

Bonus Love Points:Buy drinks from the bar. 
Nami- Red headed traveler who seems like she dosent like you but she secretly 
does when her affection rises.

Loves- Trickblue flowers, home cooking
Likes- Ores, crops
Hates- Everything else

Her diary is in her room on the desk in her room.

She never stays at the farm she mostly leaves to Mineral town in chapter two 
and up!

Bonus Love Points: Show Celia and Muffy the blue feather and when they say are 
you serious say no. But I highly reccomend you dont because their affection 
goes EXTREAMLY down towards you.


You get a son and a wife in chapter two and some faimily ties here I will list 
some itermission sequences that include them.

                                  Chapter two
1.Bath scene

Characters involved: You and your Wife and your Son

1.Enter the kitchen around 6:15-7:00 Pm. Your Son says Hi Daddy lets take a 
bath you have two choices Lets jump in! Or not now. Choose number one to raise 
his affection towards you.

Characters involved: You and Daryl

2.Exit the house around 9:00 am. You see Daryl spying on your family he will 
then he will freak out and run right into a tree... Poor Daryl.

                                 Chapter three
1.The box/stick form the beach.

Characters involved: You and your son

Enter your kids room at a time when he is in there. your kid will say what 
do you want you have two choices 1.About the box/stick 2.Nothing answer number 
1. and he will tell you that he found it. Choose number 1.Thats cool or if you 
do not like him choose number 2.get rid of it! If you chose number 1. he will 
say that is so cool its like your a spy! He will then ask you about the code 
answer 3.Fragile this will boost his affecction towards you by ALOT!

1.The weird Teddy Bear!          Chapter four
Characters involved: You and your son and Daachan the weird teddy bear.

4.Enter your sons room late at night when he is not sleeping. The bear is 
around the room and your son say Dad get out! you leave and your back to 
1.I have a crush                 Chapter five
Characters involved:You and your son
5.Enter the master bedroom of your house and your son says he is in love with 
or Lumina.
1.Bath for Dad                    Chapter six
Characters involved:You and your son
6.Your son will ask a random question and say are you going to take a bath? 
2.Your son's first kiss
Characters involved:You your son and Kate 
7.Enter Samanthas house around the eigth of fall and you see your son and Kate 
Samantha's sofa kissing this makes the you very angry and slaps your son.


Animals make you rich on this game so buy a lot of them. here are ALL of the 
animals in the game.

Cows are ka-ching makers! they make your guy very rich.

Cow type   MilkB  MilkA  MilkS
Normal      75G   115G   150G 
Brown\Marble115G  175G   225G
Star        270G  405G   540G

            regular good great
Normal      225G    225G 300G
Brown/Marble225G    225G 300G
Star        300G    300G 300G

Sheeps are little money makers and they are cool! They only give wool once per

Dirty wool 75G
Shiny wool 115G
Golden wool 600G

The goat is very stupid I would not highly reccomened buying it! After about 
days it stops giving you milk permantly!
 Goat milk
Good  Great
115G    138G  
Goat cheese/butter
      155G   150G

NOTE: How to get rid of the goat.
If you dont want the goat anymore just keep your animals inside and dont feed 
goat when it rains push the goat outside and when its sick wait three days 
until it 
dies. HA HA Ha (cough) (cough) um... sorry...

The chickens dont set the world on fire to money but a lot of people like eggs 
they are involved in a lot of recipies.

regular Fertilzed Golden
40G        50G     300G

The Ducks are a weird animal by heart they lay eggs but dont warm them. 
Instead the 
hens do. Warm up a Fertilzed egg and be susprise to find a duckling! Note:You 
should only have two ducks because the chicken eggs sell for more then a duck 
But ducklings sell for more then chicks.

regular Fertilzed 
 40G       50G

The horse dosent make you any money at all but it influences your kid to be a 

Horse training
If your horse is all stressed out here are some tips to make it happy again.

1.Make sure you have a clean horse no horse likes to be dirty!
2.Give your horse treat like a apple or a carrot.
3.Give it good exercise.
4.Feed it once a day.
5.Talk to it hug it and brush it everyday.
6.NEVER ride it when it its sleeping!
7.NEVER ride it in the rain!

how to obtain: have it from the start.
Special: drives away people.
Dog training: feed it once per day you will know when your dog likes you when 
it barks at you are follows you.

How to obtain: befriend Romana and wake up around 8:45 or so.

Strange hoe- tills soil for you.
Description:Very heavy but...
Why should I use it:Builds stamina.

Weird hoe- tills soil for you
Description:Very heavy but...
Why should I use it:Builds stamina.

Strange sickle- cuts down trees/dead crops/grass for fodder.
Decription:Very heavy but...
Why should I use it:Builds stamina.

Weird sickle- Cuts down trees/dead crops/grass for fodder.
Description:Very heavy but...
Why should I use it:Builds stamina.

Watering canW- Waters crops holds one thing of water.
Description:A wooden watering can.
Why should I use it: Rachel Brooks informed me that it makes trees grow faster.

Wool clippers- Shears sheep
Description:From Wally shears sheep
Why should I use it:Optional

Fishing poleG- fish in different places fish bite a second longer.
Description:Fish in the swamp, waterfall, spring, river.
Why should I use it:Fish will bite a second longer.

Tools That You Buy From The Ledger And Van.
                            ------     ---
Hoe- Tills soil
Description:A regular hoe.
Why should I use it:Lighter then the Heavy hoe.

Light hoe- Tills soil
Description:A very light hoe.
Why should I use it:It is the lightest hoe in the game.

Sickle- Cuts trees/dead crops/grass for fodder.
Description:A regular Sickle
Why should I use it:Lighter then the Heavy sickle.

Light sickle- Cuts trees/dead crops/grass for fodder.
Description:A very light sickle
Why should I use it:Lightest hoe in the game.

Brush- cleans dirty animals.
Why should I use it:Makes animals like you more.

Goat milker- milks a goat.
Why should I use it:Makes your kid want to be a scientist.

Fishing pole- you can now fish!
Why should I use it:You cant fish with out it.

Watering can- Waters crops
Why should I use it:So your plants wont die!

Watering can L- Largest watering can in the game!
Why should I use it:Saves time for you so you dont have to keep going back to 
watering hole.

Electronic clippers- Shears a sheep.
Why should I use it:Optional

Shears- Shears a sheep.
Why sould I use it:Optional


Chapter one- Moon ore-40G
             Skull fossil-50G
             Human statue-40G
             Tablet C-Not For Sale

Chapter two- Sugar ore-50G
             Silver coin-20G
             Horse statue-70G
             Tablet D-Not For Sale

Chapter three- Hop ore-80G
               Hip fossil-60G
               Gold coin-30G
               Jade ball-150G
               Tablet E-Not For Sale

Chapter four-  Temple ore-150G
               Stange fossil-80G
               Strange Item-300G
               Tablet F-Not For Sale

Chapter five-  Prosper ore-300G
               Back fossil-400G
               Stone disk-500G
               Tablet G-Not For Sale

Chapter six-   Strange Tablet-Not For Sale


Time in the game goes by like this in the game.

In Game       Real Life
Second        Milla second
Minute        Second
Hour          Minute
Day           24minutes
1Season       4hours
Year          16hours
10years       160hours

NOTE:This is how long it would take if you did not sleep on the game this is 
long you really do play.

In Game       Real Life
Second        Milla second
Minute        Second
Hour          Minute
Day           18minutes
1Season       3hours
Year          12hours
10years       120hours

-Sample Schedule-

Okay here is what you should do in chapter one

4:00 AM- Wake up eat and go outside.
4:15 AM- Milk and talk and hug the cow.
5:15 AM- Go check the weather.
5:30 AM- Water crops.
6:30 AM- Cut grass for fodder unless you have enough fodder already.
7:00 AM- Pursue the woman of your dreams free time.
12:00 PM- Get chicken eggs and pick up and put down the chickens and hug them.
1:00 PM- Free time go fishing or befriend the townsfolk.
6:00 PM- Milk the cow check the chicken coop for late day eggs and put the in 
in the shipping room.
8:00 PM- Eat dinner and hang out at the blue bar.
9:00 PM- Go back home.
10:00 PM- Sleep

Okay here is what you should do in chapter two and six

5:00 AM- Wake up Eat breakfast and check the T.V. for the weather.
5:30 AM- Milk cows and hug and brush all animals and spring through fall if 
weather is nice put the animals out side to graze.
8:30 AM- Water the crops.
12:00 PM- Free time spend time with family, mine, fish.
6:00 PM- Milk cows put ALL animals inside and pickup and love chickens and 
put all Milk, Butter, Cheese, Eggs in the storage room.
8:00 PM- Make dinner visit the bar.
11:00 PM- Go to bed.


-Easy Money-

Fodder For Sale:When Van comes to town sell him your fodder.

Supreme Milk:Feed your cows good fodder to upgrade to S milk.

Fish for Life:Just Fish by the waterfall.

Archeoligy:Just go to the digsite.

Sell Fruit Seeds:First get the Seedmaker and plant some trees. Next harvest 
that you planted and put them in the seedmaker and when they are all seeds 
them to Van and when he offers you the total say no and then yes!

-Your Son's Careers-

Your Son has five choices of what he wants to be when he is an adult here I 
will list all of the careers. 

Rancher: A animal rancher is someone who raises all kinds of animals.
How To Influence:Make Friends with Takakura and have a Normal cow, Brown cow, 
Marble cow, Star Cow and a horse, and or a sheep, goat, bull. When he is 
little take him to the barn and chicken coop. And show him eggs and milk. 
answer his question correctly remember a rancher is different than a farmer.

Farmer: A person who raises crops.
How To Influence:Befriend Vestsa, Marlin, Celia, Takakura and raise a lot of 
show your son crops, seeds, flowers. Take him to Vesta's farm when he is 
little and 
keep him on your farm. And answer his questions correctly. Remember a farmer 
different then a rancher.

Scientist:A person who makes inventions. 
How To Influence:Befriend Daryl and Carter and Flora take him to Daryl's lab 
the digsite when hes little show him stuff from the digsite.Only have the car 
the toy.

Artist:A painter.
How To Influence:Befriend Cody and Sebastian. have only the scratch pad in the 
toy box take him to Cody's studio andthe villa when hes little. 

Musician:A band player.
How To Influence:Befriend Gustafa, Griffin, Lumina, and Romana. Take him to 
the yurt and bar when he is little and sing to him when he wants to be held. 
And also Lumina gives you a music sheet in chapter three give it to him and it 
will influence him to the music career.


Q:Can Celia move in the fall with you?
A:No she can only move in on Spring 1st.

Q:Does the son ever open that box?
A:No he never opens it.

Q:Is there a cheat to get a lot of money?
A:Yes read my making money part of my faq

Q:Is Their a way to get 99 toys?
A:Yes buy a toy from Van and put it in the shelves and buy another one.

Q:Does the guy die in chapter six?
A:Sadly yes.

Q:How many years are their?
A:thirty but you only play ten.

Q:How many years are their per chapter?
A:Chapter one lasts one year. Chapter two last two years. Chapter three lasts 
three. Chapter four last two years. Chapter five last one year. Chapter six 
lasts one year.  
Q:How do you know when your not married to Nami if she likes you?
A:She will leave for awile but she comes back. She will look at you when she 
likes you.

Q:The watering canW is not wortheless it makes trees grow faster.
A:Thank you I did not know that many thanks.

Q:How do you get more recipes?
A:Just cook more.

Q:How do you get the free seed maker?
A:Befriend Daryl and go to his house at 12:00PM to get it.

Q:How do you know If people like you?
A:While walking past you they will look at you.

Q:How do you get the special tools?
A:Befrined the villagers and they will give you them.
-Legal Stuff-

This Walkthrough can not be copyrighted by 2006 by me Tigerfan9926. This faq 
is only allowed on Cheatcodes and gamefaqs If you wish to use some information 
about my faq or you want it on a web site email me and I will tell you. Thank 
you Cheatcodes for posting my first faq ever! 

-Contact Me-

If somebody has a question just email me at [email protected] and I will answer 
your question and I will put it in my faq if you also did not put in my faq I 
will look at it and put it in my faq and put your name in my faq.



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