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H   H    A A    R    R   V     V  E      S           T
HHHHH   A   A   RRRRRR    V   V   EEEE   SSSSSSS     T
H   H  AAAAAAA  R     R    V V    E            S     T
H   H A       A R      R    V     EEEEEE SSSSSSS     T 

    M   M      OOOOOOO OOOOOOO      N    N
   M M M M     O     O O     O     N N   N
  M   M   M    O     O O     O    N   N  N
 M         M   O     O O     O   N     N N
M           M  OOOOOOO OOOOOOO  N       N

Table of contents:
1. The Characters
2. The girls and how to woo them
3. Your sons and what they look like 
4. Plants and when to plant them
5. Ways to earn A LOT of money
6. Tips on animal care
7. How to get the chihuahua, cat and lizard
8. SOME of the items and how much they sell for
9. Animal Prices 
10. Tool and Animal food and medicine prices
11. Legal Mumbo Jumbo and Copyrights
1. The characters

You- The character you play as.
Tim- The guy who runs the Inner Inn with his wife.
Ruby- The woman who runs the Inner Inn with her husband. Befriend her for Ruby's 
Rock- Ruby and Tim's son, who looks nothing like them.
Galen- The old guy with a cane. His wife dies in Chapter 2.
Nina- A fun loving old lady. She's Galen's wife, who die's sometime in Chapter 2.
Chris- Wally's wife and Hugh's mom.
Wally- An exercise fanatic and Hugh's dad and Chris's husband.
Hugh- Wally and Chris's son. Also an exercise fanatic.
Griffen- The owner of the Blue Bar.
Romana- The owner of the Villa and Lumina's grandmother.
Sebastian- Romana's butler. Treated more like family than a servant.
Lumina- Romana's granddaughter. Really good at piano and one of your son's potential 
Vesta- Owner of the farm by the path to Mineral Town.
Marlin- Vesta's brother who wanted to marry Celia.
Kassey- Older twin of pyrotechnicians.
Patrick- Younger twin of pyrotechnicians.
Daryl- The crazy scientist who's in love with Flora.
Carter- Archeologist and Proffesor.
Flora- Carter's assistant.
Gustafa- The poet and musician who lives by the ocean.
Dr. Hardy- Romana's physcian and fails to save Nina in Chapter 2 and YOU in Chapter 
Van- The traveling salesman.
Cody- The artist who lives near the beach.
Grant- A entreprenuer who moves in in Chapter 2.
Samantha- Grant's wife.
Kate- Grant and Samantha's daughter and another of your son's potential brides.

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