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Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life


1.	Characters
2.	The girls
3.	Your son
4.	Plants and trees
5.	Easy money
6.	Animal prices
7.	Animal care
8.	How to get the...
9.	Food storage/ledger
10.	The end

1. Characters

You- You are the main character in the game

Tim- Tim is the owner of the inn

Ruby- Ruby is the co-owner of the inn. Befriend her for Ruby Spice

Rock- Rock is Tim and Ruby’s son and is the party type

Nami- Nami is one of the girls you can marry. She stays at the Inn

Griffin- Griffin owns the Blue Bar

Muffy- Muffy is a girl u can marry and works at the Blue Bar

Galen- Galen is an old man who lives in a house with his wife Nina

Nina- Nina is Galen’s wife. She dies at the end of chapter one

Wally- Wally is an athlete and trains with his son Hugh

Chris- Chris is Wally’s wife and works in the city

Hugh- Hugh is Wally and Chris’s son. He trains with his dad

Ramona- Ramona lives in the Villa with her granddaughter and butler

Lumina- Lumina lives in the Villa With her grandmother Ramona

Sebastian- Sebastian is Ramona’s butler, but is treated like family

Kassey- Kassey is the best pyrotechnition in the world and lives in a water 

Patrick- Patrick is the 2nd best pyrotechnition and lives with his twin Kassey

Cody- Cody is the artist of the town, he lives in the trailer

Daryl- Daryl is the mad scientist and is always in his lab doing experiments

Gustafa- Gustafa is the poet. He lives in the yurt

Vesta- Vesta owns the other farm with her brother marlin and Celia. Buy seeds 
from her

Marlin- Marlin is Vesta’s brother and has a big crush on Celia. Buy seeds from him

Celia- Celia is one of the girls you can marry. She lives with Vesta and 
Marlin on the farm. Buy seeds from her

Dr. Hardy- Hardy is the doctor that takes care of Miss. Ramona. He moves to town in 
chapter two

Grant- Grant works in the city and moves to town in chapter two

Samantha- Samantha is Grant’s wife and is a little mysterious

Kate- Kate is Grant and Samantha’s daughter and is a tomboy 

Van- Van is a traveling salesman who comes to town on the 3rd and 8th of each 
month. Sell and buy stuff from him.

Flora- Flora works at the dig site with Dr. Carter

Dr. Carter- Carter is an archeologist and works at the dig site with Flora

Murrey- Murrey is a bum. Don’t feel sorry for him

2. The Girls

In the game HM:AWL, there are three girls that you can marry. Nami, Muffy, and 
Celia. They all have different personalities and different perspectives. They have 
diary’s you can check and have scenes that pop up.

Nami- Nami is the hardest girl to woo out of the three. She is a traveler that came 
to Forget-Me-Not Valley  and never wanted to leave. She is a huge ‘tomboy’ and 
doesn’t like to talk a lot. But if your lucky you can have a chance with her....... 
Note- that if you don’t marry Nami she will leave.

She likes stuff from the dig site ( fossils manly )and trick blue flowers that only 
grow in fall. She also likes the crops you grow ( but when you give her crops she 
just gives them to ruby )and she likes your homemade cooking. She dislikes other 
flowers and almost everything else.

Her diary is located on hr desk in her room at the Inner Inn. She goes to bed late 
and wakes up around 9:00 a.m. that’s when you can check it.

Muffy- Muffy is pretty easy to get but you have to watch out. She lives and works 
at the Blue Bar. Give her gives everyday. BUT!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT give her gifts 
behind the counter when she’s working! She will get mad and won’t take them if you 
do. Muffy is the ‘ girly girl’ of the town. She’s the preppy type.

She loves flowers and only one kind of fish. The BIG Huchep fish. Not the little 
one but the big one. But give her flowers mostly and her hearts will go up really 
fast. She hates fossils and other stuff from the dig site.

Her diary is located behind the lamp in the Blue Bar. check it during daytime.

Celia- Celia is the easiest out of the three to woo. Just give her flowers everyday 
and her hearts will go up super fast. Also buy seeds from her.
She lives and works on Vesta’s farm. Celia is in-between a ‘tomboy’ and a ‘girly 

She likes flowers and when you buy stuff from her. She doesn’t like anything from 
the dig site.

Her diary is located under her bed in her room. Check it when someone is in the 

Your Son

Your son can either grow up to like you or hate you. It all depends on if you talk 
to them and give them stuff. They will say ‘cawwy me’ a lot! So carry them. Each 
son will have a different personality. Again it all depends on who you marry and 
how you treat them.

Nami’s kid- He will be shy like Nami. He will have red hair and wear all blue. He 
will have blue eyes like Nami.
He likes to stay in the house a lot but eventually you will find him outside or in 
the toolshed. In chapter three he will get his own room and you will find his diary 
on the bookshelf with books on what he wants to be when he grows up. You have to 
show and encourage him to be a certain thing. He likes music so show him to Gustafa 
and Griffin.

Muffy’s kid- He is a playful little boy like Muffy. He will have blonde hair and 
green eyes. He will wear all red with blue overalls. He likes to go out and explore 
the amazing wildlife ( your animals ) and the outside world ( your farm ) I don’t 
know where he will most likely be because I haven’t married Muffy yet. In chapter 
three he will get his own room and his diary will be on the bookshelf with books on 
what he wants to be. Try to encourage him. He likes artistic things but if he gets 
to hang around Cody he will most likely hate you and you will die at the end and he 
will run away.

Celia’s kid- I am currently married to Celia right now so that might help.
Your kid will be a down-to-earth kinda guy like Celia. He will look like you and 
Celia both. He will wear all green with orange shoes. He will have brown hair and 
brown eyes. He likes to explore the farm a lot and you can probably find him by the 
fields, in the bar, in the toolshed, or in the pasture. In chapter three he will 
get his own room and his diary will be on the bookshelf with books on what he wants 
to be when he grows up. Encourage him. He likes animals and plants so show him to 
Vesta and Marlin. Show him seeds and crops and show him your animals and keep them 
out in the pasture a lot.

Plants and Trees 

coming soon......

Easy money

There are all different ways to get more money. Here are just some shortcuts.

Get the Ruby Spice and go to the kitchen and choose that ingredient and press 
start. You will get another ruby spice. Keep doing this until you get 99. Then sell 
98 of it to Van. 

Cut 99 pieces of fodder and sell it to Van. It costs 10 g a piece so you will get 

Buy a banana or peach tree and grow it. When the fruit commes get 15 banana or 
peach fruits. Put them in the seed maker and sell the seeds to Van. You can make a 
profit off of this.

Buy the Food processing room and make butter and cheese. Sell them to Van.

Animal Prices

coming soon.....

Animal Care

You have to take really good care of your animals or they will get sick. 
On rainy days keep the barn animals in the barn and the chickens in the chicken 
Feed the barn animals twice a day everyday. 
If it’s sunny put all your animals outside. 
Talk to them, nuzzle them and brush them. 
If it’s a cow milk it too. Your cattle likes to be washed so wash them about every 
other day.
Do the same with your chickens but don’t wash them.

How to get the...

Cat- befriend Ramona. In fall of the second chapter she should give you a cat

Goat- buy it from Van in spring of the second chapter

Chihuahua- befriend Carter and Flora and get all six tablets from the dig site


Food storage/ Ledger

The food storage is where you store food. But beware Murrey might steal it.

The ledger is where you order items, tools, animals, and buildings. You can also 
sell animals here.


The End!   

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