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                            Finishing the Rainbows

So.....You need to do the rainbows for Tree of Tranquility, right?
BUT, Your not sure how to get the ingriedents.
Well I`ve finished all the rainbows, so I`m sure I can help.

Before you can even start the rainbows, you need to get the quilt from Hamilton.
Now this isn`t exactly fun, but it needs to be done.

Step 1: A few days after you have made your file, Hamilton will come to your 
house talking about something called "The Quilt"
Nothing you can do now.

Step 2: After he tells you about the quilt, he`ll come back to give you the 
left side of the quilt.
But he will only give it to you after you have earned at least 2,000G somehow.
(Jobs, Shipping things, ETC.)

Step 3: After that, you need the right side of the quilt.To get that, you need 
to talk to gill. Gill feels you don`t need to worry about such things as the 
quilt until you upgrade your house to level 2. Talk to Dale at the carpenter`s 
to upgrade your house.

Step 4: After your house is done upgrading, talk to Gill again. He`ll tell you 
the Sprites took the right half of the quilt from him and hid it.
The quilt is hidden in the clock in the Waffle Town Square, but first you need 
the key to open it up. Talk to Hamilton while he's inside his house to get the 
Use it on the clock, and you'll be able to find the other half of the quilt.
Now you can go about do the rainbows!

The first rainbow is Ben`s.
This is one is really easy and you must do this one first.
This rainbow is activated by watering the green flower in The Town Sqaure.

The ingreidents and how to get them.

Grilled Yam: Buy this from Maya at the Flea Market on the 22nd of any season.

Carp: A common fish that can be caught in the Lake at Maple Lake District.

Good qaulity Herb Fish: This is a big pain. >:(
First you need to but an oven from The General Store. (Which costs 2550G)
Then catch an Eel from the lake. (Not a Conger Eel)
Put the eel and a colored herb in the oven. (The herbs can be found in the 
woods.Any color will work)
Make sure it comes out as Good Herb Fish or Perfect Herb Fish (Decent won`t 

Common Seashell: Found on Cream Beach

Apple:Buy an apple from the Souffle farm during the fall, or Buy an apple from 
Simon during the spring or summer flea market.

Water the flower with the ingreidents in your rucksack.

The second rainbow....
Activate by watering the blue flower in Maple Lake District.

The ingreidents and how to get them.

Plain Omelette: Buy it from Simon at the spring or summer flea market.

Greem herb: A common herb found in the woods.

Good Tomato: You can buy Tomato Seed from Souffle Farm during the Summer season 
for 225 G a bag. Plant the crops in your field and take care of them until they 
produce. You need a "Good" quality Tomato, not a "Decent", "Perfect", 
or "Shining". The other option is to wait until the Fall 27 Harvest Festival, 
where you can buy the Good Tomato from Craig for 165 G

Grilled Eggplant: But an eggplant from Souffle Farm in the fall and buy matches 
from The General Store.
Use the matches on the fire pit on the beach and put your eggplant inside.

Char: Catch this by fishing behind the waterfall in Caramel River District.

After you give Ben all the ingredients, the rainbow will appear, but you can't 
climb it just yet! You need to clear the next sprite, Collin, and then go back 
and talk to Ben. Ben will suddenly remember that he lost his badge while he was 
playing near the river. He fell in and the patch washed away. Go to Kotori 
Island, and up the rainbow that Collin made for you, in order to get to the 
eastern island. You'll find the badge there. Return to Ben one last time, and 
you'll finally be able to go to Gelato Mountain.

You need to finish this rainbow to get ben`s badge.
Activate by watering the yellow flower on Gull Islands.

The ingreidents and how to get them.

Suary: A fish that can be caught on Cream Beach

Blue Wonderful: Find this in the mines by crushing a blue crystal.

Perfect Spinach: You must grow the rainbow ingredient yourself during the Fall 
season. Buy the seeds from Souffle Farm for 75 G a bag. If the crop soil on 
your farm is not very healthy, you might also be able to buy some Fertilizer as 

Banana: Go to Toucan Island by talking to Pascal after completing the first 
rainbow. You can buy this from The Pineapple Inn or you can find one on the 
hill pathway where the Panda is.

Red Wool Yarn:You can get wool from sheep, which you can buy from Brownie Ranch 
for 4200 G. 
After a season it will be an adult, and you can clip its wool every 4 days.
You then need to get the Yarn Maker machine from Simon for 4500 G. The Yarn 
Maker comes with a Dying Pot to turn your yarn different colors by using 
Use a red herb to dye it.

Now you can go across the rainbow and find Ben`s badge!
Talk to him afterwards, and you can climb the rainbow!

Activate by watering the flower in Brownie Ranch District.

The ingreidents and how to get them.

Toadstool: This can easily be found in the mines.

Ok....first, You need a silver fishing pole.
You can get this from The General Store or The Blacksmith`s.
Then, you need to make friends with the Bear on MT. Gelatoe.
Give the bear gifts everyday to make friends. (it likes anything it can eat)
After the bear leaves, you can catch the Woodfish at the spring between 
7:00pm - 5:00am.

Green Bell: This item can be grown during the Winter season if you buy the 
seeds from the Pineapple Inn on Toucan Island for 165 G each. The other way to 
get the flower seed is to buy it during the Harvest Festival on Fall 27. Either 
way, you have to grow the crop yourself.

Ostonnaise: But this from Maya during the Spring or Summer Flea Market.

Carrot Cake: Buy this from Elli during the Fall or Winter Flea Market

Get ready for the last rainbow my friend!
Activate by watering the purple flower on MT. Gelato Peak.

The ingreidents and how to get them.

Tuna: You can catch this at Gull Islands during the Winter and Fall.

Snowflake Flower: Buy this from Candace during the spring or summer flea market.

Perfect Honeydew: Buy this from Souffle Farm during the Summer.

Lapis Lazuli: Find a blue wonderful with one sparkle on it in the mines.Then 
take it to Mira at the blacksmith`s and tell het to refine it.
If it does not have only one sparkle, then she`ll refine it to a saphire so be 

Red Honey: Grow a red flower during any season. Do not pick the flower until 
you see a bee buzzing around it.

Welp that`s it!
That`s all the rainbows!

i hoped it helped :)

Guide: Harvest Moon- Finishing the Rainbows
Game: Harvest Moon Tree of Tranquility
By: Doodle33433
Created: Jan. 31st, 2009

Thanks Fogu and Ranchstory!

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