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                      Hello and Welcome! To the Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life game 
                                       First lets go over the usual...the controls.

Control Stick: Move Character
Control Pad: Scroll Through Menus
L Button: Center Camera on Character; Change Page on Status Screen
R Button: Whistle for Animal; Change PAge on Status Screen
Z Button: See View from Characters Perspective
X Button: Open Quick Start Menu
Y Button: Function Button; Train Dog; Item Description
A Button: Function Button; Talk; Open; Eat
B Button: Function Button; Cancel Function
Start/Select Button: Open Pause/Start Menu

Now please take a moment to review the basics before you go off with your hoe and 
hurt someone. It will save you time, and may prevent a mess or two.

                                                  Name Your Character
As Takakura gives you the tour of the village, he'll ask you to name your dog and 
your cow. Later in the tour he'll ask you what you want people to call you. It's a 
long life. Choose names that appeal to you.

                                                     Dear Diary
Sleep, Save your game and check your farm status by viewing the green diary next to 
your bed. It's a good idea to save your game everynight in case of a messup.

Now that we've gone over the basics, here is the stuff you really want to know.

                                                  Life By Chapter
Your father always wanted to raise a farm. Years ago he bought a farm with his best 
friend Takakura but never lived long enough to fullfill his dream. Now you must 
take over the farm. Takakura will teach you about farming, but you need to choose 
your own path.

                                                     Farming for Profit
Farming isn't just laying back and watching the grass grow. Your constently 
planting, feeding, watering or buying things for the farm. If you get any spare 
time, go and check out the village. Takakura can give you advice on other things.

                                                           Your Place
Your farm contains a barn, tool shed, a food storage, a chicken coop, Takakura's 
house, and your house. In your house (to start with) you have a bedside table, a 
TV, a miniture kitchen, a calender, and a bookshelf. Through the years you can buy 
and upgrade things for your farm and house.

                                                  Herds, Flocks & Fluff

Because the can produce milk twice a day, cows are the biggest money makers on the 
farm, but milk quality and quantity depends on how much feeding, brushing and 
attention the receive.

Easy-going sheep eat half as much as cows, but you can only trim their wool once 
per season. Pamper your sheep by washing their wool and they'll grow exceptionally 
valuable Golden Wool.

Chickens require a little more than a rooster and chicken feed to lay eggs 
daily,but relying on raising chicks for your coop may eventually result in a 
flustered flock of unproductive roosters!

                                                   Then Comes Marrige...
During your first summer you will recive a blue feather. It's a traditional symbol 
for marrige but engaging to soon can ruin it.

Vesta makes no secret for finding a man for this girl. Celia is compassionate and 
knowledgeable about crops and farming. Shes a down-to-earth sweetie looking for an 
honest, hard-working man.
                                                     To Win Her Heart
Celia is a softy for flowers. Even if you forget once or twice, Vesta will try and 
arrange a marrige for you. Celias diary is on the bed above Vestas room

Muffy is a flashy flirt who doesn't want to waste away polishing goblets at the 
Blue Bar. If you perfer a pretyy face who doesn't have a clue about farming, this 
is the girl for you.
                                                  To Win Her Heart
Flowers, flowers, flowers...Muffy likes pretty petals and nothing else except for a 
Big Huchep fish. You can find her diary inside the colorful lamp at the Blue Bar
Nami is potentially the smartest of the three prospects and she won't fall for cute 
lines or pretty flowers. You need to use your noggin to wind the heart and mind of 
this worldly traveler.
                                                To Win Her Heart
Nami perfers Fall flowers so try to impress her with the items and fossils you get 
at the archeology site. Her purple diary is on the desk in her room at the inn.

                                                    Raising Kids
At the end of year 1 you will end up with 1 of the 3 prospects and a baby boy. Will 
he inherit the farm? Will he grow into an unruly teen? Will your nearby neighbors 
influence his career path? It all depends on how you decide to apply your newfound 
parenting skills.

                                                            The Townsfolk
Farming success doesn't just depend on what you know. Some lucky breaks depend on 
who you know. Here is a brief base of everyone who lives in Forget-Me-Not Valley.

Rock- Lives at the Inner Inn
Tim- Lives at the Inner Inn
Ruby- Lives at the Inner Inn
Nami- Staying at the Inner Inn
Galen- Liveing in the Group of Houses
Nina- Living in the Group of Houses
Chris- Living in the Group of Houses
Wally- Living in the Group of Houses
Hugh- Living in the Group of Houses
Griffin- Owns the Blue Bar
Muffy- Works at the Blue Bar
Romana- Lives in the rich Villa
Sebastian- Works for Romana at the great rich Villa
Lumina- Lives at the rich Villa
Vesta- Owns Vesta's Farm
Marlin- Works at Vesta's Farm; Vesta's Older Brother
Celia- Works at Vesta's Farm
Kassey and Patrick- Lives at The Pyrotechnician House
Daryl- A Crazy Scientist who Lives at the Lab
Carter- Works at the Dig SIte
Flora- Works at the Dig Site
Gustafa- Lives in Gustafa's Yurt
Dr. Hardy- Living in the Group of Houses
Van- Sells Items Beside the Inner Inn
Cody- Owns Cody Studios
Po-Po- Lives Among Forget-Me-Not Valley
Sprites- They Live in the big Tree by the Spring

                                                            Get Connected
If you own Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town, you can connect to your GameCube 
and play. To start the process, head towards the path on the mountain range. The 
Harvest Sprites will ask you if you want to connect and will give you step-on-step 
instructions on how to connect.

                                                    Frequent Farming Questions

I gave flowers to a woman who is not a potential bride and she likes me. Can I 
marry her instead?

Nope. You can give gifts to everyone in town but there are onlyy three marrige 
prospects. Hearts in the dialogue of potential brides indicate what the love.

              Marrige is yucky and the only chicks I like are chickens. Do I have 
to do it?

Certainly not, but your game will end on year 1. If you want to play further, you 
must get married.

                     I propused and now her diary lost a heart. What did I do wrong?

Timing is everything. Gives gifts and don't propuse unless there are alot of hearts 
or wait until the end of the year for her to come to you.

                            I hug and feed my horse daily but he is stressed out!

Like all other livestock, your horse needs fresh air and exercise. Let him outside 
on the sunny days.

                                              Can I mix cow breeds?

Of course. You don't need to pair cattle according to breed. It's fun to experiment.

                            Does my wifes personality decide how our child acts?

Yes. Nami's child will be quiet and shy. Muffy's child will be happy and giggly. 
Celia's child will be down-to-earth just like his mom.

                              How many career paths are availble for my son?

Depending on how many people you befriend, you son may have up to 6 choices.

            I want to buy something but I have no gold! How can I make some, and 
You can sell some of your animals and crops. It'll take about 1 day for the money 
to get to you. It is easier and faster to sell stuff when Van is in town.

Now get out there and start planting. Remeber, its a long life. Have fun with it!


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