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    |  ____ | |  ____  |  ____  \__   __/|  __  \ |  ____  | \   | |\__   __/
    | |    || | |      | |         | |   | |  \  || |      |  \  | |   | |
    | |____|| | |__    | |_____    | |   | |   | || |__    |   \ | |   | |
    |     __| |  __|   |_____  |   | |   | |   | ||  __|   | |\ \| |   | |
    | |\  \   | |            | |   | |   | |   | || |      | | \   |   | |
    | | \  \  | |____   _____| |___| |___| |__/  || |____  | |  \  |   | |
    | |  \  \ |_______  _______|\_______/|______/ |_______ | |   \_|   |_|

                       ______           _________ _
                      |  ____  |\    /| \__   __/| |
                      | |      | |  | |    | |   | |
                      | |__    | |  | |    | |   | |
                      |  __|   | |  | |    | |   | |
                      | |      \ \__/ /    | |   | |
                      | |____   \    /  ___| |___| |_____
                      |_______   \__/   \_______/|_______|

Table of Contents:
3.Herb Chart
6.Event Completion Checklists
7.Hints & Tips

- 1. Information -
I haven't played Outbreak in a few months, and I forgot to make any new walkthroughs 
until this one. If you have e-mailed me I apologize for not answering any messages 
but I haven't checked my mail recently. This guide was not copied and the 
information was not stolen from any strategy guides. If you want to copy any part of 
this guide, e-mail me asking permission and as long as you don't copy this exact 
guide to a different website and personally take credit for it I won't care. If You 
have any questions about any of the other scenarios feel free to e-mail me at 
[email protected] Also for those of you that have a network adapter and 
would like to play online with me, my AOL Instant Messenger screen name is 
ZombieKiller122 and my RE online name is ZombieKiller2.

NOTE: I wrote the first scenario Outbreak walkthrough here on Cheatcodes a very long 
time ago, but I am tired of hearing people say the Outbreak scenario will freeze FOR 
SURE with Alyssa. I have beat every scenario with every character, including 
Outbreak with Alyssa a few different times each on each different difficulty and not 
once has the game frozen. Capcom says Alyssa text messages are larger than every 
other character, causing the game to freeze during the Outbreak scenario only. I'm 
not saying it CAN'T freeze, I'm only saying it won't happen as often as people make 
it sound. I read an FAQ once that said "don't worry about getting 100% because the 
game will freeze if you use Alyssa", that isn't true. This isn't really a big deal 
but I just had to metion it because it is making me angry hearing people say over 
and over you can't beat Outbreak with Alyssa.


- A. Kevin Ryman -
OCCUPATION: Police Officer
STARTING ITEM: .45 Automatic Handgun
SPECIAL ACTION: Kick (Press O while holding R1) 
INFORMATION: Kevin Ryman is a good all around character and is great 
for beginners. He has strength, speed and his own gun. Being a police 
officer he shoots everything very accurately and can deal with monsters 
quite well. He has no major disadvantages.  

- B. Mark Wilkins -
OCCUPATION: Security Guard
STARTING ITEM: Standard Handgun
SPECIAL ACTION: Block (Press O while holding R1)
INFORMATION: Mark is a big guy so he is a bit slow, but his size 
gives him an advantage because he is very strong with melee weapons. He also fires 
with good accuracy. His major disadvantage is running slow as mentioned above, so 
it's not wise to use him in a scenario where you have to keep moving at a fast pace, 
especially in Decisions, Decisions. He's alright for the first scenario.

- C. Alyssa Ashcroft -
OCCUPATION: Journalist
SPECIAL ACTION: Backstep (Press O while holding R1)
INFORMATION: Alyssa is the best female you can have in the game. Her 
lockpick helps eliminate the need for some keys, she also runs fast and 
fires somewhat accurately.

- D. David King -
SPECIAL ACTION: Wrench Throw (Press O while holding R1)
INFORMATION: David can repair broken items with his toolbox function. 
This is helpful in situations where a gun might break and he can create new weapons 
by combining things in his tool box with other items. He can run at a fast pace and 
he shoots accurately. He's not nearly as combative as Kevin or Mark, but his special 
abilities help.

- E. Cindy Lennox -
SPECIAL ACTION: Duck (Press O while holding R1)
INFORMATION: She's actually tougher than she looks. She's not 
particularly good at shooting, but she can heal her partners among other 
things. Her Duck ability helps her elude attacks from certain enemies. She's pretty 
average overall. 

- F. Jim Chapman -
OCCUPATION: Train Company Employee
SPECIAL ACTION: Playing dead (Press O while holding R1)
INFORMATION: He's annoying, he constantly whines but he's a good 
character because he can play dead which helps to conserve ammo. Also this 
special action can help not get attacked, the zombies wont even acknowledge him. He 
runs fast, shoots well and is pretty good overall but if you use his special 
abillity to much the virus meter will go up very quickly.

- G. Yoko Suzuki -
OCCUPATION: University Student
SPECIAL ACTION: Escape (Press O while holding R1)
INFORMATION: She's slow, has a hard time aiming a gun, and is rather 
weak in terms of strength. But her most redeeming factor is that she 
has a backpack which helps her carry twice the amount of items. This alone helps her 
avoid constant trading and backtracking. 
Highly recommended as a partner character whenever possible. 

- H. George Hamilton -
SPECIAL ACTION: (Press O while holding or pressing R1)
INFORMATION: George is a semi-frightened doctor, and being a doctor he 
takes aim with his medical knowledge to mix up herbs and medicines and 
such. He's a bit slow, and his shooting's not as good as it should be, 
but he's recommended for health freaks out there.

- 3. Herb Chart -

|               Herb/Herbs                       |              Affect            |
|Green Herb                                      |25% Heal                        |
|Blue Herb                                       |Poison Heal                     |
|Green Herb + Red Herb                           |100% Heal                       |
|Red Herb + Blue Herb                            |Poison Heal                     |
|Green Herb + Green Herb                         |50% Heal                        |
|Green Herb + Blue Herb                          |25% + Poison Heal               |
|Green Herb + Red Herb + Blue Herb               |100% + Poison Heal              |
|Red Herb + George's Medical Kit                 |Hemostat                        |
|Green Herb + Green Herb + Blue Herb             |50% + Poison Heal               |
|Green Herb + George's Medical Kit               |Antidote (Poison Heal)          |
|Blue Herb + George's Medical Kit                |Recovery Medicene (25% Heal)    |
|Red Herb + Blue Herb + George's Medical Kit     |Recovery Medicene L (100% Heal) |

- 4. Walkthrough -

- Apple Inn square -

Check the HOTEL GUIDE MAP in front of you. This hotel might look small on the map, 
but you can get lost very easily until you memorize the scenario.

Check beside the corpse in the corner of the courtyard for a 
GREEN HERB. Now go through the open doorway leading to the Boiler 

- Boiler room -

If you check on the ground by the firefighter's body, you can find a SHOTGUN unless 
you are playing normal mode, it will be an IRON PIPE.

Check the fireman's body to trigger a video. 

If you check the two firemen's bodies (one is at the top of the ladder) you will 
find the two ID Tags. These are good to have in your inventory when you complete the 
level, you will complete three Checklist Events. Each tag is one Checklist 
Completion, and both together is another Checklist Completion. Although this isn't 
hard, they do take up item slots. You should use Yoko if you are specifically trying 
to keep the Tags, you can give them to your partners but most likely they will drop 
them for ammo or etc. so it's best to keep them yourself. 

Climb the ladder.

- Apple Inn Square -

Go to your character's left and open the only other door accessible in this 

- Northwest passage 3 -

There's a fire in front of you, so go to your character's left. You
can check around the bend in the hallway for a BLUE HERB if you need 

WARNING: Don't open this door in Very Hard, you will catch a backdraft which will, 
if you're fortunate put you in DANGER. The unlucky people die. Just skip down past 
this room.

- Room 301 -

In here, you can find a zombie by the bed, as well as a RED HERB between them.
If you're playing on a harder difficulty, you could combine it with the 
BLUE HERB from the hall to make an herb mixture that works as an 
ANTI VIRUS. Leave the room.

- Northwest passage 3 -

Climb out the window. Climb down and take the GREEN HERB, then scoot over to the 
edge. You might want to get rid of the pesky crows, they can leave you hanging from 
the edge or if you are already hanging because of the fire they will knock you off 
and... you get the picture.

When you get to the zombie in the window, stop close to it and he will fall out. I 
have never tried but I think he will kill you if you get in front of the window when 
he falls out.

This next window around the corner has flames coming out of it which can't kill
you, but they can cause you hanging, leaving you very helpless for the Crows. So, 
just keep going, and hurry because your partner is really, really dumb. One of your 
partners is most likely to be hurt while you are in the same room or area as them.

The door at the end is too hot, so climb down the ladder and open the door at the 

- Northwest passage 2 -

There are a few zombies here, and in the harder difficulties, they keep coming. 
Unless you are playing on Easy or Normal, just ignore them.If you go to your 
character's left, you can find a door that requires a card key.

Go toward the other end. Open the first door you come to on the left.

WARNING: In Very Hard, this door also contains a backdraft.

- Store room -

Here, you can find HANDGUN ROUNDS, a BLUE HERB, .45 AUTO ROUNDS for Kevin, the 
JANITOR'S DAILY REPORT file, and a BATTERY that David can combine with an IRON PIPE 
to make a STUN GUN. Also, Alyssa can unlock a locker in this room.

After you get all the stuff you want in here, leave.

- Northwest passage 2 -

Next, run to the door at the west end of the hall. Open it.

- Room 201 -

Check this room for an ANTI VIRUS in the locker, a GREEN HERB between the bed, 
and a FIRST AID SPRAY in the bathroom.


- Northwest passage 2 -

The area you are about to enter is where the character that didn't follow you to 3F 
is, on the floor right below you and the longer you stay in this next
room, the more likely this character is to, unfortunatly, get killed.
So you should hurry through this next corridor as quickly as you can possibly run.

Now open the door located in the southeast part of the hall.

- Corridor -

Take the GREEN HERB on your character's left on Easy. Next, run south down the 
corridor to the only other accessible door. Open it.

- Boiler management office -

Why the, heck, does the boiler room have an office?

Here, you can find some SHOTGUN ROUNDS between the ladder steps. On Normal
you can't see it, but On Easy you can get a GREEN HERB from the desk.

Enter the only other door here.

- Boiler room -

here as well. Leave.

- Boiler management office -

Now return to the Corridor.

- Corridor -

Quickily head back to the Northwest Passge 2.

- Northwest Passage 2 -

The next thing to do is to unlock the double doors at the end with your new card 
key and proceed through, you no longer need it.

- Security office -

Here, you should find the "brave" partner that went solo. If you didn't, check your 
map and hunt down their dead carcas :-). Also if that person doesn't have the 
GOLD RELIEF KEY, unfortunatly you will have to go get it yourself.

If your partner is here, you can either take this key from them, or just trust them 
to hold it and follow you (VERY HIGHLY NOT RECOMENDED IF IT'S DAVID).

Check inside this room for a few items.HANDGUN ROUNDS, a FIRST AID SPRAY, SHOTGUN 

This manual explains the emergency ladder which takes you to the Front Lobby that 
runs on emergency power. You have to turn the emergency power on. The GOLD RELIEF 
KEY will give you access to the Power Supply Room.

Run to the back of the room and push that bookshelf toward the statue. If you 
check your map, you can see that these doors lead to the Apple Inn front lobby.
The SILVER RELIEF KEY lets us into the room that contains the RED JEWEL, which 
can be put into the bust on this statue to unlock this door.

So now you know what the "To Do" List includes, get to work!! :-)

- Northwest passage 2 -

Go to the other end of the hall, but open the door second to the end.

- Owner's room -

Check the bookshelf for a RED HERB at the top, then run around that crate and 
push it through that hole in the floor. Now, jump through the hole onto the 
crate, then onto the table, and finally to the floor. Check the sparkling item to 
recive the GUEST LIST COPY file. Search the ground here for a BLUE HERB and a 
CONCRETE PIECE (David combines with an IRON PIPE for a HAMMER). They're located
just next to each other behind the crate. Open the door down here.

- Northwest passage 1 -

Be VERY quick and carefull in this corridor (unless you have the ammo to waste) 
because there are 2 lickers in here drooling to taste your skin. Check under the 
bench for a SHOTGUN, then run to your character's right, and through the door 
at the end of the corridor.

There's a RED HERB for both difficulties and a GREEN HERB on Easy on the opposite 
end of the hall. Just be careful because you still have two "friends" waiting for 
you. If they catch you, then you're... hmmm, screwed?

- Room 101 -

Here, you can find a FIRST AID SPRAY between the beds and a BLUE HERB in the 

Now, take the HOTEL CHARGE BREAKDOWN file on the bed. This will help tell you 
how to unlock the safe in this room, which contains the SILVER RELIEF KEY. 
To solve the puzzle, first check the file you just obtained. It willl contain 
one of the following names: A. Evans, A. Lowell, T. Whitman, or J. Wilson. Check the 
corresponding name on the GUEST LIST COPY FILE for 3 letters. This is the 
combination of the locker in this room. Here are the guest names and corresponding 
codes for the safe.

Andrew Evans = JIA
Anna Lowell = BAE
Joseph Wilson = DCH
Toby Whitman = GGF

Once you open the safe and get the SILVER RELIEF KEY, exit the room.

- Northwest passage 1 -

Avoid the Licker and go toward the other end of the hall. First, unlock the next 
door directly after you pass the Owner's room door with the SILVER RELIEF KEY, 
continue to the next door and unlock it with the GOLD RELIEF KEY. Enter this room 
and make sure you keep the SILVER RELIEF KEY, but you can get rid of the GOLD RELIEF 

- Power Supply Room -

Here, you can find a BATTERY, FIRST AID SPRAY or GREEN HERB, and some 
SHOTGUN ROUNDS. You have to restore power to the emergency ladder in the hotel front 
lobby, what better way than the emergency power supply? Check the red panel on the 
wall opposite the door for the power control panel.

Your objective is to get all of these lights lit up, but when you press a button, it 
lights up and so does each button touching it (not diagonally). However, if one of 
the lights is already lit, it is then turned off. There isn't really a time limit 
but every now and then it will make you start over.

The steps to the puzzle are simple for easy, press the second button in the FOURTH
ROW. Next, press the fourt button in the THIRD ROW. Now press the third button in 
the FIRST ROW, and finally the first button in the SECOND ROW.

The Normal difficulty has two different puzzle possibillities, and the hard/very 
hard modes are pretty simple (for hard/very hard remember this tip, START BY 

- Northwest passage 1 -

Now go through that door you unlocked with the SILVER RELIEF KEY but didn't enter.

- Corridor -

There's a CONCRETE PIECE on the ground to your characters left.

Most of these rooms are unnecessary, so I'll list the rooms by name and what 
they have in them. If you want what is in there, then go get it.

- Room 102 -

GUEST MEMO 1 file.


- Room 103 -


Bathroom: GREEN HERB.

- Room 104 -

There's a zombie in here, GREEN HERB, HANDGUN ROUNDS, GUEST MEMO 2.

Bathroom: IRON PIPE.

- Lounge stairs -

NOTE: To access the lounge stairs from 1F you must pick the lock or break the door 
open in the corner, it's the only locked door in this corridor.

SHOTGUN ROUNDS crawl through the duct on the floor.

Northwest passage 1: SHOTGUN located through double doors under fallen air 

After you're finished, return to the Corridor and go up the stairs at the end.
.45 AUTO ROUNDS for Kevin are at the top of the first flight of stairs. Keep 
going up to 2F.

Here, we have the same situation.

- Room 204 -


Bathroom: RED HERB.

- Room 203 - 

Engulfed in flames.

- Room 202 - 


Bathroom: ANTI VIRUS.

AND NOW, continue up the Corridor stairs.

- Apple Inn square -

Watch for the licker. Unlock the first door to your characters right with the SILVER 
RELIEF KEY, then go through.

- Room 306 -

Run to the back of the room, where you'll find the RED JEWEL. You can drop the 
SILVER RELIEF KEY for this RED JEWEL (you no longer need the key). However, if you 
would like some items from the rooms up here, here are the items in them:

- Room 306 -


- Room 30# -

Room 30#(2): Zombie, GREEN HERB, SHOTGUN ROUNDS.

- Linen room -

When you're finished picking stuff up, head back to the Security office. Exit this 

- Apple Inn square -

Go down the stairs.

- Corridor -

Run to the other end of the hall and open the door (stay on 2F).

- Security office -

Now, put the RED JEWEL in the statue's bust and go through the door that opens. Go 
to the ladder and press the button, go down to the Front Lobby. There are SHOTGUN 
ROUNDS on the table directly behind the ladder, and more on the table behind that 
(search the newspaper sitting on the table to find them). Go towards the narrow 
passge to trigger the cutscene, the Regis Licker stands between you and survival. 
While you are fighting it, use the red switch on the lobby desk to trigger the fire 
alarm and scare the other lickers away. After you kill the Regis Licker, head 
through the door to end the scenario.

- 5. Passcodes

- Below Freezing Point -
Chemical Storage Room:          0634, 4509, 9741
Security Room:                  A375, J126, C582, B482, D580, A194

- The Hive -
Control Room Codes For B2F:     3555, 5315, 8211
Control Room Codes For Roof:    0930

- Hellfire -
Security Room Keypad:           0721, 2287, 6354, 5128
Room 101 safe:                  JIA, BAE, DCH, GGF

- Decisions, Decisions -
1F Elevator Activation Codes:   4032, 4161, 4927, 4284

- 6. Event Completion Checklists -

|                         Outbreak - Event Checklist                          |
| Event                                                                       |
| [] Built barricade out of barrels.                                          |
| [] Used the staff room key.                                                 |
| [] Used the key with blue tag.                                              |
| [] Solved painting puzzle.                                                  |
| [] Unlocked cabinet (Alyssa).                                               |
| [] Moved cargo with the forklift.                                           |
| [] Destroyed liquor room shutter.                                           |
| [] Destroyed wire fence on rooftop.                                         |
| [] Read all graffiti with lighter.                                          |
| [] Built patrol car barricade.                                              |
| [] Opened gasoline tanker valve.                                            |
| [] Used lighter to ignite gas.                                              |
| [] Activated detonator.                                                     |
| [] Killed zombies and survived.                                             |
| [] Escaped zombies and survived.                                            |
| [] Collected every map.                                                     |
| [] Died in gas tanker explosion.                                            |
| [] Obtained "newspaper."                                                    |
| [] Obtained "Jack's memo."                                                  |
| [] Obtained "staffer's diary."                                              |
| [] Obtained "Raccoon Today."                                                |
| [] Screams in the owner's room.                                             |
| [] Saw a crow fly into the Drawing room.                                    |
| [] A bottle fell in the wine room.                                          |
| [] A bottle fell in the liquor room.                                        |
| [] Screams in front of J's Bar.                                             |
| [] Watched "Will Becomes a Zombie."                                         |
| [] Watched "Bob Gets Worse."                                                |
| [] Watched "Bob's Suicide."                                                 |
| [] Watched "Bob Becomes a Zombie."                                          |
| [] Watched "Block Staff Door."                                              |

|                   Below Freezing Point - Event Checklist                    |
| Event                                                                       |
| [] Unlocked locker with lockpick.                                           |
| [] Thawed frozen wrench.                                                    |
| [] Used wrench to open panel.                                               |
| [] Used valve handle to open door.                                          |
| [] Watched "Used V-JOLT in B7F."                                            |
| [] Watched "Used V-JOLT in B6F."                                            |
| [] Watched "Monica Runs Off."                                               |
| [] Watched "Giant Moth Attacks."                                            |
| [] Watched "Comp. Room Desertion."                                          |
| [] Unlocked comp. room w/ card key.                                         |
| [] Unlocked shutter with card key.                                          |
| [] Watched "Used Blowtorch."                                                |
| [] Used key to activate turn table.                                         |
| [] Watched "Missed Turntable."                                              |
| [] Watched "Turn Table Goes Up."                                            |
| [] Moved locomotive.                                                        |
| [] Watched "Defeated Mutated G."                                            |
| [] Received item from researcher 1.                                         |
| [] Got item from staffer 2 (Yoko).                                          |
| [] Obtained map.                                                            |
| [] Obtained "Top-Secret Memo."                                              |
| [] Obtained "Researcher's Will."                                            |
| [] Obtained "Staff Memo."                                                   |
| [] Obtained "Interoffice Memo."                                             |
| [] Obtained "Laboratory Memo."                                              |
| [] Obtained "Monthly Passcode."                                             |
| [] Obtained "Custodian's Diary."                                            |

|                         The Hive - Event Checklist                          |
| Event                                                                       |
| [] Used blood pack.                                                         |
| [] Used nurse call button.                                                  |
| [] Turned on power to shutter.                                              |
| [] Opened 1F shutter.                                                       |
| [] Opened waiting room shutter.                                             |
| [] Had the elevator go to B2F.                                              |
| [] Elevator reached the roof.                                               |
| [] Bled at the nurse station.                                               |
| [] Unlocked door with B1F card key.                                         |
| [] Unlocked door with B2F card key.                                         |
| [] Defeated Leech Man.                                                      |
| [] Got item from policeman on roof.                                         |
| [] Used chain key.                                                          |
| [] Obtained map.                                                            |
| [] Obtained "Male Nurse's Diary."                                           |
| [] Obtained "Repair Work Memo."                                             |
| [] Obtained "Setting Manual."                                               |
| [] Obtained "Piece of Memo."                                                |
| [] Got "Chemical Code Message."                                             |
| [] Obtained "Researcher's Diary."                                           |
| [] Got "Investigation Request."                                             |
| [] Obtained "Card Memo."                                                    |
| [] Obtained "Security Guard Guide."                                         |

|                         Hellfire - Event Checklist                          |
| Event                                                                       |
| [] Unlocked safe in Room 101.                                               |
| [] Provided emergency power.                                                |
| [] Solved Europe map puzzle.                                                |
| [] Dropped crate in owner's room.                                           |
| [] Destroyed 304/305 wall.                                                  |
| [] Cleared with Len's tag.                                                  |
| [] Cleared with Charlie's tag.                                              |
| [] Cleared w/ Len and Charlie tags.                                         |
| [] Obtained Apple Inn map.                                                  |
| [] Obtained "Guest Memo 1."                                                 |
| [] Obtained "Guest Memo 2."                                                 |
| [] Obtained "Guest Memo 3."                                                 |
| [] Got "Janitor's Repair Memo."                                             |
| [] Got "Janitor's Daily Report."                                            |
| [] Obtained "Guard's Notebook."                                             |
| [] Obtained "Emergency Manual."                                             |
| [] Obtained "Guest List Copy."                                              |
| [] Got "Hotel Charge Breakdown."                                            |
| [] Defeated Regis Licker.                                                   |
| [] Opened secret security rm. door.                                         |
| [] Used motorized ladder.                                                   |
| [] Used card key to unlock door.                                            |
| [] Used passcode to unlock door.                                            |
| [] Used gold relief key.                                                    |
| [] Used silver relief key.                                                  |
| [] Rang front lobby bell.                                                   |
| [] Opened locker with lockpick.                                             |
| [] Watched "Call over Radio."                                               |
| [] Watched "Regis Licker Appears."                                          |

|                   Decisions, Decisions - Event Checklist                    |
| Event                                                                       |
| [] Set red jewel in stuffed moose.                                          |
| [] Set blue jewel in stuffed moose.                                         |
| [] Solved Cuckoo Clock puzzle.                                              |
| [] Played piano on 2F (Cindy).                                              |
| [] Pulled string, moved statue arm.                                         |
| [] Pulled string, zombies came out.                                         |
| [] Used V-Poison in incubator.                                              |
| [] Used P-Base in incubator.                                                |
| [] Used T-Blood in incubator.                                               |
| [] Used Daylight on yourself.                                               |
| [] Killed Thanatos R with Daylight.                                         |
| [] Defeated Thanatos R.                                                     |
| [] Routed power to emission tower.                                          |
| [] Unlocked door with red tag key.                                          |
| [] Unlocked water tank area door.                                           |
| [] Electocuted Thanatos.                                                    |
| [] Thanatos came in through window.                                         |
| [] Collected every map.                                                     |
| [] Used glasses on 2nd statue.                                              |
| [] Used card key.                                                           |
| [] Input elevator code.                                                     |
| [] Unlocked university doors.                                               |
| [] Restarted Incubator.                                                     |
| [] Obtained "Geneology Facts."                                              |
| [] Obtained "Blood-Stained Memo."                                           |
| [] Got "Reagent Generation Memo."                                           |
| [] Obtained "Section of a Diary."                                           |
| [] Obtained "Cable Repair Request."                                         |
| [] Obtained "Torn Memo."                                                    |
| [] Obtained "Part of Torn Memo."                                            |
| [] Obtained "Orders."                                                       |
| [] Obtained "Peter's Diary."                                                |
| [] Obtained "Number Memo."                                                  |
| [] Watched "Peter Discovered."                                              |
| [] Watched "Hunter (Gamma) Appears."                                        |
| [] Watched "UBCS vs Thanatos."                                              |
| [] Watched "Greg and Yoko."                                                 |
| [] Watched "ED: Chopper Zombie."                                            |
| [] Watched "ED: George and Cindy."                                          |
| [] Watched "ED: Mark and David."                                            |
| [] Watched "ED: Kevin and Jim."                                             |
| [] Watched "ED: Alyssa and Yoko."                                           |
| [] Watched "ED: Regretful Ending."                                          |
| [] Watched "ED: Remain Hopeful."                                            |

- 7. Tips  -

A. You should always keep your partners around, they can help you carry more items 
and kill more enemies. It's hard to keep them around sometimes because you cannot 
controll them but when they are around they will be a big help. When playing online, 
before the game starts it's usually best to talk about pairing up in groups of twos, 
unless you are good enough to survive by yourself.


B. Watch you virus gauge, using healing items will stop your virus gauge for a 
short time. There are no ways to get the percentage to go back down in the first 
few scenarios so once it starts going up hurry to the end of the scenario before it 
reaches 100% or you will die and become a zombie. Your virus gauge usually isn't too 
important because it rarely reaches 100%, unless you are continuously getting 
attacked and not using any items to stop it. The virus gauge never really has enough 
TIME to reach 100% except in Decisions, Decisions and once you use the Daylight 
Serum you're good to go.


C. Conserve of ammo, like most Resident Evil games zombies will fall on the ground 
but not die yet (in this game it's much easier to take them down than in past RE 
games)so just run passed them before they get back up. Also remember, these zombies 
are idiots. If you are standing still sometimes they won't notice you, and if they 
have their back to you walk on one side of the hall towards them and then go to 
their other side and they will turn the wrong way, allowing you an easy pass to just 
run by them. 90% of the time you can just run from an enemy and save the ammo (Hard 
or Very Hard hellfire you definitally need to conserve of ammo because it is scarce 
and the Regis Licker requires quite a few bullets.


D. Distribute items evenly, even your CPU partners need a weapon and healing item if 
you want them to help you. Make sure you use the item menu quickly though because 
unlike the past games going to the item menu will not pause game play and you will 
get attacked by ememies.


E. Watch your partners even though you might think they can't be very much help 
they can very easily help you out in ways without saying it, you have to study 
their actions. If your partner is looking to his side instead of forward, there is 
probably an enemy off-screen in that direction.If you search a room and don't find 
anything but the CPU keeps entering that room and exiting again, there is probably 
an item in that room that just isn't in plain sight (they will pick up anything 
in plain sight if they want it but they won't search for hidden items).


F. If you are having a hard time finding a key or perhapse you are in a hurry and 
don't want to search for it, just use your physical attacks and break the door down 
(like with Kevin when you hold R2 and press O he will do a kick, that kick works 
wonders for kicking doors open).


G. This is along the line of conservation of ammo and using your physical attacks to 
open doors, if there is a zombie coming towards you in an open area, why waste ammo 
on it? If you use a physical attack and knock them backwards for a second you can 
run right passed them and be gone before they even realize what happened. 
George's "charged" tackle and Kevin's kick work for longer distances then the 
regular tackles, and David's monkey wrenches are better than anything else but you 
have a limited supply.


H. If you have one first aid spray left and you are in yellow caution, what do you 
do? DON'T USE IT! You should always wait until you are in danger before using a full 
healing item, only use healing items when you need them. Sometimes on Easy mode 
healing items are plentiful and if you are worried about getting hurt too bad then 
sure, go ahead and waste some health if you have more but on Hard/Very Hard you have 
to be very careful with health, and definitally ammo.


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