Help Beginners - Guide for Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Duel Stories

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   1.Your Deck
   2.My Deck
   3.My fave. God Monster

          1.Your Deck
           Check your deck of monsters, so you can check to fuse monsters. If you 
don't have time wizard GET IT! Because it can be fused with any dragon to make 
thousand dragon. (mainly your deck should start with a week dragin card). So that 
way when you get to Tomino Town 2 (with Kaiba, Weevil, Rex ect.) then you will have 
a better chance of winning. Now if your deck has a Kuribo KEEP IT! You can get 
multiply to cover your field in kuribo, so you can sacrifice it to summon a higher 
level monster.

         2. My Deck
            367.Jirai Gumo
            758.Big Shield Gardna
            784.Change of Heart
            690.Fake Trap(2)
            685.Acid Trap Hole(3)
            523.The Bistro Butcher(2)
            493.Maha Vailo
            415.Mechanicle Chaser(3)
            377.Ryu-Kishen Powered(2)
            339.Red Medicine(3)
            512.Cannon Soldier(2)
            338.Mooyan Curry(3)
            773.Sword Hunter
            651.Kunai With Chain
            442.Aqua Dragon
            661.Crush Card
            249.Water Omotics
            130.Weather Control
            135.Fiends Hand
            551.Dark Elf
            224.Trap Master 
            349.Spellbinding Circle
            348.Swords of Revealing Light

         3.My Fave. God Monster
            My Favorite Egyption God card is The Winged Dragon of Ra. Because I 
sacrifice my 3 Powered up strongest monsters which are:Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon, 
Gate Guardian, My other God Card Obelisk The Tormentor. My Winged Dragon was 
Undeafeatable. So I Beat Everybody.

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