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I'm really sorry but this isn't finished at all yet! I'll get back to it as soon as 
I can!!!!!!!!!

Mario Kart
Double Dash!!

Welcome to my FAQ! This is my first guide so it might not be the greatest, but I 

Table of Contents
1: Intro
2: Controls
3: Standard Items
4: Characters/hidden characters
5: Vehicles/hidden vehicles
6a: Mushroom Cup
6b: Flower Cup
This game is a big redo of Mario Kart for Nintendo64, but much better! You drive 
with two people and with special items and new moves make this game a whole lot 
more FUN!!!!!!!

Controls (your instruction manuel is probably better!)
Single player kart: 
			Start: pause menu and back		
Control stick: move curser, steer kart, generate mini turbo boost; when throwing, 
forward to throw forward and back to throw back

A button: select; hold to accelerate; activate rocket start

B button: cancel selection; brakes, reverse

X/Y buttons: throw item

Z button: switch character position

L/R buttons: power slide

Multiplayer kart: Front player

Control stick: turn kart

Start: (player 1 only) pause menu and back

L/R buttons: power slide/ mini turbo boost with other player

Z button: when both players press at same time, characters will change positions.

X/Y buttons: pass item to rear player

A button: confirm menu selection; accelerate

B button: brake, reverse

Multiplayer Kart: rear player

Start: (player one only) pause menu and back

Control stick: why firing, forward to fire forward, back to fire back; why sliding, 
left and right to trigger mini turbo slide

A button: perform rocket start and double dash

B button: when in co-op mode use to throw items

X/Y buttons: throw item

Z button: press at same time as driver to switch positions

L/R buttons: attack people when next to them (good way to steal items!)


The way to get items is to go through boxes. There is a list of different kinds 

Item box: gives the player in the rear a single item

Double item box: Both characters will get an item!

EXPLODE! Try to avoid them! They look more red than a regular box, they have an 
upside down question mark, and are usually out of line because they are dropped by 
other players.

Item List: A list of items for your enjoyment!

Fake item: a fake item box that can trick your opponents. Throw it forward or back. 
You will usually get these when you are 1st-3rd place.

Green shell: Throw these forward or back to illimunate obstacles or rivals. The 
closer you are to 1st, the better your chance of getting a green shell.

Red shell: these shells track rivals down. You can throw them forward or back. 
You’re likely to get one if you are in the middle of the group.

Mushroom: This will give you a small boost. You are likely to get one if you are 
3rd through 5th place.

Spiny shell: A spiked blue shell with wings. It will quickly track down the players 
in first and cause a big explosion which will hurt everyone in the area. You will 
have a slight chance of getting one if you are 4th through 8th place.

Triple Mushrooms: A three pack of standard mushrooms. The closer you are to last, 
the better the chance of you getting a pack.

Banana: You can throw the banana forward or back for a car to slip on. It will stay 
put until driven over. You will get this item when you are in 1st through 3rd place.

Star: When you use a star you will become invincible. Your car will go slightly 
over maximum speed, and it will have great handling. You will most likely get one 
in 6th through 8th place. But there is a slight chance you’ll get one in 4th or 5th.

Thunderbolt: When you use a thunderbolt all other cars will spin out of control and 
become small. They won’t go nearly as fast, and you can run them over. You will 
usually get these in last place, but you just might get one in 6th or 7th.


The information will be in the following format-

Special item: description.

Fireballs: when shot forward they will split up into a mad rampage of fireballs 
until they disappear. You’re more likely to get one in 3rd through 6th place.

Heart: When you use this two hearts will spin around your kart. Each one will save 
you from one hit. And when an item hits you it will transform into a power-up that 
you’ll hold. You will get a heart more often as you fall farther behind.

Eggs: these will home in on the nearest kart and once hit they will explode into 
useful and dangerous items. Run over the useful ones! You are very likely to get an 
egg unless you are in 1st or 8th place.

Baby Mario/small
Baby Luigi/small
Chain Chomps: When you pull out a chain chomp, he'll zoom your kart ahead, passing 
everything and ramming other karts in your way. Once you let go of him he still 
continues on ramming cars. You are more likely to get one as you fall farther back.

Triple shells: you get three of the red shells of three of the green shells. You're 
more likely to get them in third fourth fifth or sixth place.

Donkey Kong/heavy
Diddy Kong/light
Giant Banana: a giant banana that when hit splits into three normal bananas. You 
are most likely to get one as you get closer to first.

Bowser Jr./light
Bowser Shell: It's basicly a giant version of the green shell! You'll probably get 
one in 3rd 4th 5th or 6th place.

Bob-omb: Once you hurl it forward or back it will explode and all players caught in 
the explosion will lose all items. You are very likely to get in 3rd 4th 5th or 
6th. You will never get one in 1st or 8th.

                         Hidden Characters!

Golden mushroom: You can use the golden mushroom over and over again for a few 
seconds easily making it one of the best items in the game! You are more likely to 
get one as you fall farther behind.
To Unlock!: beat special cup on 100cc.

Petey Piranha/ heavy
King Boo/ heavy
Any special item!: This couple will dominate the course because they can get every 
characters special item! Awsome!
To Unlock!: beat mirror mode; star cup.


the info will look like this:

speed-? out of 5 stars
acceleration-? out of 5 stars
weight-? out of 5 stars

Red Fire/medium
speed- 3/5
acceleration- 3/5
weight- 3/5

Heart Coach/medium
speed- 2/5
acceleration- 4/5
weight- 3/5

Turbo Yoshi/medium
speed- 2/5
acceleration- 4/5
weight- 3/5

Goo-Goo Buggy/light
speed- 1/5
acceleration- 5/5
weight- 2/5

Koopa Dasher/light
speed- 2/5
acceleration- 4/5
weight- 2/5

DK Jumbo/heavy
speed- 4/5
acceleration- 2/5
weight- 4/5

Koopa King/heavy
speed- 5/5
acceleration- 1/5
weight- 5/5

Wario Car/heavy
speed- 4/5
acceleration- 2/5
weight- 4/5

                             Hidden Vehicles

Green Fire/medium
speed- 4/5
acceleration- 2/5
weight- 2/5
To Unlock!- beat mushroom cup, 50cc

Rattle Buggy/light
speed- 2/5
acceleration- 4/5
weight- 2/5
To Unlock!: beat mushroom cup, 100cc

Bloom Coach/medium
speed- 3/5
acceleration- 3/5
weight- 2/5
To Unlock!: beat flower cup

Waluigi Racer/medium
speed- 3/5
acceleration- 3/5
weight- 3/5
To Unlock!: beat 100cc flower cup

Turbo Birdo/medium
speed- 3/5
acceleration- 3/5
weight- 4/5
To Unlock!: beat flower cup, 150cc

Para Wing/light
speed- 1/5
acceleration- 5/5
weight- 2/5
To Unlock!: beat star cup, 50cc

Barrel Train/light
speed- 4/5
acceleration- 2/5
weight- 3/5
To Unlock!: beat star cup, 150cc

Bullet Blaster/light
speed- 4/5
acceleration- 3/5
weight- 1/5
To Unlock!: beat special cup, 50cc

Toad Kart/light
speed- 2/5
acceleration- 4/5
weight- 2/5
To Unlock!: beat special cup, 100cc

Toadette Kart/light
speed- 1/5
acceleration- 5/5
weight- 2/5
To Unlock!: beat Mirror Mode, Mushroom Cup

Piranha Pipes/heavy
speed- 4/5
acceleration- 2/5
weight- 5/5
To Unlock!: beat Mirror Mode, Star Cup

Boo Pipes/heavy
speed- 2/5
acceleration- 4/5
weight- 5/5
To Unlock!: beat Mirror Mode, Special Cup

Parade Kart/available to all drivers!
speed- 4/5
acceleration- 3/5
weight- 4/5
To Unlock!: beat Mirror Mode, All Cup Tour

                             GRAND PRIX

I will show you the course info like so;

Name/#of laps
course changes
weight advantages
course walkthrough and shortcuts

                            Mushroom Cup

Luigi circuit/3 laps
changes: In 50cc both shortcuts will be covered in grass and be unusable. The two 
center lanes will also be seperated in 50cc.
Light Karts: With a small kart you can easily avoid items so use this advantage alot
Heavy Karts: If you can avoid hazardous collisions, your super high speed should 
zoom you ahead of most karts.

This course is the easiest course in the game. Use your power slides a lot and you 
should win easily. The course is simple until you get to chain chomp. In 50cc go 
around him staying fairly away. But in 100cc and 150cc, there will be a small path 
around. If he's distracted, use a mini-turbo boost to get in and also get a double 
item! Use the dash panels to make a quick roundabout on the curb. As you approach 
the second curb on 100cc and 150cc, you'll see a side path. If you want, you can 
take this for 2 double items. Once you take the second curb, you'll be right back 
at the finish line.

Peach Beach/3 laps
changes: none
Light Karts: Light Karts have a major advantage on this course because they can 
easily stay out of the way of the cataquaks.
Heavy Karts: The stone paths can be slick, and heavy karts can keep control on them 

This course can be tricky if you arn't careful! Soon after you start, you'll see a 
curve ahead of you. Just as you start turning, look to you left. You will see a 
warp pipe that will give you a double item. It takes a few seconds so only do it if 
you have enough time. As you approach the beach, watch out for the cataquaks and 
try to stay close to the water, but not in it! And if it looks to dangerous, take 
the gray stone path along the cliff. If you have time to spare, you can also go 
left when you get to the beach and take the jump for a double item. But watch out 
for the tide! It may close you in! When you head back up the stone path you can 
also look behind the fountain for a double item if you wish.

Baby Park/ 7 laps
changes: none
Light Karts: lighter karts will have a super advantage since they can quikly 
recover from the unavoidable collisions.
Heavy Karts: heavy karts will suffer with all the guarunteed collisions on baby 
park. I reccomend a lighter kart for this course.

This hectic course is one of the roughest places in the game! The guide is simple, 
just try to make tight, even turns around the curves while using mini-turbo boosts. 
You should try to stay on the inside lane to stay out of the way of damage. And if 
you get a warning of an item following you, hurl a green shell back to defend 

Dry Dry Desert/3 laps
changes: none
Light Karts: Light karts will have a much easier time on this course. You can 
easily avoid all obstacles and recover quickly from any collisions.
Heavy Karts: The only real advantage that heavy karts have are that they can take 
the first few curves easily.

This course has a lot of obstacles and can be really tricky. First of all, watch 
out for the tornado zooming around the course. Just stay clear of it! When you 
start, you will see lots of curves up ahead. If you have mushrooms, you can zoom 
through easily though and jump the ramps on the left hand side. When you come to 
the quicksand, DO NOT DRIVE THROUGH IT!!!!!!!!!!!! If you do a huge piranha plant 
will eat you up at the bottom. Drive around it!(unless you have a star!) When you 
see the dune creatures, you will need to brush up close to them so when they bend 
over you will be out of harms way. If you are way behind you can also use your 
mushrooms to zoom over the last bend and quickly get to the finish line.

                    Flower Cup

Mushroom Bridge/3 laps
changes: none
Light Karts: The light karts small size will let you squeeze through tight spots, 
and their good handeling will let you get around hazardous cars. This will prove 
useful in crowded tunnels.
Heavy Karts: If you want to be evil, you can use your weight to push the smaller 
karts into vehicles!

This traffic logged course can be tricky, but if you're careful, it's a breeze! 
First of all avoid all vehicles! Especially the bomb karts! They'll explode when 
you run into one. But if you hit one with a shell why somebody else is beside them 
you can use them to your advantage! The only car you want to hit is the mushroom 
car. When you hit this handy car, three regular mushrooms will be launched ahead! 
Okay, now, finally the walkthrough! First of all,just past the finish line there is 
a path to your right. You can take this path and be launched by a warp pipe if you 
think you have a lot of spare time to get a double item. Power slide through the 
first tunnel why taking care not to get hit by the traffic. Once you exit the 
tunnel, you'll see a dirt path. You can go over it if you have a mushroom or a 
star. Then power-slide back onto the road. If you don't have a speed booster, 
follow the main road. If you go around the turn, there is also a handy walkway that 
will protect you from other attacks and vehicles.

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