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Ocean Beach
/____\ Further northeast from the last package is some rocks in the water.  It
is lying around in there.
|#2| On a wooden hut in the water, looks like it is decaying.
#3| Next to the steps in the southernmost house
/____\ On the steps to the lighthouse
|#5| In the underground car park by the marina where you did missions for
Cortez.  It is in a corner on the floor of the car park.
|#6|  On a ledge near the water, behind the west Ocean View Medical
Foundation and Development building.
 /#7| On a narrow walkway from under the bridge from Little Havana to Ocean
/____\ On top of a one-story building across from the Washington, open air,
Washington Beach
 /#9| Near the fenced-in pool in the pink apartments, by the body armor.
   / \
/_____\ On top of a two-story building that connects to the DBP security
|#11 |  Across from Rosenberg's office, on back porch overlooking water of save
|#12 |  On the water's edge, up against a road bridge.
   / \
/_____\ On a very tall white and blue striped building (very ugly).  
Use a helicopter to get to the package.
|#14 |  On a lifeguard's hut on the beach.
   / \
In an upstairs office of the police station.
|#16 |  Facing a moat, in a corner of a multi-colored building of purple, white
and orange.
 |#17 |  In the open showers, multi-colored, by the Starfish Island Bridge.
|#18 |  Underneath the Starfish Island bridge, on the beach side.
Vice Point
|#19 |  In an alley behind SpandEX delivery firm.  The same place where you did
the mission "Riot"
   / \
/_____\  At the end of a beam that juts out on the third floor of the
construction site.
/#21 |  On a dock facing Leaf Links island.
    / \
 /_____\  On a building across from the Malibu near the pool at the top of the
 |#23 |  In a corner behind the gates of the Malibu.
   / \
/_____\  In the pool area of where Candy and the Congressman were during
"Martha's Mugshot" mission.
# 27/ Behind the WK Chariot hotel.
#28 In the pizza joint.
|#27 |  Behind the stairs of apartment buildings next to the pizza place.
|#28 |  In the jewelry shop behind the counter

   / \
/_____\    Near the back door exit of Mercedes' house
   / \
/_____\  the second rooftop that you go on when you chase the guy in the mission
“The Chase"
|#31 | East of the Pay N' Spray to the north, in a backyard.
|#32 | By the inside part of the horseshoe looking structure.
   / \
/_____\ On the highest diving board at the WK Chariot hotel.

|#34 | On the sidewalk right by the water, against the south side of a bridge
leading to Prawn Island.
|#35 | Behind the sign that says Jocksport, by the RC Bandit track.
|#36 | Behind apartments east of North Point Mall.
|#37 | In a little dead end alley between the two northern most entrances of
North Point Mall
   / \
/_____\ upstairs in the mall, east where there is a sign that has sales.
   / \
/_____\ Upstairs in the mall in a store called "Gash."
|#40 | On the ground level of a carpark right by the North Point Mall.
Prawn Island
|#41 | In a dead-end alley on the east side of the island.
   / \
/_____\ In the film studio compound, on top of the blue building.
|#43 | In the film studio, upstairs in the bathroom
/#44 | On the western most porch of the green deserted house.
/#45 | Inside the deserted house, on the first floor in the room with a broken
wall, drop in from the balcony.
Leaf Links
|#46 | Under the bridge going to Vice Point
/#47 | The furthest tee from the entrance of the driving range.
|#48 | In a bunker on the west coast.
/#49 | A very small island in the middle of a pond.
|#50 | On the narrow bridge connecting the SOUTHERN islands, not the north ones.
Starfish Island
/#51 | In the mansion, by the pools, against the low wall with the stairs
facing the water.  By water, I don't mean the pools.
|#52 | In an alley between your mansion and the neighbors' mansion.
   / \
/_____\ on the poolside balcony of a house with a pool of Rockstar.
|#54 |  the mansion across the street from your mansion, in the poolside Jacuzzi.
|#55 | At the front door of the north-eastern-most house.
|#56 | Do the G-Spotlight mission, and it is by the last building you go on.
It is in a nook facing the water.
|#57 | Right in front of a weird sculpture by the V.A.J. finance building.
|#58 | Behind the Mars Cafe, use the alley of the save house to get there.
|#59 | in the parking lot of the stadium, on the west side.
|#60 | In the parking garage of the Hospital, in the lower one.
   / \
/_____\ right by the helipad on the roof of the V.A.J. finance building.
   / \
/_____\ Behind a desk in the building where you first start the mission G-Spotlight.

Little Haiti
|#63 | Behind the Moist Palms Hotel, by a gas steam thing.
|#64 | Behind Phil's Place close to the water, on the edge of downtown.
|#65 | Inside the shed at Phil's Place asset.
|#66 | Behind the building north of Kaufman Cabs, down the small set of stairs.
   / \
/_____\  From the highway coming from downtown, turn on the first right and go
until you get to a corner.  That corner building has it on the roof.
    / \
/_____\ the closest house to Kaufman Cabs to the east, on the steps.
|#69 | Behind Funeraria Romero by the skeleton grave
   / \
/_____\ Between the generators on the rooftop connecting the north side of
Print Works to another building north of it.  Use the northern stairs
in Print Works to get there.
|#71 | Below the billboard saying "Life's a Bitch," in a corner behind a
wooden fence, east of Print Works.
Little Havana
|#72 | In the Laundromat.
   / \
/_____\ On porch of a house that's for sale, a daiquiri house, in the northern
part of the city
|#74 | Across from Robina's Cafe behind a wall
   / \
/_____\ Right next to the Kaufman Cabs billboard, use the roof by it to get

  /#76 | in the doughnut shop
  / \
/_____\ on top of a big 4-story building with a red awning, use the sitars in
the back to get there.
  / \
/_____\  Upstairs in the Car Showroom
|#79 | in between 4 large fuel tanks in the airport parking lot.
|#80 | Between two trailers in the airport parking lot.
|#81 | In a parking lot between the green and white apartments, two-stories,
and by the shipyards.
   / \
/_____\ on the northeastern most cargo ship, again use a helicopter to get
there safely.
|#83 | Under a sign that says Vice City Port Authority Main Building, a right
angle sign.
   / \
/_____\ on a cargo ship to the west of the southwesternmost island.  Use a
helicopter to get there.
|#85 | inside the Seaplanes Tours hangar, in an office.
|#86 | In a corner of a fence and building, north of 8-Ball's shop

Escobar International Airport
    / \
/_____\  On top of the Vice City Freight and Cargo terminal.

   / \
/_____\ On the southernmost helipad
   / \
/_____\ On top of the hangar that is McAdam Airways.
   / \
/_____\ On top of the eastern end of the loading bridge
  / \
/_____\ On top of the same plane that had package 92
|#92 | Under the southwestern-most airplane
|#93 | Under the wing of a large Rockstar plane that is coming out of the
#94 | Behind the local fire station, it has a tower on it.
|#95 | Inside the airport, behind a wall that has a pay phone on it.
|#98 | Behind the billboards that lead to the airport.
#99 | In the northwest part, under an airplane.
Behind the sign that says Fort Baxter on it, it is by the entrance to
Fort Baxter.

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