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Game Title: Crazy Taxi
Platform: Sega Dreamcast
Author: Pure Evil

Go to the options menu and click controls. Switch the controls from type A to type 
B. These controls are known to be easier than type A.

To do a crazy drift you must get a certain amount of speed. Start to turn and then 
press the left button in the back of the controller (button 'R') then the right 
button in the back of the controller (button 'L'). Then you will skid or drift 
sideways. Make sure the joystick is in the direction you want to turn this way the 
car will drift it's back in that direction. This will allow the car to skid or 
drift forward. The more you do this the better you will be and the easier it will 
become to control.

Crazy drift stops are hard. When in the middle of doing a crazy drift let go of all 
the buttons to stop. But an even faster way stop is by letting go the buttons and 
pressing the 'B' button. Which as you know is the button for the brake.

To do a crazy dash you must be in reverse. If not press 'R'. Then quickly press the 
drive button ('R'). And at the same time as pressing 'R' press the 'A' button. Or 
press 'R' then 'A' very quickly right after one another. If you hear and engine 
sound and speed up then it worked. If you hear a skid sound then it didn't work. 
This can work when you are completely stopped or in the middle of driving.

To land perfect at your destination you should do the crazy drift at the right time 
and the crazy drift stop. If your not good at the drift stop crash into a pole, 
fence or wall. Sometimes crashing into a wall will get a glitch and you will get up 
to 25 or even 40 combos.
To get an awesome license you don't have to get a ranking of first place. All you 
have to do is get $10,000 or more.

Drive/Accelerate- button 'A'
Brake- button 'B'
Show Destination- button 'X'
Horn- button 'Y'
Go Into Drive Mode- button 'R'. Located in the back of the controller on the right
Go Into Reverse Mode- button 'L'. Located in the back of the controller on the left

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