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Hey people , This is Edgecatore!  

Table of Contents
1. Opponents you need to worry about.
2. Cards you need to watch for from what opponents
3. My Deck
4. Credits
5. Special Thanks
6. Usages of This Guide
7. Q+A 
8. Egyptian god cards
                                *= Who you Especially need to worry about
1. Opponents you need to about are Kaiba*, Ishizu*, Paradox , Slysheen , P. Seto* , 
Nitemare*, Yami Yugi* , Shadi , Marik*

2.  Blue-Eyes White Dragon (Kaiba)   Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon (Kaiba) Dark Magician 
( Yugi and Yami Yugi) Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth (Weevil)  Insect Queen (Weevil)  
Zera The Mant (Marik) Meteor Black Dragon(Yami Bukura) Rageiki (Ishizu , Marik , 
etc) Change of heart (Marik) Big Shield Gardna (Yami Bukura)

3. This the deck that I used to beat every character:
367.Jirai Gumo(3)
320.Stop Defense
    Arrowtip Deathfish 2000/1000
784.Change Of Heart
635.Acid Trap Hole
138.Dragon Statue
661.Crush Card(2)
165.The jugdement hand
004.Baby Dragon
001.Blue Eyes White Dragon
022.Summoned Skull
    DaggerEnt 2000/2000
217.Black Skull Dragon
760.Dark Magician Girl
015.Flame Swordsman
758.Big Shield Gardna
035.Dark Magician
006.Feral Imp
009.Shadow Specter
008.Mushroom Man
781.Brain Control
686.Widespread Ruin
683.Bear Trap
402.Monster Eye
017.R leg of exodia
018.L leg of exodia
019.R arm of exodia
020.L arm of exodia
349.Spellbinding Circle(2)
348.Swords Of Revealing Light
377.Ryu-Kishin Powered
407.Machine King
551.Dark Elf

4. Credits: Me , Ksean619 , chaosdemon007 , Ngarcia70 

5. Special Thanx : Cheatcodes.com’s staff , God , My Homey/roaddawg 
Patrick A. Shikani and My gf Tanaia for ALWAYZ being there 4 me when I need 
her The most {Thanx Tanaia , luv ya}

6. If you want usage to this guide then email me at [email protected] or im me at 
Edgecatore when I’m online.

7. Q+A
Q:Why do u have so many weak monsters in your deck?
A:Bcuz i need them to summon strong monsters (E.I.) Black Skull Dragon. 

Q:Don't you also Have Slypher The Skydragon?
A:Yes , I do but i don't use it bcuz of it's biggest weakness!

Q:What is the biggest weakness of Slyfer the Sky Dragon
A:Slypher the Sky Dragon's biggest weakness is when u use Infinate Cards Slypher 
gets stronger but the more cards in your hand the more u run outta cards n your deck 
and if run outta cards YOU LOSE! Well that's not slypher weakness ... it's more like 
Slypher's Phlaw

8. Egyptian god Cards
another way to get the egyptian god cards is to beat marik more than 50times(100 
times)and he'll give them to u 1 by 1!!!(it has worked for all my frends so it shuld 
work for you) 
                                         ©2004 all rights reserved

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