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Date : 12-25-00
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I am an XX- year- old Chinese living in Hong Kong. Usually ordinary people at this 
age don' t know much about computer nor do they have the interest or energy to play 
video games. Nevertheless I am crazy about the latter. To the best of my memory, my 
first game was Nintendo's Mario in 1986.
Well, my idea of writing this article is to share with your readers some of my 
strategic experience in playing TWINE using the 007 mode, since I can't find 
anything anywhere regarding this said matter other than Mr. S. Williams'    
incomplete walkthrough in the Agent mode on the Net.
As a matter of fact the 007 mode is almost identical as the Agent mode in every 
aspect only that there are more enemies appearing and their killing power a lot  
more lethal.   
There's one thing, I believe, I should remind the readers.  Try not to use cheat 
code device of any sort or any  cheat you have unlocked from the game itself or  
else you can never extract the fun and  the excitement out of it nor can you be  
able to enter into the following stage no matter how many points you got or how  
high your scores would be.
Well, here are some hints and strategies for your reference so as to help you  
achieve a better result and unlock those cheats that you might not frequently     
use once after you've got them.  But of course no one wants to beat a game    
without getting anything. Right?
HINTS :  Your performance in each stage is reflected in terms of Efficiency, 
Accuracy, Health and Time ,which simply means you have to think fast, move fast   
and react fast.

1. Use 007s renowned Wolfram P2K most of the time (90%).
2. When confronting a group of enemies dashing towards you in queue, as in stages 8 
& 11, run towards them instead.  This will lessen the number of their appearance.
3. Always shoot at the head when situation allows.
4. For more quick and accurate aiming, put Auto Assist to "On" under Options' column.
5. Don't make any useless gesture such as hide or wait or try to find. Know what you 
are doing throughout the whole course of the game.
6. Don't worry! Cutscene consumes no time. Oh yes, inventory either.

STRATEGIES  :  Main points only

Stage 01 – Courier
1. Back off from the 2nd guard. Move back instantly when you see him starts walking 
towards the windows.
2. Run like hell through 1st floor, ignoring everything.  I mean everything.
3. Make sure you've eliminated every single soul before start scanning finger-prints 
from the watchman's cup.
Stage 02 – King's Ransom
1. Ignore the 1st guy you meet. This man means trouble. Ignore the first three   
snipers too.
2. Use the AR36 Sniper throughout the whole stage after you get it.
3. As I said the faster you reach your designated point the lesser will the enemy 
appear on your way so kill the unavoidable ones only.

Stage 03 – Cold Reception
1. Put those 4 guys to death.  Grab the AR36 then ski down the hill, ignoring the 
2. Ignore those three guards too while skiing downhill.
3. Stop at a point where you can see Electra but without activating the cutscene.
4. Another 4 men are to be destined. Oh dear me!
5. Don't across the line where Electra stands, you'll see the consequences if you 
try.  It's absolutely a very stupid move.
6. Ski back a little bit if you find yourself too exposed to within the fire range  
of the parahawks. 
7. I know that you are in a hurry but you've got no choice this time. Just be good 
and stand still to wait and destroy those 3 parahawks one after the other.

Stage 04 – Russian Roulette
1. This is a bonus stage.  Make sure that you've got $100,000 in your pocket in 2 
2. Reload if you failed, otherwise you'll obtain 20 points and a gold gun.

Stage 05 – Night Watch
1. Carry out your job from 1st floor, ground floor (main entrance hall first) then 
the garage.
2.“Crouch To Kill” is the name of the game in the garage. Be aware of the route 
Davidov is designed to make.
3. Avoid direct confrontation with this man since his machine gun seems to be more 
powerful than his men. 
4. Find cover and crouch. Eliminate the guards, fire at Davidov while he is 
reloading his gun.
5. Usually Davidov will move to his final position if he is still breathing.       
If so, run to a point (somewhere in front of the truck) where you can only see his  
head and part of his body because of the low brick barrier then wipe him off with   
a few shots.

Stage 06 – Masquerade
1. Switch off the lights before using the security keycard.
2. There'll be around a dozen soldiers waiting for you after you meet Dr. Jones.    
A good marksman as you are, I am sure you'll get rid of them very efficiently.
3. Remember during the course of combating, there's always a man running towards  
the beautiful lady trying to kill her and of course you'll always be the hero.
Stage 07 – Flashpoint
1. Start from Channel 1. Get the Heavy Armour and the IAC Defender in the weapon 
room before you encounter anybody.
2. Don't go into any other weapon room from now on.
3. Use the Wolfram P2K all the way till you meet Dr. Jones again.
4. Stay put. Without reloading, use the IAC Defender to send those  6  soldiers 
upstairs to hell while our lady will delicately finish her job almost at the same 

Stage 08 – City Of Walkways
1. This is the stage I maintained the 2nd lowest score.  Most probably I  guess,  
the Rocket Launcher blocks the vision and thus slowing down my movements.  Pay 
special attention to this.
2. When you are in the room in which a wrench you'll have to fetch, make sure you 
stand in a position where the man's fire (on your right hand side)  are all blocked  
by the pillar, since he'll be the luckiest bad guy to die last in the room.

Stage 09  - Turncoat
1. Nothing's too difficult in this stage. Use the AR36 till you meet Bullion, then 
the P2K to the end.

Stage 10 – Fallen Angel
1. The only difficult part is to defeat Gabor.  Remember aim at his head by using 
the Grenade Launcher.  8 grenades are more than enough for him.
2. Use the Wolfram P2K to entertain his men.
Stage 11 – Meltdown : This is the most difficult stage to obtain a good result       
1. Let' s skip the easy part. Kill the soldier nearest to you before you get into 
the room with 7 steam pipes inside.  Make sure the time and sequence of when and 
which of the pipe that steam will come out.                                        
2. You have all the time in the world to put 3 to 4 bullets into those  heavily 
armed soldiers'  heads before entering the radiation room.
3. Destroy the central computer core with the Frenise Auto.

My suggestion is to play the Agent Mode first regardless of the results. This will 
help you getting familiar with the game in general. I am sure it won't be too 
difficult for you to play the role as 007 to save millions of lives by using some  
of my hints. 

Copyright : This article is under the protection of the Copyright Laws, U.S. 2001.  
It is not allowed for person or persons or parties of any form to republish it 
wholly or partially or to use it as means of profit making without the prior  
consent of the writter, Michael Chan.         

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