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Hints and Tips for Zelda Ocarina of Time
                                         ^ ^   By Doodle33433   
                                        ^ ^ ^

 Hello!I`m doodle33433 and a big luver of the Zelda games.I`ve been Playing for 
a while now and throughout those years I have learned alot of tricks and 
cheats.Some of them are funny and some are useful for certain things.I also 
have written down a few important items and their locations.Please no copying.I 
don`t take any suggestions for my FAQ.But if you have any questions then you 
can e-mail me at: [email protected]
Links got a Peircing!?!

When you turn into Adult Link, You might notice something about his ear.....Try 
to do a close up on Link`s head and...What`s this?!?He has an earing!When did 
that happen?
Magic Deku Sticks??

You know those little yellow butterflies you see everywhere?Well they`re not 
just annoying!They`re also magic!!!!!(Kind of)If you take a Deku Stick out as a 
kid and touch them they turn into Pink Faires!!Note:It is very hard to get the 
deku stick to touch the butterflies.It may take awhile.
Farfores Wind

Alot of people say that Farfores Wind is a useless item.FALSE!!!You absolutely 
need to get this item if you want to make things easier.It helps out alot in 
the Forest Temple and the Fire Temple and anywhere else you need it!You can 
obtain this after you beat the water temple as a kid.Walk around the place 
where you meet ruto after you beat it and find the bare spot with the tree next 
to it.Bomb that spot and inside is a Great Faire`s fountain.She gives you 
Farfores Wind.
I Got His Hat!!!!

At Hyrule Lake You can go fishing at the fishing place.The guy there who makes 
you pay before you fish wears a hat if you haven`t noticed.If you take your 
fishing pool and throw it at his head, His hat will come off!He`ll be bald for 
the rest of the game.(The bad thing is he makes you pay a fine when you take 
his hat)I tried fishing with his hat as bait but it came off the hook and now 
it`s at the bottom of the lake!:D
Who will buy my Mask?

Here`s the people you sell all the masks to:
Keaton Mask:Gaurd in Kakariko Village.
Skull Mask:Skull kid in Lost Woods.
Spooky Mask:Kid in Dampa`s Graveyard.
Bunny Hood:Running Man in Hyrule Feild.
You can`t sell any of the other masks.
What`s up with that Bunny Hood?

If you don`t want to sell the Bunny Hood to the running guy in Hyrule Feild, 
There`s something else you can do with it.You know those skeletons that come 
out of the ground at night in Hyrule Feild?(When your a kid)Well I hate those 
things and I just want them to go away!Hey!I can make them go away!If you wear 
the Bunny Hood they won`t come out.YES!!!
The Giant`s Knife.

Don`t but the Giant`s Knife!Yes you can but that big sword at Death Mountain 
From that Giant Goron for 200 Ruppees.It breaks after 2 hits and is a total 
waste of money. :(
What to do with those frogs.....

If you go to Hyrule Lake you`ll notice this spot in the river where there`s 
this log like thing.If you Stand on it and pull out your Ocarina These colorful 
frogs pop up.They Want you to play a song...but which songs do you play?Play 
all your songs that aren`t warping songs.After that they`ll give you a present 
and play a game with you! :)
Look in that window Zelda!

At the beginning of the game when your talking to Princess Zelda as a kid You 
can look in the stained glass windows.If you look at the right window you`ll 
see Some mario members but if you look at the window on the left, you`ll see a 
gaurd and he`ll throw a bomb at you!Watch out!
Take that Ganondorf!

When you`re fighting Ganondorf at the end of the game he`ll shoot a ball of 
light at you.You supposed to hit it back at him with your sword but instead you 
can use an empty bottle!
Get an Extra Bottle

If you equip a epmty bottle and try to catch something, pause it right before 
you catch it.Put a item that you don`t use in the place of the bottle and 
unpause it.Pause it again and you have another bottle!Nifty, huh?
The Gossip Stones

You know those statues that have a big on on them?Well if you wear the mask of 
truth as a kid and talk to them, they`ll tell you a secret.If you talk to the 
one outside of the castle where you turn from kid to adult, it`ll tell you 
something embaressing about the Garudeos.....he he.
Free Ruppees!!

If you climb up the chains of the drawbridge when it`s open, you`ll get some 
red ruppees.Also, if you`re a kid go to the hyrule market and Before you enter 
the market sqaure go inside that door in the long hall part next to the 
gaurd.Inside there will be ALOT of pots.If you break the pots you`ll soon find 
out that they`re filled with money!You go in and out as many times as you want 
and it will always restock with pots.
Fishing Tips

In the fishing place you can catch bigger fish when you`re an adult.If you 
catch a 20 pound fish and give it to the guy.He`ll be amazed and give you the 
Golden Zora Scale!This will allow you to dive deeper.If you walk around in the 
reeds and the lilypads, You`ll find the Sinking Lure.This will make your Lure 
go under water so you can catch bigger fish.But if you give a big fish to the 
guy and you used the Sinking Lure he`ll say you cheated.Psshhh...whatever 
guy.You can catch an acient fish!It`s called a Hylian Loach.It looks like a 
long black snake.If you catch it and show it to the guy he`ll give you 50 
ruppees.But he`ll make you release it afterwards so they don`t become extinct.
More Free Ruppees

If you go to the shop in Kokiri Forest, you should see a gaplike thing between 
the wall and the counter.You can go behind that and you`ll get free 
ruppees.Some people say that you have to be a kid when you do this, but you can 
be kid or adult.
Is that Map Looking at Me? 

If you look REALY REALY closely you`ll notice that the Hyrule Feild Map looks 
like a face.
Those are Some Hot Arrows!

After you beat the Water Temple the lake will fill up with water.After you`re 
done talking to sheik and th sun rises....SHOOT THE SUN!Yah you heard me!Shoot 
the sun with your arrows until you hear the Da Ding! sound.You will receive 
Fire Arrows.
Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater!!

When you`re a kid go to Hyrule Market.You know that game where you have to pick 
out of 2 chests and try to find the key?Go in there and play the game.I hate it 
when your on the last room and you pick the wrong chest.You have to have The 
Lens of Truth to do this trick.Now equip the Lens of Truth and use them to look 
through the treasure chests.Now you can see which one has the key in it!The guy 
won`t even know you cheated!
What`s with that Gaurd?

Do you remember that cheat that involved the room filled with pots?Well as you 
can see their is also a gaurd in that room.If you talk to him he says how 
boring life is without any trouble.(Remember your still a kid right now)He says 
he would be happier if their was more trouble and that he couldn`t wait any 
longer.Well when you turn into an adult you might notice that the gaurd is gone 
and the world has LOTS of troubles now.Do you think he has anything to do with 
Saria You Say?

Their are 2 girls that have the lovebug for Link.The first one is Princess 
Zelda.(Duh)The other is Princess Ruto who later in the game becomes a Sage and 
says she knows you and Zelda are destined to be together.(Finally she gets it!)
But you may of not noticed that Saria is also a lover of the Link.I mean no 
wonder why!You guys were best friends back in the forest.Did you see hoe sad 
she looked when she became a Sage and admitted the whole love thing between you 
and Zelda?

                             Q & A
There have been no E-mails so there is no Q & A things yet.If you have any 
qeustions at all please e-mail me.Once again my E-mail is 
animal[email protected]

Yes!This guide has everything!Even a Contest.I love Zelda and I love poems.So i 
got a good Contest Idea.^.^ All you have to do is make a Poem about Zelda 
(Funny or Dramatic) And E-mail it to me.My E-mail is up there ^ .I will pick 5 
of mt favorites and post the on my Guide.I`ll be waiting for you........

FAQ by Doodle33433 or Aubrey Riggs.
Made on September 16, 2008.

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