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This is my first guide, so, if it doesnt cover what you need, then dont read it 
yet. I bought this game and it was really confusing at first. But after I read 
other guides, it fit together. I could only do the Training mission easily.

In the top left and top right is your HUD. In the top left is your health and armor 
(if you have it), and if you brought it along, your compass. In the top right is 
your selected weapon and how much ammo it has left. Also, in the top left, some 
messages will appear during gameplay. Warning message are bad and good. Theyre 
warnings, what the hell do you expect. Guards might have found a dead guy. But that 
dead guy has a slit throat. Theyll be looking for someone suspicious. And the 
moment they see you, youre gonna be in a real bloody firefight. But other guards 
who dont know about the incident wont attck you. Unless the stinkin bodyguard told 
them by chasing you down with an Uzi. Information messages tell you info. They tell 
you goddamn info. It may tell you that you just recieved imporant pieces of paper.

If you use the Numpad configuration, it may be harder to control Hitman for some 
people. If you use the WASD setup, same thing. If you dont like reading, or you 
just cant read the controls(i dont know why), then read it here. But whatever you 
do, dont press 4 or 6(if using Numpad setup).
1 - strafe left
2 - walk backward
3 - strafe right
5 - walk forward
7 - peer left
8 - run
9 - peer right
Insert - holster
Minus - drop weapon/item
Plus - crouch/crouch walk(if moving)
Star - change camera
LMB - fire
scrolling ball - choose eqiupment
M - map
Esc - pause menu
Fi - laptop
Tip: If you double tap one of the peering buttons, youll stand out peering. Though 
you could see more environment, guards nearby will be able to see your foot and 

Listen to these and youll survive much longer.
- NEVER shoot cops
- NEVER shoot civilians
- always bring in silenced weapons with you if you have any
- bring backup weapons(just in case)
- bring armor(if you have it)
- NEVER shoot guards or youll die a lousy death

Shooting Range
If you use the knife when your trying to kill someone 500 feet away, is that 
useful. No. I thought so. Here are the ranges for each weapon and their shooting 
Knife/Fibre - up close and personal
Pistols - Close, Medium, Far
Submachine Guns - Close, Medium
Assault Rifles - Medium to far

Sneak Mode
Sneak mode is useful when trying to kill someone. If youre not in sneak mode and 
behind a guard, look at your chest. Probably it has a a few holes. But if you do 
that while in sneak mode, amazingly, they cant hear you. Now how is that possible.

Heres the guide for all the missions Ive passed. More will come later(if I ever 
pass them)

Watch the cutsecene and listen to the voice. When the talking ends, go to the next 
room. Stop again if you here the voice. It should be telling you to change clothes. 
Well, youre in luck. There happens to be a suit on the bench. Change into it and 
wait for the voice to end. Open the door and go to the next room. Remember, 
whenever you hear the voice STOP! Get around the obstacle course and into the next 
room. Get a weapon from the bench and try it out on the dummy. Look at the ground 
for the words 'front' and 'back'. After youre ready, go to the elevator and pick 
Floor 3. Pick up a weapon and here the description. Pickup ammo from the table and 
go to the shooting range. Get used to the targeting. Once youre ready, go to the 
next room. Pickup the submachine gun for some body targets. Youll have to stand at 
the 'A' to trigger baddies. Dont worry, theyre cardboard. Navigate your way through 
the city. Go to the elevator and select Floor 2. Try each weapon and make sure you 
have pretty much full ammo for it. Go to the elevator and select Floor 1. Stay 
where you are and peer out left. Kill the guard and take his clothes. Go to the 
next room and let the guy open the fence. Kill him too. Go around the corner and 
open the door to trigger a cutscene
Kowloon Triads in Gang Wars
Make sure you take you sniper rifle only and one bullet and a compass. Take more 
ammo if you need it. Follow the street until you found the second elevator in a n 
alley. While taking your ride up, ready your sniper case in the elevator. Go 
outside and bring up your scope by tapping the left mouse button. Look toward the 
center to see the big statue. By now you should have seen two cutscenes of limos 
pull up. Wait for the Red Dragon Negotiator and Blue Lotus Negotiator to start 
talking. Your target is the guy in red on the left. Shoot his head. Run back toward 
the elevator and choose road. Put your sniper rifle in your suitcase. Rund back to 
your car cause and enemy helicopters on your tail.
Ambush at the Wang Fou resteraunt
Bring your silenced Beretta, knife, car remote detonator, and body armor for this 
one. Go straught forward until you arrived at the resturaunt. Dont enter though. 
Wait for a limo to pull up. Keep an eye on the driver. When he gets tired, he'll go 
to piss. Follow him when he arrives at the sewer, enter sneak mode and select your 
knife, but dont bring it out. Wait for the civilian to pass, take out your knife, 
and slit his throat. Drag him into the sewer and drop down too. Make sure youve 
already holstered everything. Take his clothes and climb back up. Go to the limo. 
Make sure the guard is on the passengers side. Equip your bomb, and open the door. 
Watch the cutscene. Run back to YOUR car, and equip the remote. Stand to the 
corner. After a while, the limo will come and turn the corner. Peer left and when 
it turns the next corner press the button. Make sure its halfway though.
The Massacre at the Cheng Chau Resturaunt
Bring your compass and silenced Beretta and the Hardballer and the Beretta. Turn on 
your compass and head east. Talk to the bartender and pick up the bathroom keys. Go 
to the bathroom and drop your Harballer.  Go out of the restraunt ahd head north 
east. By now, you should have recieved a message saying the targets have entered 
the area. You should see the Red Dragon Negotiator in the distance. Follow him and 
check your map. There should be a sewer nearby. When he's near it, go in crouch 
mode and waste him with the Beretta SD. Drag him to the sewer and drop him in 
there. Drop down as well. Holster everything and take his clothes. Go to the 
restraunt and youll be stripped of your weapons. Head to the bathroom instead of 
talkig to the chief. Pick up the Hardballer. Open the door and waste the cheif. 
Shoot the windows and sprint back to your car. Dont stop to fight back.
Thats it, but once everythings completed, itll be better.

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