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Finding the Bag End Key
 If you can find the door, look straight in front of it. Sitting on a little table 
is the key. Fortunately, objects that can be picked up glimmer, so they are pretty 
easy to find.
Finding the Deed to Bag End
If you walk into the hall look in the first door on your right. Now I know Bag End 
is pretty big (okay, okay, really big) so it is not that easy to find, but when you 
do go in there. There should be a stack of books on your right and a chest on your 
left. Go to the chest and just stand in front of it. It will open and the deed is 
Note: This IS NOT the room with the One Ring in it. If there are no books on your 
right you are in the WRONG ROOM.

Now you can leave Bag End. There is a map included so you can see all of Hobbiton. 
You can also see the Green Hill Mountains. Sorry but we haven’t had a chance to map 
out Old Forest, etc. yet. 

Fixing Hal’s Weathervane and getting the Pin
This is very easy. Go around to the left of Hal’s house and there is a ladder 
attached to the Old Grange. Climb up it and once on the ledge press R2 to enter 
target mode. You will need to aim a little bit above the weathervane to hit it. Once 
you have hit it climb back down to Hal and you will get the pin to fix the mill.
Selling Bag End to the Sackville-Bagginses
Go all the way to the other end of Bywater, and Lucinda will be standing in front of 
her house on the left. Talk to her and she will tell you to ring the warning bell. 
All you have to do is go to the center of the town and hit it with your stick, or 
you can stand a little ways away and just throw a rock at it. Then the shirrif will 
come out and you will talk for a little while. Then just go back to Lobelia and sell 
her Bag End. Now go back to Bag End and get the ring. Now the fun really starts.
This is optional but it is a good idea anyway so you know the area.
One is in the hollow log over the second bridge. Another is just along the path, so 
keep your eyes peeled! Then, if you keep following the path you should come to 
Maggot’s farm. There is one packet of herbs in each dog’s pen. Now, sorry, but these 
are really stupid dogs. Just sneaking past them to get the herbs and mushrooms 
should do the trick. However, if you get caught once this will not work. But, 
literally, I had to hit the dog with my walking stick before it would notice me. 
Even then, it was a little slow. Even If you get caught after you have picked up the 
materials it is okay because you will still have them.   

You start in front of Bag End. Just run along the road to the right and then when 
you get to the edge of the garden a black rider will come and talk to Hamfast 
Gamgee. Then you automatically go to talk to him. Now remember: the first black 
rider has gone up the road and turned left and he is coming back. As soon as the 
conversation is over to your left, up the road and through the gate of the first 
house to your right (past the fork). Run up on the hill, right in the middle of it, 
by the fence, but face slightly to your right. No dark rider can get you there. A 
Black Rider will thunder past to your left, and search for the bare outline of the 
Old Grange. It will be just a little to the right of your field of vision if you’re 
looking straight ahead. Once he goes straight up the old Grange and turns around 
(and you can’t hear his footsteps) run down from the hill to the Grange. Hide just 
to the left of the ladder. Then run directly to your left and a little down. You can 
go right down to the water’s edge. There you’re safe from black Riders, but sneak 
anyway until you get to a medium sized hill. There is a black rider waiting for you 
just across the Bridge to Bywater. Throw a rock to your left, but not too far 
because there is a Black Rider over there too and he might go instead. 
Unfortunately, Black Riders are a little smarter than the dogs back at Maggot’s farm 
so as soon as he goes past run across the bridge and all the way to Bywater.
You will see a wolf attacking the shirrif, Robin (look for a resemblance between 
Maggot’s dogs and the wolf). All you have to do is run up right away and hit it 
continuously with your stick.
Note: Robin, Pippin, and other members of the Fellowship, etc. CANNOT DIE. This is 
very helpful so you can just lead monsters and other hostile creatures back to them 
and they will defeat it while you watch or throw rocks from a distance.
Finally, now you can continue on to the Green Hill Country.

Much, much more to come!

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