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FAQ Title:Home on the Range

                                Home on the Range

                                Table of Contents

                           * The Story

                           * Animal

                           * Crops

                           * Items

                           * The Town

                           * Extensions

                           * Picture Books

                           * Events

                           * Secerts

                             * The Story *

The Mayor has given you three years to turn around a decrepit farm on the outskirts 
of your village. Considering the amount of work and the fact that you're the only 
one who can do it, this is nearly an insurmountable task. You'll need plenty of 
determination and hard work to grow crops, raise livestock and reclaim the land from 
wilderness. You might be able to count on a little help from your neighbors, 
provided that you're around to give help when they need it. Do you believe in 
yourself? Do you have what it takes? 

                             * Animals *

Dog and Cat
You get to pick which of these you want at the very beginning of the game. Take them 
outside on nice days and bring them in when it rains, an they will sometimes do 
thing for you. the dog will guard animals you leave overnight in the pasture, and 
the cat may drag useful items home.

You don't get your horse until the first of fall, but after he grows up he'll be a 
big help around the farm. You can buy saddlebags and then ride him and use him as a 
portable shipping bin. You can also enter him inn the races to see how far you can 
get. Don't forget to brush and ride it daily to keep it happy. 

Cows are by far the most profitable, and you can have up to 4. Just remember to 
feed, brush, milk, and talk to them everyday to keep them smiling. You must have 
grass fields behind your cow barn before you can buy any though. 
Cow Cost - 5000 G 
Small Milk Price - 150 G 
Large Milk Price - 250 G 
Cheese Price - 300 G 
Butter Price - 300 G 

Chickens are by far the easiest to raise, and you can have up to 4. Just remember to 
feed them everyday and then collect the eggs. The easiest way to get them is to just 
buy one and raise the rest from eggs. You must have grass fields behind your chicken 
coop before you can buy any though. 
Chicken Cost - 1000 G 
Egg Price - 50 G 
Golden Egg Price - 500 G 

Sheep are the hardest to raise, and you can have up to 4. You will have to build a 
separate, expensive barn before you can have any though. Just remember to feed, 
shampoo, and talk to them everyday and clip their wool when necessary. You must have 
grass fields behind your sheep shed before you can buy any though. 
Sheep Cost - 5000 G 
Small Wool Price - 200 G 
Large Wool Price - 250 G 
Yarn Price - 300 G 
Knitwear Price - 300 G

                               * Crops *

Season Gender Crop Seed Cost Profit Growth Time Regrowth Time 
Spring Boy Turnip 120 G 40 G 5 days ----- 
 Girl Potato 150 G 60 G 7 days ----- 
 Both Asparagus 300 G 80 G 9 days ----- 
Summer Boy Tomato 200 G 80 G 10 days 3 days 
 Girl Corn 300 G 100 G 14 days 4 days 
 Both Melon 500 G 130 G 12 days 4 days 
Autumn Boy Peanut 200 G 40 G 10 days 3 days 
 Girl Eggplant 150 G 40 G 5 days ----- 
 Both Sweet Potato 180 G 60 G 9 days ----- 
Winter Boy Broccoli 500 G 100 G 14 days 4 days 
 Girl Carrot 300 G 100 G 7 days ----- 
 Both Napa 500 G 130 G 12 days 4 days 
All Boy Geranium 100 G 250 G 6 days ----- 
 Girl Lavender 100 G 250 G 6 days ----- 
 Boy Primrose 300 G 350 G 9 days ----- 
 Girl Orchid 300 G 500 G 9 days ----- 
 Boy Sage 100 G 200 G 9 days ----- 
 Girl Camomile 150 G 150 G 6 days ----- 
 Boy Saffron 100 G 200 G 9 days ----- 
 Girl Rosemary 100 G 150 G 6 days ----- 
 Both Amarylis Trade from RK2 150 G ----- ----- 
 Both G. Lily Trade from RK2 350 G ----- ----- 
 Both Narcisus Trade from RK2 450 G ----- ----- 
 Both Pink Trade from RK2 250 G ----- ----- 
 Both Grass 500 G ----- ??? ??? 

                                 * Items *

Axe - Carpenter Shop - Beginning of Game 
Super Axe - Flower Shop - Be Nice to Daisy 
Hammer - Carpenter Shop - Beginning of Game 
Super Hammer - Carpenter - Build 1st House Upgrade 
Hoe - Tool Shop - Beginning of Game 
Super Hoe - Tool Shop - Use Until it breaks, get it fixed 
Sickle - Tool Shop - Beginning of Game 
Super Sickle - Tool Shop - Complete "Great Whetstone" event 
Watering Can - Flower Shop - Beginning of Game 
Sprinkler - Tool Shop - Use Watering Can A LOT!, Buy for 2000 G 
Fishing Pole - Tool Shop - Buy for 2000 G 
Bug Net - Tool Shop - Buy for 500 G 
Miracle Glove - Mountain - Complete the "Treasure Map" event 
Milker - Tool Shop - Buy for 1800 G 
Saddle - Tool Shop - 2nd year, Buy for 1000 G 
Brush - Animal Shop - Buy for 800 G 
Scissors - Tool Shop - Build Hothouse, Buy for 1200 G 
Shears - Tool Shop - Buy for 2000 G 
Shampoo - Animal Shop - Get Sheep Shack, Buy for 1000 G 
Cow Bell - Animal Shop - Free with first Cow 
Chicken Whistle - Animal Shop - Free with first Chicken 
Sheep Horn - Animal Shop - Free with first Sheep 
Cow Feed - Animal Shop - Buy for 700 G 
Chicken Feed - Animal Shop - Buy for 500 G 
Sheep Feed - Animal Shop - Get Sheep Shack, Buy for 1000 G 
Cow Medicine - Animal Shop - Buy for 1000 G 
Sheep Medicine - Animal Shop - Get Sheep Shack, Buy for 1500 G 
Cow M. Potion - Animal Shop - Buy for 4000 G 
Sheep M. Potion - Animal Shop - Get Sheep Shack, Buy for 4500 G 
Cheese Maker - Tool Shop - Eventually, Buy for 30000 G 
Butter Maker - Tool Shop - Eventually, Buy for 30000 G 
Yarn Maker - Tool Shop - Eventually, Buy for 30000 G 
Knitwear Maker - Tool Shop - Eventually, Buy for 30000 G 
Mole Bash Game - Tool Shop - Hoe in farm until game is found 
Horse Racing Game - Tool Shop - After first Horse Race 
Slide Puzzle Game - Tool Shop - After the Treasure Map in the Library 

                           * The Town *

1. Mayor's House
This is here the Mayor lives. You can only get in here at the very beginning and end 
of the game. 

2. Church
Here you can pray, and talk to Cain, the priestess who arrives on he 15th of Spring. 
After year three there ill be a music test here as well. 
Cain levels: 
1. {your name} 
2. This is a nice place to live. 
3. Have you heard the words of the goddess...? 
4. I have a feeling something will happen...soon. 
5. Life's a cycle of ups and downs. 

 3. Flower Shop
Here is where you will spend most of your money in the game. Daisy, the owner, will 
sell you all of the crop seeds and flower seeds you'll need. If you're good enough 
friends with her, she'll give you the Super Axe. 
Shop Items: 
Watering Can - Free 
Flower Pot - 200 G 
*See Crops section for Seeds cost* 
Daisy levels: 
1. Water Daily. 
2. Hi! ThatÂ’ll it be today? I highly recommend everything. 
3. It's hard work, but never give up, {your name} 
4. I wish I had a younger sister like Cacalia... 
5. I'm so happy when you come to visit. 

 4. Carpenter's House
Ken the carpenter will build your home extensions, so see the Extensions page for 
more info here. He'll give you the Super Hammer after you've gotten your 1st house 
Ken levels: 
1. Working hard? 
2. Working hard, {your name}? 
3. Is something the matter {your name}? Do you want to talk with me? 
4. I'd like to try working the field sometime. 
5. Keep it up {your name}. Go for it! 

 5. The Clinic
The clinic is mostly useless, except for a few times. If you think you'll be sick 
the next day, go down to the clinic after your chores are done and if you will be 
sick, you'll stay overnight in the clinic. To prevent sickness, hoe your land 
constantly until you have gotten 10 berries out of the ground. You will then have 
twice as much strength as before and you won't get sick as much. 

 6. Tool Shop
Bill works here and Will helps out every so often. They will make useful items for 
you to help out around your farm. They will upgrade your hoe when it breaks and your 
sickle after the "Great Whetstone" event. 
Shop Items: 
Mole Bash Game - 3480 G 
Horse Racing Game - 3480 G 
Slide Puzzle Game - 3480 G 
Fishing Pole - 2000 G 
Bug Net - 500 G 
Milker - 1800 G 
Saddlebags - 1000 G 
Sprinkler - 2000 G 
Scissors - 1200 G 
Shears - 2000 G 
Cheese Maker - 30000 G 
Butter Maker - 30000 G 
Yarn Maker - 30000 G 
Knitwear Maker - 30000 G 
Bill levels: 
1. You working the farm today, too? 
2. Can you tell us apart? Who am I? 
3. We built the computer that's in the library. 
4. We're thinking of making a time machine next... 
5. we guess the time machine's just a dream... 

 7. Library
Here you can trade with other HMGBC2 games, check you picture books, or talk to 
Mary, the resident librarian. Mary will eventually give you a slide puzzle to do. 
See Secrets section for more details. 
Mary levels: 
1. H... Hello. 
2. I... ah... um... nevermind. 
3. I've read so many books no in the library... 
4. The main character in this novel... He's like you. 
5. T... Thank you very much for coming today. 

 8. Bakery
Here you can pick up food to increase you stamina level, or to replenish your home 
food supply. Rosie works here, but Cacalia will take over after Rosie gets married. 
Shop Items: 
Lunch Set - 100 G 
Drink Set - 100 G 
Apple Juice - 50 G 
Orange Juice - 20 G 
Daily Special - 50 G 
Cake - 20 G 
Mushroom Set - 50 G 
Rosie levels: 
1. Would you like some food? 
2. How is {pet's name}? Be nice to it please. 
3. Hello {your name}. Are you working today too? 
4. You should eat 3 square meals a day or you'll poop out. 
5. Actually, I love animals. 
Chocola levels: 
1. Sneak a little chocolate and eat it in secret. Just kidding. 
2. Eat well or you'll run out of steam. 
3. Come on in {your name}. Eat hardy. 

 9. Animal Shop
Chet works here an will buy and sell animals for you, though there's no point in 
selling them. You need lots of grass in the pasture behind the barns or he won't 
sell you any animals. See the Animals section for more info on them. 
Shop Items: 
Young Cow - 5000 G 
Cow Bell - Free with Cow 
Brush - 800 G 
Cow Feed - 700 G 
Cow Medicine - 1000 G 
Cow M. Potion - 4000 G 
Chicken - 1000 G 
Whistle - Free with Chicken 
Chicken Feed - 500 G 
Young Sheep - 5000 G 
Horn - Free with Sheep 
Shampoo - 1000 G 
Sheep Feed - 1000 G 
Sheep Medicine - 1500 G 
Sheep M. Potion - 4500 G 
Chet levels: 
1. How's the farm? 
2. Are you taking good care of {pet's name}? 
3. You have to treat animals with affection. 
4. It's hard work, but you're the kind of person who can do it. 
5. Come whenever you've got problems with the animals 

1. Your House
This is your house where you go to bed every night. You can also check weather 
reports, exchange tools, and trade with other people here. It will get bigger if you 
ask the carpenter to upgrade it. 

2. Cow Barn
This is where you can take care of the cows you'll later get. You can keep up to 4 
of them in here. 

3. Chicken Coop
This is where you can take care of the chickens you'll later get. You can keep up to 
4 of them in here. 

4. Sheep Shack
This is where you can take care of the sheep you'll later get. You can keep up to 4 
of them in here. You'll have to build one yourself. Check out the Extensions page 
for more info. 

5. Hothouse
You'll have to build one of these as well. Use flower pots to plant various flowers 
and herbs in here. 

6. Pastures
Here is where you can leave your animals outside to graze. You will nee to keep some 
grass out here always, or you won't be able to get animals. 

7. Field
This is where you'll do all of your crop work. Once you get the bridge, you'll get 
even more space to grow crops. 

8. Fishing Hole
Here is where you can relax and enjoy a quiet day of fishing. You can also sell the 
fish you catch as follows: 
Small - 40 G 
Medium - 80 G 
Large - 100 G 

                                * Extensions *


The bridge gives you access to a whole new area of land to farm. It's fairly useless 
if you're conservative and don't plant much, but if you like to plant as much as 
humanely possible, then you'll love this. 
Cost - 10000 G 
Wood - 200 pieces 

1st House Extension

This makes your house bigger, and better. The layout changes around as well. 
Cost - 30000 G 
Wood - 300 pieces 


The hothouse will allow you to start planting flowers, but you'll need to plant them 
in flower pots. This will help you complete your picture books. 
Cost - 50000 G 
Wood - 600 pieces 

Sheep Shack

The Sheep Shack will let you raise sheep for an added profit to your farm. See the 
animals section for more information on sheep. 
Cost - 70000 G 
Wood - 500 pieces 

2nd House Extension

This is a BIG house. You don't need this much room, but its cool to have anyways, 
and it improves your score. 
Cost - 100000 G 
Wood - 900 pieces 

                                * Picture Books *


Cherry Blossom Viewing
Visit the Cherry Blossom Festival 

Moon Viewing
Visit the Moon Viewing Festival 

Harvest Festival
Give milk to Rosie on the Harvest Festival, then go to the dance. 

Save the farm after 3 years 

Snowball Fight
Participate in the snowball fight 

Horse Race
Win either of the horse races 

Play the game through until your birthday 


Amiya - Large 

Alowana - Large 

I. Salmon - Large 

Y. Perch - Small 

Tilapia - Small 

Eel - Medium 

Ayu - Small 

Catfish - Large 

C. Salmon - Large 

Snkhead - Large 

Br. Trout - Medium 

Bluegill - Medium 

Kg. Carp - Medium 

Bl. Bass - Medium 

R. Trout - Medium 

Carp - Medium 

Y. Trout - Small 

D. Varden - Small 


Swllwtl - Spring, Day 

P. Btrfly - Spring, Day 

B. Btrfly - Spring, Day 

G. Btrfly - Spring, Day 

Y. Btrfly - Spring, Day 

W. Btrfly - Spring, Day 

M. Btrfly - Spring, Day 

B. Cicada - Summer, Day 

G. Cicada - Summer, Day 

S. Cicada - Summer, Day 

E. Cicada - Summer, Day 

M. Cicada - Summer, Day 

R. Drgnfy - Summer, Day 

B. Drgnfy - Summer, Day 

G. Drgnfy - Summer, Day 

C. Drgnfy - Summer, Day 

Ant-lion - Spring, Night 

Bl. S Btl - Summer, Day 

Br. S Btl - Summer, Day 

H. S Btl - Summer, Day 

M. S Btl - Summer, Day 

O. S Btl - Summer, Day 

G. Frfly - Summer, Night 

H. Frfly - Summer, Night 

A. Btle - Summer, Day 

H. Btle - Summer, Day 

Ladybug - Spring, Day 













G. Lily 

                                  * Events *



1st - Celebration
On year 4 you will celebrate your success and ring in the new year. 

15th - Cherry Cup
Starting year 2 you will be able to ride your horse to victory at this cup. You get 
10000 G for your first win, and 20000 G for your second. 

25th - Flower Viewing Festival
This isn't much, but every year people go to the square and talk about the cherry 


7th - Star Festival
After sunset go to the town square to talk to some of the villagers about the stars. 

11th & 21st - Hurricane Warning
Sometime around these two dates there will be hurricanes. You won't be able to do 
any work on either of these two days. See the Secrets section on how to stop this. 


10th - Moon Viewing
Go to the third level of the mountain to watch the moon with Mary. 

15th - Daisy Stakes
Starting year 2 you will be able to ride your horse to victory at this cup. The 
prize is 10 bags of Napa seeds. 

25th - Harvest Festival
Most of the town will be closed, except Rosie's. Bring her a dairy product and 
she'll be able to finish her mixture. Then everyone goes to the square for dancing. 


1st & 20th - Heavy Snow Warning
Sometime around these two dates there will be heavy snows. You won't be able to do 
any work on either of these two days. See the Secrets section on how to stop this. 

14th - Thanksgiving
When you wake up, someone will be at your front door. They will give you a cake from 
their sibling, who is too shy to give it to you in person. 

25th - Holy Night
Go to the church once you're done with your chores and Cain will give you a choice 
of what to pray for. Then the harvest goddess will come down and grant your wish. 

Unscheduled Events


Depending on who your best friend will determines what gift you get today. 

Mayor - 1000 G 
Bill - Tool Upgrade 
Rosie - Seeds 
Chocola - Seeds 
Mary - Plant photo for book 
Daisy - Seeds 
Cain - Blessing 
Chet - Makes animals healthy 


Chet and Rosie's Wedding
One day Chet will invite you to his wedding on the 1st of Summer. Afterwards, 
Chocola will take over the shop for Rosie. 

Deaf Day
After the 3-year mark, keep playing. Soon into Spring you will wake up deaf one 
morning. Go over to the doctor's and he'll fix you right up. 


Ken's Melons
The day your melons ripen, Ken will stop by and request 20 of those melons. Only put 
20 melons in the shipping bin that ay and Ken will pay you 5000 G. You won't get any 
money for anything else you ship. 


Chocola's Mushrooms
Chocola will stop by and ask you to go up to the mountains. Go up here and she'll 
tell you she needs mushrooms. Give her all three that appear in the mountains and 
she'll thank you and leave. Later there will be a mushroom dish at the Bakery. 


Snowball Fight
This will happen one Sunday in Winter. Choose who to throw a snowball at. It's lame 


Animal Graveyard
If you don't take care of your animals they will get sick and die. Chet and Cain 
will be at the funeral. 

Daisy's Hot Tub
One day Daisy will be up in the mountains instead of at her shop. She will get in 
the hot tub with you and talk a little. Then she'll stay in for the rest of the day. 

Mary's Time Capsule
One day Mary will stop by and tell you to meet her in the mountains. You will pick 
one of seven different messages to write in the capsule. Come back in three years to 
see what Mary will say about it. 

Town Square Ghost
One day Someone will come by and tell you about reports of a ghost. Go to the Square 
and talk to the Mayor and Ken. Ken will go back to his shop. Then the mayor will 
tell you to go see Cain. She will suggest inquiring Ken about what really happened. 
Go to him and listen to his story. Answer Cain's questions correctly, and she'll 
tell you what really happened. 

The Great Whetstone
Bill will stop by and tell you that he needs help carrying his brother to the 
Clinic, for he just fallen off a cliff. The doctor says he's fine, but he keeps 
mentioning a "Great Whetstone". Run through the mountain, and when you find nothing, 
go to Bill's shop. He found it, so he'll upgrade your sickle. Come back in three 
days for the Super Sickle. 

Daisy's Date
Daisy will stop by one day and ask you to meet her in the town square at 1pm. Do so, 
and she'll ask you about the last time you were together in the hot tub. She'll tell 
you to not forget this day either. 

                                  * Secerts *


Golden Chickens -
To get golden chickens, find someone else with HMGBC2 an trade your chickens back 
and forth. You should now have gold chickens that lay eggs at 10X the normal price. 

Mountain Warp -
If you're doing stuff on the mountain and you need to get back to the ranch in a 
hurry, go behind the hot spring and run into the trees on the side of the screen. 
You'll end up right near your house! 

Hurricane Defense -
Check your calendar during the summer and winter for the hurricane and heavy snow 
dates. Check with the weather channel too. If the storm is going to be tomorrow, 
have Chet give you an estimate and the hurricane will never come! 

Treasure Map -
This may be the longest secret, but it by far the most rewarding. 
--First be nice to Mary as much as you can and eventually she'll hand over a 
scrambled treasure map. Just shift the edge around and you'll get it. 
--Check your Q&A. There should be a question about the treasure map. It says 
something about "under the flower that doesn't wither." 
--Go to Daisy's and check the flowers out front. You'll be told to check your Q&A 
again. do so. 
--Find someone else with HMGBC2 who has gotten the map as well and choose 
the 'Combine Maps' option in the Ranch center. 
--Now that you've got the real map, check your Q&A again. It says "between the tree 
and the L3 cliff" 
--Go to th very top of th mountains and look around the trees by the top stump. You 
should eventually find a "Miracle Glove" 

The miracle glove will be very useful now. Equip it and It'll act just like empty 
hands, except it you go and throw something you can sell, It will automatically go 
to the shipping bin, no matter where you are

                                    * Thanks *

 I thank the peeps who get out this FAQ.

                                  *** Game Shark Codes ***

                 99 Milk 0163CCB8 
No Pet 0100DAB8

Have Cat for Pet 0101DAB8

Have Fishing Rod in Tool-Shed 0101BFB8 
Snowy Weather 0102A0B8 
Strong Weather 0103A0B8 
Rainy Weather 0101A0B8 
Clear Weather 0100A0B8 
Become Ranch Master Without doing Work 0101D1B8 
Have Milker in Toolshed 0101ACB8 
Have Water Can in Toolshed 0101AEB8 
Have Miracle Potion in Toolshed 0101B2B8 
Have Dog for Pet 0100DAB8

Have Umbrella in Tool Shed 0101BEB8 
Have Cow Bell in Toolshed 0101B3B8 
Have P. Medicine in Toolshed 0101B1B8  
Have Brush in Toolshed 0101ADB8 
Have Super Axe in Toolshed 0101AAB8 
Have Super Hoe in Toolshed 0101A8B8 
Have Super Sickle in Toolshed 0101A7B8 
Have Super Hammer in Toolshed 0101A9B8 
End of Year Evaluation 01118DE8 
Infinite Cash 01ffefb8


Infinite Seeds 0163d2b8









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