How To Achieve All Medals - Guide for Wild Ones

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This is a simple guide for people who don't know how to achieve a certain medal.

Really simple and easy.

-Gone wild medal is really simple to get.
-To earn this medal finish 100 games. 

Best way to get this medal is max out your pet with stats and play last man standing. You will finish more games this way.

-Pick of the Litter medal is also easy to achieve.

Win 50 games. Best way to earn this quick and easy is to play in last man standing.

-Eagle eye medal is really simple to achieve.

Really simple and I advise you play in Hot and Spicy. Refer to this picture.

You have to use only rockets, and shoot a long distance shot killing your opponent. Done correctly, you will be granted the medal. The picture 
presented shows a long shot in action.

-Dressed to kill medal is extremely easy to achieve. 

Go to shop, then accessories, and buy ten items for Ex: head gear, tops, and bottoms. You will be granted this medal easily.

-Two birds in one stone medal can be difficult to some, but in my opinion this medal can be achieved easily. 

Go to a point match and best thing to use is a gamma star. Kill all 3 opponents and that is considered a two birds in one stone achievement.

Keep doing that until the medal is complete. [NOTE] you dont have a gamma star, you can use bakers dozen, kiss goodbye, also a game over nuke, 
and tornado shower. Those weapons will also give you a two birds and one stone medal.

-Minesweeper pro medal is extremely easy to achieve.

Best way to get this medal is by stepping on your own mine. 
You can use any three of these mines.

Best one in my opinion is the mine shower because you can earn the mine medal really fast and easy. Go to a point match and use the mine shower, 
and the next step you do is you step on your own mine. Stepping on your own mine will still help you achieve the minesweeper pro medal.

-Rocket Range medal is really easy to achieve.

All you have to do to achieve this medal is to only use a single rocket and win.
If you use any other weapon then rocket, then you fail on achieving the medal. Only use rocket and to complete the whole medal, you have to win 
50 games using only rockets.

-Stand and Fight medal is tricky.

My advice to you, for you to achieve this medal is simple. Get a buddy you know on wild ones, create a public room, tell your friend to join that 
room. Once there you guys should take turns on exiting the match. To gain this medal, once its your turn, do not move at all or don't shoot. Once 
it's your friends turn he should exit the round, giving you the medal stand and fight.

-Doctors order medal is fairly easy.

Every match you enter, all you have to do is collect every health pack. Simple as A B C.

-Passive Aggression medal is also tricky.

To achieve this medal I recommend you use the same strategy as the Stand and fight medal. Don't fire a single shot** and don't move and tell your 
friend to exit the match.

-Furry fury medal is somewhat easy to achieve. 

You have to use your pets special ability to gain this medal. Best pet to use is the panda and dog. Remember to achieve this medal you can use 
nothing else, only your pets special ability.

-Have a blast medal is easy to gain.

To get this medal the only weapon you can use is grenade. Win the match with only grenades, no other weapon can be used because you will fail to 
earn the medal.

-Untouchable medal is also tricky.

Refer to the stand and fight strategy and passive aggression strategy.

-Pack rat medal is really simple.

Every match you enter, your mission is to collect every crate until the medal is complete.

-Geronimo medal is fairly easy to achieve.

Enter a point match or you can use your buddy and take turns. First step use a anvil to lower your opponents health. Second step get on top of 
your opponents head. Aim your teleporter at 90 degrees, throw the teleporter and just fall on your opponent. Once that is done you will be 
granted the Geronimo medal.

-Suicidal mayhem medal is also easy to achieve.

To earn this medal all you have to do is blow yourself up. 

So this is a guide for people who are not sure on how to achieve a certain medal. Hoped this helped.


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