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   Quick Reference: X-Men: COTA (PC) -- How To Avoid Magneto (C) by Loopy
                                 Version 1.1

Several people have tried to explain this to me and failed to do so
successfully. So, I went off and tried to find out how to do it myself. I did
and now I'm going to share the information with you. Yes, it is possible to
complete the game without even facing Magneto (he's a REAL tough nut to crack
so if you can clock the game without even going through him, all the better.
I've only been able to clock the game _properly_ (using no cheats) with a few
characters: Iceman, Colussus, Cyclops, Juggernaut and Magneto himself.)
Here's how to complete the game without having to face Magneto:

(P1 = Player 1, P2 = Player 2)

1. Fight up to Juggernaut with whoever you like (use anyone but Magneto,
   Juggernaut or Akuma -- this cheat won't work if you do.)
2. As the fight starts, get P2 to challenge you as Akuma (see later for
   selection cheat.) NOTE: P2 must _not_ have previously challenged P1 such
   that the "Continue" sign is still showing.
3. P2 (Akuma) must win.
4. P1 must choose Wolverine (so that P1 can choose Akuma later. Again, see
   the cheat section later on.)
5. P1 must now win and P2 must opt to continue.
6. P2 can choose any character (or the same if s/he wants.)
7. P2 must now win.
8. P1 must now choose Akuma AND WIN.
9. P2 must now choose another character (or the same if desired.)
10. P2 must now beat P1's Akuma so that P1 can choose a new character.
11. P1 can choose a new character (or the same if wanted.)
12. P1 must now beat P2 and P2 must not continue.
13. If this code has been entered correctly, you will get an extra opponent
    to face (although the COM square will still be over Juggernaut.) This is
    the computer's Juggernaut. Beat this opponent _and_ the real Juggernaut
    and the game will end on Juggernaut's Space Port stage. Congrats! You
    have completed the game without even having to face Magneto! The game has
    a glitch that means you'll win as long as you've played and beaten eight
    computer-controlled opponents. Because this cheat pops up an extra
    character, you'll never go up against Magneto because you've beaten eight
    characters when you beat Juggernaut! Just remember, the extra character
    will be off BOSS difficulty so there is a strong chance you'll lose the

**IMPORTANT NOTE: It doesn't matter how many times you challenge each other
during this cheat, as long as you are both Akuma at least once and you both
have lost and won at least one match as him. Remember that you WON'T get the
dance mix X-Men tune and the walking characters because you only get this if
you clock the game with one credit and you've used more than one credit to
clock it. Also, if you lose during the extra character/Juggernaut battle, you
MUST have P2 start and then P1 come in as a challenger, beat P2 and then go
on and try again. If you don't do this, you'll get Magneto and you'll have to
start the cheat all over again from the beginning of the game.**

Confused? Try this sequence of character selecting. (COM) means the CPU is
playing this character. P1 and P2 are Player 1 (left) and Player 2 (right)

Colussus (Can be any character) Vs Juggernaut (COM)
*P2 Challenges*
Colussus Vs Akuma
*P2 Wins*
*P1 Challenges*
Wolverine Vs Akuma
*P1 Wins*
*P2 Challenges*
Wolverine Vs Iceman (Can be any character)
*P2 Wins*
*P1 Challenges*
Akuma Vs Iceman
*P1 Wins*
*P2 Challenges*
Akuma Vs Cyclops (Can be any character)
*P2 Wins*
*P1 Challenges*
Colussus Vs Cyclops (NOTE: At this stage, the person who wins will go on and
                    face the secret extra character and then Juggernaut.)
*P1 Wins* (P2 can win if s/he wants to) -- P2 (or P1) does _not_ challenge.
Colussus Vs Wolverine (COM) (Wolverine is the extra character, but this is
                            not the case all the time.)
*P1 (Colussus) Wins*
Colussus Vs Juggernaut (COM)
*P1 (Colussus) Wins*

Akuma Select Cheat

This cheat is used in the Avoid Magneto cheat so I need to tell you this.
It's long-winded so pe prepared to fail several times until you get the hang
of it (L, R, U and D are the directions, BTW.)

For P1:
{Start on Wolverine}
1. Go to Spiral (D,R,R)
2. Wait for 4 seconds.
3. Go to Silver Samurai ==Read Carefully==> (L,L,L,L,R,U,R,R,D)
4. Wait for 4 seconds.
5. Press Jab Punch, Fierce Punch and Fierce Kick together (1, 3 & 6.) Akuma
will drop down (the announcer will still say "Silver Samurai".) You are
forced to use Manual Block.

For P2:
{Start on Psylocke}
1. Go to Storm (L,L,U}
2. Wait for 4 seconds.
3. Go to Spiral ==Read Carefully==> (R,D,L,L,L,L,D,R,R)
4. Wait for 4 seconds.
5. Press Jab Punch, Fierce Punch and Fierce Kick together (1, 3 & 6.) Akuma
will drop down (the announcer will still say "Spiral".) You are forced to use
Manual Block.

Have problems with the Akuma cheat? Here's some visual tips to help you:
On Storm, wait for 4 complete floats (ignore the first half-float.) Count "1"
when she reaches the bottom of the float.
On Spiral, watch the highest arm. Wait for 4 complete oscillations (count "1"
when the arm reaches the bottom of its motion.)
On Silver Samurai, wait for 4 exhalations (chest deflates.) Count "1" when
the chest fully deflates. As with Storm, ignore the first half-exhalation.

(You'll get the hang of it eventually. Just remember that the time delays
are _roughly_ the same.)

That's it. This works, I've tried it. If you need extra help, want to correct
me, or just want to chat, feel free to e-mail me. My address is:
[email protected]

The latest version of this FAQ should only ever be found at the following


CJayC brought this up when I first posted this. CoTA was released on several
different formats. I wrote this FAQ guide for the PC version, but I don't
know if it works on any of the other formats. If you try this and find it
does or doesn't work, let me and CJayC know so we know if we should or
shouldn't cross-post it. :)

It's been reported that this cheat may not work on the Saturn. If anyone can
confirm this or its converse, then please let me know so I can make a list of
formats that this cheat doesn't work on.

   FAQ (C) Loopy ([email protected]) All other (C) Copyrights Acknowledged

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