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                                    Doorway into hell

                                      Ok, what you first need to do is run forward 
and keep on running till you see a plastic bag. Grab the plastic bag and run 
forward till you see a guy. Sneak up behind the enemy and hold x or square behind 
him.While you're sneaking up behind the guy, you will see a white triangle floating 
around him. When you see the triangle dont release x or square. Keep holding x or 
square till the triangle turns yellow. But thats not all! Keep holding x or square 
and a red triangle will appear. Now....... release and you performed an execution 
(stealth kill). Ok go down the stairs, and grab another plastic bag. Go to your 
right and go up the stairs. Now, hide in the shadows. An enemy will get near you. 
If you hit a wall, it will make the enemy come closer to you faster. When he gets 
near you and turns around, go out of the shadows and make an execution. Then come 
back from where the enemy came from and go inside the gate. When you went inside 
the gate, keep going forward and turn left. You will see health which we call 
painkillers. The painkiller will float and it looks white and black. Then you fall 
down to the basketball field. A short cutscene starts. Wait till the enemy falls 
down. Press x for a fast attack, and square for long attack. The fast attack does 
not hurt the enemy that much, but the long attack is performed a little bit longer 
than a light attack, but the long attack does more damage. Press x and square 
together to perform a grapple move. When you do the grapple move, keep pressing x 
and square together to perform more attacks when you do the grapple move. When you 
killed the enemy, there will be painkillers. Grab the painkillers if you need and 
enter the gate where you see the tape. That is a save tape, a savetape is for when 
you die and you start from where you collected the save tape. There you will see a 
glass shard. Grab it and hit a wall to make a enemy come near you. When the enemy 
turns around, perform an execution and hide his body in the shadows. Go up 
thestairs and turn to your right. There you will see 2 enemies there and 2 weapons. 
1 weapon is a plastic bag and another weapon is a glass shard. Pick whichever one 
you want and lure 1 enemy. REMEMBER!!!!!! There are 2 enemies, not 1. SO MAKE SURE, 
THAT YOU ONLY LURE 1 ENEMY! Oh and by the way, lure means to make someone get near 
you. When an enemy comes near you, execute him with a plastic bag or glass shard. 
Now do the same thing to the other enemy. When you killed them, a gate will open. 
Go inside the gate and there will be another save tape. Collect the save tape and 
go forward and turn to your left. You will see some stairs. Go up the stairs and 
there will be 2 enemies. Get either a glass shard or plastic bag. Lure only 1 enemy 
and execute him. Do an execution to the other enemy too. You will see the entrance 
to the end of the level so go into the gate and the level is finished.

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