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                         legend of zelda: wind waker

(please excuse my spelling)

First of all with Ganon you'll need at least(or more)13 heart containers AND 4 
faries with you to have a chance.Trust me it took me 7 tries to beat Puppet 
Ganon and Ganon.So let's begin.

1.Puppet Ganon

        First, he'll look like a giant moblin(those pig things).You first cut 
down all of the strings that are attached to him with the boomerang.Then shoot 
the end of his tail with a light arrow and repeat this process three times.Then 
he'll go back up the tower and then come back down as a giant spider.He'll go 
up the tower and fall down to try and squash you.When he's on the ground shoot 
his tail with a light arrow and repeat three times.He'll go back up once more 
and when he comes back down he'll look like a giant worm.Ok this is where it 
gets complicated.Puppet Ganon will run around the room trying to hit you.You 
can either slash him in the face or hit his face with a light arrow(either 
works), this will stun him for about 2 seconds(personaly I'd try and shoot him 
while he's moving around).Shoot his tail with a light arrow 3 times and he'll 
finally die!


       This is a lot easier than Puppet Ganon, all you really have to do is 
distract him while Zelda shoots him with light arrows.The best thing to 
personally do is L-target him and start attacking him.Eventually he'll knock-
out Zelda and start blocking your parry moves.When Zelda awakens attack him 
like crazy!After a little you'll have to use your shield to hit Ganon with a 
light arrow, after that EMEDIATLY L-target him and use your parry attack and 
you win!

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