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    H   H   OO    W     W       TTTTTTT  OO      BBB   EEEEE     A    TTTTTTT
    H   H  O  O   W     W          T    O  O     B  B  E        A A      T
    HHHHH  O  O   W  W  W          T    O  O     BBB   EEEE    AAAAA     T  
    H   H  O  O   W W W W          T    O  O     B  B  E      A     A    T
    H   H   OO    W     W          T     OO      BBB   EEEEE A       A   T

                TTTTTTT  H   H  EEEEE        GGGG   Y   Y  M      M   SSS
                   T     H   H  E          G         Y Y   M M  M M  S
                   T     HHHHH  EEEE       G   GGG    Y    M  MM  M   SSS  
                   T     H   H  E           G    G    Y    M      M      S
                   T     H   H  EEEEE        GGGG     Y    M      M   SSS

          Hi, my name is Trey as you would know if you read the big line above the 

          PLEASE DO NOT COPY THIS!!!I put a lot of hard work into this(note the big 
title)and I want it put to good use like being posted on to this website.

          I bring you the ultimint gym leader cheatlist.

                                       GYM 1

      location: Pewter city
      Pokemon needed to beat:Bulbasaur/sqirtllelv.15 
      Butterfree lv.13, rattata lv.12

                                       GYM 2

      Location: Ceroliun city
      Leader: Misty
      Pokemon needed:Pikachu lv.18,
      Butterfree lv.16,Bulbasaur lv.22

                                       GYM 3

      Location:Vermilion city
      Leader:I forget
      Pokemon needed: Bulbasaur lv.23-27, 
      Rattata/Raticate lv.20, Butterfree lv.21
      Diglette lv.20,

                                       GYM 4

      Location:Celadon city
      Pokemon needed:Bulbasaur lv.27-29
      Kadabra lv.24, Butterfree lv.23 
      Dugtrio lv.25

                                       GYM 5

      Location:Fuasha city
      Leader: I forget
      Pokemon needed:Bulbasaur lv.33
      Kadabra lv.29,Dugtrio lv.28 
      Pikachu lv.30, Butterfree lv.29

                                       GYM 6
      Location:Saffron city
      Leader: Sabrina
      Pokemon needed: Bulbasaur lv.38
      Kadabra lv.35,Hitmonlee/Hitmonchan lv.32
      Butterfree Lv.33,Pikachu lv.36
      Gyradose lv.35         

                                       GYM 7

      Location:That island city
      Pokemon needed:Venisaur lv.44
      Pikachu lv.40,Kadabra lv.39
      Butterfree lv.37,Gyradose lv.41 
      Hitmonlee/Hitmonchan lv.37

                                      GYM 8

      Location:Varidian city
      Pokemon needed:Venisaur lv.50
      Riachu lv.48,Gyradose lv.47
      Pidgeote lv.47,Kadabra lv.46
      Hitmonchan/Hitmonlee lv.47

                                     ELITE 4

     Pokemon needed:Venasaur lv.57-68
     Riachu lv.54-65,Pidgeote lv.53-63
     Chan./Lee. lv.54-64
     Alakazam lv.54-65,gyradose lv.56-66

     This is just a list of Pokemon that I used to beat the game. now my team is....

     Venasaur lv.84
     Mewtwo lv. 85
     Mew lv.87
     Zapdose lv.83
     Articuno lv.84
     moltras lv.82
                      You want a Mew? go to the how to get Mew FAQ.Mew is an awsome 
glich and you can get almost any Pokemon by useing it Ive gotten 3 Mews,1 
alakazam,and many others. I filled mt Pokedex useing the Mew glitch.

                            DONT STOP BEING A CHEATER     

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