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Copyright 2008 by Claire Terry

This walkthrough is for the Xbox360 version of the game, however, it is no
different from the PS3 version except for the controls. Next to each section 
name below is a quick letter guide you can use to find the section you are
looking for. 

Version 1: Original Guide
Version 1. 1: Added a FAQ question and corrections
Version 1. 2: More corrections and added a starting the game tip 
Version 1. 3: Added another FAQ question

  Section List

Section 1: Controls [CON1]
Section 2: Weapons [WEA2]
Section 3: Basics [BAS3]
Section 4: Walkthrough [WAL4]
Section 5: Bonus/Extras [BON5]
Section 6: FAQ [FAQ6]
Section 7: Copyright and thanks [COP7]


  Section 1: Controls [CON1]

The controls with a * next to them means there is more than one button you can
press to do this action. 

Direction Button               Game Controls

Normal controls:

A ---------------------- Pick up weapon, open door and perform other actions
B ---------------------- Toggle flashlight on/off
X ---------------------- Display forensic tools
Y ---------------------- Check health, ammo, and stun gun
Analog L --------------- Move
Analog R --------------- Look/turn
LT --------------------- Attack, zoom, finishing kill (incapacitate)
RT --------------------- Attack, fire, finishing kill
RT (double-pull) ------- Activate attack chain
LT (double-pull) ------- Activate attack chain
LT + RT ---------------- Grab opponent during dazed state and perform kill
LB --------------------- Sprint
RB --------------------- Throw weapon
Up directional pad ----- Fire stun gun (unlockable) 
Down directional pad --- Access firearm holster (unlockable)
Analog R (click) ------- Kick
Analog R (swivel) ------ Adjust antennas, knobs, etc. 
Analog L (click) ------- Medium attack modifier
Back button ------------ Show objectives screen
Start button ----------- Field Kit/Pause menu

Evidence Mode:

Analog L --------------- Zoom in and out
A ---------------------- Select/swap evidence tools
B ---------------------- Exit evidence mode
LB + RB* --------------- Cycle through tabs
Up or down analog L* --- Cycle through evidence choices

GPS Tool:

LT (hold) -------------- Interact mode
RT --------------------- Zoom in/out
Analog L --------------- Pan left, right, up, down
RB --------------------- Cycle up through floors
LB --------------------- Cycle down through floors
A ---------------------- Place waypoints
B ---------------------- Lower tool


   Section 2: Weapons Types [WEA2]

This is just a basic introduction of the weapons in the game. I will not list
every weapon but I will give a little bit of a description of each weapon 

# Stun Gun #

This unlockable item allows you to stun enemies when pressing up on the 
directional pad. It does not charge automatically, however, and you must
find batteries in SCU lockers to recharge them. The number of shots in
a battery depends on the upgrade level of the Stun Gun:

Bronze = Two shots
Silver = Three shots
Gold = Five shots

# Light melee #

These are one-handed weapons that you can swing quickly and are plentiful
throughout the game. The don't have a lot of power but are easy to find
and can include: 2x4s, conduits, braces, batons, etc. 

# Heavy melee #

These are slower to swing but are much more powerful then the light melee 
weapons. The are less plentiful and can include: sledgehammers, shovels, 
and baseball bats. 

# Exotic melee #

These are usually specific to the chapter you are in and can be 
extremely powerful. They are both one and two-handed and can include:
prosthetic arm, deer antler, and gumball machine. 

# Pistols #

Handguns are great because they can shoot from a longer distance than
such weapons such as the shotgun. The pistols include:. 44, 9mm,. 38, 
and the. 22. 

# Shotguns #

Shotguns are extremely powerful but only at close range. They do not
hold much ammo so make sure to aim carefully. The shotguns include:
riot shotgun, double barrel, sawed off shotgun, and the pump shotgun. 

# Rifles #

Rifles have great firepower, distance, rate of fire, and accuracy. 
They will be ultra-rare in some places, but abundant in others. 
The rifles include: Lever rifle, sub-machine gun, and the assault


   Section 2: Basics [BAS3]

This is a section to just tell you the basics of the game so you are not
plunged into a game you have no idea how to play. Even though that can 
be fun in itself. :)


Ethan has the magnificent ability to sense when he needs to use his forensic
tools. It is your job to collect samples, examine the evidence, and send
it back to the lab where the expert lab technician Rosa will decipher it for 
you. Your Field Kit will be the main way that you and Rosa will communicate. 
When clues are nearby, a symbol will show up in the middle of the screen
and in order to search for clues you will need to press A. 

You will be asked to identify certain details about the body or evidence you
find and will be graded on it so be careful. Use the directional pad while 
holding the left trigger to cycle through the different choices you can
make. Once you have selected what you need, press Y to submit it to Rosa
for analysis. 

You can be attacked while finding clues and evidence so watch out! 

Forensic tools:

# Field Kit GPS #

You can navigate through streets with this GPS. See the controls section
for instructions on how to use it. 

# Field Kit Spectrometer #

You can track down gases and audible sources with this. 

# Field Kit UV Light #

This can illuminate things like blood and certain wiring invisible to
the naked eye. 

# Field Kit Camera #

Digitally photograph evidence and transmit it back to the lab. 
Press the A button to take a photo. 

# Flashlight #

This puny flashlight will be a godsend during your game. Press
B to toggle the flashlight on and off. 


Here are some very important things to know about the game! Read these 
before starting it! 

^ Auto-Restoring Health ^

When you are damaged and your top health bar is not completely depleted, it 
will be restored after a short period of time. It can be just barely over 
the empty line and if you wait about 6 or so seconds, it will restore 
completely. If you deplete one completely, however, it will not restore and 
it will be the next bar that replenishes. 

^ Alcohol Gauge ^

Drinking from a liquor bottle steadies Ethan's hand so he can shoot with 
more accuracy. After you drink one, an orange bottle will appear at the 
right side of the screen and will empty after awhile. When it is flashing, 
the alcohol effects have almost worn off. 

^ Optional Objectives ^

Optional objectives are "sidequests" you can fulfill to achieve a higher
rating at the end of the chapter. You cannot achieve a gold level if
you do not complete the optional objectives. The objectives can be such
tasks as taking pictures of objects, destroying machines or labs, etc. 
You can check the number of labs, objects destroyed, etc by pressing the
"back" button. 

^ Melee Weapons ^

No matter what melee weapon Ethan grabs, it WILL break. Keep this in mind
and don't rely on one weapon too much without having a backup. Guns do not
break, however they can run out of ammo and be useless. 

^ Sprint Tackle ^

This is one of the most forgotten but useful attacks in the game. To do a 
sprint tackle, sprint forward and press LT (it may work with RT also). This
will knock the enemy back and they usually won't recoil with a quick 
counterattack. If you are in a tight situation or facing a tough enemy, use
this technique. 

^ Flashlight off ^

There are two parts to this:

1) If you can't see evidence very well (such as a wallet or memo), turn 
off you flashlight. The glare can cause some evidence to be pretty much 

2) When you start a new chapter, your flashlight will automatically be
off so make sure to turn it on. 

^ Holstering a weapon ^

To holster a firearm, press down on the D-pad with a gun. It will be stored 
for later. What is cool is when you are in a level with a lot of assault 
rifles. Why you ask? Well, holster one that is fully loaded, grab another 
one, and you will have a backup! 

^ Help! I'm blind! ^

If you find an area is just too dark to see where the heck you are going, 
try adjusting the brightness in the options. It worked miracles for me. 

^ Burn baby burn! ^

If you throw an alcohol bottle at an enemy then taser him, it catches him on
fire. It's a pretty easy kill so use it when you can. 


  Section 4: Walkthrough [WAL4]


The life of a street drunk is hell- but that's just the start of your 

Serial killer SKX is back and has been leaving a bloody trail. That, 
and the fact that half of the city population has gone insane are 
enough to sober even a mean drunk like you. 

You are Ethan Thomas, ex-special investigator of violent crimes for
the Serial Crimes Unit. As you past begins to catch up with you, you
have no choice but to fight your way back toward sanity, and help
your old unit solve a mystery that threatens to destroy the city. 

You're no hero with most of our old colleagues, but you're all the 
help they've got, and things are quickly moving from bad to worse. 
With the help of a few friends still inside the agency, you must use 
whatever you can find to battle a path through the madness that is
gripping the city, and help piece together clues to stop it from
spreading beyond anyone's control. 


I will try to avoid big spoilers but if there are a few, don't yell
at me. Also, I will not list every save point because that will be
a waste of time because you will find them automatically. 

# Rock Bottom #

After the cutscene and your surprise of how badass Ethan has gotten, 
press B to toggle your flashlight and when it prompts, press A to 
give a response to the back-talking bum. 

- Response 1/4 - 

The bum will then lead you to a area you must press A to squeeze 
through. Go up the stairs, and to the gate the bum is working on, 
and press A to go through the gate. Head to the TV where you will 
see a few health packs and after some dialogue, you will be prompted 
to fight. Remember to use LT and RT to swing your fists. 

You will next be taught to parry which can be done by holding down
LT and RT at the same time. Follow up next with a punch and repeat
this until the next bum is gone. The next lesson will be a One-Two 
Combo so in order to do one, hit LT then RT (or vice versa) and you
will be prompted to do a simple combo. Then a parry combo will be 
next so parry, then punch. The bum doesn't die easily until you do 
the combo so be prepared. 


Remember there are two health packs on the TV if you need them. 

Next is melee combat. Grab a 2x4 Nails from the trash can to the left
of you and swing away to kill another bum. Next you will have to defeat
3-4 enemies which can be difficult but just keep blocking and swinging
your weapon. If it breaks, you can either grab another one or grab
one that is held by an enemy. 

A cutscene will play and you will be back in the area you were. Before 
heading out, grab a 2x4 Nails out of the trash can where you picked 
one up before. Then head to a lighted area to open a gate and see
some shutters blow off the windows. A window will pop up right when you
come to a TV, so read and dismiss it, then check the TV with A and 
adjust the antenna using the analog stick. 

# Antenna location 1/5 #

After the nasty cutscene (looks like Vanhorn had to much to drink. ), 
continue forward and turn left into a door with a blue sign. Grab the 
Conduit in front of you if you want or continue forward and grab the
stronger Pipe on a shelf. Wind around until you see an open door and 
don't be scared by the dog suddenly barking at you, he can't get to 
you. Hehe 

You will see some stairs leading up and down, so take the ones leading
upstairs. You cannot enter the door here but there will be a TV. 

# Antenna location 2/5 #

Go back down the stairs and the game will save. Go down the next flight
and someone will throw something at you. Continue forward and an enemy 
will sneak up from behind you if you turn left so be careful. Soon, 
a screen will pop up telling you about Sonic Emitters. Go left-ish
toward the buzzing sound and you will see some device on the wall. 
It is your choice whether you want to throw your weapon at it or 
just walk up and smack it. 

$ Sonic Emitter location 1/3 $

There will be a TV right by there so make sure to check that too. 

# Antenna location 3/5 # 

Walk straight forward from the TV and turn left to find a Health
Kit on the wall. Go back to the stairs you came front and watch 
out because a bum will throw items at you that you can't block. 
Go upstairs when he is done and you will see an enemy running
toward you, so defeat him. Be careful, he's a little tougher than 
the others. Go back up the stairs where the second TV was and go 
through the open door. Your path will be blocked from behind so
go forward and push the shelf. Continue on to get a window up that
says how to do a more devastating combo. Defeat the next bum with
the combo and another window will pop up with info on how to do 
an environmental kill. An enemy will pop out so when you punch or
hit him and he goes on his knees, go toward one of the TVs with a 
skull icon and Ethan will automatically do the kill. Another enemy
will come through the window so you can defeat him in the same way. 

After all the enemies are gone, you can use the Health Kits on the 
wall if you need to. Otherwise, climb through the window and be 
prepared to press A. 

- Response 2/4 -

Make a left and jump down, be prepared to be attack by a dog. If it 
latches on to your arm, follow the prompt on the screen to defeat it
without swinging your weapon. Look behind you for a Health Kit spot. 
Continue forward and turn left and try to open the gate. RUN AWAY NOW 
because the tank that tipped over will explode soon and you don't 
want to be in the way. 

Next, ignore the stairs to the right of you and go down a long path to 
see some black creatures running away. When you come to a body covered
in black goo, turn right to see a glowing TV. 

# Antenna location 4/5 # 

Look up to the right of the TV to see a Sonic Emitter above you. If you 
still have a weapon, throw it at it using LB. If not, go back a little
ways to find a pile of Bricks on the ground. Now you can destroy the
Sonic Emitter. 

$ Sonic Emitter 2/3 $


A good way to aim is to center the light of your flashlight right over
the Sonic Emitter. 

Continue through the door (make sure to grab a brick if you have no
weapon) and go up a ramp on the right. Ignore the half open door to your
right and go straight to the door on the other side. You will see a bunch
of black stuff and will hear a noise. Open the door in front of you and 
turn left to see another door. Be prepared to do the next response. 

- Response 3/4 -

Once through the door, go right and towards a fire in the distance. There 
will be two enemies attacking you so watch out. After the battle, walk 
toward a fence and when a barrel falls over, back up NOW! Another 
explosion will happen so be prepared. There is a health kit in a red box
around behind a dumpster in case you get hurt. After waiting (you were patient
right? ) black monsters will attack you as soon as you walk forward. There
will be about 4 so defeat them and go forward. There will be more monsters
that will ambush you so defeat them and find a small ladder leading up. 
Go forward, right, and you will see a long straight path so go down it. 
You will fall down and end up in another area. Go straight ahead and up 
the ladder and jump down on the LEFT side of the fence (if you look in 
the distance you will see a place where you can pick up a Conduit). It 
doesn't really matter what side of the fence you end up, however, but 
the left side is quicker and more direct. If you are on the right side, 
just walk to the left one. 

Walk past the Conduit area and kill the monster coming toward you. Go 
down the stairs and use the Health Kits if needed. Go back up the stairs
because it is a dead end and turn a direct left and follow the path. 
You will go past a "no trespassing" door and grab the Conduit if you need
it. Turn left and a window will pop up telling you how to throw weapons. 
Look up and you will see a red ladder cover so throw whatever weapon you
have at it. 


There are bricks here if you need them. 

The ladder will come down and press A to climb it. At the top, enemies 
will surround you so kill them and use the Health Kit in the orange-ish
case if you need to. There is a Sonic Emitter on the wall so hit that with
a brick or two. 

$ Sonic Emitter 3/3 $

Then check on the ground and move the boards and 
jump down. Grab the Prosthetic Arm if you want and turn around, opposite
of the dead end. Turn left and go straight past a wheelchair or two and 
grab the Brace leaning against the table. Go left, past the table, and 
go into an open door you will see when you turn a slight left. 

You will see a Prosthetic Arm on the table so turn left to see a TV. 

# Antenna location 5/5 #

Turn opposite of the TV, and go straight and left to a door with a red 
light inside. Pull the lever and use the Health Kit quickly and turn 
around. An enemy or two will come where you are so watch out. Go straight
and turn left at the open door and cut through the shelves, and keep an 
eye on the enemy about ready to attack you (he could be hiding). After the
shelves, turn left in the open double doors and you may see an enemy 
running away. Turn left at a big shelf and go toward the green light
 (go towards the liiight! Okay, bad joke). Turn right, then left, down 
some stairs and be prepared for a response. 

- Response 4/4 -

Climb through the window. 


There is an optional event here. You can destroy all 15 ceiling sacks on 
the ceiling. To do this, you can easily walk around, they attack you, and
press LT and RT to take minimal damage and destroy them. Or you can walk 
up to them, look up, and hit them there. 

Explore the area, and find all 15 ceiling sacks. It is too difficult to 
write instructions for where they all are but just count and you will find
them. I will let you know when to turn around if you missed any so you won't
have to restart the chapter. For now, I will just take you right to where 
you need to go. 

Go straight and turn right and continue down, eventually turning left. You 
will soon come to an area with two tables so walk forward and destroy the 
slow-walking black creature coming toward you. From the big white spot on 
the floor, turn a slight right and toward a lighted area. Continue on to 
see some Health Kits on the wall. You should have 11 destroyed sacks right
now. If you continue on, you will see three ways you can go: left, right, 
and straight. Turn right to find a pipe on the table, there is nothing
to the left, so go straight. You will come to a wall where you can turn 
right or left. Both will get you to the same area, but right will have you
find another sack. When you get to the area with some tables, grab the 
Shotgun off the shelf and continue forward until you get to an area 
where there is a light area to the right. Go there and past the tables, 
watching out for monsters. On the left you will see two tables, pass them
and continue down the path. You will eventually see Vanhorn in front of 


If you haven't gotten all 15 ceiling sacks, DO NOT use the ledge! This is
the end of the chapter so if need be, it is possible to go all the way 
back to the window where you first climbed through. 

Press A to use the ledge to finish the chapter. 

# Preston Hotel #

Right when you start out, you will have a response. 

- Response 1/5 -

Walk forward, turn right, and some dialogue will start. Walk back past
La Rue and turn right and you will see a narrow path. Dorland should 
say that he is located on the opposite end of the billboard. So head 
through the narrow path and follow Dorland down a ledge. He will open
a door so follow him and a screen will pop up telling you about SCU
Lockboxes. Go to the SCU blue lockbox, open it, look at the ammo, and
hold A to reload your weapon. 

You will see some stairs so go down all of them, and Ethan will 
automatically jump over a hole. You now can't go back. EVER! Muahahaha! 
Okay, anyway, head toward the door with the red light and turn right, 
then left down the path Dorland is looking toward. Explore the area at
the end and walk back and Dorland will say, "Okay, let's keep moving. "
So follow La Rue and Dorland and you will see a bluish room and La Rue
will tell you to destroy the meth lab. Shoot it once and back up 
because it will explode. 

* Meth Lab 1/4 *


This is another optional objective. I will list where all the meth labs

Exit the room and go to where La Rue and Dorland are and go straight ahead. 
Wait a minute and Dorland will move a board and reveal a space where you 
can duck under. 

When you duck under, be prepared because an enemy will attack you
instantly. Take a slight left and go around the tables, in a sort
of U-shape until you see a large opening. Be careful because there
is an enemy to your right with a shotgun so peek around and shoot him a 
few times. Take the ammo from him if need be and turn around and you will
see a half open door on the right so if you need health, go in it. Head 
to the bathroom and open the medicine cabinet for a Health Kit. 

Otherwise, go down the hall and turn right and into 507 where Dorland
is standing. In the room, you will see a large gap so duck under it and
check the TV. 

# Antenna location 1/4 #

Go to the open door to the right of the TV and you will be in the bathroom. 
You will see an opening so jump down and don't worry because you won't take 
any damage. Go through the open door and a direct left and go through 
another door. Take a right and go down the hallway and don't shoot Dorland
because he will walk right in front of you. :P  Rosa will ask you some 
questions and the answers are:

1) Any officer's reported in the area during the time of the call? 
2) Is there a commuter train that passes near the hotel? 

You will get a perfect score if you give these answers. Turn toward Dorland
and you will be prompted for a response. 

- Response 2/5 -

After Dorland jumps down, wait for him to tell you to follow, and jump down. 
Another response will happen so be prepared. 

- Response 3/5 - 

QUICKLY pry open the doors because the elevator car will fall down. It 
may kill you, I haven't hung around to find out. Hehe  As soon as you
get out, you will notice that you have "lost" your gun. 


Ethan dropped his gun here and it should be around either on the floor, 
or in the elevator shaft. If it is in the elevator shaft, grab it 
quickly and run out. If you can't find it, grab a bedpost in the room. 
Thanks to Chris Hegeman for this info. 

After grabbing your weapon, turn around and go straight, then right and 
head toward a lighted area. Turn right of the lighted area and go down 
the hallway and be prepared, a tough enemy will attack you. Just use the 
bedpost to attack him and finish him off with your fists. Make sure to 
block a lot. 

When the battle is finished, go to where he pushed the table over and 
turn right and a window will pop up about your spectrometer. Go 
straight, left, left, and look up on the wall near a shelf to see 
a Sonic Emitter so destroy it. 

$ Sonic Emitter 1/3 $

From the emitter, turn around and go a slight left around a table, right, 
straight, and right to see an open doorway. Go through it to hear some 
dialogue. There is a SCU lockbox with two Health Kits and a meth lab 
to the left so use the bricks nearby to destroy it. 

* Meth Lab 2/4 * 

Exit the room and make three lefts and a right to get back to the entrance. 
Go straight (it will save), make a left and a right and quickly grab the
baseball bat on the table and be prepared for battle. What helped for me 
here is to back up against the chairs piled on a table and the wall and
fight there because no enemies should sneak up behind you. There will 
be three enemies and if you need an environmental kill, use the table
right next to you. 

After they are dead, head to the right of the room to some small stairs 
and go up them. Go into the open door and open the double doors to a new
area. Turn right and a small dialogue will happen. Continue down the 
hall and look left to see a double door so open it. Go up some small 
stairs and a window will pop up about using liquor to calm your nerves. 
Pick up the shotgun and hold A when you are near the liquor bottle to
drink it. 


If you tap A, you will pick up the bottle instead of using it. 

When up the stairs, make 2 rights and you will see a SCU lockbox. Open it
and take the riot gun if you want to, there are also two Health Kits 
here also. Continue on and be careful because there are two enemies with
guns. I recommend you use the shotgun for this and go back to grab the 
riot gun after. After killing the enemies, turn right and you will see 
some double doors. WAIT! There is a Sonic Emitter above here so shoot
it first! 

$ Sonic Emitter 2/3 $

Then go through the double doors and there will be a response in a second. 

- Response 4/5 -

Go straight to the glowing TV (this is not an antenna one) and turn left. 
Go forward until you need to press A to slide through an area, so go ahead. 
A window will pop up about forensic investigation, then Ethan will talk to
Rosa and you will get a small tutorial about how to investigate (after you
press A). 

1) Press LT to zoom in on the face and select: Adult Male. 
2) Then, zoom in on the clothes and select: Police Uniform. 
3) Zoom in on the badge near his hand and select: Police Badge #46

After you submit your info using Y, you will be prompted for the cause
of death. 

4) Zoom in on the gunshot wound and select: Torso Area
5) On the same area select: Gunshot Wound
6) On the same area select: Exit Wound 

Now you have to use your UV light (by pressing X and hitting left on the 
analog stick) and examine the blood leading away from the body. 

7) Select: Blood Trail
8) Select: Victim Crawled 

Now, get out your UV light again and follow the blood trail until you are
prompted to press A to move a couch out of the way. Do that, and follow 
the trail until it turns left but go RIGHT instead. You will see a 
scrawled message on the wall so examine it. You can't use this as evidence
but it is a good thing to remember. 

"Gun in 106"

So follow the blood trail again but put down your light because an enemy 
will be nearby. Continue to follow the trail until you hear a laugh that
sounds like it should be out of a Beavis and Butthead movie. :P  
Continue down the hall and you will hear a Sonic Emitter so continue
on down the hall until you an enemy breaks through the wall. Defeat him
and when you see a large break in the wall enter here and find the TV. 

# Antenna location 2/4 #

Leave the room and turn left, right, and left into a greenish bathroom. 
The medicine cabinet in here has two Health Kits. Go straight ahead to 
the door ahead of you and walk a little ways and back up and go behind 
the left wall. An enemy will be shooting at you so throw things or run
up to him to defeat him. 


If you want to use the gun and want it to have ammo, you can always do 
a "kamikaze" run up to him and beat the tar out of him in order to 
keep some ammo left. Otherwise, just let him use it up so he uses melee
attacks instead. 

There is a sonic emitter here on the wall so break that. You can use the
nearby bedposts if you are weaponless. 

$ Sonic Emitter 3/3 $

After this, go back to the greenish bathroom and go outside again. Turn 
left and go down the hall turn right and go toward the glowing TV again. 
Go straight through to the next room and go right back outside. Go left, 
and down the reddish hallway until you get to room 106 and go inside. 
Go straight, left, and another left into the bathroom to find a radio. 

# Antenna location 3/4 # 

Exit the bathroom and turn a direct left and you will see a chair with a 
gun on it, so grab it already! It only has 6 shots but it's better than 
nothing. Go straight, and right out the door you originally came from. 
Once outside, turn left and go through the room with the glowing TV and 
back out in the hallway again. Go a little ways forward, left, and down
the left hall before the greenish bathroom. Turn right and into the 
Service Elevator room and grab the gun, then press A to examine the 

1) Examine the blood and select: Outward Pattern
2) Examine the same area and select: Vic dropped from above

After submitting this, go to the elevator and press A to pry it open. 
Ethan will automatically climb up the ladder so exit through the only
door when he's upstairs. Use your UV light to follow the blood trail 
and you will see:

"203 stay away"

Go back past the elevator door and go right. You will see a gap in the 
wall but DON'T ENTER IT! 


If you enter the room, you will be trapped and a gun-toting enemy will
shoot you. It is really hard to kill him and you will have no reward
for doing so, except the gun (which is not worth it, trust me. ) So 
go past the room and turn into the reddish hallway and go all the way
down to the end. Kill the two enemies here and grab the submachine gun
if you need it. 


Do not destroy the meth lab here, it will hurt you. Instead, go down
the reddish hallway and turn left where there are stairs and no door. 
Look through the window on the left where you can safely blow up the 
meth lab. If you do this first, you can also blow up the skinny nude
druggie bum which is pretty fun. Hehe

* Meth Lab 3/4 *

Go back the way you came from to the hallway and turn left and go down 
and turn left again until you get to the end of the hallway (past the
gap in the wall) and go into room 201. Go into the bathroom and use 
the Health Kits if you want and turn around because there will be an
enemy right behind you soon. Go straight through the open door and 
turn left at the gap in the wall go straight and turn right at the 
wall where there are a few signs of room numbers. Turn left and hug
the right wall and go into room 208. Open the locker and use the Health
Kits if you need to then turn right and head toward the TV. 

# Antenna location 4/4 #

Head directly opposite of the TV and turn left to go back outside. 
Turn left, right, and into an open door where the screen will turn
black and white for a second. Keep going forward and straight through
to the other side and leave. Turn left and go straight until once again
the screen turns black and white and you hear a voice. Two enemies will
attack you (it could be one at a time) so defeat them and turn right 
into a reddish hallway. At the end, look down and you will see a 
board covering an opening above the floor. Press A to move it and 
quickly move left to avoid gunfire. 


To quickly kill the enemy, throw an item at the meth lab in here and 
back up quickly. It should take him out instantly. 

* Meth Lab 4/4 *

Leave where you came out and go all the way down the hall until you see
where an evidence area is. Press A to start some short dialogue. You 
will have to zoom in on two areas now and pick the correct answers. 

1) Zoom in on the hat on the chair and select: Policeman's Cap
2) Zoom in on the blood spatter on the door and select: Exit Splatter

After this, open the door and go forward, right, and you will see a 
hole in the ground. Be prepared for a response and don't jump down 
before it! 

- Response 5/5 -

After the response, jump down for a nasty sight. You will next be 
ordered to tell your location so do this:

1) Find the telephone and zoom in on it. Select: Room #119


There are couple of items you can look at such as the keychain or the
outside of the door. However, the only visible part is the 1 which is
not good enough. You can also go outside and look at the room next to
you to determine the room number. Thanks to Chris Hegeman for this info. 

Now you have to take a picture of the body. Press A to go into evidence
mode again and hold X and up on the analog stick to access the digital 
camera. Get as close to the body as you can and try to photograph the 
chest area with the head in the shot too. Zoom in correctly because
if it is blurry you will not get a perfect rating. 

Now Rosa will ask you to zoom in and take a picture of the face. Just
remember the tips I told you and you will be fine. After the cutscene 
it is the end of the chapter. 

# Commuter Tracks #

As soon as the chapter starts, you will be prompted for a response 
soon so be prepared. 

- Response 1/3 -


There will be enemies here and they will just respawn if you kill 

Run forward and turn left to run across a board to a room. Be 
careful because enemies may throw bricks at you. Grab the track light
on the chair if you want and turn around and go right. Go through the
door ahead of you (don't turn left yet) and walk around to find a 
Sonic Emitter on a wall. 

$ Sonic Emitter 1/3 $

After destroying it, exit the room and turn a direct right into a new
area. Turn left and head down the hall to see a radio at the end. 

# Antenna 1/2 #

From the radio, turn around and head left into the first door. Take
another hard left and you will come to a door you can't enter. Kick 
it and RUN AWAY! Behind the door is a meth lab and it will explode 
because you kicked the door. If you die, it is no big deal because
there was a saving point recently. You should be safe if you run into
the nearby closet. 

* Meth Lab 1/2 *

After that, turn around from the door and
go through the door with the mannequin staring at you. Oooo creepy! 
No don't shoot it silly! :) When in front of the mannequin, turn 
right into another door you will hear a sound. Look behind you if 
you dare! Muahahaha! They're alive! 

Anyway, turn left and go up the stairs and kick the chair in front of 
the door. You should only have to kick it once, then open the door. 
Walk all the way down the hall and kick the chair in front of one of
the doors, then turn around. Go forward and turn into the next door on
the left and use the Health Kits in the SCU locker nearby if you need 
them. Next, walk toward the other open door in the room and you will 
see a glowing area far in front of you- this is the other meth lab. 

Go straight and you will see an enemy either run away or attack you. 
If he runs away, throw something at the lab and back up and wait. 

* Meth lab 2/2 *

Go into the area where the meth lab was if you want to pick up the item
you threw but the enemy earlier will probably attack you. He is pretty
tough so make sure to block and find a decent weapon. Remember that the 
Health Kits in the locker are nearby if you haven't used them already. 
Leave the area where the meth lab was and you will see OBEY THEM 
written on a wall and a gap in the wall to the left of it. Go in front
of the gap and grab a brick and throw it at the chair in front of the

When the chair is moved, turn right and go through the closed door on
the other side. In here is the second antenna, you can also go outside
to access a saving point. 

# Antenna Location 2/2 # 

Then turn around and go straight and follow the blood trail outside 
again. Go to the end of the hallway to the closed door on the very end 
and go through it. 


You probably figured this out, but you couldn't go through the door 
earlier because the chair was blocking it from the other side. 

Once through the door, go upstairs and through the door at the top. 
Go straight to find some liquor bottles you can drink, or go through
the door on the left to continue. There will be two enemies that will 
attack you so finish them off and grab one of their weapons if you don't 
already have one. When in the room, go straight and right to a gap in 
the wall and you will see a Sonic Emitter above the sink. 

$ Sonic Emitter 2/3 $

From there, leave the bathroom and go straight across to the open door on
the other side. Enter the room and turn left, then right into another open
door. This will look a lot like the room you started in after the railroad
tracks but don't worry, you didn't go around in a circle. :) Exit the room 
and you will end up outside. Head to the right and use the zip line to go 
where you need to be. 


Be careful walking around near the lamp on the ground and the gas pipe 
because when I was, something exploded and caused serious damage. 

Turn around and go up the ladder and when it saves, go back down. 


Going up the ladder does pretty much nothing except gives you a saving
point. There are bricks you can throw at enemies, but they will shoot
at you and it will not help much. Correction: According to an email by
Michael Bolton, there is a window you can jump down in and kill the 
enemy in the room easily. 

Go through the door in front of you and watch out for the enemy here. 
I was able to kill him while aiming through the window with a melee
weapon. In this small room, drink the liquor bottle on a crate and go
to the locker between some shelves. There are two Health Kits here and 
a shotgun which you probably should reload. Leave and be prepared 
because there are respawning enemies out here so ignore them and move
the boards in front of you. The is a. 44 here with a scope so choose 
either that or the shotgun, it's your choice. 

Jump down and quickly head to the left and run toward the fire, not 
the electricity. Look on the right wall and you will see a gate and
you will be prompted for a response. 

- Response 2/3 -

Turn around and run next to the wall (now on your left) and you will 
soon see a gap in the gate. 


Don't run forward when you enter the gap or you can fall off the edge. 
The game will save if you walk away from the ledge but if you back up 
and fall off while it is saving, you will not be able to continue the
chapter without automatically falling off. See my FAQ (glitches question)
to remedy this. 

While walking AWAY from the ledge, the game will save so walk forward. 
You will see an Emitter on the wall and if you look down, you will see
a long board you can cross. Walk across the board and destroy the 

$ Emitter 3/3 $

Keep going forward and you will be prompted for another response. 

- Response 3/3 - 

Go up the ladder quickly because an enemy will be throwing things at 
you. Jump down off the ledge (facing the opposite direction of the
ladder and enemies will attack you. Defeat them and go forward and an
explosion will occur. Look around to the right of the explosion and 
you will see a board leading up. Walk across it and a cutscene will 

# Doll Factory #

As soon as the chapter starts, you will be prompted to examine some
evidence to let La Rue know where you are. Don't examine the container
of doll heads, that won't get you a perfect score. Instead, look left
and you will see a poster on the wall. 

1) Zoom in and select: Walker Doll Factory

After that, grab the gas pipe near the bucket o' dolls (haha) and leave
through the nearest door. Go all the way down the stairs and once 
again you will be prompted for finding evidence. Press A to start some
dialogue, then look at the tank right in front of you (opposite of 
the stairs). 


Every tank with pipes coming out of it is a mixing tank. The tanks without
pipes are settling tanks. There are six tanks in all and if you select a
tank type and nothing is added to the list, you have already found that 

1) The tank you looked at is a 80-7A mixing tank. 

2) From that tank, turn right and the tank there is a 80-7B settling tank. 
3) From that tank, turn right and the tank lying down is a 80-7B settling

4) While facing away from the lying down tank, go straight until you go 
between two reddish poles. Look left and you will see a tank right next
to you. That is a 80-7A mixing tank. 

5) Pass that tank by continuing to go straight and look left, this tank
is a 80-7A mixing tank. 

6) Turn around and go to where you are right in front of the two reddish
poles. Turn right and when you see a tank with a table with buckets on it, 
this tank is a 80-7A mixing tank. 

So, the order is: 

80-7A Mixing tank 
80-7B Settling tank
80-7B Settling tank
80-7A Mixing tank
80-7A Mixing tank
80-7A Mixing tank

If the order is off, it shouldn't matter as long as you have the correct
types and numbers. Now go past the table with the buckets, and turn right. 
Go forward, and another right and you will see a staircase so ascend it. 
Follow the catwalk until you see a panel on the railing and press A. After
La Rue tells you that the combo is on the wall of the office, walk right 
and follow the catwalk some more until you see some short stairs leading
up to a building. Enter the room and access your UV light and look on the
right wall (while facing away from the door) and you will see:

17, 23, 10

Exit the room and go down the small stairs and turn left. Go back to the
panel and press A to examine it closer. Zoom in on the left side and 
select the combo numbers:


Then press A to open the rollup door and watch the man near the door 
be rudely introduced to Blowup Tommy. Wow. 

Go back down the original stairs you came from and the game will save. 
Go right, left, and forward toward the broken stairs. 


Dolls will start attacking you now by walking toward you then blowing
up. To defeat them, kick them TWICE. Once to knock them over, and twice
to actually destroy them. If you kick them once they will get up again. 
You can kick them once, pick them up, and throw them to watch them 
explode if you want, just make sure you are a safe distance away. 

Walk past the broken stairs and to the rollup door that is partly open. 
Press A to duck under it and move a slight left to see a container of 


You can pick these up and throw them at enemies or objects and they will 
explode. Do not keep them too long or they will explode while you are 
holding them! 

At the doll container, turn right and walk forward and La Rue will talk
to you. Soon will be your first response. 

- Response 1/3 -

Continue going forward and make a slight left when you see a doll 
container to bypass all the cardboard boxes. Directly left of you
is a door you can enter and there is a 2x4 burnt and a locker with 
a Health Kit and a stun gun battery. There are also useless liquor bottles
here so ignore them. Leave the room if you entered it and go straight
across and a slight right to see some stairs leading down. Go right 
into the next room and go to the shelf blocking your way and press A to
move it. Go into the ventilation shaft and Ethan will automatically 
crawl through it. In this new room will be your first antenna in the 
form of a radio (which if you listen to it, is pretty funny. )

# Antenna location 1/2 #

Grab the pipe wrench off the table if you want and exit through the 
door on your right. Be careful because two enemies will attack you as soon
as you are through the door. And yes, the music here does sound like
something you would hear out of a warped children's movie. *shiver*

Exit this room through the door by the fire and ignore the pipe lever in
front of you. Instead, go right around the shelves and you will see 
two Health Kits on the wall so use them if you need to. Also, grab the 
pipe wrench off the table, then turn left and go through the door. 
Creeped out by the music yet? 

Once through, take a slight left and then go forward until you come to a
dead end. Turn left and press A to open the flap of the conveyer belt and
go through. Close it behind you also. 


Try not to dawdle because dolls will sneak up on you. Closing the conveyer
belt is necessary but will not stop the dolls. 

From the conveyer belt, turn left and run right and you will come to an 
open area. Run forward until you see a door and turn right and you will
see a locker. Inside are two Health Kits so use them if needed. Chances
are you will have been blown up by now. :P

Go in front of the door you can't enter and run forward and a slight 
right and you will come to an enclosed area. Look around to find 
another flap you can open on the left, then close it again. If you went 
to the correct area, you will be where a green light is so walk up to it 
and press the button to start the conveyer belt. 


If you did not close the flaps, the conveyer belt will not work and you
will have to close them and press the button again. 

Now turn around and quickly run forward, then right and follow the path
around until you see a stream of fire. This will take some good timing 
so keep your view centered on the box that is heading toward the fire. 
Keep your eye out for dolls while you are waiting. Then, when the box
is in front of the fire, RUN past to avoid the flames. If you get hit, 
you die instantly. 


If you take too long the conveyer belt will stop and you will have to 
restart it again. 

When you are past, walk forward through a narrow passage and turn left
to go down a hall. Enter the door on the right and go right, left, and
you will see a locker on the right so use the two Health Kits if you 
need them and then turn around opposite of the locker. Go straight and
you will see an Emitter on the wall unless a doll already blew it up 
which happened to me. Lol

$ Sonic Emitter 1/3 $

Turn left and exit through the door ahead of you and enter in the other
door in the hallway. Turn left to grab a conduit if you need it and 
slowly walk forward and inch around the shelves to see an enemy. Defeat
him and go forward. 


This enemy is pretty stupid. I went to grab the conduit and I heard 
screaming and went to check it out. Turns out he had accidentally set 
himself on fire and died without me even having to make a hit! 
Also, if you are morbid like me and want to see a nasty environmental 
kill, grab the enemy and take him toward the strange device on the 
left to crush his head. Yay! Of course, that's only if he doesn't kill 
himself first. Haha

After he is dead in whatever way you chose, walk forward to the TV to 
obtain the next antenna. 

# Antenna location 2/2 #

Then turn left and go into the door on the right. Careful, a flaming 
enemy will attack you so dodge then hit him to kill him almost instantly. 
Then another enemy will attack you so defeat him then walk forward and
turn the valve using A. Walk through the area where the darn hot enemy 
came through (heehee) and go up the stairs all the way. 


Poor Ethan will start coughing but there is nothing you can do about 
it. Yet. Also, if you dodge the flaming enemies and they fall down, 
they are not dead yet! They can get up and attack you so hit them soon. 
Luckily they only take one hit to kill them. 

Once upstairs, head right near the door to see a bucket o' dolls. Pick 
one up and throw it toward the shelves on the other side. Be careful where 
you throw it because if it hits a wall and bounces back you're pretty 
much screwed because there are few places to run. You will see a big 
explosion and an area will be cleared. Walk forward and enter the room
and you will be prompted for a response. 

- Response 2/3 -

Pick up the pipe wrench off the table next to you and walk forward, then
turn left. If you look closely you will see some white writing on a 
cabinet that says "masks" so open the drawer. Press A to get the next

- Response 3/3 -

From here, look behind you and open the green drawer near you if you want
 (it will be empty), then walk past the desk. Walk between the desk and the
flaming wall and look down to see another drawer you can open. Open it
and put on the mask. A flaming enemy will attack you so hit him before he
hits you. 


Yes, I'm aware the vision in the mask sucks. However, there is really nothing
you can do about it now. 

Walk down the hallway again and kill the flaming enemy again. Make a left, 
and then another left at the bucket o' dolls and go through the door. Go 
around the wall and head straight until you can press A to move the board
off the injured person. You could have entered this room earlier, but you
couldn't have done anything without the gas mask. After the person somehow
musters up the strength to run away, go forward and into the door on the left. 
Go straight, right, and left to enter an open door and the game will save. 
In this new area there are two places you can jump. One is on some stairs 
which will kill you, and the other is safely down to the next area. Just look
down to determine which to jump down. 

Once down, go through the open doorway and go to the door on the right. Go
through and go straight across until you see some shelving and some propane
tanks. Throw something at the propane tanks to have access to the next area. 


Do not kick or hit this area or you will be burned to a crisp. Instead, run 
to the back wall and look for a plank you can throw at it. Plus this is a 
safe distance to not get hit. If you miss, just pick up the plank and do
it again. 

Go through the newly opened area and go straight to the back wall, then 
left and look on the wall for an Emitter. 

$ Sonic Emitter 2/3 $

Be careful because flaming dolls (everyone's worst nightmare) will come
out at you. Use them to your advantage and let THEM blow up the Emitter! 
Grab the pipe wrench near the Emitter, then turn around. Go forward then
right and look in the corner to see a valve, so turn it. From the valve, 
walk forward and turn right into the area where you blew up and walk to 
where the plank was. Turn right and look down near the railing to see a 
ladder. Go down and another flaming enemy will attack you. 

The flaming enemy somehow died before I finished descending the ladder. 
Maybe he crashed into a wall or maybe I landed on him. Who knows? ^_^
To avoid him, just stop while descending the ladder and he will die. 

Turn around away from the ladder and open the door that you see. Be 
careful because the ground will break around you. Head right from the
liquor bottle in front of you, through the open door, and make a direct
left and turn the valve. You will see the stream of flames stop so go
through that area. Once through, turn right and into an open area. A
flaming enemy will be running toward you so kill him and go forward. 
If you look right, there will be a locker with two Health Kits so use
them if you want to. Then, run forward and turn left at the wall. 

Kill the flaming enemy coming toward you and you will hear an explosion. 
If you look behind you, the path is now blocked by fire. Oooo, I wonder
what THAT means? Look to the right of the fire and you will see four
Health Kits on the wall, and if you walk a little in the opposite 
direction, the game will save. Come on, it doesn't take a rocket scientist
to figure this out! 

Walk opposite of the health area and toward a strange tube in the ceiling, 
and note the bucket o' dolls to the left of you. Now see that green
conveyer button in the distance? Let's go press it! After pressing it, 
you will hear a little yell and the freakiest lady that looks like
she should be out of House of the Dead will attack you. 

Boss Battle - Lollipop Saw Lady

The first part is pretty basic. Grab the hammer off the table because 
this is most likely stronger than anything you have. She will use her
lollipop saw to attack you so block or dodge her, and strike. The hammer
broke really soon after using it for me, but it did some serious damage. 
She is really easy if you hit, back up, hit, back up, and she won't hit 
you. Just don't walk forward while she is swinging. Remember: patience
is a virtue. This will last a short period, even with your fists. 

After she runs away is the tricky part. Remember the bucket o' dolls 
earlier? Well now is the time to use them. Wait until the game saves
and you see Miss Ugly-as-sin-doll-face throw a doll at you. This will
now be her attack. The trick is to grab a doll close to when she throws
a doll at you and wait for her doll to explode. Then RUN and throw your
doll at her! The timing is a little tricky but not impossible. Also, 
there are Health Kits we saw earlier right around the corner if you 
need them. 

You can also run to the right side, wait until she throws the doll and 
run and pick up one of your dolls. By the time you are done, her doll will 
probably have already exploded and you can run close and throw it at her. 

Be careful because the dolls can bounce off the conveyer belt (or 
stick on to it, yes you heard right) and blow up in your face. 

Or the best way, is to grab a doll and WALK really close to her and throw
the doll easily up on the ledge. Most likely she will have thrown the 
doll already and it will blow up behind you. This can backfire though
and she will throw the doll near you, just run backwards and 
hope that you are far enough. The closer you are to the ledge where she 
is at, the higher you will have to throw so make sure to look way up, 
THEN throw! It is important to walk because if you run she will not
have thrown the doll yet and will throw it right at you! Last thing, try
to throw at the left side of the ledge where there is no railing. 


When it is done, walk to the far left of the room (near the back), and 
walk up the path. Walk down past the writing on the wall and the game 
will save. Also, be careful not to fall down from the gap in the 
railing on the left side. Walk forward and look on the ground to grab
the stupidly weak lollipop saw. It look cool though doesn't it? 

Enter the double door, turn right, then left, and turn left again to 
find a locker with two Health Kits. From there, go straight across and
two flaming enemies will attack you so kill them to continue forward. 


Stay away from the elevator right now. You will miss the investigation 
opportunity and an Emitter if you investigate the broken control switch. 

Examine the sign to the right of the elevator and zoom in on it. Don't
select Service elevator 4C, for some reason Service elevator 3B is 
the correct answer. Next, grab a brick next to the stairs and go up
to see an Emitter on the far wall. This will take some tries, but
throw the brick and smash it. 

$ Sonic Emitter 3/3 $

A flaming enemy will attack you right after so kick him to kill him
safely. Now go into the elevator and press A while facing the control
box to start the elevator. It will stop so now press A to examine the
wires on the OTHER side of the elevator. You will see this:

1) Bare wire
2) Thick wire
3) Striped wire

Now go back to the original side and:

1) Zoom in on the top connector and select: Bare wire
2) Zoom in on the middle connector and select: Thick wire
3) Zoom in on the bottom connector and select: Striped wire

If you did this correct, the elevator will move. Then stop again. 
Man, does this thing have problems or what? Go to the three
bucket o' dolls and look up to the right corner and press A to
climb through. Once through, you will have a choice to go up some
stairs or down, so go up. There is nothing down the stairs so don't
waste your time. A flaming enemy will attack you so kill him and go
up the stairs, left, and right. Press A to duck under some boards
and turn right to go through the door. 

Use the Health Kits on the back wall if you need to, the grab a 
fuse off the desk and leave the room. A doll will be right there
 (what? I thought they were gone! ) and after it explodes, duck 
under the boards again. The ground will shake and you will fall
into a new area with guess who looking at you- Miss Ugly-as-sin-

Boss Battle- Lollipop Saw Lady (again)

Grab the steam pipe if you need it, this can be a pretty hard battle. 
You can block her with whatever weapon you have, but you
can't block her with your fists because you will still take damage. 
Now would be a great time to use up your stun gun completely
because it is almost the end of the chapter. If she drops her 
lollipop saw, it is a good thing to grab because then she will be
weaponless. However, she still deals plenty of damage but at least
you can block now that she doesn't have her saw. 

So mainly the trick is to hit, back up, run, hit, back up, run. 
If she gets on her knees, look for the machine head crusher and
finish her off there. When I did that, she died with her butt up
in the air which gives a nasty view to poor Ethan. Yuck! Haha


After the battle, go to the away where she jumped down and duck 
under the boards. Go up the stairs and you will see the place where
you came out of the elevator. So jump down (technically fall down), 
go to the fuse box, and press A. Wow. It's finally over. 

# SCU Building #

When you start out, you will be prompted for a response. 

- Response 1/10 -


The optional objective here is to photograph the X-rays. 

As soon as you can, turn around and examine the chest X-rays on the
wall. Take a decent picture of it (you will see "photo received" if 
you took the right picture). 

* Photograph 1/2 *

After that, turn facing Rosa and look to the right where you will see
an antenna in the form of a radio. 

# Antenna location 1/3 #

Try to ignore Rosa shifting around and looking bored when you are 
listening to the radio. Hehe  
After that, walk to the X-ray table and press A to lie down. While
in the machine, you will be prompted for two responses. 

- Response 2/10 -
- Response 3/10 -


If you didn't get the radio, it's too late now so you will have to 
start over. 

When you can walk again, walk towards the table with Vanhorn's missing
body and turn right. Go through the door to be prompted for another 

- Response 4/10 -

Go straight down the hallway (don't turn left) and enter the first door
on the right. Walk toward the other side and you will be prompted for
yet another response. 

- Response 5/10 -

Go left into the double doors and turn left into the double doors leading
into the lit up hallway. Go straight, then right at the open double doors
 (that was where you started) and you will hear some creepy sounds. Continue
down and turn right when the doors to the elevator open. 


There is a radio here but you can't use it yet, so just keep going. 

Continue right and when you head to the double doors in front of you, the
lights will go out and you will be in darkness for a few seconds. Wait
for the lights to come back on, then go through the double doors. In here, 
turn right and another right into an open room. Go forward then left and 
you will see some closed double doors, so go through them. Head straight 
across to the other doors and walk forward in this new room. 


Try not to get freaked out by the black enemies that appear unless your
phone happens to ring at the same time. That scared me pretty badly. ^_^

Walk through the closed door to your left, then make two rights past some
lockers. Go through the door in front of you and when you can, turn left, 
then another left and you will be facing a whiteboard. Go around it (past
some tipped over stools) and look into the door to the right of you for
a creepy cutscene. Walk forward and you will be attacked which can't be
prevented. Don't worry, your health will recover. Continue forward and 
through the double doors near the walkie-talkie, then turn right and another
right, ignoring the two doors on the left. You will go down some very short
stairs and you will see a gurney being pushed in front of you. 


If you walk past the gurney and check the men's bathroom, the door will be 
closed in your face. 

If you are at the men's bathroom, turn around and walk to a slight right and
go through the double doors. Go right and into the second door on the right, 
it will be slightly lit up. Immediately you will be prompted to examine
for evidence so get out your camera and take a picture of the X-rays on
the wall. 

* Photograph 2/2 *

Leave and walk toward the lit up double doors and it will get
REALLY blurry here. Go toward the doors and some lights will go on in the
hallway so turn right and continue into the darkness. Eventually, things
will clear up and you know you have gone the right way. 

Once you can see clearly again, turn into the copy room, which is lit up
brightly. Go through and turn right down a long hallway. BEFORE you get
to an area with the orange locker, turn right into some open double doors
and you will be prompted for the next response. 

- Response 6/10 -


If you walk too far and the game saves, run back and into the open room. 
You hopefully will be able to get the sixth response before you are 
prompted for the response to Pennington. 

Now walk into the area with the orange locker and you will soon be 
prompted for the next response. 

- Response 7/10 -

Press A to try the door and when the cutscene ends and Pennington says
something like "Search team come in! " turn around and grab the gun
out of the locker. Follow Pennington and you come to some stairs so 
go up them and into the open double doors in front of you. 
Follow Pennington left until he has a shootout with the ceiling, then
follow him some more and wait until he moves again. He will turn 
around and turn left to kick open some doors. In this new room there
will be a SCU locker with another gun so hide near it and you will 
see enemies shooting at you. Aim and fire and when Pennington runs
forward you can follow him because it's safe. 

Follow Pennington and look at the ground and you will see a dead body. 
Grab the assault rifle off the body and you will hopefully have shots
left. Follow Pennington left, and left, then the game will save. 
Soon enough, more enemies will be shooting at you so hide and zoom in
 (hopefully you have the assault rifle to do this) and aim. Two
enemies will attack you and follow Pennington when he goes forward. 
You can also run really.

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