Pokemon Sapphire

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How To Beat The Pokemon League

Ever Grande City

Elite Four:Sidney
Pokemon:Absol Lv.49
        Cacturne Lv.46
        Mightyena Lv.46
        Sharpedo Lv.48
        Shiftry Lv.48
Strategy:Hariyama Lv.62         
         Volbeat Lv.61

Elite Four:Pheobe
Pokemon:Banette Lv.49
        Banette Lv.49
        Dusclops Lv.51
        Dusclops Lv.48
        Sableye Lv.50
Strategy:Banette Lv.64
         Mightyena Lv.66

Elite Four:Glacia
Pokemon:Glalie Lv.52
        Glalie Lv.50
        Sealeo Lv.52
        Sealeo Lv.50
        Walrein Lv.53
Strategy:Hariyama Lv.68
         Manectric Lv.69

Elite Four:Drake
Pokemon:Altaria Lv.54
        Flygon Lv.53
        Flygon Lv.53
        Salamence Lv.55
        Shelgon Lv.52
Strategy:Salamence Lv.71
         Glalie Lv.68

Champion Steven
Pokemon:Aggron Lv.56
        Armaldo Lv.56
        Claydol Lv.55
        Cradily Lv.56
        Metagross Lv.58
        Skarmory Lv.57
Strategy:Blaziken Lv.74
         Swampert Lv.74
         Hariyama Lv.74

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