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         TTTTTTT H   H EEEEE     W       W  H   H   OO   L     EEEEE 
            T    H   H E          W  W  W   H   H  O  O  L     E
            T    HHHHH EEE        W W W W   HHHHH  O  O  L     EEE
            T    H   H E          W     W   H   H  O  O  L     E
            T    H   H EEEEE      W     W   H   H   OO   LLLLL EEEEE  

                         TTTTTTT H   H IIIII N     N   GGG
                            T    H   H   I   N N   N  G   
                            T    HHHHH   I   N  N  N G   GG
                            T    H   H   I   N   N N  G   G
                            T    H   H IIIII N     N   GGG
                                       (part 1)

                                  4.The walkthrough 
                                   a.The bigining
                                   b.through the forest
                                   c.Pewter gym
                                  6.What ever I feel like typing afterwards

          1.This Walkthrough was made on March 20,2005 by Trey (wouldnt you like to 

                                 2.   ---UPDATES---

                         3/20/05-nothing today I will update as often as possible.

           3a. ok, you start out as a boy in a your bedroom.The first thing you want 
to do at this point is to go over to your pc and acsess your pc and withdraw the 
potion in there it will come in handy go down stairs and out the front 
door.If your stuck already you are going to strugle through this game so give up.if 
not go ahead and keep reading.Now walk between your house and your neighbor 
Gary...or what ever you named hims house and into the grass. The music will play and 
professer Oak will come and stop you.he will drag you to his lab and keep talking. 
Gary or whatever will walk up and butt in. He will ask you to take a pokeball off 
the table. there is a Bulbasaur,squrtille,and a charmander onthe table in the balls. 
Choose witch ever one you want. If you chose a squrtille the other guy will choose a 
Bulbasaur.If you choose a Bulba saur the other guy will take a charmander. If you 
chose a charmander the other guy will take a squrtille. Now after another short 
cover sation when you start to leave Gary or whatever will stop you start to battle 
youthis is where the potion comes of use. ok from now on im going to call the other 
guy your in the battle only do scratch,tackle witch ever one to attack.if 
you get low on health go to your items and use the potion.after you win your rival 
will say something about a town go out of the lab and into the house right 
above it. Talk to the girl sitting in the chair she will give you a town map. Go up 
the path through the grass it wouldnt let you last time go up intil there is a row 
of trees with some guy facing the tree. Talk to the guy and he will give you a free keep going up intil you get to a town. first go into the little building 
that has either POKE or P.C. and talk to the lady behind the counter. say yes and 
she will heal your Pokemon. now go to the other little building that has MART on it 
the guy will talk to you and give you go all the way back the first 
town you were in and go back to the lab and talk to Professer after the long 
talk and you get the PokeDex leave and once again go back to the other town again. 
go to the MART and buy some poke balls. go up the path through the city. If you keep going the path will end at 
a building. Go through the building and out the other are in the forest.go 
to the right and up the grassy path. Turn with the path and keep following it in 
this zig-zag motion. You will soon come to a building at the end.
      3c.Welcome to Pewter city! now go up and around the grass and to the town.heal 
your pokemon and buy a couple go up the town intil you get to the top 
wich is a big building. Go to the left and then down. You are now right in front of 
the pewter city gym. Go in a beat the first guy. Now go up to Brock and talk to him 
to battle him. He will have a Geodude at level 12 and an Onix at level 14. I would 
use a Bulbasaur, squrtilles water or grass attacks to make this battle easy. after 
you beat him he will give you the BOULDERBADGE and a TM called BIND. 

                 you just beat the first out of 8 gyms! 

            -You can move items around on the list by pressing select and then 
select again.
            -battle any trainer you see in less you are low on health. You will need 
the experiance.

                   dont worry I will up date this part a lot.

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