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How to Build A Camp & How to Use the Camp Successfully
version 1.2 10/27/09
this Guide is © 2008 by Headboss
this file can be printed but is not to be copied or sold
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Hi there I’m headboss, this is my first guide and I hope it will be a help to 
you. Well as you know there are several steps that must be taken to build 
successful camp. I’ve constructed this list (in order) of those steps. So turn 
on your Xbox 360,sit back & load your game and start building your camp.
1. If you don’t already have a fortress (some missions start with one)build one
2. Upgrade your fortress to the best you can
3. Build a resource source(like a tunnel or lumber millor a mine shaft)
4. Build a fighter maker(like goblin cave or fissure or a green pasture)
5. Build another resource source(will help alow you to build more fighter 
6. Build a few more fighter makers
7. Upgrade all buildings to the best possible
8. You should build at least four defensive towers(North east south and west)
9. Make sure you have Upgraded all buildings to the best possible
10. Now you can add some more stuff if you have to or go straight on to the 
next part

now that we have a good camp we can move on to How to Use the Camp 
succsessfully.there are also precautions you should take with th e use of your 
new camp and ive constructed this list (still in order) of them so lets now 
get started. a viarity of diffrent fighters for yourself
2.if your fighters can be upgraded upgrade them.
3.send one group of fighters to scout the mission area
4.when a enemy is found(if found) fight it to your death
5.if THERE WAS a enemy SKIP this step.if you find your destination with no 
enemies in your way (this is very rare) move there.this step is only if there 
was NO enemies.
6.if you did step 5 your done if not continue found a enemy and they beat that puny littel group of there 
coming for the camp start the building of a lot more warriors.
8.send about half of your army to attack the intruders
9.keep building warriors and work on getting your mission complete
10.use special powers if you have to
12.Questions & comments email me(look at bottom for email)

so there it is you will now be able to build and use a camp successfully. So 
lets go and beat this game but before this guide ends i must send my thanks 
out to the following: for having nothing under this game if you didn't this guide 
wouldn't exist
thanks to all my readers for reading and rating this guide

If you have any questions or comments please Email me at*:
[email protected]
*=when you email me please in the subject include the game title so I can help 
you quicker thank you and I hope that this guide has helped you out and that 
you enjoyed the wars 

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