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Ok.start off there are to trainers you have to avoid.One is a youngster on on the 
way to bills.if you played the game before he has the level 17 slowpoke.
heres a map to show you where hes at.
G=girl T=the trainer to avoid B=bush W=wall/boarder O=Other trainer U=underground 
tunnel S=sign L=Ledges

 OB      B
  B      B
 B  B T  B
O   B BB B
B   B    B
    B G     
He is right above a girl trainer  

The other is a gambler outside the Celedon-Lavender town path
Here is a map
   T   B
He is directly below the door
Now that you no where the trainers are,lets get started.
You need to no fly for this trick to work
First save where you are at.
Now stock up on great balls
The fly to celedon and go through the tunnel.
When you comeout near route 8 pause for a second.
Take a step downand immeditly press start.If you screwed up,just turn the game off 
and try again.
Select the pokemon that can fly and go to Cerulean City.
Go up The bridge and go to the trainer you skipped.  Get far enough away for when 
he sees you he has to walk to you.Or your game freezes.  It should be easy to beat 
him.Once you beat him fly to lavender or saffron.since some cartriges are different 
you have to go to the one that works.  If your in Lavender walk towards Saffron, 
and if your in Saffron walk towards Lavender.
The start button will pop up, press B on mew will show up.just start throwing great 
When you catch him, you have caught mew.since this isnt a glitch,it wont mess up 
your game.

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