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Skeith and Grunty FAQ

1.How to get the Iron, Posion, and Noble Grunties

2.How to be Skeith


1.To get either Iron, Posion, or Noble Grunty look below this sentence.

To get an Iron Grunty you need all of these grunty foods:12 Golden Eggs
                                                        4 Piney Apples
                                                        3 Snakey Cactus
To get a Posion Grunty you need all of these grunty foods:4 Piney Apples
                                                          3 Snakey Cactus
                                                          1 Invisible Egg
                                                          11 Golden Eggs
To get a Noble Grunty you need to feed it 12 Golden Eggs and what it wants.

2.The hard part of this FAQ. 
Okay, here we go to beat Skeith I recommend that you have Kite be at Lvl.36. The 
party members can be anybody with the La Repth ability. But you should choose 
Blackrose and Natsume, they are a good combo, even when there is a monster that you 
can Data Drain from. MUST HAVE: 99 of every health item including Mage's Souls and 
Resurrects cause your goin to need them. Plus have about 20 Healing Potions. To make 
this a quick way to the dungeon and through the dungeon. The quick way to the 
dungeon is to call on your grunty friends, then just follow the map. The quickest 
way through the dungeon from the beginning is North,West,down those bloody 
stairs.B2:North and north again then the bloody stairs.B3:Keep on the path until a 
intersection comes up, then go east, intersection, go north for the bloody 
stairs.B4:Follow the path until the intersection, then go north and stay goin north 
until u reach the last and final bloody stairs.B5:Keep following the path until u 
see purple flame infront of the doorway. Heal if needed to and go on through a 
little movie clip, then on to the fight.MUST READ CAREFULLY THE NEXT PARAGRAPH.
When fighting Skeith use you Attack skills, like Twin Dragon, keep using it while 
resurrecting and healing your party members. So the order is Attack skills, 
resurrect/heal, attack skills, resurrect/heal, etc. He will use Judgment, Data 
Drain, and normal attacks. Then when he does Protect Break use Data Drain. After the 
Data Drain BACK AWAY FROM THE BOSS AND HEAL. Once done healing use the same tech. 
when you were fighting his infinite form. Attack skills, resurrect/heal, attack 
skills, resurrect/heal etc. Keep on BOMBARDING him until he stops moving/no HP. He 
is dead or is he.......Watch the movie clip to find out. DO NOT TURN OFF YOUR PS2, I 
REPEAT DO NOT TURN IT OFF. What until the credits are done rolling and you will be 
given an option to save your file as a yellow flag. Saving your file as a yellow 
flag means you can transport your file to the next game .Hack//Mutation. So save 
over or on a new file. Continue training until whatever Lvl. you feel like. Next FAQ 
will be when I complete the second .Hack game.

3. FAQ

Q:What is Dothack Core?
A:Its a RPG(Role-Playing Game) online that is better than all of the other RPG's 
cause they have hacking abilities and its game based but its an aftermath of the 
The site address is listed below this sentence:

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