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1# when you are in kanto go to the city where misty is. 
2#go to the power plant (the rode in the right). talk to every one in there.
3#then go to leave before you get to leave the officer will talk to the scientist. 
4# he will tell him that there were reports of a shady character in the city. 
5#so go back to the city. when you get there go to the gym. a team rocket grunt
will be there. 
6#you too will talk then he will leave. when he leaves go to the bridge (THE
GOLDEN ONE) WHEN HE sees you he will hide in between the couple ,talk to him
after you will need to battle him ( he has a goldbat lv. 30-40)
7#after the be battle go to the gym  go to the spot where the gym leader would
be. go to the tubes nearest that spot click a and it will be there.
8# go to the power plant talk to the man who is near the generator he will give
you a tm.
9# go to the place where bills father or grandfather is then go to the right.
10# there you will see misty she will be mad because you ruined her date.

                there you got your gym leader~! shes a water trainer

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