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   The legel stuff: Hi this is Spy Gamer 3000 spying on games to bring you 
cheats and i only give you premissoin to print this off to use, not to sell 
ok? I mean stealing another dudes words, thats just not right! And remeber I 
not copy and pastin' Im a typing, the hard long and legel way! You may post 
this but give me credit man! Ok, this is how we free sliph Co. If you do 
prizes await you futer pokemon master, First you need to defeat all rockts, 
they will try to imtamidate you but remember, your better cause you beat them.
    After you beat all of them that you could get access to (their some on 
each floor) there is a hall way being blocked by two rocket members, one on 
each side and in the middle of that hall is the card key! How do you geet it? 
Well find out! LoL just kidding, you have to choice a side left or right step 
on the dimond tile and you should teliport, Oh no your lost! an eazy way to 
get the card key is to step off the tile you are currentlly on and then get 
back on it! Easy hu? geuss what you can fanily get that card key! just walk 
down that hall till you come up to something that looks like a pokeball walk 
up all the way to it, so close to it that Ash or waht ever you named your 
charactor then press A. Now youve got it! Next go to the secend floor and go 
left untill you get near another hall way now go down that hall way and open 
the door on the left (walk up to the blocked room and press A) and walk on to 
the dimond tile and you will telport to the prisidents room (or pretty dawn 
near it) You wil have to face ever your rivil or Jesse and James. I think 
Jesse and james are only on yellow out of these 3 games. keep going after you 
beat them beat that worth less and easy rocket(the reasons the rockets are 
easy is that is that they dont take care of there pokemon like healing it as 
soon as it gets a bad staus change such as brn, confussed, sleeping or 
pousined) next go in that room and face the rocket leader aka easy scum also 
know as Gioovine or what ever and beat him duh, then go up to the buld dude 
and get the master ball with him. Somke of the staff give you prizes for 
saveing them from the pokemon mafia (team rockets) and you may find a bunch of 
hidden stuff. so look wizely I hope you have an esape rope! Or you could do 
all this in minutes with a game shark (sorry i dont know any codes bnut i seen 
some on you tube) and do the walk though walls code then go up to the 11th 
floor and go though a wall to enter that room with the rocket boss and the 
buld guy. easy huh? Coming soon, my studies of MissingNO. the most popular 
subjuct when it comes to poke games! copy right spygamer3000 got done writeing 
this at 9:21 am on Friday August 1st )2008

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