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| Author: GTA Playa                     |
| AKA: Master Jake                      |
| Game: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City     |
| Platform: PC                          |
| Title: How To Get A Rhino (No Cheats) | 
| Site:        |
| Email: [email protected]  |
| Version: 1.0                          |
| Table of Contents                     |
|   1.) Overview                        |
|   2.) Requirements/Suggestions        |
|   3.) Tutorial                        |
|   4.) Copyright                       |
|   5.) Updates                         |

>> 1.) Overview
This is a basic game faq that is intended to guide you through the retrieval of
your own personal Rhino artillery tank on Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for PC.
This guide is for the real players (no cheats) and must only be attempted you
think you can make it.


>> 2.) Requirements/Suggestions
In order to use this technique you must own the Hyman Condo which can be bought
for $14,000 located close to the Hyman Memorial (see map). You will also need a
first person aim weapon such as the machine gun that spawns in the basement of
the Vercetti Estate (Diaz) mansion. Bring about 300 or so ammo. Hyman Memorial
was chosen for a couple of reasons. For one, it is an ally which keeps
helicopters off of you, second, it is a save point with garages for storing your
tank quickly and then getting the cops off of you.


>> 3.) Tutorial
To start this off you will need some sort of vehicle (preferably a highly
armored or very large vehicle). For this I used a Securicar and it seemed to
work the best for the job. I've also done it with a cop car, but it was much
harder to do. You can find a Securicar located outside the bank near Little
Haiti and Little Havana. It may sometimes be locked (pain in the butt), but you
will eventually find it unlocked. Start by driving your vehicle to the Hyman
Condo. Entrance to the Hyman Condo garages are located in a sort of ally. At the
end of the ally there are 2 orange block signs (used to block roads and commonly
seen when you have 4 or more wanted stars). Drive your vehicle (Securicar) to
the end of the ally and turn sideways right before you hit the air conditioner
sticking out of the building on the right. Get out of the vehicle, step behind
it, and push forward until the vehicle is parallel. Your vehicle should now be
blocking the ally entrance. Here is where the real fun begins. Jump up on the
hood of your vehicle and then get out your machine gun (listed in requirements).
Crouch down (optional) and start first person aiming. Here is a note: First
person machine guns are highly effective and only need to be fired 1-3 times
depending on your aim. Aim at a civilian's death spot (head, neck, shoulder, or
upper leg) and tap the fire button which will cause you to shoot 1 time and kill
the civilian. This is the aiming and firing technique you need to use on
everyone you kill. It saves a hella ammo and that's why you only need around 300
bullets. Try to 1 hit kill everyone but no more then 3 shots per person. Keep
capping civilians until a cop shows up. Cap the cop and you will get 2 stars. A
few cop cars might start to show up with 2 guys in them. Cap all of the cops in
the cars. If you want to make this easy on you, never turn around or get off the
vehicle until you have all 6 stars. If you turn around or get off the vehicle to
draw attention, you will get tons of FBI and crap on you, and you don't want
that. Just keep pointing forward and cops will continue to spawn on foot.
Continue to kill cops until you get 6 stars (may take around 5-7 minutes if your
a good shot). Here is the part where you turn around, run off the vehicle and
run around in some circles. Then, hop back on the hood and cap some more.
Continue to jump off and run around until a tank arrives. (You never have to
worry about helicopters capping you for they can't get into the ally way that
your in.) A tank will eventually arrive and start ramming walls and crap. In
first person aim, point to the head of the driver (you can see him through the
little opening on the hood of the tank) and cap his head off. He will fall out
leaving the door unlocked. Next cap the passenger (he may get out so shoot him
quick or he'll own you). Now this next part can be easy or very hard depending
on the police respawn rate. Cap anyone who's in your way and then make a jet for
the tank. Hop in the tank and floor it to avoid cops opening the door and
busting you. Head around the corner and put the tank in a garage (don't store in
the 4 car garage or it might eat your tank, this has happened to me). Go out and
let the door close. Now go save your game. After saving, load your game. You
will now have 0 wanted stars and a freshly new aquired tank in your garage that
can greatly help you on missions and/or vigilante. I got to level 22 or so in a
tank on vigilante and gained around $300,000 from it. Another thing you can do
to get a tank is after you get 6 stars, run to the large opening behind you and
wait for a tank. Run into your garage and it will come in after you. Kill the
army when they get out then just run out of your garage and BOOM, you just
tricked them into giving you a tank.


>> 4.) Copyright
All data written here was created by Master Jake (GTA Playa) unless stated
otherwise in the faq and is under strict copyright. Do not use this faq anywhere
else unless you have permission by me. To request permission, send me an email
at [email protected] Thank you for reading my faq and I hope you
enjoyed it.


>> 5.) Updates
Last Update: Never! This faq has not yet been updated.
Version: 1.0


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