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1.The Girls You Can Pick.....
2.The Girls.....
5.About Me.....

Chapter 1, The Girls You Can Pick.....
The girl's you can pick to marry are.....
Harvest Goddess
These are the girl's you can't marry.....
Shasha(Married to Jeff)
Manna(Married to Duke)
Anna(Married to Basil)
Ellen(To old)
Lila(Married to a Guy you never accually meet in the game)
If you like one of these people(Not Ellen because she is too old for you)
then tough cuz you can only be friends with them.But if you like one of thegirls 
you can marry then YAY FOR YOU!No seriously.....well to the point, these are the 
girls you marry.

Chapter 2 The Girls.....
Like I said, you can only marry the girl's that I put on the girl's you can marry 
list(Yet it is strange that you can marry the Harvest Goddess).

She loves:Veggie Juice, Veggie Latte, Relaxation Tea.
She likes:Mushrooms,Red Grass,Blue Grass,White Grass,Chocolate,Black Grass(found in 
mines),Diamonds,Pink Diamonds,Perfume,Bodigizer,Turbojolt.
B-day:Winter 20 Or if your birthday is Winter 20 hers is Winter 25.
To make her like you more you:Go to the second floor of the library
Black:Between 10am and 4pm go to the library.
Purple:Between 10am and 4pm on Thurs Sat or Sun go to the library.
Blue:Go to the summit of Mother's hill on Mon between noon and 5pm.
Yellow:On Mon between 10am and 1pm go to Mary's house.

She loves:Omlette Rice,Omlette,Scrambled Eggs.
She likes:All Eggs,Chocolate,Cakes,Sandwhiches,All Accessories,Ice Cream,Diamonds.
B-day:Summer 3 or summer 10
To make her like you more:Own 8 chickens.
Black:Walk to Popuri's House on Wed or Fri between 10am and 6pm.
Purple:Popuri will visit your farm so don't worry.
Blue:On Sun Between 10am and 1pm go to the church with an empty item slot.
Yellow:Go to Popuri's house between 10am and 1pm.

Karen(Hardest of all!!!!!!!!!!!!)
She loves:Pizza,French Fries,Popcorn.
She Likes:Wine,Flowers,Cheese,Truffles,Tempera,Bamboo Shoots,Sashimi,Pink Diamonds,
To make her like you more:Buy things from the supermarket.
Black:On Wed or Fri go to the store between 10am and 1pm with an open tool slot.
Purple:Go to the store between 10am and 1pm.
Blue:Go to the store between 10am and 1pm with an open item slot.
Green:Go to the Bar on Sun between 7pm and 10pm.
yellow:Go to the store on Mon, Thurs, or Sat between 10am and 1pm.
-Note, you need to do ALL the heart events to marry Karen, so i reccomend you copy 
this page.

She Loves:Truffle Rice,Cake,Pancakes.
She Likes:Cooked Eggs,Stew,Curry Rice,Strawberry Milk,Sandwhiches,Sweets,Rice 
Cakes,All Diamonds,Perfume.
B-day:Summer 17 or Summer 22
To make her like you more:Buy anything except water at the Inn.
Black:Between 10:40am and 1pm go to the Inn with no item.
Purple:On Wed,Thurs,Fri,or Sat go to the second floor of the Inn between 10am and 
Blue:Go to the Inn Mon, or Fri between noon and 7pm with no item.
Yellow:Go to the Inn Wed,Thurs,Sat, or Sun between 10am and 7pm.

She Loves:Hot Milk,Red Magic Grass, Moon Dumplings.
She Likes:Milk,Strawberries,Elli Leaves,Accessories,Pink Cat Flower,Toy Flower,Blue 
Magic Grass,All Diamonds,Noodles,Strawberry Milk.
To make her like you more:Get examined by the doctor.
Black:Go to the Clinic Mon or Wed after 9am.
Purple:Go to the Clinic Thurs, Sat, or Sun Between 9am and 7pm.
Blue:Go to Ellen's house on Mon between 9am and 1pm with an empty item slot.
Yellow:Go to the beach on Wed between 9am and 6pm.

Harvest Goddess(Hard)!
-Catch all species of fish, and the 6 kings.
-Ship every shippable thing.
-Collect all 9 Goddess Jewels and get a Goddess Gem.
-Own a big bed.
-Dig up every item in the Lake and Spring mine.
-Be in the 5th year or later on the farm
-Ask carter to "Marry the HG"in confessional times.

Some hints to marrying a girl is.....
-Own a Big Bed
-Have secong house upgrade
-HAVE DARK RED HEART LEVEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-Give the girl you picked her favorivte item before you propose
-Buy a blue feather
There they are so if you have questions on just things about her and what she likes 
look at chapter 5(HINT:Chapter 5 is about me).Oh and make sure you have done all 
the heart events for Karen or YOU CAN'T I REPEAT CAN'T MARRY HER!!!!!!!!!!

Chapter 3 Marrage.....
Marrage is such a......Beautiful thing?Oh ya right im still doing the 
FAQ....right.So 7 Days after you propose, or if a event is after that 7 days then 
it's 8 you get married to(Ann for example)Ann.For the next 30 days Ann will walk 
around the table and at 9:00 she will leave to go to help at work(even if you 
married popuri and the poultry farm opens at 11:00 she will still leave at 
9:00).You can visit Ann at work and give her stuff like you weren't married.At 6:00 
Ann will come home and walk around the table, but at 8:00 she will go to bed.On 
days with event's say it's the chicken festival, it start's at 10:00 so she will 
wake up like normal, and instead of going to work at 9:00 she will be at the 
kitchen walking around.Even if she is not at the festival Ann will still dissappear 
at 10:00 when the festival starts.After those 30 days of walking around the table 
and going to work, she will feel sick and you will take her to the doctor and you 
will find out you will be parents!!!!!woopeeeeeyyyy but since i started so many 
games and married so many girls it's not much of a 
surprise...zzzzzzzzzz....zzzzzz..........oh what? oh yea the FAQ was that the 
second time I got off topic?oh well.So like i said YOU WILL BE PARENTS WOOPPEEYYY 
DEE DOO DA!So for the next 60 days(2 months)Ann will walk around the table and say 
stuff like I can't belive in pregnant and doo daa.She won't get fat, and she does  
everything the same, it's just she says different stuff that makes her seem 
pregnant.THE BIG DAY HAS ARRIVED! You will wake up and Ann wil be having the baby 
boy(it's always a boy)and her dad is there(if you marry someone else, there 
relatives will be there)buit you dont get to see Ann have the baby cuz i fyou 
notice the game is rated E for everyone which I personally don't mind.For the next 
60 days Ann will do the exact same stuff except she will hold the baby in the 
morning before she goes to work and when she comes home.While she work's (Tim for 
example)Tim is in bed sleeping, crying, or my favoritve staring with his cute 
little eyes WIDE open.You won't get to hold him which is odd frankly.After those 60 
days of having a newborn, Tim will fall out of bed and you will take hime to the 
doctor and Tim will only have a bruise.After you get home Tim will crawl and you 
can give him stuff(loves cake).Same old will happen like Ann will walk around the 
table and go to work and while Ann is at work Tim will keep crawling around and go 
by the kitchen.Tim will go to bed at 6:00.After 30 days you will wake up and Ann 
will say "Look(your nickname)Tim is walking!".Things will be exactly the same 
except Tim is walking.Tim never helps on the farm and never moves out.

Chapter 4 Extra's.....
-The extra's are just umm.... extra things
At the full moon festival or the fire works festival if you see them there and 
invite them to watch them with you then they will like you more.
-If you put a flower in the pond by the spring for 10 days the Harvest goddess will 
give you a power berry, but if you put a flower in for 11 MORE days the the Harvest 
Goddess will let you pick a girl you like and pick the girl you like and she will 
like you more even if her heart does not change.
-If you give her their favorite item on their birthday then they will like you x2 
then they did if it wasnt there birthday.
I didn't have much extra because i told you everything in the other Chapters.

Chapter 5 About Me.....
Name:Melissa(not saying last name)
Lives with:mom, dad, brother
Likes to:hang with friends, play harvest moon, go on computer
If you have questions or want to talk my e-mail address is [email protected] 
REMEMBER [email protected] BYE-BYE *waves*:] lol>:]

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