How to get MEW - Guide for Pokemon: LeafGreen

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First of all, you need two game boy advances, two copies of Leafgreen or one 
copy of Firered and one of Leafgreen. 

1. Mew is in Vermillion City. It is just before you get onto the S.S. Anne. 

2. To get Mew, you need surf, which is all the way in Fuchsia City, and to my 
disappointment, can't get unless you have cut. So I had my bro trade me a 
pokemon that knew the move cut. Then, you can beat the third gym leader, if 
you want to. 

3. Then you go through the rock tunnel and get to lavender town. You beat team 
rocket in Celadon, then come back to Lavender town, beat the Pokemon tower, 
talk to Mr. Fuji, and get the pokeflute.

4. Then, you go to Celadon again, beat the gym leader, and use the pokeflute 
on Snorlax and either catch it or beat it. Go back 4 or 5 steps and use cut on 
the tree and then you get into a double battle against a Rapidash and 
Ninetales. Go through the pass through thing and you can go get fly from a 
lady in a house.

5. Then you go back through the place where you used cut and go down cycling 
road. (I bypassed all these trainers because I really wanted Mew).

6. When you get to Fuchsia City, then you can go beat Koga, who is really easy 
to beat if you have a psychic type and Charizard. After you beat him, you can 
now use surf, which is in the back of the Safari Zone. 

7. Now that you have surf, fly back to Vermillion and go to the S.S. Anne. DO 
NOT GET ON IT!!! IT NEVER COMES BACK!!! When the guards let you through, you 
will notice that there is water and a place where you can surf. Go to the 
right and Mew will be sitting there on this little island. It is around level 
30, so hopefully you're not too strong for it. 

8. After you catch it, you can go on the S.S. Anne and get HM01, cut. 

 you now have one of the rarest pokemon around, MEW.   

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