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                  HOW TO GET OUT OF DEALS GONE WRONG part 1

                       a deal went bad

                 ok so you were dealing and the dealer isnt happy and pulls a 
gun on you,what do you do?Easy now this is the worst case you have no guns!How 
do you get out also easy BEAT THAT GUY TO DEATH,but wait there are gang 
members coming,well at this point take the dealers weopon and either take 
flight or fight(flight is easiest but un-manly)Well since you know what to do 
with flight lets got to fight.OK so in the worst case you have a machete what 
you do is the first gang member that has a gun you see KILL HIM FIRST.After 
that is done you take his gun and lock and pop as many of the guys you see as 
if you want money or some grams kill them if not get the heck out of there 
because a gang retalition will most likely happen.

                               PART 2
                      (this is when you are ******)
                OK so you realy messed up now,the cops are after you and there 
is no escape well all your money better be in the bank or do so or try to 
while running.Now with your money saved go to a building with only one 
entrance if you do not know any try pedros pawn, now run in and get any gun 
and ammo you can find or use the cheat AMMO.Pay all your attention to the door 
and pop any cops that come threw(when those people with M16s come pop them and 
take thier guns for best results).Now do that for as long as possible before 
you die.

                         PART 3
                       TO BE CONTUIED IN NEXT FAQ

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