How To Hack A Bank - Guide for Uplink: Hacker Elite

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Step 1
Write down the IP address of the Uplink International Bank along with your account 

Step 2
To find a good bank account, accept a mission, which asks you to trace an 
authorised money transfer or other such mission and quite a few of them will 
involve large bank accounts.  This is the bank account you will use.

Step 3
Purchase the HUD connection analysis and the proxy and monitor bypasses of the 
level needed for the particular bank.  Also buy a deciphering program and a level 4 
log-deleter. (It is best to buy level 5 proxy and monitor straight away to save 
money, also banks are usually level 5 security)
Step 4
Bounce around the map, going through as many locations as possible, ending up at 
the destination bank, (miss out uplink international bank to save time later) and 
save the connection when you have done so. 

Step 5
Connect to the bank, open the HUD connection analyser and then bypass all of the 
security systems.  Log into the account by using password hacker and their account 
number then increase their loan to the maximum amount possible.  Write down the 
amount of money that they have.

Step 6
Go into transfer money and fill in the details, with the amount the same as the one 
you had written down earlier.  Transfer the money and then go into view statements 
and use your log deleter to delete the record of the transfer you made.  Then 
disconnect, open the world map and load the previously saved bounce, click on 
Uplink International Bank and click connect.  Log in as yourself, bypass all 
security systems, then go into view statements then delete the record of the 
transfer.  Go to InterNIC and go into the admin section then delete all of the 
bounce logs from there, leaving the log that says that you logged on to InterNIC.  
Disconnect.  You are now safe and have all of the money you transferred.     
Make sure you do this with an account that has more than Cr 100,000 in it or it 
will be a waste of time and effort.

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