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Scar is not a real superstar so don't freak out.So Let's get busy.

Eyes: 25 no change of color
Nose: 1
Mouth: 1
Hair: 9 v.128 s.0 b.200
Facial Hair: 9
Upper body
Tattoo: 58 
Base: 6 Type 1
Wrist: both 25
Hands: 15 v.128 s.128 b.48; fingers Type 6
Lower body
Tights: 5 l.128 v.128 s.0 b.104 normal 1
Feet: 08 normal 1 l.74 v.128 s.106 b.128
Advanced colors: v.126 s.125 b.108
Chest: 110
Abs.: 105
everything else stays the same
Waist: 99
Thigts: 100
Legs: 120
Height: 599
Weapon: Hammer
Name: Scar
Animation, like Music and Signs are personal Choice, mine was Chris
Benoit for Music and Edge for Sign
Comments: yes-yeah Bro'
          no- naw man
Power: 0
Speedy: L4 A1 D1
Technical: L4 A4 D4
Rough: 0
weak Waist, weak elbow, Rock+, Benoit+
Bases: fighting Stance normal
Ring-in-Move: rolling
Ring-out-Move: normal
Taunt: Chyna and shouting 1
Entrance: Crash
Winning Move: Matt Hardy
Ready Moves Attack:
Tae-kwon-do jump kick, High-round house Kick, Capoeri-Kick,
Spinning-back-chop, jumping front-kick
Ready Moves Grapple:
DDT, Kung-Fu back-rolling, leg-trip, overhand Punch, Buh Buh Cutter,
super Kick, Martial Arts kick, Jeff twist of fate
Back moves: Low blow, multiple German Suplexes, Rolling Clutch pin, 
Mexican Suplex pin
Ground Attack: angry stomp, leg drop, falling head butt
Ground Grapple: shakey knee drop, Mahistrol cradle pin, Death lock
with bridge, Mexican surfboard
Turnbuckle, upper: 10 punch, Tornado DDT, Cross Powerbomb
Turnbuckle, lower: foot choke
Turnbuckle run to lower knee attack
Rope: Bossman Attack
Rope jump: Asian Moonsault or Lionsault
Rope jump over: 619 ( Fake 1 )
Aerial stand: Headscissor take down + diving Hurracanerana
Aerial down: The 450, diving Headbutt, diving Moonsault
Running-Attack: Dropkick, power Clothline
Running-Grapple: Headscissor Takedown, spinning Armdrag
Running-Back-Grapple: Face Crusher 2
Counter: Shoulder Back Toss, Whirling Sideslam
Double-Team: 3D-B, Whip and on all 4's
Special-Move: Jumping Tornado DDT
Favorite Move: Super-Kick 
Combo 1: Tae-kwon-do jump kick
Combo 2: Blackman quick kick
Combo 3: Sweep

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