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Scott Steiner
by Kirk 

If you want to make the perfect Scott Steiner you've come to the right place.
(NOTE: Transparency is always 100 and Length is never changed so the numbers will 
not be shown!)

-Base Model-
Male Normal

-Base Edit-

Head-Hair 122 (-71,72,11)

Face-Eyes 1 (-87,-3,0)
Face-Eyebrows 3 (-72,100,-58)

Face Morphing 1

Eyebrows (0,0)
Eyes (0,0) (0,0)
Nose (13,0) (-47,0)
Cheek (7)
Mouth (-26,0)
Jaw (1,1) (0)


Mustache 12 (-73,100,-25)
Mustache 3 (100,-100,-100)


Glasses 2 (-100,-3,0)-Default color

Body-Skin 2

Waist-Underwear Blank 1 (23,-3,0)

Legs-Knee pads Both Blank 10 (100,-100,-100)
Legs-Tights Blank 1 (100,-100,-100)

Feet-Shoes Blank 14 (-100,-3,0)

Design-Pattern Body Numeral Font 1/1 Pick the #1 closest to the bottom reduce 0 and 
turn 0 put on the front of his pants.(23,-3,0)

Step 1. Design-Pattern Body Flag 1 reduce 4 times and cover up the bottom of the 
#1.Color is the default color.
Step 2. Repeat step 1 but rotate and cover up the middle of the #1 in stead of the 
Step 3. Repeat step 1 but cover up the top of the #1.

Deisgn-Pattern Body Picture 20 reduce 3 times place on the side of the right leg as 
for as it will go down.(-23,64,70)*Do the same thing for the left leg*

Design-Pattern Right leg Simple 35 reduce 1 time place on the side of the leg with 
the top of the design even with the finger tips.(-74,100,100)

Repeat the previous step but reduce 2 times and place in the middle of previous 
design.(100,67,0)*Repeat these steps for the left leg*

Design-Letters Body Alphabet Font 1/2 reduce each letter 2 times spell out the word 
FREAKZILLA on the back of his pants(100,100,0)

Now you are done with Base Edit move on to Skin Colors.

Skin Colors
Color 2 (-93,16,-7)-default color

Figure-Height 6'3"

Head (12,86)
Neck (-2,-2,68)
Chest (74,64)
Shoulders both (-100,46,-12)
Abdomen (-30,-29,36)
Arms both (13,68,11)
Forearms both (-16,-6,-88)
Hands both (-89,-12,-39)
Waist (23,-31)
Thigh (1,-4,-27)
Legs (25,-10,-6)
Ankles (-93,-45)

Now you are done with Apperance move on to Profile.

Name:Scott Steiner
Ringname:Big Poppa Pump,Freakzilla,or you can just leave it blank
Nickname:Scott Steiner
Biography-Man,Heavyweight,Superface or face, for call name I put Big Daddy
Crowd Signs-Other Sign 1 I put Super Nova Sign 2 The Greatest Show
Ability-P 4/4, S 4/4, T 1/1, R 2/2
Moves-Move set 10 or I put Brock Lesnar

After you are done with that go to save&exit.Proceed to moves option.
(NOTE: If you have moveset 10 you don't have to mess with taunts option)

1.Brock Lesnar
2.Chris Jericho 1
3.Shouting 1
4.Brock Lesnar
5.Shouting 1

Moves-I piced Brock Lesnar
Music-Original 14

1.Test Drive
2.Camel Clutch 1

Now you are done creating my Scott Steiner if you have any questions or comments  
email me at [email protected]


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