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This is a Pokemon that has been newly introduced into the Pokemon series. 
However, you cannot obtain it in Diamond or Pearl. You can, however, obtain its 
egg in Pokemon Ranger. Here's how to do it: After you have beaten the game you 
need to go to the Ranger Net on the main screen of Pokemon Ranger. Once on the 
Ranger Net Screen, hold down R, X, and the left button on the D-Pad to access a 
password screen. Enter this password on the screen: P8M2-9D6F-43H7 and a new 
mission will appear that says: Rescue the Egg. Now once the game has been 
beaten you can access the mission on the Ranger Net. 

The mission starts out with a cut sceen of a guy who finds an egg along the 
beach. It is a blue looking egg and is different looking than the regular 
looking eggs that you obtain at the Daycare Center. He decides to take it to 
the Professor. When he takes it to the Professor, and he starts talking about 
it, then he walks out. He is then ambushed by the Go-Squad. Your mission is to 
save the egg from the Go-Squad. 

Your mission starts at the entrance of Lila Forest. Go straight ahead to see 
that the path is blocked. To the left is a Politoed. Capture it and use its 
water power the blast the rocks. The rocks appear to be Gravelers. There are 
three of them that belong to a Go-Squad member and you must capture them all. 
It's a bit tough, but be patient. Keep moving around and you will have to 
battle a couple more Go-Squad members that have 4 Rattattas, 4 Zubats, and a 
Meowth and 2 Rattattas. Now you will need to capture a Swellow near a hallow 
tree and use it to blow out the Parasect in the ground which reveals another Go-
Squad battle. This person has a Scyther. Capture it and proceed until you find 
another Go-Squad member with a Politoed and 3 Zubtas. Capture them and you will 
again be confronted by another member with 3 Rattattas. After this, head south 
to a canopy of trees where there is an alcove with the final team member. This 
guy is a tough guy because he has Venusaur and 2 Scythers. Capture the Scythers 
first then, the Venusaur. After you capture them, head back the way you came 
and the person will give you the egg and you will be back with the Professor. 
He starts to talk about how it is a Manaphy egg and in order for it to hatch, 
it must be sent to the faraway region of Sinnoh. He says he'll keep the egg 
until somebody from Sinnoh is willing to take it.

Transferring the egg to your Diamond and Pearl game is not as hard as it 
sounds. First you need to have a DS with the Pokemon Ranger game in, and 
antoher with Diamond or Pearl. On Diamond or Pearl, save the game inside a 
Pokemart and turn it off. Now on Pokemon Ranger, check on the egg in the Ranger 
Net and there will be an option to send and invitation. Send it and wait. Now 
on Diamond or Pearl, on the main screen there should be an option to Connect 
with Pokemon Ranger. Click it and you will receive the Manaphy Egg! Alright, 
now start the game in Diamond or Pearl from the last save point. Notice that 
you will not have the egg in your PC or Party. Before you get mad, exit the 
Pokemart and reenter. Next to the counter will be a guy that was not there 
before. Talk to him and if there is an empty space in your belt, he will give 
you the Manaphy Egg! Now just walk about 2,600 steps to hatch it. Don't worry, 
it will hatch differently, but that is normal. It will start to glow and stuff 
that is different than a normal Pokemon hatch. Now you will have a Manaphy. 

Now that you have the legendary Manaphy, you can get its offspring, a Phione. 
This is the only legendary Pokemon that can breed and produce an egg. Note that 
you can only breed a Manaphy with a Ditto. After a while, they will have an 
egg. Hatch the egg for a Phione. 

You can only send a Manaphy over to Diamond or Pearl once, so take caution. If 
you ever get stuck or lost just e-mail me. I hope this came useful for you. 
Also please feel free to ask any Pokemon question you have!

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