How To Open Bridges Faster - Guide for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

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         Ok, well first of all just stick with the missions and do not just drive 
around the city doing nothing. When you have completed enough that will allow you to 
buy houses and buildings DON'T buy them yet. Still stick with the missions. When the 
bridge opens to the next part of the city after Starfish Island you should buy the 
Car Showroom.  Then do the garage missions witch will give you about 5% more 
complete with the game. Then do the street racing missions to get money for the 
Malibu club, Printworks, and The Hyisman Condo. After that do missions non-stop 
untill you get to the last mission of Auntie Paul's missions ( the one where you 
shoot the other gang). Then you can have some fun getting about 6% more of the game 
completed by do Unique Jumps. Hint(go to the airport)After that you will almost done 
so you can just drive around doing nothing and when you feel like doing a couple 
more, you can do them. Or you can go looking around for more places to buy and make 
evan more money each day. 

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